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9/13 News, the Highway in the Sky Progressive Dinner on the Monorail, and The Main Street Electrical Parade

Episode 14

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Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade in 2014

In this episode, we discuss the latest Disney news, including “Once Upon a Snowman” streaming on Disney + October 23rd, park hours, and more as well as the Highway in the Sky Progressive Dinner on the Monorail, and the amazing Main Street Electrical Parade that used to be at Magic Kingdom.

Show Notes

Once Upon a Snowman comes to Disney+ on October 23  ▪ Sources:

Christmas Holiday theming will show up at the WDW parks on November 6and going through Dec. 30. ▪ Sources:

Park hours are changing again in November ▪ Sources: ▪ MK – Coinciding with the Holiday festivities on Nov. 6 guests will get to enjoy the park for another hour, until 7:00 pm ▪ Epcot – on Nov. 27 the house arent expanding, but they are shifting slightly. 11:00 – 7:00 will now be 12:00 – 8:00. This could be to coincide with Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays. ○ The Dapper Dans officially return to the Parks on Sept. 20 ▪ Sources: ▪ Although at this time of year their undead alter-egos (The Cadaver Dans) are who we will see. ○ The cavalcades get a Halloween makeover starting Sept. 15  ▪

Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade ○ Sources: ▪

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Transcript for 9/13 News, the Highway in the Sky Progressive Dinner on the Monorail, and The Main Street Electrical Parade

Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:44 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:45 
Welcome to this week’s show. This is show number 13. I’m very excited that we’ve made it this long. Figment ears tonight.

Kelli  0:53 
Figment ears.

Chris  0:54 
He looks very happy.

Kelli  0:55 
He’s one of my favorite characters and all the Disney parks and when I saw the Figment ears on our last trip I had to have them.

Chris  1:02 
Well, they’re they’re just as cute as a little bugs ear.

Kelli  1:05 
I also enjoy your classic Mickey Tee.

Chris  1:07 
Thanks very nice. Thank you. Okay, so tell us about Patreon.

Kelli  1:12 
Yes. So Patreon. Another reminder, is up and running. If you join now you will be a founding member of the pod for $3 a month. And here’s what’s cool about that is we will be launching tiers in the 10 to $15 range eventually. But if you join now, as a founding member, we will have merch coming out with our new logo here in the next couple of weeks.

Chris  1:37 
We are stoked about that.

Kelli  1:38 
Yes, and if you join now as a founding member, we’re gonna make sure you get some of that merch. Yeah. So it’s on our website and it’s also at the bottom of all the show notes.

Chris  1:47 
Awesome. So get in there now cuz like I said, we’re gonna blow up. Yep. And you want to be in. And also like Kelli just said, we are launching the new branding in the next couple of weeks. We could not be more stoked. We’ve got a new logo. We’re gonna launch some brand in merch. And if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and you should subscribe to our YouTube channel. It’s supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast on YouTube. You can actually see the new logo and everything out there already.

Kelli  2:17 
Yeah, we’ve already put it out there because we needed to rebrand some of our videos and do some different things with thumbnails. And so that was where we had the most updating. Yeah, so we put it out there a little bit earlier than everything else. So let’s call that a out of town preview.

Chris  2:34 
Okay, so where is it Wednesday? We had a winner last week.

Kelli  2:36 
Yeah, almost immediately. So my, you know, my photos are either way too hard or way too easy. And I can’t seem to find a happy medium. So no promises as to what’s going to be out there this week. But give it a go. Take a stab at it.

Chris  2:51 
Get out of there on Instagram on Wednesday. Take a look. And maybe you too can be a winner. That’s right. So we started doing this last week. Where we sort of acknowledge where some of the listeners are from, because it’s my favorite thing to do during the week, right is to pull up our stats and see where you’re listening from. So if you’re in, if you’re in Ashburn, Virginia, we see you, we love you. Boardman, Oregon, or you guys are killing it out there. Really and Sao Paulo, Brazil, which I just like to say is exciting. Yeah. Awesome. So hey, look, if you hear us shout out your hometown, In this segment, let us know you heard it by tagging us on Twitter.

Kelli  3:35 
Yeah, tag us on Twitter. We’ll shoot you a sticker.

Chris  3:37 
Yeah, that’d be awesome. We can do that?

