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9/6 News, New Fall Snacks at Walt Disney World, and Why you should eat at Tutto Italia

Episode 13

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Season 1, Episode 12

Dinner at Tutto Italia sitting on the terrace at sunset
Tutto Italia Espresso Coffee Martini – vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, italian espresso

Show Notes

‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 
Starts October 30

Restaurants Re-opening



Cinderella’s Royal Table will re-open on September 24. No meet and greet with the Princesses though. Not sure if there will any kond of replacement experience while you eat.

 ▪ Gaston’s Tavern will just opened on Sept. 4 – so YEAH for anyone wanting that cinnamon bun – and hopefully they will have the Antler Breadsticks with cheese at Christmas. According to their menu they are now serving The Master’s Cupcake which previously you could only get at Be Our Guest. 

 ▪ ABC Commissary will be opening on October 8 at HS. They have an Impossible Burger there that is supposed to be great.

 ▪ Hollywood and Vine (HS) which is usually a character buffet type experience, is hosting Minnie’s Halloween Dine: a character dining experience with Minnie, Mickey, and others. It begins on Sept. 25, but you can start trying to get reservations on Sept. 11.

 • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway in Disneyland was not scheduled to open until 2022, but has been delayed until 2023.

 ▪ Source: 

 • Polynesian Village Resort opening has been pushed back to Summer 2021

 ▪ Source:


 ▪ Originally scheduled to re-open much earlier but now pushed back, which I think they just decided to take this crap-time in history to knock out a whole bunch of Moana-themed refurbishments: The Great ceremonial house (lobby) and guest rooms especially.

 In late October, the Monorail will be temporarily closed likely due to the refurbishment work. 

 • Likely closed throughout the rest of 2020.

 ▪ DVC Villas and Bungalows will still be open. Walkways and Ferries will still be available, as well as the Monorail from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

 • Tokyo Disneyland is bringing back nighttime entertainment!

 ▪ Source:

 ▪ Chalk this up to proof that our national response to COVID is garbage.

 ▪ Starting on Sept. 1, guests at Tokyo Disneyland will get to enjoy 2 nighttime shows:

 • “Nightfall Glow” which is a mini-parade that was typically the evening show used on a rainy evening. But now it’s going to have a much greater presence. 6:45nightly.

 • “Disney Light the Night” is the fireworks show at 8:00pm each night for Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

WDW Halloween Snacks

○ Sources:

Halloween decorations hit the parks on September 15th!

▪ The snacks though arrive one week earlier, on Sept. 8

▪ Note: This information came from WDW Magazine. Wonderful resource.

World Showcase:
Tutto Italia COVID menu:
Tutto Italia non-COVID menu:

Show Transcript: 9/6 News, New Fall Snacks at Walt Disney World, and Why you should eat at Tutto Italia

Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey everybody, this is Chris. Welcome to the show.

Kelli  0:48 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:49 
Kelli, you’re wearing one of my favorite ears tonight.

Kelli  0:54 
These are Minnie ears which I also like to think of as Mary Poppins ears.

Chris  0:59 
It’s a little Mary Poppins.

Kelli  1:00 
It’s very Mary Poppins esque. But yes, these are my favorite, it is rare to find Minnie ears without a bow. And so I do love these. I also love your classic Mickey tee, very handsome Hun.

Chris  1:09 
Thanks, I also decided to go with my Wilderness Explorer hat.

Kelli  1:12 
I like it. I like it.

Chris  1:14  
So remind everybody about our Patreon.

Kelli  1:17 
So our Patreon page is up and running. Thank you to those of you that have already joined. As a reminder, you can join now become a Patron, a founding member, for $3 a month, your rate will never go up. We will eventually launch tiers in the 10 to $15 range. But your rate will never go up as a founding member, always be $3 a month and you will always get top tier benefits.

Chris  1:40 
Yep, that’s going to become pretty cool here shortly because in the coming weeks, we’re going to launch season two. And with that comes some other changes.

Kelli  1:48 
Yeah, we got some really fun stuff coming up for season two. We’ve been working with a designer on a logo. So we’ve got some new branding coming which is going to lead to new merge. So again, Patreon subscribers Merch, merch, merch. You’ll get it. Yep. So make sure you jump in at that founding level. And it’s also going to lead to some really cool changes on YouTube. And our website. I’m, I’m stoked about

Chris  2:10 
We have a YouTube channel. And if you’re one of those people that just like to watch stuff. All of these podcasts are being recorded, and they’re putting put out on YouTube for you to watch if that’s your jam. Yeah. So let’s touch on where is it Wednesday real quick.

Kelli  2:24 
Right. So where is it Wednesday, the September contest started this week. We had no winners this week. Clearly it was too difficult. So I will try to scale it back just a smidge as we go into week two, and see how everybody does but make sure you’re on the lookout there. It’s it’s a fun prize this month.

