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9/20 Disney News, Fall Disney Snacks at Resorts, and Boardwalk Jellyrolls Disney Piano Bar

Episode 15

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This week we cover the latest Disney news, the amazing fall Disney snacks and Disney food you can find only at Disney resorts, and the Disney Boardwalk Piano Bar, Jellyrolls. We also discuss the new She-Hulk series with Tatiana Maslany, some changes at Tokyo Disneyland, a few updates for Typhoon Lagoon and Bizzard Beach, the Disney water parks, and ‘Olu Mel, at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and Disney’s Aulani resort.

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Show Notes

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse streamining on Disney+ starting Nov. 18 
Sources: @mickeymouse on Instagram 
All new animated series starring mickey and our favorite Disney characters

She-Hulk series is coming to Disney+ staring Tatiana Maslany in the lead role 
She plays Bruce Banner’s cousin who inherits his powers after receiving a blood transfusion from him. 

Olu makes his way to Polynesian Resort 
Olu is a member of the Duffy and friends series of stuffies, who are particularly popular at the international Disney parks. 

Disney plans to open one of its 2 water parks on March 7, 2021. 
Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have been closed since the Spring. 

Park Hours continue to shift regularly 
Sept 26 and 27th: AK will get an extra hour opening at 9:00a and closing and hour later than usual at 6:00p 
The first 2 Saturday in October, EPCOT will extend hours also. Still opening at11:00a but now closing at 8:00p
Changes like this could continue to pop up, especially on weekends at any of the parks. So keep your eyes open if you plan to be there. 

Tokyo Disneyland 
Character Meet and Greets started again on the 19th (yesterday) with chances to meet Donald, Mickey and Minnie, and Duffy. 
And on Sept. 28 they will open a new area of the park that was planned to open in April but obviously got pan-delayed. It’s an expanded fantasyland with many of the Beauty and the Beast features like we see at WDW in Orlando.  

Magic Kingdom lowers the flag to half-staff to honor the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed away on Sept. 18 

Fall Snacks at the Resorts 

Transcript, Season 1, Episode 14

Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, welcome to week 14 of the show. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:55 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:56  
We are so happy to have you here. We are so happy to be doing week 14 of the show. I love your Toy Story ears.

Kelli  1:03 
Thank you. These are actually made by loungefly which is all the rage, all the rage. Loungefly makes a lot of the mini backpacks that you see in the park. And you see that merch all over the place. But I haven’t seen very many ears made by loungefly.

Chris  1:18 
So you saw them and you got them.

Kelli  1:20 
Snatched these right up. I am for Mickey ears without a bow. I mean, I have to say that it’s so difficult to find Mickey ears or Minnie ears, I guess without a bow. And so when I find a pair…

Chris  1:31 
Yeah. Good for you.

Kelli  1:33 

Chris  1:34 
I like that boardwalk shirt, too. Thanks. It’s very Boardwalky.

Kelli  1:37 
Yes, thank you.

Chris  1:38 
Okay, so very excited that this is technically our last week of season one. We’re gonna launch Season Two next week, which mainly means that folks are going to see our new branding, which they can already see on the website and all of our socials.

Kelli  1:54 
Yeah, it takes a while to update that stuff. And we actually have other jobs. Yeah. I’ve been updating it as I had time throughout the week. So just about everything is done and out there. We’ve got a little bit more to do specifically on the merchandise side, which I’m excited about. But for the most part, we’re up and running with the new logo and season two will officially start next week.

Chris  2:17 
That is awesome. Yes. So subscribe to our YouTube channel. Go out to our website. Check us out. It’s a lot of fun out there. Yeah. Where is it Wednesday. We’ve got two more this month. We do one this Wednesday. And one next one. We’ve got two winners.

Kelli  2:35 
I thought your your post this week was fantastic.

Chris  2:37 
Thanks. So yeah, so we’ll have another one this coming week. And let’s let’s hope there’s some, you know, participants, people out there they really know Disney.

So the other thing here before we jump into Main Street is there are a lot of podcast options. Yeah, there are a lot of Disney podcast option. Right. And we see and feel every week the people that are listening to our show. Yeah, we are so appreciative. We love you. If you were in lavista, Nebraska. We saw you this week. Yeah, West Des Moines, Iowa. And Ruislip, England, which is not the way that looks like it’s spelled. It’s West London area. And so it’s south of Watford.

