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8/23 News, Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland, and the story behind the Haunted Mansion

Episode 11

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Show notes

This week, we cover the news for 8/23, and then totally unintentionally cover 2 Haunted Mansion rides on Disney properties – Mystic Manor in Hong Kong and Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World. If you’ve ever wanted to know the backstory on the Haunted Mansion or visit Hong Kong Disneyland, this is the episode for you!

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

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Best ride photo EVER.
Mystic Manor at Hong Kong Disneyland


Chris  0:06 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:49 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:50 
And this is supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Kelli, I love your very colorful pride ears.

Kelli  0:59 
Thank you. I thought They match this shirt. And actually I love your classic Mickey pride shirt. We’re very Pride Week. Yeah, I know not intentional, but I love it. It’s fantastic.

Chris  1:09 
All for it. You got something this week?

Kelli  1:12 
Yes. So before we jump into the news, I wanted to just give everybody a heads up that we have launched our Patreon page. And so on that Patreon page right now, there’s no special you know, you get this if you join or anything like that what we’re calling it is the single tier. You are a founding member for life.

Chris  1:30 
You’re helping to found this podcast, right?

Kelli  1:33 
It’s $3 a month. And, you know, once we get up to a certain number of listeners on the podcast, we will launch a survey and see what people would like more of what people would pay for and things of that nature, and we will launch tiers on Patreon. And so there’ll be tears like $5, $10, maybe $15 a month to support the pod at that point. As a founding member, you will always be at the top tier and you will always be $3 a month. So If you’re willing to jump in and help us out now while we’re just grassroots-ing it, then we’d love to have you. If you go to The link to Patreon is up in the top right. It’s also in the show notes of all of our podcasts.

Chris  2:14 
Help us out. Yes. Awesome. Absolutely. And oh, don’t forget that. This week is the last opportunity in August to take part in the where is it Wednesday contest that we have on Instagram each Wednesday. Yeah. So keep an eye out on Wednesday. These have been tough. Yeah. The last two weeks in particular.

Kelli  2:32 
I pumped it up a notch.

Chris  2:35 
You have. So keep an eye out this Wednesday for where’s it Wednesday, and then sometime later this week, we’ll we’ll draw a lottery winner.

Kelli  2:43 
Absolutely. Okay, what do we can use for this week?

Chris  2:46 
Okay, so, move on. The law of action. Mulan comes out in two weeks.

Kelli  2:51 
It’s like the fourth episode where we’ve talked about Mulan.

Chris  2:55 
So what they’ve done though, September 4, it comes out what they’ve done, though. is at Hollywood Studios. They’ve created a preview a 10 minute preview where it’s in the the theater. That’s right outside Toy Story land the Walt Disney presents theater. Okay, it’s the way to actually where we sat on the bench to get out of the rain. It’s like one of the most perfect. Yes. Joffrey’s right next to one of the Joffrey cart. That’s right, also right next to the bakery there where you can get the key lime on a stick, right? Yeah. So it’s a it’s like a 10 minute preview of Mulan in that theater, and they have like, so there’s a there’s a little lobby outside the theater where you see, like the Mulan and the witch that she’s fighting both of their clothes they’re wearing in the last battle scene. Okay, maybe so like their actual night, which is pretty cool, nice costumes and weaponry.

okay, so there’s a show. I’ve never seen this. I meant to try to see it on Disney plus, but there’s a show called the owl house. I don’t know how many seasons they’ve been running or whatever, but it is now celebrating the fact that it is Disney’s first bisexual lead character. It’s on Disney Plus, it’s on Disney plus called the owl house and an animated short, animated, animated TV show. All right, that’s excellent. Luz Noceda, I guess is the show’s 14 year old protagonist. She’s a normal team that gets sent to another world to learn to become a witch. Ah, and apparently the show has established already that she is interested in male characters. But in two recent episodes loses relationship with another recurring female character Amity is sort of explored. Amity wants to ask Luz to prom. They call it Grom in the show, but she wants to ask to prom and ultimately they share a dance. Oh series creator Dana Tara says she was very clear with Disney leadership that she intended to include queer characters in the main cast when her show was greenlit certain Disney powers that be medically or that she has not to include any bi or gay characters in the show or relationships. Recently, though, she got the thumbs up from Disney brass and she tweeted, quote, “I’m BI. I want to write a bi character dammit. Luckily my stubbornness paid off and now I’m, I’m very supported by current Disney leadership.” That’s fantastic. So, really cool there. Yes, that’s fantastic. Okay. The new Cirque du Soleil show. Yes. Has has a new opening date. It was originally scheduled to open up in November. They push that back to February 10. Next year. Wow. We had tickets in May. It was really a bummer. Teppan Edo and the Japanese pavilion opens up on August 24.

