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8/30 News, the Savor the Savanna nighttime tour at Animal Kingdom, and the greatness of WALL-E

Episode 12

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Season 1, Episode 11

In this episode, we also discuss the unexpected loss of Chadwick Boseman and mention the organizations we are donating to in his honor. If you would like to join us, the links are below.

Colorectal Cancer Alliance:
Black Lives Matter:

Savor the Savanna Tour:

Main Street:
Raya and the Last Dragon announced new lead!

Mulan to release free on Disney+ in December 

Haunted Mansion is getting a new live action movie! 

New Booths Open at Epcot Food and Wine Festival! 

Yacht Club is officially open 

Fall Décor and Color has arrived at Walt Disney World 


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All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

Season 1, Episode 11: 8/30 News, the Savor the Savanna nighttime tour at Animal Kingdom, and the greatness of WALL-E Transcript

Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, welcome to this week’s show. This is Chris and I’m Kelli. Okay, so thanks for joining us. Just like last week, we got a note about Patreon.

Kelli  1:00 
Yeah, just a couple of really quick reminders. So the Patreon page is up and running. As a reminder, you can join now for as little as $3 a month and you’ll be a founding member, your membership fee will never go up and you will always get top tier benefits.

Chris  1:14 
Because we’re gonna blow up. You’re goona want to be in there.

And what about where is it Wednesday?

Kelli  1:21 
Yes. So we will be drawing our first winner for where is it Wednesday, tomorrow. Remember that contest happens on Instagram. So join us on the Insta and we will be drawing the winner and then on Wednesday, we will launch the September contest.

Chris  1:36 
Yes. So if you if you don’t win the prize tomorrow, yep, you’re still in the running for the annual prize that’ll be drawn at the end of our year. Right.

Kelli  1:48 
That’s been a fun time.

Chris  1:49 
Yes. Okay, so some entertainment news. First, a correction from last week we talked about the owl house which was celebrating their first bisexual character in a cartoon show. I said it was on Disney Plus, it’s not actually on Disney Plus, it’s on the Disney Channel. So wherever you can get the Disney Channel, right, you can check out RAYA and the last dragon announced a new lead for their lead actress for their lead character RAYA. Okay. It originally meant Cassie steel. That’s what they announced last year at D 23. no real reason why she’s not the lead anymore. But super excited about Kelly Marie Tran, who’s been cast as the lead role. She is famous for playing rose and a couple of the most recent Star Wars movies sort of had a thing for fan and the Star Wars movies. loved her character. Love her. She’s fantastic. And she deserves it. She’s got a lot of crap from like internet trolls on Instagram for for being I don’t know, they didn’t like her in Star Wars.

Kelli  2:53 
And so that’s gonna, remind us again, though that this RAYA movie was supposed to be based in south southeast Asia. Yeah, right. And so she’s been He’s getting to me so great casting.

Chris  3:01 
Yep, yeah, and Aquafina is gonna play see soon. She’s a dragon trapped in human form who needs RAYA help in restoring her to her full power as a true dragon? Alright, so that’s the story there. Yeah, yeah. It wouldn’t be a Mainstreet segment if we didn’t have something about Mulan. I think I’m gonna make that on purpose. I’m going to try to come up with a new line every week now. But they announced it in December if you don’t want to pay the money on Friday, in like, just a few days streams on Disney Plus, if you don’t want to pay the money, it’ll hit Disney plus for free in December.

Kelli  3:38 
Right. I saw that. Yeah. Just as a heads up. I’m gonna do something really fun with the intros for September in honor of Milan, so you don’t have to mention her. Okay, in all the news segments, because she’s gonna be there.

Chris  3:49 
Oh, thank goodness. Okay. Haunted Mansion is getting a new live action movie. So interesting. Yeah, yeah. I think they listened to your segment last Last week.

Kelli  4:01 
Because the first one was not that great.

Chris  4:03 
It was not that great. So this one is very early production. Katie dippold I don’t know if I’m saying that name right is set to write the story she has written for Parks and Recreation. She wrote the heat remember the heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. And she also wrote the Ghostbusters the all female cast Ghostbusters movie. Okay, so she’s gonna she’s on to write the new Haunted Mansion movie. It’ll be produced by the guys. Dan Lin and Jonathan iric. Who did Aladdin the live action Aladdin? Okay. Okay, so in the parks, the booths that we mentioned from the festival were not open there are now open. Yes.

