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8/9 News, the new TRON ride coming to Magic Kingdom, and why Animal Kingdom is a dark horse for snacks at Walt Disney World

Episode 9

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Show Notes

In this episode, we cover A LOT of Disney movie news, the new TRON ride coming to Magic Kingdom, and some of our favorite snacks (and drinks) at Animal Kingdom.

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

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Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris and I’m Kelli. And just in case you don’t know. This is Ella Jane. Somewhere down there is Miles Davis. Miles Davis. Okay, so we’ve got a lot of news to cover. I gotta jump into it. First things first though, we are not just recording these things on our podcast platform. We are also recording them for YouTube. Yeah, where can they find it on YouTube?

Kelli  1:13 
Search for supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast on YouTube. You can also go to our website And there are links there to YouTube videos. So we put up regular videos of not just the recording of the podcast, but also all of our bonus episodes, which come with video and photos attached to them if you need visuals.

Chris  1:33 
So lots of content there. The other thing, don’t forget on Wednesdays, we’re on Instagram, a SCFADP on Instagram. We’re having a cool, really fun contest. Where is it Wednesdays where we post an obscure picture from the parks or resorts and you if you are the person who has the most specific right answer, you win entry into a monthly drawing for a cool prize. You went entry into a yearly drawing for an even cooler prize.

Kelli  2:03 
Yeah. And last week it went the the winner literally five seconds after I posted the picture. So we were not obscure enough, we will be more obscure this week. But yes, so that happens fast. So I had to post it right around 10 or 10:30 on Wednesday. Be there be square man because that contest is rockin. It’s awesome.

Chris  2:24 
Okay, so on Main Street this week, lots of stuff going on. A probably the biggest news of the week is that park hours starting September the 8th are changing. Not a big change. But I think probably they’re anticipating with school really getting into full swing whatever school looks like fewer people in the parks. So they’re actually cutting back most parks by one hour. Oh, no. And then Epcot, they’re cutting back by two hours. So Magic Kingdom opens at nine closes six, seven. Epcot opens at 11. closes at seven. It was pretty early for Epcot early for Epcot. Yeah used to be nine Hollywood Studios opens at 10 closes at seven used to be eight. And Animal Kingdom opens at eight close to five. It used to be six. Yeah, so not a huge difference but it could be material hours at the end of day seem to fly by for some reason.

Kelli  3:15 
They do. Yeah, we noticed that we’re in the parks. Yeah.

Chris  3:18 
Last week, sort of excitement on Splash Mountain, one of the log flumes sunk.

Kelli  3:23 
NO! At the end of the, the end of drop?

Chris  3:28 
After the drop. You go to the last scene where the big boat is. There was a flume had five people in it thing just started sinking. They had to pull the people out.

Kelli  3:38 
How did they know? I mean, I know they have cameras everywhere. Sure, sure. But like did that people start screaming?

Chris  3:45 
I’m sure everybody in the room was screaming. But they they walked them out. Everybody was okay.

Kelli  3:50 
Oh, that’s fantastic. I mean, not for those people. No sorry.

Chris  3:57 
Tangerine cafe…the only reason this news item is in there. Because we had such a wonderful meal on our balcony at boardwalk from tangerine cafe. Yeah, they’ve closed it in definitely for some reason again, I’m thinking, lack of traffic. It’s not enough people there. Yeah. So they had three open restaurants in Morocco pavilion order. There was a lot. That’s a lot. That’s right. Yeah, that’s right. So and I don’t know that one gets a lot of play all three of them on a normal day.

Kelli  4:22 
Right. And especially you got the food and wine thing going on. There’s so many options. So many options. Yeah.

Chris  4:28 
Okay, moving on to entertainment news. They announced RAYA and the last dragon is going to be released. That’s Disney’s new animated feature. RAYA and the last dragon next March 12. Next year on March 12. This is their first Southeast Asian princess. It’s a it’s a it’s a places fantasy, right? Just like a lot of them are a place called lomandra. But thank you, Cambodia. Yeah okay sort of vibe okay. The hero will be RAYA is the hero shall be played by Canadian actress Cassie Steele whose mother is Filipina. Okay, that’s great. Okay. The Mandalorian Season Two starts October 7. Ooh, that’s exciting.