Kelli  5:48 
Japanese Steak house, right?

Chris  5:51 
They’re open from 4-9 each night. Okay. So they were close when we were there a few weeks ago. Right. They were I think just last week. We said that Disney Resort Disneyland Resort out in California had pushed reservations back to like September the fifth. Well now it’s pushed back another week to September the 12th. Alright, so there are people that have reservations I’m sure to Disneyland Resort that are just waiting with bated breath for one they can go.

Kelli  6:21 
Can we all just put on a mask?

Chris  6:24 
Wear a mask. Raglan road one of your favorite restaurants.

Kelli  6:28 
I swear they tried to kill me once.

Chris  6:31 
They did they tried it, well all the restaurants here we blame it on Raglan road because that’s the closest we actually came to death. But I actually do love Raglan road. And I had no idea about this thing. They’ve had to cancel this year’s great Irish hooley.

Kelli  6:47 
How you spell that?

Chris  6:48 
H-O-O-L-E-Y. Never heard of that?

Kelli  6:52 
Never heard of it.

Chris  6:53 
Scheduled for Labor Day weekend. I think it happens on Labor Day weekend every year. Okay. I’m not really sure about that.

No hooley this year, so it’s the first they’ve had it for the last eight years. Hooley is an old Gaelic term for a party with music and entertainment. Well, that sounds fantastic for the whole family, right? So last year, which was its eighth year, they hosted eight bands that play inside and outside including traditional Irish Celt grass, folk, blues and soul. Okay, and sounds fun. Yeah, sounds like a great time. They just kind of go all day and…

Kelli  7:32 
That sounds like a fantastic time. It’s at Disney Springs, right?

Chris  7:35 
Disney Springs. Yeah. They’ve got Irish band. I believe Raglan road now has Irish dancers that pop up on the tables and do a lot but even more so during the Hooley as you would expect in a good Oh, absolutely. And then they also offer some special food and drink during the Hooley.

Kelli  7:55 
Are you you see it how many times you can say hooley?

Chris  7:57 
I am. That’s such a fun word. So yeah, that’s the that’s the news that I’ve got for this week. Okay, that’s awesome. So are you. That’s it. You didn’t bring any trivia for me.

Kelli  8:10 
No, no trivia this week. I’ve got some fun facts in my world showcase but we can jump right on into Tomorrowland. So let’s let’s hit up tomorrowland.

Chris  8:19 
Okay, so I’ve got tomorrowland this week.

Kelli  8:22 
You sound excited about it.

Chris  8:23 
I am! So I’m talking about Mystic Manor. Any idea what Mystic Manor is?

Kelli  8:31 
Not any. Zero.

Chris  8:33 
So Mystic Manor is is Hong Kong Disneyland answer to the Haunted Mansion. Ah, it is it is Hong Kong Disneyland Haunted Mansion. Okay. And I would love to see this one day, lots of geopolitical drama going on in Hong Kong right now. Plus, nobody wants Americans coming there. So it’s often a there’s that. But this sounds like a really, really cool Right. Okay, so Mystic Manor is is not a haunted house because because 999  happy haunts doesn’t really fit with Chinese culture. Okay, a lot of a lot of they wanted a haunted mansion type themed ride, right? But a lot of Chinese people honor and worship and pray to their ancestors for blessings. Right? So the idea of, you know, people have died and now they scare you is doesn’t work doesn’t really work with the culture. Right.

Kelli  9:45 
I’ll give Disney props for actually trying to fit into the culture. Yeah. I know we keep bringing up Mulan. But that’s not something they did with the original Mulan. Right?