Kelli  3:38 
We can do that. We’re gonna have stickers soon.

Chris  3:40 
That’s awesome. Okay, so ready? Yes. Entertainment News. Once upon a snowman comes to Disney plus on October the 23rd. That’s gonna be fun. You know what it’s about?

Kelli  3:54 
Yes, I do. I actually went and looked at a lot of the other Olaf shorts that have been Release. You’re in quarantine. Oh, yeah, they’ve been doing these from home. And they’re cool, just adorable. They’re actually out on YouTube. But go ahead and talk about one spot. Yeah.

Chris  4:09 
So this is about this one. This is cool this. This is, it’s a short, an animated short, and it takes place…you know, in the time of the first frozen movie while Elsa is busy letting it go. And she’s building her ice castle and she’s putting on a new dress and yeah, and getting her new hair and all that. Yeah. She sort of like absent mindedly creates Olaf. And then we don’t really see him again until he walks up on Anna and Kristoff while they’re out looking for us in the woods. Right. So what was Olfaf doing between the time that Elsa created him, and he runs into Anna and Kristoff? Did he did somebody tell him about summer? Do we find out why he loves summer so much right or thinks he does. So we sort of sort of figure out what Olaf was during that time and I think that’s a cool idea. Josh Gad comes back to play the voice and a lot of people who were involved in Olaf pieces of the of the two big movies were involved in it. So yeah, so that’s that’s pretty cool.

Kelli  5:11 
Streaming on Disney plus October 23.

Chris  5:12 
Yep. Right. That’s right. That’s right. Okay, so for some park news, holiday theming, so we’re just now getting started with fall theming and the Halloween stuff, but they did announce that the Christmas holiday theming will show up at Walt Disney World on November the sixth. So like right after October so they’ll put the decor in there. We’ll start getting this holiday snacks at the Magic Kingdom, especially on November the 6th.

Kelli  5:39 
Gosh, I hope they don’t run out of the Madam Leotta Sipper cups.

Chris  5:43 
Well, no you do, and so the bad news is that Mickey’s very merry christmas party scratched for this year. The candlelight processional is scratched for this year. No gingerbread houses at the resorts. We know how they attract a crowd, right. But the good news news is is that the decor and snacks will be in full swing. I can’t wait to do you know tomorrowland or something on what the snacks will be there. While there’s no real nighttime spectaculars, Cindy’s castle will have holiday projections on it. So imagine Cindy’s castle, you know wearing a Christmas sweater.

Kelli  6:19 
Oh, nice.

Chris  6:20 
Epcot’s festival of the holidays is going to happen from November the 27th through December the 30th. So that’s where they you know, they decked all the countries out and they’re sort of holiday fair and we get to learn about how they celebrate the holidays and all the other countries. And obviously food. Wonderful, wonderful holiday food. thing I’m most excited about there’s Voices of Liberty we’ll be doing sort of a show from the American gardens theater. Which is cool, right? Park hours are changing again slightly in November. Basically Magic Kingdom on to coinciding with the holiday stuff. Yeah, the timing Magic Kingdom will get an extra hour. Yeah, they’re expecting a bigger crowd. Yeah, sure. They’re getting they’re gonna get an extra hour. So it’ll be closing at 7pm. During that time, Epcot doesn’t really expand the hours, but they shift the hours starting like November 27. Right about the same time as the festival holidays. Okay, so instead of 11 to seven, it goes from 12 to eight.

Kelli  7:23 
Ah, that’s interesting.

Chris  7:25 
So that’ll be going on while we’re there. Yeah. The Dapper Dan’s officially return to the Magic Kingdom on September the 20th. Except coinciding with the holiday timing that they’re in. It’s the Cadaver Dans. The dapper Dan’s undead alter egos.

Kelli  7:43 
Wow. You know, they’ve been doing some cool stuff on YouTube.

Chris  7:46 
I love I love hearing those guys. Them and mariachi, mariachi Cobre, yes, yes, yes. I love listening to them. The cavalcades starting on September 15, just a day or two. They will take on The Halloween theming also so your friends will be wearing their Halloween attire. And we may see some Disney villain cavalcades, too. So Maleficent, Jafar, stuff like that.

Kelli  8:11 
Okay, nice.

Chris  8:13 
Jack Skellington will likely get a cavalcade.