So the the food Wine Festival has now opened up the Alps booth.

Kelli  4:55 
Looks great. Yes, it is.

Chris  4:57 
Yeah. So these guys specialized Swiss cheese raclette so, Do you know what a raclette is?

Kelli  5:02 
Don’t but it sounds great. Is that a rack of Swiss cheese?

Chris  5:06 
This is taking like basically a wheel of cheese that’s been cut in half and hunt holding it directly under a really smokin hot heat source. And it just it literally just melts the top layer of the cheese wheel. Yeah, and then they pull it out then and they just use a knife to scrape that top layer of toasty charred cheese right off onto whatever they’re serving it on and it’s usually like

Kelli  5:33 
don’t say meat, don’t say meat

Chris  5:35 
baby potatoes. okay baby potatoes and they serve it with like, pickles and baguettes. I’m for it. Yeah, they also have a version with ham but they also have a blueberry almond frangipane tart and some Froze there.

Kelli  5:52 
Man the Froze is huge.

Chris  5:55 
Spain is the other is the other one. They have a cup. That’s like a charcuterie. cup. I saw that but what I’m really most excited about there is the paella. Yeah, they serve paelle with shrimp. Yes, absolutely really excited about that. Okay the yacht club is officially open for guests to go stay there. That’s always been one of our favorite places. We love the yacht club. Just like everything else. Not quite everything is open at the resort. You can still get to you can go get reservations at the beaches and cream soda shop.

Kelli  6:31 
It’s a limited menu though.

Chris  6:32 
It’s a limited menu, but it is just about everywhere right now. They suggest reservations there but you do have a walk up window to get ice cream there. That’s where they have the kitchen sink Sunday, right? ale encompasses open for lunch and dinner the encompass lounges open from four to 11 and hurricane Hannah’s waterside bar. Okay, fall decor and goodies has hit the park. So really excited about that.

Kelli  7:00 
That’s exciting.

Chris  7:01 
And you know, unless you’ve been hiding out somewhere, you’ve probably heard that we lost Chadwick Boseman. This weekend, right? And it’s just an amazing actor. He helped us relate to larger than life figures like Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall. Of course, he brought us all the Black Panther, which really impacted the world in ways that a single movie really isn’t expected to impact us, right? Especially a superhero movie. I know. Right? So yeah, like everyone else. we grieve for his family and friends and frankly, we grieve for all of us that won’t get to see what this young guy was going to be doing in the future. You know, I’m at SCF ADP here, we feel a special kinship to Mr. Boseman because he’s from our home state of South Carolina. Yeah, he’s a proud San lapper. He actually grew up in Anderson where Yeah,

Kelli  7:54 
I was in Anderson County. He went to TL Hanna High School. They were in our district. Yes.

Chris  8:00 
You guys played each other. You were the same age.

Kelli  8:05 
Oh my goodness, we were exactly the same age. Wow, I didn’t even think about that. Yeah, no. So yeah, no, it’s it’s crazy to think that he’s from Anderson, South Carolina.

Chris  8:17 
So just to honor Mr. Boseman’s life and legacy, we have donated some money to the Colorado Cancer Alliance and Black Lives Matter, things that were very important to him. Yes. And so if you’d like to join us in that effort, we will post links to but there’s organizations where you can donate. Yes, absolutely. Okay, so that’s really our main street USA for this week. Excellent.

Kelli  8:43 
I’m super excited about Tomorrowland. All right. Let’s rock it.

Chris  8:48 
Can I just say that first of all, you didn’t comment on my ears, man, and I should have to. I’m a wretch, I don’t know what to tell you. They’re smoking.

Kelli  8:57 
They’re good. So Minnie Launched a line of specific Minnie Mouse ears that are ride specific. And so these are the Enchanted Tiki Room ears. And I don’t want to downplay you in your classic Mickey Tee, you also look fantastic. But so Minnie has launched these. She’s got loungefly bags, she’s got, you know, other other types of purses.

Chris  9:20 
What I love is that the the headband is like, looks like it’s made out of hemp or something.