Chris  9:53 
Well, they had some issues before with like, this Tokyo, maybe even Hong Kong where they didn’t do a good job of that. And it really hurt me. Oh, maybe it was it was maybe Disney Paris when it was Euro Disney. They didn’t do a very good job of that they may have learned their lessons, which will be great. Okay, yeah. So anyway, the Imagineers had to create a whole new story. Okay. And so Mystic Manor is the home of eccentric explorer and art collector, Lord Henry mystic. He’s another member of this society of explorers and adventurers SEA that you see scattered throughout all Disney properties. Dr. Albert falls of the jungle cruise is a member of the Society of explorers and adventurers, Jacqueline’s, Jonathan Z’s hangar, right, etc. So Lord Henry is just another one of these worldwide members of SEA okay. His faithful companion is a monkey named Albert. Okay, so this is Not just a home. This is a museum. It was it’s built to house Lord Henry’s evergrowing, a collection of artifacts from all over the world. And the latest entry into his museum is a beautiful, mysterious music box, which is said can make inanimate objects come to life with its magical musical dust. And now Lord Henry has opened his home to tourists. Okay, so that’s where we come in, right where the tourists here we come in to take a tour of the museum that is also organized home, okay, so the ride starts you out. In a queue. You won’t pass a lot of the artifacts that Lord Henry has collected over the years. He’s got pictures on the walls that kind of set up the idea that Lord Henry and his companion Albert, the monkey had been all over the world. It shows these pictures Have them everywhere. And a lot of times, it sets the stage that Albert can be a little bit mischievous. Okay? He’s a little bit hard to handle. Okay, he’s cute as can be. And he’s super lovable. We can get into trouble. So then they queue us into a room much like our Haunted Mansion, right? But in this one you’re treated to a bit of a slideshow and you’ve got you’ve actually got Lord Henry, he’s going to give you a slideshow sort of kind of what we expect through the tour and whatnot. And but of course the slideshow goes sideways when when the Albert gets the K slide machine and it falls apart from their Lord Henry says, Okay, let’s just go on to the tour. Right? And go to another short Q and we get on a see what they call these things. The Mystic Magneto electric carriages, a wonder of the modern age. Wow, okay. Okay. These are trackless carriages.

Kelli  13:02 
They are totally going for the trackless.

Chris  13:04 
Totally gone for the trackless.

Kelli  13:05 
It’s gotta be easier to maintain.

Chris  13:06 
Yeah, I mean, well, and you can, you can mix things up

Kelli  13:09 
well, and you can pull out a car that doesn’t work

Chris  13:11 
with no problem, right, so and so just, just like with the others, the other rides, Minnie and Mickey, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Remy, Remy, Star Wars each ride, you might experience something a little bit different, right? Because you’re in a different car and I go to a different room and that sort of thing. So that’s sort of a big deal. So we get into the Mystic Magneto electric cart carriage, and we start riding through the museum. Okay. The first room is full of artifacts and musical instruments. And we briefly see Lord Henry, who opens up a door and he’s calling for Albert, Lord Henry is clearly looking for Albert, his little monkey companion.

Kelli  13:55 
Okay, this has a very Figment vibe.

Chris  13:57 
A little bit a little bit. Yeah, a little bit. So he shuts the door. He’s still looking for Albert. And then Albert pops up right behind this new music box. And Albert opens the music box. The room goes dark and you see the magic. Musical dust go everywhere. Okay, right. And all everything in the room starts to come alive. All the musical instrument starts playing music. Run. Super fun. Okay. So, now, the Imagineers start having a really good time because you start going through all the different rooms of the museum. And there’s some definite throwbacks to things that we’ve seen before like the lady’s portrait that turns into Medusa. Yep. Right. There’s this this mansions version of the singing heads. Okay, you’ve got suits of armor that are singing okay. Speaking of singing, Danny Elfman did all the music for this. He wrote the music for the Nightmare Before Christmas. Ah, Alice all the Alice in Wonderland new movies. Dumbo, he actually wrote The Simpsons theme song. Wow, he is the voice for all of the singers singing helmets wow suit of armor in this ride. Yeah, there’s like an Egyptian vase with a man who’s fighting a lion live on the vase and the man on the vase jumps to avoid the lion and you see his hands come up at the top of the vase. Oh, fun stuff like that. The Singing heads throughout it all. You see Albert in every scene, okay. And most of the time he’s barely escaping death himself, right? But he’s working really hard throughout the entire ride to make it all stop to put things back the way they were.