Kelli  3:21 
Okay, and you remember y’all, if you hear us call you out tag us on Twitter and I’ll get you a sticker.

Chris  3:32 
Yes. Okay, ready?

Kelli  3:34 
Ready. Let’s do it.

Chris  3:37 
Okay, so entertainment news first. Mickey Mouse himself, announced on Instagram, that on November the 18th, the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse will start streaming on Disney plus. So really excited about that. These are all Disney cartoons.

Kelli  3:55 
Oh, these are the from the ride, I guess.

Chris  3:58 
But yes, yes. It’s those characters from Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway we saw a bunch of cartoons like that. I think we were staying like they had a channel.

Kelli  4:06 
Yes. Yeah. That’s excellent. I’m excited.

Chris  4:10 
Yeah, that’d be fun. She Hulk Marvel character.

Kelli  4:18 
We don’t call the other one He Hulk.

Chris  4:20 
I know we don’t.

Kelli  4:22 
We’ll leave it at that. I’m just saying if you don’t call one he Hulk Why would you call the other she Hulk? The implication is that Hulk is naturally male. And that anybody other than that would be othered.

Chris  4:36 
Right. So any case she starts streaming on Disney plus, sometime probably next year, Tatiana maslany has been named in the lead role. So she’s awesome. She was the lead actress for Orphan Black for anybody that followed that series on BBC America, which required that she be incredible. She had to be like different nationalities, different everything. She’s incredible. And that show actually won an Emmy for that show. Wow. That was nominated for numerous Emmys and Golden Globes. She also recently was on the Perry Mason.

So really excited to see her in this show, which is also being directed and show run and written by women. So well, that’s something so we thought it ought to be great.

Kelli  5:27 
It should be fantastic.

Chris  5:29 
All right, onto some resort news. ‘Olu, or as they’re calling him ‘Olu Mel has made his way to the Polynesian resort. Right, so he actually sits in our live studio audience every week along with his friend Wicket back there.

Kelli  5:44 
Although this is the original ‘Olu. He’s got to be worth something right? Because I got him before it was ‘Olu Mel his tags just say ‘Olu.

Chris  5:53 
And his clothes are not sewn onto him.

Kelli  5:54 
His clothes are not sewn on and his turtle shell is different. I noticed ‘Olu Mel’s turtle shell unzips. This ‘Olu does not unzip. Now it’s interesting that all of the ‘Olu stuff that you see has an Aulani tag on it. So everything I saw posted on on Instagram has Aulani on the tag, so I guess since Aulani is still shut down, maybe they’re trying to you know, use some of that.

Chris  6:19 
Well, he’s been big in Shanghai Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland for a little while. Okay, the Duffy lines are all big over there. Anyway.

Kelli  6:28 
Yeah, but ‘Olu.

Chris  6:29 
He’s special. Oh, sure. Of course. Well, he’s here and if he really is gonna be worth money, you need to keep him away from the mongrels. 

Kelli  6:36 
The puppies don’t bite him.

Chris  6:37 
Not yet. So they had a big special event at Polynesian to release him there at the Tiki the yeah store there. And he came with some special cupcakes and a special lime dole whip at Pineapple Lanai.

Kelli  6:55 
Again, my ‘Olu has on board shorts and a ukulele Hawaiian shirt. ‘Olu Mel has like a jean shorts white top combo. Well, I mean, he’s cute. He’s totes adorbs but he’s not ‘Olu.

Chris  7:11 
Alright, so in the parks. Disney is planning to open one of their two water parks either typhoon lagoon or Blizzard beach. In March, not soon.

March 7, although subject to change, no word on which one of the two they’re going to open. Although I think I heard recently the typhoon lagoon was going under some, some refurbishment. So okay, who knows? Park hours continue to shift. You know, we talked about how in November the park hours are going to expand a little bit by like an hour at each park or shift a little. But they’ve actually decided that like on September 26, and 27th Animal Kingdom is going to get an extra hour it’s gonna be closing at six instead of five. The first two Saturdays in October Epcot is also going to extend and be open from 11 to eight instead of 11 to seven. Okay, so but it’s just mainly because of the weekends are getting more traffic on the weekends.