Kelli  5:20 
Baby Yoda.

Chris  5:21 
Or the child is how we’re now referring to it.

Kelli  5:26 
He’s not gender specific?

Chris  5:29 
Well you just said he.

Kelli  5:29 
I said he, I know. Is the child gender specific?

Chris  5:33 
We don’t know. Mulan, live action Mulan coming to Disney plus on September the fourth.

Kelli  5:40 
Yes, I’m excited about that.

Chris  5:42 
Super duper excited about that. I’ve been itching to see this girl kick butt.

Kelli  5:48 
But they are charging for it. Right?

Chris  5:50 
Yeah, it’s gonna be close to $30 Yeah, so they’re expecting this to be a big deal. Yeah, yeah, we’re gonna pay for it. Yeah, I mean and it comes right in line with with Disney’s news about their their their earnings and how between the 60 and a half million subscribers to Disney plus in nine months. Of course, it’s incredible.

Kelli  6:10 
Everybody’s stuck at home. What’s everybody else watching?

Chris  6:13 
It makes them look a little bit prescient when they released it, by the way. Okay. A lot of other live action movie takes here. Cruella, Disney’s reimagining of the 101 Dalmatians villain starring Emma Stone.

Kelli  6:29 
I do love Emma Stone.

Chris  6:31 
So she was announced quite a while back. There are pictures on the webs, you gotta see her. She looks fantastic.

Kelli  6:41 
Wait a second. The dogs are going to be live?

Chris  6:43 
I don’t know. Yeah, I’m sure there’ll be some sort of live action animation.

Kelli  6:47 
I think I’m gonna need for them to be CGI.

Chris  6:51 
They already did a live action hundred and one Dalmatians. Glenn Close start as Cruella. So I think I’m envisioning more of a reimagining of the villain sort of like We have with Maleficent.

Kelli  7:01 
Okay, like she’s not all bad.

Chris  7:03 
Maybe. Right. So we’ll have to see. But that’s that’s sort of what I’m envisioning, since they’ve already done a live action. Okay. 101 Dalmatians. Okay. The Little Mermaid live action was supposed to start filming in March. They’ve had to push all of that back, but I don’t news here is that I saw that Rob Marshall is going to direct it. Hallie Bailey, who is a beautiful woman of color is going to be Ariel. Yes. Melissa McCarthy is Ursula. Oh, I know. I know. You lose it over that. Fantastic. Davi Diggs is Sebastian. Yeah. Yes. And young start named Jacob Trimble is going to be flounder Aquafina is going to be scuttle.

Kelli  7:49 
That’s a phenomenal cast.

Chris  7:51 
Yeah. And Lin Manuel Miranda is writing four new songs for the movie. He is teaming up with the original composer who was Alan Menken. Yes so so that just makes me super excited. The Russo brothers who did Avengers end game are working on a lot of action Hercules remake they’re not directing it but they’re they’re producing it. Okay. Peter Pan live action Jude Law is going to be Captain Hook. Wow. Oh, Pinocchio live action signed on Robert Zemeckis to be the director I believe and they are now in talks with Tom Hanks to play Gepetto. Yes. Which was a rumor a while back but with Zemeckis taking it on… Yes. Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? Yeah. Jungle Book looking to get a sequel. Okay. Reese Witherspoon is gonna watch that. I know. We must have watched it 100,000 times. Reese Witherspoon staring in a live action Tinkerbell film.

Is she Tink?

Kelli  8:49 
I think maybe I mean Tink stars in Tink. Sure. And Josh Gad could be in line to play Quazimodo in a live action hunchback movie. Okay, so the last little bit of news here is that Captain Marvel has found their director for the sequel. Okay, Nia de Costa. She directed the reimagined horror reboot for Candyman last year. Now that’s not in your wheelhouse, but I could tell you I grew up watching the original Candyman scared the bejesus out of me. And I wanted nothing to do with this reboot. She directed this shadow puppet preview for Candyman the shadow puppet thing scared me. In any case, she’s gonna direct Captain Marvel sequels.