Kelli  8:15 

Chris  8:16 
Yeah. So, so yeah, that’s coming in a couple of days.

Kelli  8:19 
Nice. That’ll be fun.

Chris  8:21 
So that’s that’s all for Main Street this Okay.

Kelli  8:24 
All right. Not a lot of news. Not a lot going on this week.

Chris  8:27 
Okay, it’s not except for our own news about you know, our new brain and go to our YouTube channel.

Kelli  8:34 
Alright, well, we can hit Tomorrowland because I’m ready for it. All right, you ready? I’m ready. So this is something that we have talked about doing several times. In fact, we were really close to making reservations for this to celebrate my graduation when I got my PhD.

Chris  8:57 
Think I know where we’re going.

Kelli  8:59 
But we decided to back out at the last minute. This is the highway in the sky dine around. This is the monorail progressive dinner. So for those of you that aren’t aware, they do offer a progressive dinner on the monorail. It’s $170 and it is not currently operating. But because of COVID but before it was still in a limited schedule. Do you remember if it was Mondays and Wednesdays?

Chris  9:25 
I don’t really? I think it was Monday through Thursday.

Kelli  9:30 
Not the weekends. Yes, but it was a limited schedule. So they only take 25 people per night. Oh, I didn’t know that. Yes, very, very small. It is $170 a person. Now that sounds like a lot, right? But people yes, but people have actually done the math. And they’ve added up the food that you eat at each stop. And it is about right and beverage and Bev Yes, but it’s about right. So in any case, it’s $170 per person plus tax but that doesn’t Include gratuity. valet parking is also included. If you’re not staying at one of these resorts you need to drive in. You have to be at least 12. And I will say if you’re not 21 or older, I don’t know that you’re going to get your money worth out of the $170 because the alcoholic beverages are really the one of the more expensive portions of it. So in any case, there’s no discount, right if you’re 12 or 13 I still paying $170 you cannot use your dining plan on this, this is cash, and there is a dress code. Oh yes, the men have to wear a dress shorts or slacks with collared shirts, okay. Women can wear capris or dresses or dress pants. No tanks, flip flops cut all swimsuits are torn clothing no flip flops so you would dress you know like you’re going for a nice dinner at you know a good restaurant I don’t think it’s not the same level as like a dinner at Vicky and Al’s.

Chris  10:57 
No, but nice. Guys dress for golf.

Kelli  11:00 
Yeah, yeah. Nice. So at each stop You’re welcomed by a cast member who explains a little bit about the resort and then also what you’re going to eat. The menu is seasonal. Okay, so for those of you that don’t know what a progressive dinner is, it’s essentially you have a different course at each stop. We used to do these when I was a teenager. Really? Yes Our church would do it like okay as youth night so we would have progressive dinner at one house, we would have appetizers another house we would have you know, the meal and then the last house we have dessert. So much fun, I loved I love progressive dinners. But so this is on the monorail so these are going to be the monorail resorts, okay. Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian. Nice. Okay, so you’re getting a bit of dinner at each location. That’s the general idea. So you start at the contemporary and the menu is seasonal, but I looked at a lot of reviews online and they almost all mentioned the same beverages. Very little seems to change, especially as far as the meat offerings in the main course. Now they do seem to make some changes if you have allergy issues or dietary restrictions, but some of the reviews said it’s not that impressive the changes that they make. So like one lady was allergic to say pineapple, she couldn’t have the Mai Tai at Polynesian and so they gave her a glass of water. Right? It probably could have done something better than that. But in any case, menus are seasonal. But you start out at the contemporary in the wave restaurant, the wave and so for those of you that haven’t been to the wave that’s downstairs in the contemporary and they have one of the best breakfast I think in all of Disney. I would highly recommend. Yes, they have the avocado toast and the bottomless mimosas, sweet potato pancakes, the wave is phenomenal. So you start there at the contemporary at the way where you check in. You get like a lanyard with your name and if you have allergies You should get a different colored lanyard and you have a light appetizers and drinks. And it seems that you’re going to have some type of a small little thing of soup. Okay here and so some people had a spring pea bisque with truffle oil, and then those in the fall and winter had a butternut squash. Okay, so it’s just a small little thing of soup and a drink. Some people mentioned the discovery Island fizz, which is St. Germain liquer, Hendrick’s, gin, cucumbers and strawberry and it looked like, I mean, it’s clear, so it looks like a sprite with strawberries and cucumbers floating around. Okay, yeah, it looked really cool. And then other people had a bay lake sunset, which is something you can only get in Bay Lake towers. Ah, so that was cool. It was Stoli vanilla vodka, parrot Bay coconut rum, pineapple juice and a splash of Grenadine. Yeah, and it served like a martini glass. Yeah, like that. Yeah. So that’s at the wave.