Kelli  8:13 
Yeah, I saw on social media this week that they had signage out front of the park that said you had to have a pass to get in because all of the pass reservations were taken. Oh, right. So that’s new.

Chris  8:24 
Yep. Cool. Um, Tokyo Disneyland are they are starting up character meet and greets on the 19th which was just recently. Okay. So you can now meet Donald and Mickey and Minnie and some other characters that Tokyo Disneyland Wow. Okay, can they just do everything better than we’re doing it? On September 28. They actually get a huge expansion to the park, which was supposed to happen in April, but got got pan-delayed. I’m using that word now. Oh, wow. And, but it’s basically the Fantasyland expansion that we saw at Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  8:59 
Oh, yeah.

Chris  9:01 
With Beauty and the beast castle and Gaston’s Tavern and all that area. They’re doing something very similar. Okay. Anyway, that was a nice addition to fantasyland. Yeah. And they’re opening up some more attractions to like in Tomorrowland Baymax is getting his own experience. And really sad, but awesome to see that Magic Kingdom yesterday…to honor the life and legacy of the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG. They lowered the flag yesterday to half staff. So this is something that Disney does regularly. Especially they do it every year on 9/11. They do it every year on Memorial Day and then anytime someone with the gravitas of a Ruth Bader Ginsburg they they honor them, which I think was well deserved.

Kelli  9:47 
That was a nice touch for sure. Yeah.

Chris  9:49 
Yeah. So okay, so that’s, uh, that’s it for a nice treat. Yeah. All right. Yeah. Well, that’s exciting. Ready to Rock tomorrowland? Absolutely.

Kelli  9:57 
Let’s do it! Tomorrowland. Okay, let’s go.

Chris  10:01 
Okay, so I’m excited about this because two weeks ago, we talked fall and Halloween snacks in the parks. And that episode, thanks to our amazing viewers is already tied for the most downloads of any of our episodes we’ve done so far. So it’s on a record pace. And I thought, well, if people want to talk about food, I can do that. So today, since we’re not too far into the fall season, we’re going to talk about the Halloween and fall snacks that are available at the resorts because more and more and more people are going to Disney and just doing resort stays in there resort hopping, and trying to get into as many pools as they can eat it as many restaurants as you can. 15 years ago, the food scene at Disney wasn’t what it is today. Right? And now you can get some amazing things just at the resorts. Beingets for example that we made recently. Yes, those were for a long time only available sassagoula at Port Orleans. Wow. So you know, you got to jump around a little bit to see what places have. Yeah, so we’re gonna do that tonight. So our first stop is at the Polynesian resort. Yeah,

Kelli  11:10 
I’ve seen so much good stuff out there this week.

Chris  11:12 
So Captain cooks which is the quick service place a Polynesian.

Kelli  11:16 
Which does not… that description doesn’t do it justice. It’s a phenomenal quick service restaurant. A really great place.

Chris  11:20 
Yes. Awesome. Fried Rice, pulled pork. Yes. It’s really good. It’s great. Available through October the 31st you can get Mike Wazowski’s Dome cake. Milk chocolate cake with white chocolate icing decorated to look like Mike Wazowski. He’s got his eyeballs and some purple stuff on him. Excellent Halloween. Minnie Mouse (as in mouse( Halloween Minnie cupcake, which is I mean cupcakes are getting filled with stuff these days. I’m still not used to that, you know being a child of the 80s but this is a chocolate cupcake.

Kelli  11:29 
You don’t eat enough cupcakes.

Chris  11:56 
This is a cupcake. No one would believe you. chocolate cupcake filled with rocky road interior. Decorated on top with purple orange and green buttercream frosting and a cute little purple bow.

Kelli  12:12 
But the buttercream frosting is sparkly.

Chris  12:15 
Yes. Yeah. Yes.

Kelli  12:16 
Very sparkly. Glittery.

Chris  12:18 
Yes. No, I’m for that. At the Barefoot Pool Bar available till November the 1st you can get the poisoned apple cocktail which is vodka melon liqueur, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice with a novelty poison apple glow cube which is going to be ubiquitous. All the drinks come with a glow cube.

Kelli  12:34 
Wait, what color is that drink?

Chris  12:35 
It’s green.