It’s supposed to be scary?

Chris  9:43 
It’s not necessarily. She’s done some other things. Also, she is the fourth female to do a Marvel movie. She’s the first woman of color. So very, very excited about that and for that, so let’s run over to tomorrowland.

Okay, that winded me.

Kelli  10:07 
We didn’t even have time for me to say that you look very handsome in your classic Mickey tee.

Chris  10:10 
Thank you. And we really needed to talk about your ears.

Kelli  10:14 
My ears, they’re Navi. I’m Navi.

Chris  10:24 
I love those.

Kelli  10:25 
I forgot to tell you that you’re handsome in your classic Mickey Tee.

Chris  10:27 
I appreciate that and you look, you look…otherworldly. In your Navi ears..there’s a there’s a picture on Instagram of you and in the animal kingdom.

Kelli  10:41 
I thought that picture specifically with the tie dyed mask really set it off.

Chris  10:44 
You looked perfect. Yeah, the tie dyed mask did set everything off. Okay, so tomorrow land. So I am I did so much research on this Tomorrowland this week.

Kelli  10:58 
I knew you’d been working hard.

Chris  11:06 
So this this new ride that’s coming to Magic Kingdom is already in full force in Shanghai Disneyland. This is the Tron lightcycle power run. Okay, you’re not you’re not feeling it. You’re not feeling Yeah, I can you know, I’ve learned to read you.

Kelli  11:35 
I don’t know that I remember a lot about the Tron movie.

Chris  11:39 
I didn’t think you did. I came prepared.

Kelli  11:41 
I knew you would. Ok, enlighten us.

Chris  11:43 
Alright, so for those who have seen Tron, what this ride is imagine that you get to take part in the light cycle game that is in the Tron movies or even in the Tron video game right where you are riding a light cycle which is like a motorcycle like a motorcycle, okay, but in a computer digital world, okay. This ride debuted at Shanghai Disneyland on June 16, 2016. That was the day that park actually opened. I didn’t realize that parks on four years old. Wow. Yeah. And the second version of that ride is currently under construction of Magic Kingdom. You cannot miss it. If you go to Tomorrowland or you’re staying at contemporary or Bay Lake you cannot miss it. It is humongous.

Kelli  12:33 
And we thought they were gonna get rid of the racetrack ride.

Chris  12:35 
Yeah, I really thought that but now they’re hanging on to that thing. People ride the race try dude. It is not the speedway that they make it out to be. It is not the speedway no, no, no. So um, okay. So, a lot of times when they when they take a ride from one Park and they move to the other, another Park and they they redo it, they they make changes to it. And so maybe they will make change But for purposes of this Tomorrowland segment, I am going to be talking about what I know and what I would love to experience on the ride that currently exists in Shanghai assuming that that’s what they’re going to duplicate here. Okay. Okay. So, by the way the new Tron ride they’re building at the Magic Kingdom is being built on land that had been set aside for a duplicate, matter horn, bobsleds that they have Disneyland in California. There was a ridge it was part of the original plan for the Magic Kingdom and they never did it. Wow. I don’t know why they never did it. But

Kelli  13:39 
I don’t even remember that ride when I was at Disneyland.

Chris  13:42 
It’s the mountain that looks like Matterhorn. It’s a classic out there they say.

Kelli  13:48 

Chris  13:50 
All right. So for those like, my beloved, that maybe hasn’t remember a lot about Tron. Let’s talk about Tron a little bit. Let’s do that. Let’s set the stage. Okay, so 1982 was when Tron first came out Disney as they often do they make history. This was the first movie that mixed live action with computer generated visuals and backlit animation. So these people the world they’re running around in this digital world they’re running around with was completely animated, right that they’re running on. Okay. I probably call it a cult classic and made $50 million when it first came out in the studios back then. It would if it was in today’s dollars, it would be I literally made a note here it would be very meh. Yeah, okay. Yeah, so, but it definitely did have a cult following. There’s people that love Tron, and it spawned a video game and like in 2010 they did the sequel, Tron Legacy. Wow right so I mean, you know a sequel exist.