Kelli  15:42 

Chris  15:43 
And so they use some some video tricks like we saw in in Mickey Minnie’s ride. They use animatronics right and he’s 4d kind of you feel things zipping past your head? No. It’s a really, really cool ride. And like I said, because it’s trackless. Every time you ride it, you might have a little bit of a different experience.

Kelli  16:06 
And when did you say this opens? It’s open.

Chris  16:09 
Oh, it’s open. It’s on my tomorrowland because I want to do it one day.

Kelli  16:12 
Oh, that’s fantastic.

Chris  16:15 
Yeah. So the look of all the Haunted Mansion type rides is kind of a big deal, right? They worked on the original Haunted Mansion for years. To look the way Walt wanted it, right. And the one and Walt Disney World in Florida is obviously very classic. Uh huh. This building is really cool looking. It’s modeled after Carson mansion in the Old Town section of Eureka, California. So you can look up Carson mansion on Google. You’ll see lots of great images. We’ll try to see if we can get an image to put on the socials Mystic Manor. But that Carson mansion is a large Victorian it’s considered the most grand Victorian home in America. Wow. Right. And you can clearly see that but this Mystic Manor is almost like a mash up of that building with Asian elements and even a little bit of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the big huge Cathedral in Moscow and the Red Square that’s got the light bulb kind of hops on them. It’s a it’s it’s a wild looking.

Kelli  17:23 
I want to I cannot even I cannot create that image in my head and it’s see it it’s pretty crazy.

Chris  17:29 
Um, few little easter eggs in this ride is there’s a tribal art room that features figures directly from the tenant Tiki Room. Oh, Walt Disney World. Let’s see there’s a ribbon cutting ceremony picture early in the in the walking queue. That if you look closely, you can see a little boy Walt and Roy Disney in the crowd, the ribbon cutting for Mystic Manor. And all of this is based on what was originally supposed to Be a post show experience after you get off of the hundred minutes in the original Haunted Mansion, and you walk through a museum of weird artifact how cool is all this was born from that original post show experience that never got done. Engineers are brilliant.

Kelli  18:16 
They’re amazing. They are so brilliant.

Chris  18:19 
So that’s my Tomorrowland.

Kelli  18:20 
Well, I just want to say before you we’ve got a special world showcase. And before you push the button, I would just like to remind our listeners that we do not coordinate. So go ahead.

Chris  18:31 
Oh, no,

Kelli  18:32 
and push the button. This is my world showcase. Neither of us had any idea. Hit it. Okay. Push it up a little bit. I want to hear this intro music.

Chris  18:48 
Oh my gosh, I cannot believe.

Kelli  18:50 
Can you really not?

Chris  18:51 
We both went Haunted Mansion.

Kelli  18:54 
I almost saved it for October. I was like, No, I’m feeling it. Yeah. When you said that Mystic Manor is the haunted mansion in Hong Kong, I was like, Oh my gosh, if he goes through the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World to explain to reach across, okay, so you can pull it down a smidge. All right, so we’re gonna I’m gonna go a little bit of a different way here. So first of all, the Haunted Mansion is my number one favorite ride at Disney World. I don’t miss it. So I want you to know I got a lot of this from the storyline was posted on They said that it is from a keys to the kingdom tour that they took in 2005. Okay. Now, they were very specific to say this is one of many interpretations of this ride that there’s a lot of different ones, but I like the one that they posted. I looked up some of the other ones. This was my favorite. So this is what we’re going with. So again, this is from and it’s from keys to the Kingdom tour which they said they were led by Corey in 2005.

So if you’ve watched the Haunted Mansion movie, you’ll get a good grip for this. The many years ago master Gracie and Emily were engaged. But Madam Leotta was also in love with Master Gracie. Leotta believe that if Emily were gone, Master Gracie would then fall in love with her and they could get married. On master Gracie and Emily’s wedding day, Leotta killed Emily and put her body in a trunk and put the trunk in the attic of the mansion. waha well, Master Gracie was so distraught over Emily’s death that he hung himself.