So then you hop on the monorail and go to the polynesian. Now where you are at the poly has changed a little bit, but it seems like you’re served by the Kona cafe folks but you’re outside of the restaurant proper. And they sort of block off your area with bushes and shrubs that can be moved around. But you sort of have a view a nice view and you know, all the tables are set up with silverware and chopsticks and things of that nature. But so at poly, you have Island inspired libations and appetizers and for the most part, this is a Mai Tai. Now we’re not talking a hippopoMai Tai. We’re just talking your basic Mai Tai and then a trio of small bites, okay. Some people had these swordfish where they ginger beurre blanc. Cabbage slaw tuna with avocado cream and a prawn chip, Island spice rub beef tenderloin with potatoes. There’s an offering for those that don’t eat seafood you can have an Asian stir fried chicken noodles and a fruit salad with boba balls that fruit salad looked adorable.

Chris  15:16 
You’re for anything with boba balls.

Kelli  15:17 
Yeah. They also in some menus had a roasted beet salad a spicy tuna roll and chili dusted pork belly.

Chris  15:25 
Oh, that sounds good.

Kelli  15:27 
Yes. So you leave the poly hop back on the monorail and go to the Grand Floridian. There’s actually two stops at the Grand flo you start at Citricos. Citricos is the grand floridian’s nice restaurant. Here’s where you have their bread service, which is supposedly just out of this world.

Chris  15:45 
I can imagine.

Kelli  15:47 
A braised short rib with mashed potatoes and a Florida red snapper with greens. You can also get two beefs again if you don’t do fish, and some people said that they got to halibut instead of a snapper. Here you get a glass of red or white wine. Now what they say here is interesting. You don’t get refills. So this is like, I mean, you’re sitting at a table, but they serve you the food and then you’re gone. Yeah. So they bring you a glass of red and your meal and then there’s not waitstaff coming back to the table. Okay.

Chris  16:17 
Well, at this point, you’ve had at least three drinks.

Kelli  16:19 
Right? And then you go downstairs and this has been in a couple different places, but people say it’s normally the garden view lounge, which is where you get tea, right? And this is your cheese and charcuterie course, where you have an option of the different cheeses and charcuterie that you would like to try and Champagne.

Chris  16:39 
Four drinks now…

Kelli  16:40 
Right, at least so that’s nice. Then you hop back on the monorail because nobody’s driving at this point. Right. And you head back over to the contemporary where you go upstairs to their outside patio, and there are desserts, cordials and coffee, plus an exclusive patio view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. Yes. I mean they have chairs and everything so it’s nice. Here you’ve got hot tea and coffee ice water soda, and they’ll throw in a little kalua for Angelica or balieys for the adults.

Chris  17:13 
If you’d like, I’m sure.

Kelli  17:15 
A few different desserts, Key Lime bars, strawberry shortcake organic chocolate flourless cake, which looks like a pyramid. Okay, really cool looking. Oh, yeah,

Chris  17:24 
Because like contemporary right?

Kelli  17:25 
Yeah. And yeah, I had not make that connection. And a blood orange cake.

Chris  17:33 
I do love it when the light comes on.

Kelli  17:34 
They give you a truffle in a cordial to take with you. Yeah, no, like you haven’t had enough. Now again, I think this is something we want to do. Yeah, I think this is something we want to do. But a lot of reviewers said it’s nice to be escorted and to have reserved seating on the monorail but you could sort of do this on your own. Sure. I could see taking the monorail from stop to stop and go to the Lounge at each place. And then people said end up at the poly. Get yourself something from the pineapple Lanai. Yeah. And watch the fireworks from the beach at the polynesian.

Chris  18:11 
With a little planning, we could make this happen on our own we could and I like the idea of watching fireworks on the beach.

Kelli  18:18 
I do like watching the fireworks at the Poly so I like the idea of the highway in the sky. And for $170 I would be royalty for a few hours.