Kelli  9:24  
She’s got stuffies she’s got ears. And so I got these online this past week. And you can’t they wouldn’t let me get like more than one. So they had Dumbo. They had Haunted Mansion. I mean, you have no idea how close I came to buying $60 Haunted Mansion ears on eBay. I really bought into the ear thing since we have launched the pod and I love it. I know. So I was glad that I snagged these but from what I hear at the parks, they’re going like hotcakes just like hotcakes. Yes, absolutely.

Chris  9:55 
I’m gonna make a note for next week. I won’t forget.

Kelli  9:59 
Thank you. Put so you put a lot of effort into selecting the ears.

Chris  10:03 
I know you do. I know you do.

Kelli  10:04 
Okay, so um, so we’re gonna jump into tomorrowland, which I am excited about this week. So it wasn’t my initial plan. But once I started digging into it, I really want to do this. So as a reminder, the Tomorrowland segment is things we have not done at Disney, but we want to and so we have talked about this about doing like a nighttime event at Animal Kingdom. So Animal Kingdom has some things like they have a hyrum Bay market thing. It’s called a circle of flavors. It’s based off the Lion King and around like five animals. It’s a progressive dinner. That moves from the train station to rafiki’s planet watch and ends at Harambe market. In each place, there’s like small bites and different drinks. This is at nighttime at Animal Kingdom, it’s $199 for adults $99 for kids, so it’s not a cheap thing. But what I will say is, I mean, you get a significant amount of food here. I mean, you’re eating. So you’re eating at each location. When you come back to Harambe market, they basically have a little meal for each of the five animals. Wow. Which is kind of interesting. So originally, I was gonna go there, but then I thought, you know, I don’t I wasn’t feeling that. I just wasn’t feeling it. But I still want to do some kind of a nighttime thing at Animal Kingdom. Yeah, that’s cool. So they have another one that I’ve decided we need to do. Okay. And it’s called savor the savanna: An Evening Safari experience.

Chris  11:42 
Oh, I’m feeling that.

Kelli  11:44 
Okay. So here’s a great thing about it. First of all, it’s $169. The children have to be at least eight year old to go. So they advertise it is being for tweens, teens and adults, right. So we’re not talking about the smaller children. They’re not passing out bags with apple slices. Okay, okay. Okay, um, one thing that I didn’t realize on on these little tours is DVC members annual pass holders and VISA credit card holders often get 15% off on these tours. Last year DVC members in February and March got 30% off of this Savor the Savanna tour.

Chris  12:22 
Oh, that’s nice.

Kelli  12:23 
Yes, that would get me there this coming February March, if they did that. So here’s the cool part about it is you’re in a different type of Van or truck, whatever other than a regular killing other than the regular Kilimanjaro safaris, you’re not sitting in rows. You’re sitting almost in like a U shaped sort of like the Jungle Cruise. But without the big stuff in the middle. Now what people say is it’s actually harder to sit that way. It’s a rougher ride. And if you get even a little bit carsick Don’t go, don’t do it because you’re not facing forward and it’s bumpy and all that kind of stuff. The cool part is you don’t board where everybody else boards you board separately. And they take you on a different tour through the savanna. You have a tour guide in the back with you. So there’s a driver, and then there’s a tour guide, and he asked, What do you want to see? And he can lean through the window and tell the guy go left up here, go right up here, we need to go see blah, blah, blah, we need to go see blah, blah, blah. So it truly is sort of a personalized experience. sounds really cool. So a lot of the videos that I watched online showed the truck that the you know, you’re in for the Savor the Savanna. And you can see all of the typical Kilimanjaro safaris, trucks going by. Right, so you’re going on a on a slower trip, and you’re not on that same road.

And so you get to see sort of different things a different perspective than the Kilimanjaro safaris tour. Yeah, but also you get to speak to one of the animal keepers. So it’s built in as part of the tour. They drive up and you get to see the animal, the keeper feeding the animal. And then you can ask the keeper as many questions as you want. And so one of the videos I watched, the keeper was feeding the giraffe. And she was talking about this is a girl Her name is Lucy. Over here is Ben, he’s, you know, our big guy back there is so and so he’s four years old, he could get to be up to 19 feet tall.

Chris  14:26 
How long is this tour?