Kelli  12:36 
Ah, okay.

Chris  12:40 
Okay, a little blue drizzle.

Kelli  12:43 
Yeah. Okay, that’s creepy

Chris  12:45 
At the banana cabana through October 31 at Caribbean beach. Okay, it’s a really cool little poolside bar.

Kelli  12:53 
I was going to say it must be near their pool.

Chris  12:54 
Yeah, they had the spooky rum punch, which is Caribbean rum, sour apple liquor, and cranberry juice with the poison apple glow cube.

Kelli  13:04 
And so this glow cube that you keep describing is it in the shape of a small apple?

Chris  13:08 
Yes. Lights up and sits in your drink and what color is it? They’re purple or green? Or the ones I’ve seen? Okay, two different colors.

Kelli  13:16 
You know, we still have two Mickey Mouse glow cubes downstairs.

Chris  13:19 
Oh, that’s right. Yeah, we got those Hollywood Studios

Kelli  13:22 
I will not get rid of them.

Chris  13:25 
Okay, so we’re jumping over to the contemporary resort contempo Cafe don’t sleep on the contempo Cafe looks like your real like like dat diamond dash sort of counter service but they got some amazing Well, they have amazing desserts. Yeah, they got they got really good confectionery. Oh my goodness. So right now actually, just for the last few days of October contempo Cafe. You can get the monster cupcake. This is a confetti cupcake. Filled with candy bar custard. I know. I can’t even I don’t know. But I’d love to find out. Top with purple buttercream and it’s got purple buttercream with little purple butter, purple sprinkles, and a monster head sort of sort of like suddenly heat except purple like an apple solly

Kelli  14:10 

Chris  14:12 
pumpkin pie tart. So this is a little tiny pumpkin pie with with cinnamon whipped cream on top.

Unknown Speaker  14:20 
Yes, sounds good. And and a chocolate pumpkin.

Kelli  14:26 
That’s interesting.

Chris  14:28 
Wilderness Lodge, roaring forks which is a quick service place at Wilderness Lodge. Okay. Starting next Sunday through the end of October, the Going batty Halloween cupcake, a chocolate cupcake with a cookies and cream filling and a ganache icing. I may do that a couple more times.

Kelli  14:52 
We’ve got one particular listener who we love dearly. She corrected my pronunciation of the word ganache. And so so it may never be said that way again. This one’s for you. Yeah.

Chris  15:07 
So, they’ve also had the Roaring Fork they’re serving a spooky Mickey brownie. This is a classic fudge brownie in the shape of Mickey Mouse, but decorated with an icing spiderweb and chocolate spider.

Kelli  15:19 
So most of these are kind of Halloween cupcakes.

Chris  15:21 
Yeah, very much lots.

Kelli  15:22 
Okay, so it’s like a lot of cupcakes at the resort make cute little desserts. If you’re resort hopping that would be a cute little thing to do for sure.

Chris  15:30 
Pop century resort Pedals Pool Bar. Now through October 31 is serving pops potion cocktail. This is very much like the thing that they were serving at Polynesian, except this one is coconut rum melon liquer, pineapple and orange juices. sprite and blue curacou. Oh, that’s also green. And this one’s garnished with gummy worms and the glow cube.

Kelli  15:54 
Okay, so a lot of these are either at the dessert counters or at the pool sidebar. I mean, I gotta say that sounds fantastic. Like you’re…

A day at the pool, and you think you know what, I need a cupcake. That’s what I need.

Chris  16:09 
So we’re gonna run out to Old Key West resort and the artists palette now through November 31. You can get monster cookies. These are basically chocolate chip cookies with m&ms and pretzels in them. A pumpkin spice whoopie pie.

Kelli  16:26 
Yes, I saw that. Oh my goodness.

Chris  16:29 
Yeah, this is a chocolate whoopie pie cakes. But instead of regular marshmallow it’s pumpkin spice marshmallow filling. Garnish with spiderweb icing chocolate spider.

Kelli  16:39 
Whoopie pies are very underrated

Chris  16:41 
Really underrated.

Kelli  16:43 
Very underrated and not a lot of places. Probably because they’re very difficult to make.

Chris  16:47 
Yeah, but oh man. It’s worth it man.

Kelli  16:49 
Whoopie pies. Yes, more whoopie pies Disney.