Chris  18:30 
Yeah. But I like the idea of doing on our own too. Yeah, I think we have to look into that. Yeah, that would be fine. Good. Okay, all right. So right away with World showcase. Okay, so I was gonna I’m gonna knock this out here but I was going to like turn out all the lights and get a glow stick and everything just to really sell it but are you ready? Yeah.

Kelli  19:11 
Ladies and gentlemen. Oh the electric light parade! Yes. Well played.

Chris  19:38 
Yeah. Okay so yeah so that’s my world showcase this week is the Main Street Electrical Parade which was just like visual and auditory manna from heaven for me when I was growing up. Yeah, when I was little they ran it like before the fireworks and then they They ran it again after the fireworks. And I wanted to stay for it all. I want to see it see before the fireworks and see it again. Right? I just it was always one of my favorite things. So, so that’s what we’re going to talk about. Okay, where did it start? Where is it now all that fun stuff. So the predecessor for the main street Electrical parade is actually the the electrical water pageant.

Kelli  20:24 
At the Seven Seas Lagoon!

Chris  20:31 
Yeah, so that actually started just a few weeks after the after Walt Disney World or Magic Kingdom opened in 1971. Okay, and it’s it’s 14 25 foot flat screens covered in lights that are pulled on seven barges around the lagoon, right? And they can put sort of whatever images they want on them and then they got the music to go with it. And that particular thing I never think about it. It always catches me off guard. And every time I see it, I think oh, it’s the Electrical Parade on the water. So, so that is great. But it and it was such a big hit when they when they did it the Magic Kingdom that immediately Disney executives are like we’ve got to have something like this at Disneyland which had been open for a number of years but it’s interesting okay, but they don’t have a seven seas again they didn’t have a water feature there right that would support something like that. So so they in they immediately said we got to do something like that, that we can do in the park. So Card Walker, who was the Disney president at the time, in 1972, he commissioned work on the main street Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade. Okay, okay. And he It was designed by a guy named Hub Braden, who was a who was a television art director for NBC Burbank. He had done a number of other projects with Disneyland’s Entertainment division. And they immediately reached out to a company in Chicago called Silvestri. Silvestri was famous for their lighting displays that they would put on Michigan Avenue in Chicago every year. So they said, Hey, can you help us build this electric light parade for Disneyland? So they started getting to work on it. And it was going, Okay, except they had these major, major delays in building the floats. And so eventually Disneyland said, Look, just send what you’ve got to Anaheim. And the Imagineers actually took over the rest and they finished. But because of all the delays in building these things, they only had one night to rehearse to do a real dress rehearsal. Oh, wow. And it was a dumpster fire. They had people in costumes that were shooting sparks all over the place. The The, the floats were running into things that they weren’t supposed to be running into. The floats were just falling over and collapse. Oh no. Now it’s important to remember that this first version was not much different than the water pageant, right? It was a flat float with a screen. Okay, most of the floats were these 2d images. Okay? Okay, but still it was the rehearsal was a nightmare. They spent all night and all day The next day, which was June the 17th 1972 was the day supposed to debut so they spent all night trying to rebuild these things, reconstruct them rework them rework the costumes and with some Disney magic, it went perfectly on the first night. Wow. And instant success. guests were just immediately blown away, and they loved it. So the probably the coolest innovation they saw that had never been done prior was show controlled audio. So and we experienced this every time we see a parade at Disney, but we don’t think anything of it. This was where they innovated the idea of the The sound in the park changes based on what’s coming by the time. Yeah, it seems totally normal, but they had to invent that for this parade, right? And so whatever float is coming ahead of you, that’s the sound that you hear. And so, this, this show, ran at Disneyland for two years 72 to 74. But about this time in the country, we were getting ready as a whole nation to celebrate the Bicentennial. So they they retired the the first Main Street Electrical Parade. And, and they did something called America on parade as the show for the next couple of years. Okay. Okay. And so then Bicentennial time is sort of passed. We’re totally over that now. Right. So, so it’s clear that during this time they are they had been working on a new parade, okay, and so in in 1977 on June the 11th A Orlando Magic Kingdom in Orlando and Disneyland in Anaheim launched identical versions of effectively what we know today as the Main Street Electrical Parade. Every float was 3d. And they also reworked some of the sound. What we just heard that fanfare and the announcing of the parade. Yeah, that’s when that was actually done a guy named jack Wagner. Did did the announcement. Okay, and when you’re in the Disney Parks, and you hear that famous voice talking about, you know, giving announcements, that’s jack Wagner’s voice, right. But they they ran it through like a Vodafone saying to change his voice. It’s fun.