Kelli  14:28 
It’s long, it’s significant. So it looks like a lot of them leave around for and when they come back, it’s about sunset. Now, of course it’s different. But if you’re thinking, you know, March or whatever the sun would set by six Yeah, six ish. So anyway, so yeah, so it’s pretty significant tour. I mean, I would say they spent 20 minutes there talking to the animal keeper, and she was phenomenal. And she’s not the only one like other people have done reviews saying talking to the keeper was just amazing with so much information. Then they take you to this little covered area called Boma.

Chris  15:06 
Oh, this is a restaurant at one of the resorts

Kelli  15:09 
Now they call this the most exclusive restaurant on property. Oh wow. So I know what you’re thinking but this is just a covered shelter. Okay, okay, not a full restaurant. So this is a covered shelter with two restrooms, tables, chairs, bar. And so when you pull up, the truck stops, everybody gets off and you go in have drinks, you know, wine, beer, water, juice, whatever. And they’ve got a buffet of food sitting out now. It’s not like a full meal. But some of the stuff that I saw grapes, shrimp, huge shrimp, tons of cheeses, like really big huge cheese wedges.

Chris  15:53 
You love a cheese.

Kelli  15:56 
Nuts, proscuitto, edamame, beautiful deserts. Pitas and breadsticks. And one reviewer said that cast members had options or answers for any food needs any food allergy needs or whatever. So I wouldn’t call it a massive buffet. But I would call it a really nice, leisurely stop, where you’re basically just enjoying a glass of wine and some cheese in the middle of the savanna. And you can still see animals like going by. This is kind of why we’ve always talked about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, or Wilderness Lodge or whichever one of them is you get to see the savanna

Chris  16:33 
Yeah, yeah, it’s the animal kingdom.

Kelli  16:35 
Yeah resorts because the idea is you get to see the savanna. Like during

Chris  16:40 
Yeah, winter during the evening time when you might right know when they say the animals are more active,

Kelli  16:45 
and there’s kind of a little walkway you can go down to see some of the other parts of the savanna or whatever. It just looks very relaxing.

Chris  16:56 
This is really cool. I had no idea about this.

Kelli  16:58 
I know. So let me tell you I’m going to read a little bit about what’s on the Disney website. It says you get special access to the savanna, your Safari begins with a journey deep into the heart of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. As the evening awakens, you’ll soon find yourself for them one of the most secluded and breathtaking private viewing areas the Savannah has to offer. And so the guide walks you through everything. It’s just amazing. What you get to see.

Chris  17:27 
We’ve got to do it.

Kelli  17:28 
And it seems so relaxed. Yeah. And that’s what I think spoke to me because you run through the parks, you do and so you and I talked about next time not doing that, just eating our way through the park, specifically at Animal Kingdom, which is a much more relaxing thing. And if we were to do that, then we could do this. Yeah. And it’s not a massive dinner.

Chris  17:49 
Right? Well, and you know, on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, you’re going through the Savanna pretty quick. I mean, so it’s like, look over here.

Kelli  17:58 
They’ll barely stop.

Chris  17:59 
Look over here for that cow with the enormous longhorns.

Kelli  18:03 
Yes, no here they absolutely come to a full complete stop as many times as you want to take pictures awesome. Yes. Now it’s as if it looks like and they advertise it as an adult thing. Okay, then it’s a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park. And just kind of have a very chill.

Chris  18:21 
sort of feel like you’re in nature to.

Kelli  18:22 
Yes, I would really enjoy just having a glass of wine and some cheese and the savanna.

Chris  18:28 
With a lion? For sure.

Kelli  18:31 
I don’t know that I want to have it with the lion.

Chris  18:36 
That’s awesome. I think we should do it.

Kelli  18:38 
Yeah, I’m for it. So it is $169 you know, but we can look out for some of the discounts.

Chris  18:46 
Yeah, for sure. See what that that was awesome. Yeah. So I’m for it. Good job. All right. Take us to world showcase. Okay, so world showcase this week. I decided to go with a movie I was playing, um, sort of Disney plus roulette the other night and I landed on what happens to be probably my favorite Pixar movie. WALL-E.

Kelli  19:16 
I struggled to watch WALL-E. It’s so sad. He doesn’t even speak and he makes me want to cry. I know,

Chris  19:26 
I know, in something. It’s amazing how they did that. This was um, this was the night by the way, a lot of the information I got from this all the information I got came from the Disney wiki there. Okay. We’ll have the links on the show notes. This is the ninth film in the Pixar world where it came out in 2008. It was written and directed by Andrew Stanton. He did Finding Nemo. So you know he’s doing all right. Doing he’s doing pretty well.