Chris  16:53 
More whoopie pies world. Don’t limit ourselves. They also have a caramel cauldron cupcake there. This is a chocolate cupcake. Filled with salted caramel buttercream. Just bathed in that. Oh, iced with salted caramel. Iced with salted caramel. Okay. Like it’s like it’s sitting in a cauldron. Okay, okay. garnished with chocolate flames and oh, chocolate witch’s broom. Wow. Run out to the newest DVC resort Riviera, where at Le Petit cafe from now through November the 28th. You can get a pumpkin mousse. Now this is pumpkin mousse. That covers pumpkin cheesecake. Yes, it’s all that and decorated to be like a pumpkin. A Shiny little pumpkin. It all sits on top of a shortbread cookie. And the top where the stem is is like a little chocolate. It is gorgeous. Beautiful. And on October the 30th and 31st you can get the same thing except he’s decorated like a jack o’ lantern. I know that.

Kelli  17:57 
Oh, how cute. That is a gorgeous pumpkin cheese. I saw that this week on the socials and I thought man, I mean I would hate to eat it but I would.

Chris  18:10 
They also have a pumpkin glass coffee, a frozen blend of coffee and pumpkin puree fall spices topped with cinnamon whipped cream and salted caramel crispy pearls.

Kelli  18:20 
I told you it’s basically cinnamon.

Chris  18:22 
I know you did.

Kelli  18:23 
Don’t at me pumpkin spice people.

Chris  18:25 
Boardwalk bakery. One of our favorite places. Really just the last week of October October 26 to November the first a candy corny cupcake. vanilla cupcake filled with white chocolate candy corn colored mousse. Very important that it’s white chocolate. Just looks like candy corn. I’m not a candy corn fan. Yeah, no, no, it’s my nightmare. Tastes like wax. Yeah, topped of Orange, Yellow and White buttercream. They also have a ghostly Mickey brownie, a Mickey shaped fudge brownie covered all over with chocolate ganache. And meringne ghosts. And here’s one of my favorite things. The Witches mallow hat. This is a shortbread cookie like a thick shortbread cookie. Okay, and on top of that they have a marshmallow pyramid like shaped like a witch’s hat. Marshmallow. Cookie looks like a witch’s hat. Yes. Covered in ganache.

Kelli  19:22 
Yeah, I love that. You’re working that word in as much as possible.

Chris  19:25 
I got like 30 seconds left. So okay, Beaches and cream soda shop through the end of October at the yacht and Beach Club resorts. They’ve got a pumpkin spiced butter pecan milkshake. Yes. served in a mason jar. Yes. lined with chocolate sauce and orange icing. Yes. On top of that sucker. They put up a pumpkin cupcake with Mickey ears.

Kelli  19:52 
Yes, they did. Yes, they did. Beaches and cream wins. They win. They win that one.

Chris  20:01 
We didn’t even talk about Disney Springs, but Amorette’s and the Ganachery are doing some crazy stuff.

The Ganachery?

The Ganachery. I don’t want to hear any more complaints out of her.

Kelli  20:16 
So we love her to death. That’s fantastic. Okay, well done, honey. Well done. Let’s hit world showcase. I’m excited about this one.

Chris  20:23 
Here we go.

Kelli  20:25 
Tonight for World showcase. We are talking about jellyrolls. Okay. Jellyrolls is Disney’s dueling Piano Bar. They’re located on the boardwalk at the boardwalk resort. I am sporting boardwalk shirt tonight as a little bit of an homage. You didn’t even catch that. You do have to be 21 or older to enter and there’s a cover of charge is about $15 is drinks only no food except for popcorn. So this is where you’re going after dinner. Interesting. They just started before they shut down for the pandemic to sell their drinks in refillable take home tumblers and shot glasses, that glow. And they also sell non alcoholic drinks. Right? So you can order your drinks and you get like a jelly rolls cup. And on the backside of it. It says come roll with me. Yeah. So for those of you that don’t know what a dueling Piano Bar is, right, let me just back up for a second. It’s one of our favorite things to do. It’s not something that we do on the regular I would say we go like once every three years. But we love it.

Chris  21:35 
Every time we go we love it.