Kelli  14:57 
Yeah, I could see how video game be really cool.

Chris  14:59 
Yeah. Yeah, so apparently Tron Legacy is actually what is the inspiration for this ride. Ah, okay. So in the Tron storyline, Kevin Flynn who owns Flynn’s arcade if you run around the parks and you see it’s short, it says Flynn’s arcade. It’s a Tron shirt. Ah, I felt like we saw a couple of months ago, I think. Yes. He’s also an amazing computer programmer that works for a company called income. I think he’s kind of a hacker and video game maker. Okay. And this company creates a program called the MCP that sort of takes on a life of its own and starts taking over hacking into other companies and taking over their computer program. Ah, okay. And so Flynn and a couple of his friends on in the real world, sort of get wind of this and they want to try to stop it. And so, the MCP actually sucks when Through movie magic, I’m sure into the computer world. And in this computer world, he controls everything. And he takes other programs like an actuarial program that was in use at some accounting company that the MCP is taking over. Right. Okay, makes that program play in a game. The light cycle game, okay, where he has to drive a motorcycle type thing. And the idea is that you, you leave this wall behind you everywhere you drive, and you try to run the other guys into the walls and, and directs them. Kill them.

Kelli  16:34 
Oh, gosh, okay, okay, that’s a violent game.

Chris  16:36 
Yeah, it is about they’re all violent games and they get rid of programs this way. programs. Okay, he deletes. Okay. Okay. And so all the programs are personified in this digital world. Okay, that’s interesting. Okay. So it’s actually watched both movies just to catch up on the lore of it. Okay, this week. So the light cycle game is where you come in. You’ve been sucked into the digital world on this ride, and you’re asked to take part in the light cycle game. Okay, so this is a roller coaster. Okay, this just the roller coaster is set up to be like a motorcycle sort of like when you’re riding fight a passage and you straddle. Yes. And hold on the handlebar that yes, that’s what you do here except you’re in a rollercoaster car. Ah, okay, so we’re moving, you’re moving. And there’s like you’re strapped in, but moving. That’s right. You’re like, there’s like 14 of you. Each of you are on your own light cycle. And you you literally straddle the thing. You hold on to handlebars, you’re leaning forward, like you’re on a fast motorcycle, and a security belt, like form comes back and clamps you and in the back. Okay, so you’re just sort of clamped in like you’re riding a motorcycle. Okay. And the the the the story because everything’s got a story is that you are you are You and your blue light cycle teammates are racing against the orange light cycle team to collect eight energy gates before the other team does. Okay, so be led out in the real world. Okay. Okay. And this thing so you hop aboard this bike along with, you know, 13 or so of your cohorts and you literally take off from a standstill position, sort of like Aerosmith roller coaster, okay. Okay, so you take off and you just zoom out outside into the world. Yeah, okay, under this enormous canopy that is just covered with fiber optic illuminations. And so from outside the right it’s a beautiful display of fiber optic lighting and, and you see the light cycle coaster going around, all lit up like Tron s and then it leaves the outside and goes into the digital So you literally go into the building where now it’s dark, and all you can see are the digital world of Tron. Wow, it looks really cool So it uses this is the ride incorporates high speeds 3d graphics heart pumping music that was written for Tron Legacy by Daft Punk. You race through digitized darkness towards the finish line. Wow. Right. So and like so you see the…

Kelli  19:30 
That’s pretty like heart pounding for Magic Kingdom?

Chris  19:32 
Yeah, yeah, I’m excited about it. I mean, Space Mountain’s pretty heart pounding too for different reasons.

Kelli  19:36 
And that’s a big that’s a big difference in your average Magic Kingdom, you know, boat ride.

Chris  19:41 
The one in Shanghai is the fastest coaster in any Disney park. It goes over 60 miles an hour. Wow. Yeah. Okay, so I am superduper excited about the Tron ride. Yeah. 2022 is when we, maybe, maybe next year,

Kelli  19:58 
maybe, let’s say but it might be slow. Going down since you know, the COVID stuff.