Kelli  19:54 
Pretty decent career.

Chris  19:54 
Yeah. I think he’s gonna, he’s gonna be okay. It should be fine. I feel like it’s like this really underrated film in the Pixar world. But I’m not apparently I’m not right about that. It won an Oscar for like Best Animated Feature that year it was up for like five, four or five other Oscars for various things, sound effects and whatnot. So, I decided, though this thing is underrated. I’m committed to this being underrated.

Kelli  20:27 
It’s definitely underrated. In the parks, you’ll see WALL-E merch.

Chris  20:30 
That’s exactly where I ended up going. I looked for proof on the WALL-E ride. I said, rank the Pixar movies at Google ranked that actually ranked all 22 movies. And while he was their number one movie, so it’s a great movie out and Rotten Tomatoes actually had a number 12 but even at number 12 it had a 95% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. So the Pixar movies just do really well. They do yeah. So I think I came back to Well, maybe it’s just lack of representation and barks that’s maybe that’s why I think it’s underrated. And sure enough Toy Story has an entire land cars as an entire landed at California Adventure merta we see a lot. She’s got even a showcase now in the cavalcades. We saw joy from inside out frolicking at Epcot.

Kelli  21:17 
How would you merch WALL-E? Here’s a ride where you get to stack up little blocks of trash?

The living seas got rebranded as NEEMO Incredibles have an awesome coaster ride, too. He’s got rides, Bug’s Life, and Mike and Sally all have attractions. WALL-E and Eve do make an appearance at the World of Color show out in Disneyland. And apparently they used to have an animatronic while they would run around the parks. Oh no. See, that would be but he was really heavy and they were worried about it running over people’s feet. I’m not joking. Oh, so. So I think this is one of the most original films, Pixar or Disney has ever put out. I mean, there’s no dialogue for like the first half hour. And by the end of the first half hour, you’re just in love with this little robot guy. So So let’s talk about what it’s assuming that there’s somebody out there who has not seen WALL-E or is just, you know, it’s just not their thing. This movie is set many, many years into the future and basically, through mass consumerism, we destroyed the earth with trash and waste, if only we could, have seen that coming?

Chris  22:27 
I don’t know how many years to the future it might be a couple years from now.

Kelli  22:32 
There’s a couple of months left to destroy the world in 2020.

Chris  22:37 
By and large is the is this mega company in this in this setting that has basically privatized the entire world. All governments everything basically the CEO of the company is runs the earth. Humans have been asked to leave the earth, while by and large tries to clean it up and they use these little robots like Wally to clean it up. Humans are supposed to On these awesome luxury, they’re like luxury liner cruise ships except in space for just a few years while they clean up the earth and they come back. But what they don’t realize is that we don’t find out till later in the movie is that the company has said, as a secret directive, you can never come back to Earth. It’s just, it’s a lost cause you can never come back but none of the humans on the ship realized that. So fun fact that secret directive is labeled A113, which is the classroom that a lot of the Pixar artists used to learn in back at Cal Arts. So the humans end up living the sweet life on this luxury yacht for over 700 years are only supposed to be gone for a few years. Only Wally is left to clean up the earth there was actually a lot of him but he’s the only one that will say is still working. Want to say they all died but so while he job is to clean up the earth. WALL-E By the way, sands for waste allocation load lifter Earth class. Okay, he’s a boxy little skid steer. He was modeled after an inkjet printer actually. And his eyes. The guy that directed it got the idea it was at a baseball game he used a pair of binoculars, and that’s where he got the idea for his eyes.

Kelli  24:22 
His eyes are amazing. His eyes are what really kills you.

Chris  24:26 
So he scoops the trash into his belly, he compacted into squares and he builds these skyscrapers out of it right. His voice came from Ben Burtt, who also did the voice for RTD2. Oh, yeah. He’s really sweet. He collects all these things right? Rubik’s Cubes lightbulbs things he doesn’t want to trash. He’s got an old VHS video that plays Hello, Dolly. He’s got a little cockroach friend name. How. How is a throwback. He didn’t have a name in the movie. But the Pixar team called him pal. That’s the third back to how wrote who Oh, who was the producer of our gang in the little rascals in the law and Hardy movies. Also a throwback to the 2001 A Space Odyssey, the murders computer how. And then Eve arrives Eve is, is a is a robot this design he stands for, by the way it’s extraterrestrial vegetation evaluator. Her job is to come to earth and look for life and look for living plants and whatnot. Because if a plant can grow, then Earth can sustain life again. And her directive is to find whatever she can find. Take it back to the ship and the ship will say Earth can support life again. It’ll bring all the humans back, okay.