Kelli  21:37 
We love Love, love it. It’s two piano players playing together and then sometimes separately, and they rotate throughout the night. So imagine a stage with two big baby grand pianos. Right. And I mean, they use everything they use the keyboard cover, like a drum, you know, they’re doing that number with it. Yes, tambourines, they have other things and so they rotate. So say, for example, me and you are sitting at pianos right now. And we start the night man, and we’re killing it. And like an hour in, I tap out, and somebody else comes in and starts playing at my piano, right. And then like an hour later, you tap out. And so it rotates like that throughout the night with just the stream of amazing talent. We’ve never been to a piano bar that didn’t just have phenomenal talent, right? And so you’re blown away. The cool thing about jelly rolls, and a lot of other piano bars have been to do the same thing. But they have a massive mirror hanging on the wall, like at an angle on the opposite side of the pianos so that you can see their hands working.

Chris  22:38 
Yeah, because they are killing it.

Kelli  22:40 
So while they’re playing, okay, you’re also sending requests, like written on a napkin or something, right? You put $1 or $5 bill in with a request and drop it up there and their thing. And so they will pull out the request. They’re using no music, right? All memorization, right? They pull out a request. And they’ll look at it and say like, okay, yeah, I want to play this next. But you you take the lead on this one. And so I wad it up and I throw it to him, he grabs it. And then suddenly, we both know what we’re doing next. And we know that he takes the lead when they come out and switch. The at specifically jelly rolls. And I have seen this sometimes at other places to the people that are about to tap in, will sing, right? So you’ll end up with like three or four people on stage singing together. So it’s not like at a concert. You know where Okay, the bands gonna take quick 15 minute break, and we’ll be right back. No, the music goes all night long. It’s It’s amazing. So you got two piano players rotating throughout the night. Sometimes I know the song better than you do. And so I take the lead and you’re just playing like backup chords or whatever. And sometimes we both just rip it out. At jelly rolls, they will playing songs from the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s. And they sing so the I mean, you know, you guys know Disney, right? So you can imagine the talent that’s coming through a place like jellyrolls. There are a lot of piano bars in the world. But if you’re going to be on Disney property, you’re at the top of the top from a talent perspective. So you can only imagine they take requests. After you paid your cover charge. Make sure you bring extra ones and fives. But at jellyrolls, they do keep it clean. I will say that a lot of the other piano bars that we’ve been to it’s sort of they’re they’re popular among say the bachelor Bachelorette night out crowd. Sure. And so it can get a little bit raunchy. Sure. You know, occasionally one of the pianists will call somebody up on stage and we’re making you know hand gestures and things of that nature. But they will not do that jelly rolls. No.

Chris  24:54 
So they won’t add versus that…

Kelli  24:56 
no, no be fun to sing. Yes, so they’re gonna keep it clean. You’re not singing family tradition, but Hank Williams Jr. You’re not singing Joy to the world by Three Dog Night. Okay, so we’re keeping that clean. And I will say, while we have not been to piano bars that often in our life, I know all the hand motions for joy to the world from Three Dog Night. And I know all of the words that we add to family tradition. Sure. It is amazing how many songs they have memorized.

It’s so it’s so rare for them to say, whoever requested this one, we don’t know it. Right. So come up and give us another request. And sometimes they’ll do that. But it is rare. Yeah, I mean, rare. The last time we were at jellyrolls, we went in with our typical list. And so they told us no to several part of finding one that Mickey would allow them to sing. Jellyrolls is not owned by Disney. It’s not owned and operated by Disney. But it is on Disney property. Sure. So there’s some standards there. So if you’ve never been to a dueling Piano Bar, I will say it’s a must do. Yeah. If you’ve been to them, and you like them. This one is next level. Yeah. It’s going to be cleaner. And I mean, the floors, the tables. These environment is cleaner. I’m sure the drinks are more expensive. Yeah. But in any case, it’s going to be at a different level than your average bar, say in you know, Manhattan or whatever. And so I would still say go, yeah, if you don’t know what a dueling Piano Bar is, yeah, go, gotta go. If you do No, go, just go. Let’s just say go. What I would describe it as is being an interactive concert. Right? So imagine being with a big group of people, and a song you all know, comes on, and everybody starts singing? Yeah, right. It’s that kind of atmosphere.