Chris  2:43 
And you know, the last little bit of administrative details here is we are new to this. We’re getting excited about some of the changes we talked about coming in season two, but we are so grateful for so many people who have joined in with us already. Yes, yes. One of my very most favorite things. to do is to log on to our stats page every day and see where you’re listening from. And so I just wanted to give a quick shout out. let you know that in Sydney, Australia, we see you there you Sydney, Paw Paw, Michigan. We see you, Dusseldorf, Germany, San Antonio, Texas. And a really special shout out to our friend and Clichy. ille de France. In France. Yes, you’ve been there since day one. Thank whoever you are, and we love you. Thank you. Thank you. If I don’t see your your city pop up each week, I get so sad. And that hasn’t happened yet.

Kelli  3:36 
Thanks to all of you.

Chris  3:37 
Ware so grateful for you. And so with that, I’m gonna run over to Main Street.

Kelli  3:41 
Let’s hit the news.

Chris  3:43 
Okay, so why don’t we just go ahead and get Mulan out of the way.

Kelli  3:47 
Get her out of the way.

Chris  3:48 
I just don’t you know, I heard the intros. We had some really nice, omage to Mulan. How did you like the movie?

Kelli  3:57 
I loved it. You loved it. absolutely loved it. You know, I thought she was fierce. I thought she was strong. It was what it needed to be. I think it was much closer to honoring the Chinese culture. I still think obviously there were, you know, a few misses. Sure. I think they could have killed the love interest. Sure. I don’t think we need the love interest at all. I was totally fine with the witch. I wasn’t sure that I would be but I really liked how that played out.

Chris  4:25 
I was worried about that whole dynamic and they actually caught me by surprise they’re no spoilers, but I was I was pretty happy with the way they handled that. And and I thought it was a beautiful movie. I thought that cinematically gorgeous, just really beautiful. Yes, yes. So excited that the Mandalorian season two is coming out our houses getting pumped for that. That starts on October the 30th. Along with the return of Mando and the child, who is affectionatley known as Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda! We get some really awesome cameos this year or this season. Yeah, Rosario Dawson is gonna play a show Katana. She is a major character in the animated world the Star Wars clone wars and rebels animated series, okay, she’s a major player there. And so people are going to be just jazzed that she’s making appearance. Timothy Oliphant, who is one of my all time favorite actors I love that guy is going to show up to Mira Morrison who played Jango Fett and some of the episode to tackle the Clone Wars and episode three’s. presumptively it was Boba Fett father. Well, he’s coming back to play Boba Fett. Oh, this one. Katie sack off is going to play bocce. Tom Kreis who’s another character from the Star Wars canon that people will know. Okay, just a follow it more than you…

Kelli  5:57 
I’m totally lost right now.

Chris  5:58 
I love Katie Sackhoff. I think She’s a great actress and she’s just She’s awesome. Okay, so mando season two, great, be there be square. Okay in the parks, we’ve got some, some restaurants that are reopening. All right, Cinderella’s royal table is going to open up on September the 24th. Wow, princesses, but you can go there to eat. Right? You said that’s interesting. Not sure how they’re gonna really handle that whole deal there.

Kelli  6:28 
Those tables were really spaced out. So yeah, I don’t think they would have to change so much in the dining room.

Chris  6:35 
So it’s opening up on September 24. But for now, no, no. Princess interaction. Okay. Guest ons Tavern just opened up two days ago. Anybody who’s just anxious for that cinnamon bun. You can go get it. And I’m excited that it’ll be open. Hopefully when we go in December because I’m desperate to try. There’s little antler breadsticks with the beer cheese and bacon. Yeah.

Kelli  7:05 
But they also have the gray stuff cupcake.

Chris  7:06 
And they got Yeah, they got the Masters cupcake. Yes, it’s on their menu now so you don’t have to go to be our guest to get great stuff. Yeah, that’s right. ABC commissary is going to be opening up on October the eighth in Hollywood Studios. Okay. So good, you know, quick counter service deal there. And that’s where you can get a big huge impossible burger. Yes, there. Yes, absolutely. For those meatless among us, Hollywood and Vine, which is also at home studios, they have a buffet service. We had a breakfast buffet there one time with Handy Manny and all those.

Kelli  7:42 
Yes, we did!

Chris  7:42 
So they’re opening back up now with a character experience. And it’s going to be like a Halloween themed thing with Minnie Mouse. So Minnie’s Halloween dine, I think they call it and it’ll include Mickey and Minnie and maybe some others.

Kelli  7:58 
I really like that Minnie is getting some more pub.

Chris  8:03 
Leave it to you to you know, jump on the female bandwagon?