Chris  20:40 
As you do.

Kelli  20:41 
As you do. By the way, we’re not making light of suicide. This is we’re just laughing at the idea from the ride. Madame Leotta was left to haunt the mansion after she presumably died of old age. So here is why it’s my favorite ride. First of all, it’s classic. It’s a classic that’s been reimagined and I think they nailed it. Okay, I love the music. I sing along every time. I created this little background mashup for this segment, and I specifically remove the word because I knew I would not be able to talk and not sing. Okay, it’s creepy, but it’s a fun creepy, right like it’s a fun creepy vibe. I see something new every time. And the cast members are amazing, right? This deadpan face. I think they’re even better than Tower of Terror.

Chris  21:28 
No more bodies.

Kelli  21:29 
Right, they’re awesome. Okay, so fun facts. The ride is seven minutes and 30 seconds long. Again, we’re talking about Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World. Only 109 of the 999 happy haunts are Disney created an audio animatronics. Doom buggies travel at about 1.4 miles per hour and can accommodate up to 3200 guests per hour. The guy that wrote grim grinning ghosts Javier Attencio also wrote Yo ho, a pirate’s life for me. Of course, right? It’s a brilliant brilliant person. Okay, so let’s get into the explanation of the ride and remembering this one came from this is just one explanation of many. Okay, so when we step into the ride the story has already taken place we enter the haunted house years after Emily and Leotta have died. Okay? The ride is your story of entering the house. Becoming scared trying to find a way out but getting killed by Emily and becoming the 1,000th ghost. I know I’ve never put this together. Okay, but this is your story. Okay. So the first thing to know is you become the one 1,000th happy haunt within the mansion. The ride begins with you entering the haunted house after all three have died. As you enter you think you see the pictures on the walls following you, are changing in the first room. Then you walk into the stretching room and you’re still not sure if your eyes are playing tricks on you or not. Suddenly the lights go out and when you look up you see the hanging body of master Gracie.

Chris  23:08 
Oh, that’s master Gracie.

Kelli  23:09 
So I think it’s interesting that you said that. Okay, so fun fact when you go into the stretching room, I always go straight to the portrait of the girl on the tightrope with the umbrella. Okay, so fun fact that’s where the door opens to lead you to the doom buggies. So I always had straight for the girl with the umbrella. So by the time the lights go out, I’ve turned my back and I’m ready to hit those doom buggies like it’s my job. Sure. I’ve never seen Master Gracie.

Chris  23:38 
I am not surprised by that.

Kelli  23:41 
I’ve never seen him I am facing the doom buggies man. I’m ready to run.

Chris  23:45 
Gosh, Kelli. You’ve never looked up?

Kelli  23:47 
I’ve never looked up.

Chris  23:48 
You’ve never understood why all the screaming goes on.

Kelli  23:50 
No. And in fact, when I saw that in the movie, I thought, well, that’s a little dark for a Disney movie.

Chris  23:55 
You should be in the room and look up to see the hanging body!

Kelli  23:58 
Okay, so You are now scared. So you run to find a way out of the house. Right? That is where you board the doom buggy. Okay, so you board the doom buggy. You run through the hallway in the library, and you enter a room and your doom buggy. Where you see madam liotta calling up the ghost in the spirits to haunt the house and scare you away. This is where Madame Leotta’s face is in the glass ball. Right so she’s inviting the ghosts to come in the house and spook you out. You’re you’re freaked out. Okay, she’s awakened the ghost after she awakens the ghosts. The first thing you see is the ghosts in the ballroom. Yeah. Okay. So you’re in the ballroom and you’re looking down on the ghosts…those are the first real ghosts that you see. You keep running and you find yourself in the attic, where you run into the ghost of Emily in a wedding dress with her heartbeat. This is creepy creepy Emily now when they when they updated this they really spooked you out with Emily. Okay, so you’re in the attic with with Emily in a wedding dress. Next to her is the trunk containing Emily’s body. If you look closely, you’ll see her wedding dress hanging out of the trunk. Emily is angry, she’s restless, she strikes out at the first thing that she sees, which is you. Emily pushes you out the window of the attic. That’s when the doom buggy flips around and you’re going backwards, you’re falling out of the window.