So, so yeah, so they obviously they upgraded the parade a lot, right? They upgraded the music, and starting in 1977. Both parks had their world famous electrical parades. And so now we’ve got two identical shows. Right. And they take sort of divergent wild paths. Okay, so the Magic Kingdom show runs there from 1978 to 1991. Wow. Yeah, a long time. And it was replaced him almost immediately by spectra magic. Magic. Yeah, I was heartbroken. I could not believe they would do this to the Electrical Parade. I grew to love spectra magic, of course. So, in 1992, the magic Kingdom’s version of the parade started running in Disneyland Paris, right. It ran I thought it went to Japan. Well, it went well. Japan created their own Ah, they had their own deal. They create all their own stuff. Okay. Um, it ran in Paris until 2003. And then they sent the thing to Hong Kong,

Kelli  26:50 
Hong Kong. That’s what I was thinking,

Chris  26:52 
yeah, Hong Kong didn’t ever run it. In fact, they held on to it for a while and they sent it back to Paris and Paris never ran it again. And that particular prayed all that equipment is not even owned by Disney anymore.

Kelli  27:02 
Ah. Oh, that’s a shame.

Chris  27:05 
So then you’ve got you’ve got Disneyland’s version of the parade. Disneyland’s version of the parade ran from 77 to 1996 with a couple of hiatuses along the way, right. When spectra magic took a hiatus in 1999 to be refurbed Yep, they sent the Disneyland parade, electric light parade to Magic Kingdom to run for those couple. Okay. Yeah,

Kelli  27:27 
I was about to say I thought that it came back to Disney.

Chris  27:31 
It did a couple of times. In fact, a couple of times. Then when spectra magic was ready to go back into the Magic Kingdom was about the time that California Adventure Park was opening in in Disneyland and they were having some real attendance problems. And so they sent the Main Street Electrical Parade back to California to run it California Adventure Park.

Kelli  27:52 
And these things were huge and you just ship them?

Chris  27:55 
Shipping them all over the place. And but that California part doesn’t have any St. So they renamed it Disney’s Electrical Parade. So it ran there for a number of years and then in 2010, they refurbed it they re added some stuff in like Absalom, the caterpillar from Alice right now has sort of the video protected face. And it went back to the Magic Kingdom and ran from 2010 to 2016. And then they were like, Look, we’re retiring this thing hired, they sent it back to Anaheim. And for one last encore series, and we haven’t seen it since. Yeah,

Kelli  28:35 
I remember when that happened.

Chris  28:36 
So who knows where that thing that one is now, but I dare say we shouldn’t say never do it because it keeps popping up. Right over and over again.

Kelli  28:48 
Wow, what a career for the Electric Light Parade.

Chris  28:50 
Like, what? 40 years? Yeah. worth of service. Yeah, it’s a pretty good run for a parade.

Kelli  28:56 
So what happened after it went back to Anaheim, that just 2016 What happened for the four years…?

Chris  29:03 
Well it ran a little bit it ran for some like farewell performances in Anaheim.

Kelli  29:08 
But what about in Magic Kingdom? What nighttime parade…

Chris  29:10 
Yeah, we had there’s really nothing going on there.

Kelli  29:15 
Well not now but there was a parade right?

Chris  29:20 
I don’t think so. So that was my world showcase was the Main Street Electrical Parade. Well done.

Kelli  29:25 
I did love the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Chris  29:27 
It was my childhood.

So that’s this week’s show everybody. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy it, or if you hate it, if you hate the parade, then go out to iTunes, leave us a review give us a rating it helps us a lot. It really does.

Kelli  29:46 
And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. Last week we made the Cheshire Cat tail from Magic Kingdom. If you didn’t see that, go to YouTube and check it out because it was good. It was good.

Chris  30:09 
That was good. All right, go to Go to our YouTube channel, subscribe to us there, that would be awesome. And join us for the daily conversations on Instagram and Twitter. Our handle is SCFADP. And yes, the more the merrier. Yes, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  30:29 
With that, we will see you real soon.

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