Kelli  8:07 
Well, she’s she’s been I mean, I wouldn’t even call her second fiddle for years. Barely in the Fab Five. Is she even in fab five?

Chris  8:15 

Kelli  8:15 
Barely. Barely in the fab five.

Chris  8:17 
She’s at least in the top 2.

Kelli  8:19 
Barely in the Fab Five.

Chris  8:20 
Okay, go ahead. Um, in any case, you can you can eat there on September the 25th. You can get reservations as early as the 11th.

Kelli  8:28 
All right.

Chris  8:29 
in Disneyland Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway is they’ve been working on it because the construction is going vertical. It was scheduled to open in 2022. But because of delays due to the pandemic, you know, they’re still waiting open out there. Right. They’ve pushed it back a whole year, so it won’t be open out there till 2023 Yeah, Polynesian village opening has been pushed back to summer of next year. That’s been well publicized originally scheduled open in October. They’re gonna retheme that sucker and Moana colors. Yeah, Polynesian colors. it’s needed. Yeah. And so very excited about that when we go we’ll be at Polynesian for a few days staying in the DVC villas, and so we’re hopeful to see some construction and whatnot. Absolutely. Tokyo Disneyland I am so excited about this. I mean, we got no plans to go

Kelli  9:21 
I thought it was DisneySea?

Chris  9:22 
They have 2 parks parks. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.

Kelli  9:25 

Chris  9:27 
I’m really excited about the fact that they’re bringing back their nighttime entertainment.

Kelli  9:32 
Oh, yeah, that’s great. Yeah.

Chris  9:34 
So you know, I’ll chalk this up to the fact that we’ve really handled the pandemic in a really crappy fashion poorly because in Japan, they’re having nighttime entertainment. Alright. So starting, like last week, September the first Yeah, I guess, Tokyo Disneyland will enjoy to nighttime shows. Something called nightfall glow. So a mini parade that was typically what they would do in case like inclement weather made the firework shows. Okay, impossible. And so they would do this like mini light parade, I guess. Okay. So that’s going to be happening every night at 6:45 there. And then Disney’s light the night which is their firework show. The kids visible from Disneyland and Disney See? Yeah. at eight o’clock every night. That’s great. Yeah. Oh, really? That’s good news. It is good news. I mean, I would have no shot at seeing that anytime soon, but it makes me happy. Yeah, that they’re there. They’re progressing. Yep, that’s right. Yeah. So that’s our news. You got anything.

Kelli  10:40 
I don’t have anything. All right. Well, let’s hit Tomorrowland.

Chris  10:48 
Okay, so it is just yesterday, Fall broke here.

Kelli  10:55 
Yes, I like it.

Chris  10:57 
It felt amazing, temperature down in the 70s. And fall is my favorite time of the year. Mm hmm. And you got your fall colors you’ve got college football you’ve got crisp weather apple picking season, we never go Apple picking, but I love to hear about people I know it sounds lovely thing It sounds like a delightful time so so I’m at Disney there they’re rolling into the season and they’re their fall color is going to hit on September the 15th so the little Mickey Mouse pumpkins on the holes and all the fall color all that fun stuff shows up once every 15 It’s okay on the 15th one week prior to that so what is it today in two days all the snacks in the park the special Halloween snacks all the fall seasonal snacks oh so we’re gonna talk about all the fall seasonal snack. Oh, well, that I want to eat and I don’t know that we’re gonna get there in time to enjoy those. It’ll. I’m hopeful they’ll have holiday like holiday snack.

Kelli  11:59 
Oh, but tell me about the fall snacks.

Chris  12:02 
Alright, so first off, I have noticed in the last couple years I’m sure I’m always late to pick up on this kind of thing but souvenir containers are such a big deal. We’ve got two orange cups from our last trip. Yes. So, you know, there there’s a there’s a tire pumpkin novelty straw that it’s a pumpkin that lights up on a straw that looks like a tire. I don’t know. I can’t figure that out and visualize Yeah, I know. You had to see the picture. There’s some there’s some popcorn buckets that look like purple or orange bubbling cauldrons are huge deal it’s a huge thing man to look at are all the rage. And there’s there’s a purple and an orange version of a cauldron that looks like it’s bubbling over with poison. Boogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Okay, he has a premium popcorn bucket where it looks like his eyes light up. It’s like wow, like his head. And there’s some like novelty glow cubes for like, To put down in drinks and stuff, you know, okay like to do so but, but really let’s talk about the food. Yeah, the food All right, we’re gonna start out in the Magic Kingdom. Okay. Okay, these are the things that are available in the Magic Kingdom. The the Mickey Mouse cinnamon roll, which is very common in the holidays right? Big Huge cinnamon roll here. It really looks like three cinnamon rolls is one big one and two little ones. Yeah. And though they have the icing on it in orange and white, it’s very similar to the green and red iced cinnamon roll they have a Christmas right? Yes. So that’s available at the at the bakery Main Street bakery. Okay. In my Magic Kingdom, okay, so, Hades nachos, which are available. Are they spicy? They are. So these are black bean Nacho. So like they were like the dark colored Nacho chips. Oh yeah, with fiery buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, and jalapenos. Yeah, no,

Kelli  14:00 
Nice that’s awesome.