Chris  25:30 
This ride is much scarier than I remember.

Kelli  25:32 
Okay, so you’re you’re going you’re going backwards like down a hill. If you look to the right you’ll see the broken attic window that you just fell out of.

Chris  25:40 
Oh, that’s so cool.

Kelli  25:41 
Unfortunately, you do not survive this fall. You are killed. And this is why the caretaker and his dog are shaking when they see you. Because you are now a ghost and the ghost in the graveyard are celebrating your death. Since you are a ghost now the other ghosts appear more solid to you.

Chris  26:02 
I’m enthralled by this.

Kelli  26:03 
I know Okay, so the ride ends with Madame Leotta that the freaky little baby doll in the in the dress they call her little leotta. Okay, little Leotta, I’ve always called her the tiny bride. She’s telling you to remember to bring your death certificate if you would like to return and retire at the mansion.

Chris  26:21 
Because we’re dead. We’re ghosts.

Kelli  26:23 
You’re dead.

Chris  26:23 
We don’t stay there.

Kelli  26:24 
But you’re dead and you’re leaving but you could return and retire at the mansion if you would like. So that is I never knew any of this.

Chris  26:35 
Me either. That’s…

Kelli  26:36 
I’m now totally into when Emily pushes us out of the attic and we fall backwards.

Chris  26:43 
Like in the new one, she’s the one with the chopping the heads off.

Kelli  26:46 
And she’s had like four different husbands. And they all they all lose their heads as you drive past them. Yeah, that’s creepy.

Chris  26:54 
Man that ride is much creepier.

I did not know that we were in the attic right? I didn’t get how we’re moving through the house. Then we’re in the attic. Okay, so I don’t so I’ve got some hidden Mickeys for you. Okay. Okay, so first of all, there’s four in the ride that got put in there at the redo. Okay, so at the left end of the table in the ballroom scene, look closely at the plates. Okay, apparently the plates make a hidden Mickey. In the graveyard scene. There’s a face of a small ghost off to the right. That’s a hidden Mickey. Okay. Emily with the beating heart. Look to the other side of her at the three pots hanging on a post. And as you are exiting there is a hidden Mickey next to the gate. Okay, okay, so four hidden Mickeys.

The dining room, Emily. There’s a ghost and as you exit, right, the gate?

Kelli  27:55 
Yes. So which of those things surprised you the most? What part of that Story surprised you the most?

Chris  28:02 
I think the idea that, like, Emily has pushed us out of the window and we’re falling backwards in the graveyard.

Kelli  28:08 
I know. I’m so excited abou that!

Chris  28:09 
I’m going to experience that ride totally, totally different.

Kelli  28:13 
And then the ghosts in the graveyard are celebrating your death.

Chris  28:16 
I know that now we know why they’re so happy to see us.

Kelli  28:20 
I know. I’ve got a special little ending here for tomorrow and this week. So let’s let’s punch up the volume here and take us out here. Little Leotta, punch up the volume.

Chris  28:41 
Very well done.

Kelli  28:50 
All right. Well, that’s our show for this week.

Chris  28:57 
Very well done. That was awesome. We really hope you enjoyed this week’s show as much as we did I did not realize I was gonna learn so much about a ride I’ve been on 1500 times. If you did enjoy it as much as we did, please jump on iTunes, subscribe, give us a rating give us a review. It helps us out so much.

Kelli  29:17 
It really does And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’ve got a video review of Art Smith’s homecoming that is drool worthy.

Chris  29:37 
Yes, that’s right. Keep an eye out for that on the website. Also, go the website, check out our Patreon link and help us out that’d be awesome. Keep a weather eye out for the where’s it Wednesday game on Instagram. Join us for all conversations every day on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll find us at SCFADP in both places.

Kelli  30:02 
Yes, we’d love to hear from you. And with that,

Chris & Kelli  30:04 
we hope to see you real soon.

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