Chris  20:03 
So that’s my tomorrowland.

Kelli  20:04 
That’s fantastic. Okay. All right, it totally can take a totally different vibe and world showcase. Okay. Yeah, so for the world showcase today I want to talk about why the animal kingdom is such a dark horse for snacks. Okay, and so originally I started making a list of my favorite snacks at Animal Kingdom. And then as I realized, as I was typing the list there’s only one food item on it.

So yes, it’s so here’s, here’s the thing. I want to make sure everybody knows when you ride flight of passage. You come out into like this little area with a gift shop and all that you come out of the gift shop and you’re still completely dazed from what you just experienced. I mean Flight of passage is an amazing ride. And you are just sort of blown away by what you what you just did. And so you come to the gift shop where you also see all these random, amazing things. And it puts you out into this little corner of animal kingdom, where the first thing you notice on your left is a counter service place with a lot of tables under cover.

Chris  21:35 
That’s the Satuli canteen over there.

Kelli  21:37 
Okay? You notice that immediately and it’s very easy to look in that direction, and totally miss the little booth to your right. Pongu, pongu. Now I’m telling you don’t miss it. Do not miss this booth. This booth is where it’s at. in Animal Kingdom. There had been times we’ve gone to animal kingdom didn’t ride Find a passage because the line was atrocious and we couldn’t get a Fast Pass. But the first stop we made was Pongu ponga. I mean, that’s a place. Yeah.

Chris  22:09 
The Lumpia is appointment…

Kelli  22:11 
Yeah, I’m gonna describe the Lumpia, it’s an appointment. It’s an appointment. It’s breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast before I go to animal kingdom because I’m gonna have that Lumpia. Okay, so they describe it as a pineapple cream cheese spring roll.

Chris  22:27 
That doesn’t sound amazing.

Kelli  22:30 
It does not sound amazing, but I’m here to tell you. That thing’s amazing. And so it is. It’s not just you’re thinking that’s mixing savory and sweet. No, no, no. First of all the pineapple cream cheese is not that sweet. It’s much less sweet than you anticipate. The spring roll is perfectly fried. And then on the top of it.

Chris  22:52 
Yeah, buddy.

Kelli  22:52 
Is like sugar. Is it cinnamon sugar?

Chris  22:55 
I think it’s just sugar.

Kelli  22:57 
That makes it Yeah. Puts it Right over the edge,

Chris  23:01 
It also makes you sort of make a scene if you decide that you just can’t let any of that sugar go that falls down onto the plate that you’re eating off of.

Kelli  23:10 
Then I’ve made a scene every time. I’m gonna lick that sugar. We’re not wasting the sugar. Don’t waste the sugar, but I’m here to tell you that that Lumpia at Pongu Pongu was actually the only snack I could find to talk about why Animal Kingdom was a dark horse for snacks.

Chris  23:26 
okay, I can, I can, talk about more food.

Kelli  23:29 
Because the rest of my list is drinks, but but we’re gonna call them snacks as well. And then you can talk about your favorite too, we’ll have time okay, but so at that same Pongu Pongu booth. Okay, there’s they also serve two Margaritas. These are frozen Margarita is with boba beads on top. Okay, so that’s what really sets them off of those boba balls. Okay? That’s not a typical Margarita. It has a wider straw just honestly allowing you to drink more Margarita at a time. But then the boba just puts it right over that little edge you find yourself wanting to like pick them off and being like what kind of what flavor Baba is? It’s so great. So they have two. They have one called the Moara Margarita, which is my personal flavor. I mean, it’s my favorite. It’s blue with green boba on top. Okay, beautiful. And that is a, a brand of tequila that I can’t pronounce. With Blue Curacao. Lime Juice topped with passion fruit boba balls.

Chris  24:38 
Oh, passion fruit is what it was.