Chris  27:03 
It’s very, it’s very party vibe.

Kelli  27:05 
It’s a very party vibe. But like, though, at some points, the whole bar is singing. Right. And so you’re clapping for the pianist. After each songs are requesting songs, you can still talk to the folks that you’re at the table with, right? It’s not so loud. And everybody’s you know, dancing shoulder to shoulder. No, you’re sitting at a table with somebody, and you can still talk to them. And you can sing along.

Chris  27:30 
Yeah, it feels like a very safe place to let loose.

Kelli  27:33 
Yes, yes. No, it’s fantastic. So I actually have a piano bar playlist in iTunes, that I have created out of favorite songs that we’ve heard it piano bars. So like when we go to piano bars, I keep a note. And I write down songs that people requested that I’d never heard at a piano bar.

Chris  27:56 
Which is frankly, the most Kelli thing I’ve ever seen you do. That is just as Kelli as it gets.

Kelli  28:04 
But so I do have a piano bar playlist. It’s one of my favorites. Now every night is different, right? But you’re gonna hear a lot of Beatles. You’re gonna hear elton john crocodile rock is definitely on my piano bar playlist. I’m sure they never make it through the night without playing Billy Joel’s piano man they probably play it two or three times.

Chris  28:25 
I was gonna say, pro tip I think is don’t request Piano Man. Unless you are dedicated to staying for the entire night. Yeah, no, that’s gonna get played at the end are not gonna that you can request it as early as you want. Pay him a whole bunch of money they’re still not gonna play it until the end of the night.

Kelli  28:42 
They’re gonna play it towards the end of the night. And that’s the thing is a lot of people are going to request piano man and they’re gonna make a bunch of money. They’re gonna make tons of money off of that. So there’s gonna let the tips keep coming in. Keep coming in keep coming in and we’re gonna play it at the end of the night. Yeah, I’m sure that you’re going to hear don’t stop believing by journey. Garth Brooks friends in low places. wagon wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. But really based on the guests, the possibilities are endless. I mean, you could end up hearing anything.

Chris  29:12 
Yeah, we heard, I want to start a fight by pink. Oh, I think so. Yeah. And she was like, I don’t know if I can do this. But then she killed it.

Kelli  29:21 
Yeah, exactly. I usually request something by Bon Jovi like living on a prayer, and Bohemian Rhapsody is another one that’s super popular.

Chris  29:31 
And they’ll do what like you said though, have other people come out on stage and there’s like three or four of them? Yeah, they’ll knock out something like Bohemian Rhapsody.

Kelli  29:39 
But you’ll also hear songs like by Beyonce put a ring on it is a big one. We always har put a ring on it. Slim Shady by Eminem right at a piano a piano bar. Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith. We heard that sweet child of mine by Guns and Roses. Pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard. Right. You will be surprised by what these guys can play.

Chris  30:04 
Well that’s just how well they just kill them.

Kelli  30:07 
Yes, but just like any Piano Bar we’ve been to you want to get there early. Yes, it’s open from seven to two daily. But if you’re not there by eight you won’t get a table it’s standing room only by nine. So get there at eight if you want to sit. I’m telling you you do want to sit it’s much more enjoyable if you’re sitting. I will say their Facebook page says they were going to open on October the first in late June, but they have now posted on September the fourth that their opening has been postponed indefinitely because of COVID.

Chris  30:39 
I hope they’re open when we’re there in December.

Kelli  30:40 
I know we were gonna go when we were there in July that was that was on our list. We love Jellyrolls. We’d love to get there. Get there early. Find a good table and don’t leave.

Chris  30:54 
Okay, so that’s our show for the week. Yeah,

Kelli  30:57 
yep, absolutely.

Chris  30:59 
We hope you enjoyed it. We enjoyed it. I love jellyrolls. If you did enjoy it or if you hated it if you think we need to change something get in here now because Season Two starts next week. But subscribe to our show on iTunes leave us a rating leave us a review it helps us out a lot.

Kelli  31:17 
It does And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, you don’t know this yet, but we’re making Ratatouille. Oh boy. And I’m gonna put that video out there. So that’ll be fun.

Chris  31:36 
So keep an eye out for that on the website. Join our YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast and join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram. Our handles are SCFADP. The more the merrier. Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  31:53 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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