WALL-E like immediately falls in love with her. And because you know, she’s curvy.

Kelli  25:49 
She’s so beautiful.

Chris  25:50 
Very sleek. She is a Mac. She’s supposed to be a mac. He’s basically a PC. He charges up his batteries by opening up a solar You know, panel and his little charger. It’s really cute. So, um, so she takes her back to his little home where he’s got all these little knickknacks and things that he’s he’s collected, she scans the plant and immediately shuts down. There’s all these cute little scenes of him trying to figure out how to wake her up. But really, she’s just waiting on her ship now to come and take her back to the back to the mothership so that she can save humanity. At this point, we race up to the ship while he follows her there up to the luxury liner. And then adventure ensues as WALL-E is doing everything he can to get you to fall in love with him while also helping her fulfill her directive. The rope there are robots on the ship though that don’t want them to do that because they’ve got this secret director from the company. Right. Interesting thing about this movie is that there are no real antagonists. Everybody’s doing their job. Except that’s interesting, right? I mean, even even the robots on the ship Otto, who is the robotic steering wheel, auto pilot. Oh gosh, it’s been so long since I watched this motto. I know, he’s trying to you know, keep the humans there because he thinks that they’ll die if they go back to Earth. Right and so we get to see how WALL-E what links while he will go to help save humanity. And it’s just I think my favorite scene is this one when they’re out in space. And like because the robots are trying to keep the humans there do some pretty terrible things to try to keep the planet from making it. And they kind of shoot WALL-E out into space and he’s trying to save them and all this and they end up doing this space dance thing. That is just beautiful on the screen. I could watch it over and over again you can find that care. I love it they they’re flying in and out of the jet engines of the of the ship and he’s using like a fire extinguisher. to propel himself until he until it runs out of juice. And then he’s just like, he just sort of lets it go. And he’s just floating until he catches it. I just I love that thing. I love it. So this movie, I think is is just one of my all time favorite. I wish they could figure out a way to bring this to the parks. They used to have a robotic trashcan named push. That was so much fun to interact with. I wish they could figure out a way to do this with WALL-E. He’s just an adorable little guy. And I don’t know how they are constantly making these. These what should be inanimate, unlovable looking things have so much expression and feeling in there. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Kelli  28:39 
It’s so amazing. And that’s it like that’s why I can’t watch WALL-E. It makes me so sad. It makes me so sad.

Chris  28:50 
Well, it shouldn’t because he saves all of us.

Kelli  28:52 
No, but it’s just the same reason I’ve never watched…what’s the one with the feelings? Inside out.

Chris  28:59 
Yeah. I’ve never watched that one too. I’m almost scared to watch that one.

Kelli  29:04 
But I saw Joy in the grass and I thought Good for her. I love joy. I don’t want to see your movie. Hey, joy.

Chris  29:10 
Well, I love WALL-E while he’s one of my favorite it’s a beautiful movie. I think so

Kelli  29:16 
Yeah, I don’t want to cry at Disney movie like that.

Chris  29:20 
Well don’t watch a Pixar one then that’s it. That’s my world showcase. That was fantastic.

That’s awesome. Okay, well, that’s our show for this week.

Kelli  29:27 
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chris  29:29 
And you know what, if you did enjoy it, and even if you didn’t subscribe to us on iTunes, leave us a rating leave us review tell us if we’re good or bad. It really helps us

Kelli  29:38 
It does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit That’s S for Super C for Cali F for Fragilistic A for awesome D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’re updating our podcast with some transcripts which and working on some really cool changes on our YouTube page.

Chris  29:59 
That’s right. Keep an eye out for For all that on our website, subscribe to our channel on YouTube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcasts. Join us also for the daily conversations on Instagram or Twitter. Our handle everywhere is SCFADP. Invite your friends The more the merrier.

Kelli  30:13 
Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  30:15 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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