Kelli  24:40 
I was guessing green apple when we were there a couple weeks ago. I thought green apples passion fruit. Okay, so the Moara Margarita is blue topped with those boba balls. You know, I see most people with the other one which is the rum blossom, and that’s because it’s got different layers. So it’s a red green red Margarita. With the boba balls on top, so that has Bacardi superior rum with layers of apple and desert pair limeade made top with passionfruit but the balls and be honest next time we go I’m just going to get them both okay? I mean why not two fist it straight through Pandora.

You know Pandora is built in a way that I think you should two fist it through.

Chris  25:24 
Well there’s a lot to look at.

Kelli  25:25 
There’s a lot to look at things literally like they hang from mid air.

Chris  25:29 
I think I think maybe one on your on the trip through in the daytime and then another one on your trip to at night when all the bioluminescence is going on.

Or you could get 2 in the morning 2 at night. Anyway, don’t miss the Pongu Pongu stand. Okay, that limpia is there all day long. I’m sure we’ll make a delightful afternoon snack. But I think it makes a great breakfast too and why not go ahead and have yourself a bit of a boba ball Margarita for breakfast. Why not? It’s what I say. So then my next favorite snack the coke frosty with Captain Morgan’s rum which is sold at drink Wallah in Asia.

They don’t mess around at Animal Kingdom

Kelli  26:16 
That’s what that’s the thing that’s another reason why Animal Kingdom is such a sleeper for snacks and by snacks I basically mean alcoholic snacks.

Chris  26:23 
I know.

Kelli  26:24 
Right so you go into it they get it’s basically a zoo. Right? And you know Hollywood Studios you find the beer, wine, things of that nature. But Animal Kingdom has a lot of really cool beverages and snacks that people don’t know about.

Chris  26:40 
Yeah, it’s it is a it has become up there with one of our favorite parks because of the food the food the drink. It’s it’s really a sleeper.

Kelli  26:51 
it’s a sleeper for snacks and drinks. Okay so that Coke frosty with the Captain Morgan drum is something special. Now they do sell one like it in Hollywood studios, okay, remember I wanted that last time we went so they do sell it right there sort of in the middle of Hollywood Studios. But for some reason it feels more Animal Kingdom to me. And when you get it in that booth that drink Wallah booth, which is basically a drink booth. It’s good. Yeah, like it. You need that.

Chris  27:18 
It always feels so hot at animal kingdom that a drink like that is really refreshing. It’s perfection.

Kelli  27:23 
Now, one other drink that I also enjoy Animal Kingdom, and I got this the last time or two times ago, I believe we went. This is just your basic regular Margarita. And this is that warung outpost in Asia. This is a booth sort of that you pass while you’re walking. And if I remember correctly, we had we had sort of had a day. Yeah, on that one.

Chris  27:47 
That’s the day we were in the park for like 14 hours. And it rained and rained…

Kelli  27:52 
Oh, it was we were wearing ponchos. We’re still miserable. Our feet were soaked. We had had a day and we passed by That booth. And I said, I’m getting a margarita. And you said get it hun. Now they serve multiple different ones. I went with the basic Margarita there. And I want to tell you, they don’t skimp on the alcohol. No, ma’am. I felt that. It was good. It was nice. And after we’d had that day, I really appreciated it. I think I ended up going back for another one with the anticipation that I would carry it into the NEMO stage show,

Chris  28:32 
And then you had to chug it.

Kelli  28:33 
And I walked in and they said, Ma’am, you can’t have that with you in the show. And so I stood in the back and chugged it. I’m telling you, it did help the NEMO show. Yeah, it was my favorite show. So I’m just gonna say these. The snacks that I’ve mentioned, Animal Kingdom is a dark horse for snacks. There are two that I found on the website that we haven’t tried, but I’m saying I’m going after them next time and I got one for you to go after next time. Okay. The one I’m going to try next time is the spaghetti and meatballs cupcake. I know it’s just this is like a visual situation it’s not real. Orange cake with cannoli cream filling in a buttercream spaghetti with a vanilla cake meatball and fondant sauce. Sold.

I need that. This one’s for you. This is for you. A pulled pork jelly donut. It is a pulled pork stuffed jelly donut with coleslaw. I’ll eat your coleslaw. That is at smiling crocodile on Discovery Island.

Chris  29:38 
Sounds crazy.

Kelli  29:39 
Yes isn’t that fantastic?

Chris  29:42 
Right I want that. That’s the kind of thing that that the animal kingdom has that nowhere else has.

Kelli  29:46 
Nowhere else has that. That’s such a sleeper for snacks. Go ahead and talk about your favorite snack there.

Chris  29:51 
So my favorite snack there is the they’ve got a there’s a mac and cheese booth. It’s on the it’s on Discovery island. And, but right before you get on the bridge to Asia, I believe and they sell little baked Mac and cheeses there they’ve got a plain baked mac and cheese. They’ve got one with grilled shrimp, the sweet chili sauce on it. But the one that you can’t avoid is the pulled pork mac and cheese. First of all the mac and cheese itself is maybe one of the best Mac and cheeses I’ve ever had in my life if it weren’t for Art Smith’s Homecomin’, this will be the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my life. And then then the pulled pork is the same pork they serve at flame tree barbecue and they ain’t messin’ around. It is glorious. Yeah. And so the other really wonderful snack at Animal Kingdom is Mr Kamal’s. These little, they’re like sleeper for sure. Yes, dumplings. They’re like little fried potstickers and the meat on the inside is wonderful, but the Secret is in that little sauce he gives you this little sweet chili oil sauce it just sets those little pot stickers right over the top man.

Kelli  31:10 
He’s changed his fries too.

Chris  31:12 
He’s got like the seasoned french fries with multiple different sauces and they’re just they just go you constantly see people walking around with those french fries.

Kelli  31:23 
Animal Kingdom is such a sleeper for snack because the booths sort of blend in with the scenery, yeah it’s so easy to walk past one and not realize that you just passed an actual snack booth.

Chris  31:33 
A Wonderful snack booth! Like a one of a kind thing that you can only get at that booth.

Right when I went when I found drink Wallah. I found it one time I don’t remember when and then this past time we were there. I said I want the booth that has the frozen the frosty coke with the rum and we were walking like out and there it was the place is the place. This is the place. they were closed. Because of COVID, bummer.

I know. That’s the thing. Mr. Kemal serves two things. Mm hmm. They serve those dumplings and they serve the french fries. And he’s in a booth about the size of where we’re sitting right here.

Kelli  32:14 
Yes, no, it totally blends in with the scenery, man. But But Animal Kingdom is such a sleeper. There is a dark horse for Amazing, amazing snacks. things as you can’t just get anywhere else.

Chris  32:24 
Just don’t walk past any food booth without reading the menu, no matter how nondescript I mean, the thing is, is that the places that animal kingdom are made to look nondescript, yes, they’re made to look old. They’re made to look beat down. Do not sleep on any of them. Go look at the menu. You’re you’re very likely to see something that you just…

Kelli  32:45 
What in the world?

Chris  32:47 
…would love. Yes, because I’m telling you that barbecue mac and cheese made me cuss.

Kelli  32:53 
I punch you in the teeth for the Lumpia. I’d punch you straight the teeth for that thing.

Chris  33:02 
I will not get in the way of you and the Lumpia.

Kelli  33:04 
Please don’t. Please don’t. Okay, so that’s my world showcase.

Chris  33:08 
Okay, well, I guess that’s the show for this week.

Kelli  33:12 
All right. Well, we hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chris  33:15 
That’s right. And you know if you did or even if you didn’t enjoy it, go to iTunes, look us up. Subscribe to us. leave us a review. Give us a rating. It really helps us so much.

Kelli  33:29 
It really does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we will be posting a video tour of the boardwalk villas, and a detailed review on Skipper canteen, which is our favorite table service restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. And just another reminder, those videos come from YouTube. We also post them to our website.

Chris  33:59 
So Keep an eye out for those on the website. Do check us out on YouTube and join us in the daily conversations that are being had on Instagram and Twitter. You can find us at SCFADP in both places.

Kelli  34:12 
Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  34:14 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon

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