Chris  14:08 
At Sleepy Hollow. They’ve got a they just released some pumpkin spice mini Mickey waffles with vanilla ice cream.

Kelli  14:16 
You mean Minnie and Mickey or smaller….?

Chris  14:20 
Miniature Mickey waffles. Yes. Very similar to the thing you got at the bakery in Cornwall. Yes, it was in my Sundae. Yes, so these are pumpkin spice waffles. I’ll have it with with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Yes, Yeah, pumpkin spice everything. I’m not really a pumpkin spice. Allah does a good thing. They do good stuff with waffles they really do they really do. And and they’re just good for yummy sweets and sandwiches. And I’m not really a pumpkin spice person, but

Kelli  14:50 
It’s all basically cinnamon.

Chris  14:53 
I’m not really a cinnamon person.

It’s essentially cinnamon. Don’t at me pumpkin spice lovers. It’s essentially it’s cinnamon. It’s cinnamon. Okay, okay, all spice. Yeah, who knows? But people love it.

Kelli  15:06 
I love it. I’m for it. Don’t at me. Go ahead.

Chris  15:10 
Poor unfortunate souls float. This is a cream cheese soft serve with blackberry syrup and coke. Yes. Got a little float. I know you do. Love a float. It’s got a little Ursula colored candy pearls on it and a little crown on top. So that’s cute.

Kelli  15:27 
Like a little royal crown?

Chris  15:29 
little chocolate royal crown the one that she tried to take from King Triton I think. Pumpkin Spice milkshake at Auntie gravity’s collected goodies. Do you remember the the eggnog flavored? Yes. Yeah, with the marshmallow. Haha. This is a pumpkin spice version of that right with the big brown like super wide straw. Yep, you know, so it’s that it has the marshmallow big like a like an orange colored marshmallow.

Kelli  15:54 
Marshmallow Mickey or marshmallow pumpkin?

Marshmallow Mickey. All right. Yep. And just like with eggnog version of the milkshake. They’ve also got a soft serve and a little tub of the same thing. Okay, so with caramel sauce and whipped cream, okay. I know sounds great. I have it. Cosmic Rays. They’re bringing my jam here with a with a Mickey’s monster mash burger. This thing has got Munster cheese.

Oh, nice touch Ray.

Chris  16:21 
Potato barrels. I’m assuming those are tots like right there on the burger. Bacon and serata aoli.

Kelli  16:28 
Yeah, that does sound good. I mean like for you.

Chris  16:33 
You totally not gonna touch it. There is also a not so poison apple cupcake at Pinocchio village house. Oh, this is an apple spiced cupcake with pecan crunch buttercream and somehow made to look like a poison red apple. I saw the picture of it. I

Kelli  16:49 
I did see the picture that yes, absolutely.

Chris  16:51 
And then they’ve got churros dusted with orange or black sugar. Nice, various places. Very nice. So Hollywood Studios. They got Poison candied apple. This is the trolley car cafe, Apple and caramel mousse covered in a red glaze sitting in a crunchy candy base that looks kind of like chocolate. Yes, that’s right. Get you some of that.

Pizzarizzo get this pumpkin cheesecake cannoli. Public cheesecake filling. hazelnut praline crunch.

Kelli  17:25 
It’s pretty strong for pizzarizzo. Yeah, I think so.

Chris  17:27 
Rosie’s all American cafe has got a pumpkin tiramisu with layers of creamy mascarpone and pumpkin spice cake. Yes. backlot Express has got a box of bones chocolate Eclair the shoe looks like a an Eclair shaped Devil’s food cake. It’s got chocolate mousse on the inside with little white chocolate bones sticking out. Yes, I know that good. Oh, my goodness. I’m actually really excited about Rosie’s backlot and pizza because they’ve got a frozen apple cider with Crown Royal regal apple in there. Yeah and that comes in a non alcoholic version to Epcot has a few things that are only available on Halloween day not during the whole season. Well, they’ve got a couple of pretty basic Halloween decorated cupcakes.

Kelli  18:13 
These are for special events. This is just in general. Okay, so just in general That’s right.

Chris  18:18 
There’s a drink called NEEMO and squirts noggin concoction and not a drink. This is a cool refresh shrine. It’s a chocolate brownie stuffed with a chocolate chip cookie topped with white chocolate drizzle. It’s on a processor. Blue. We’ll talk about it later. Halloween sugar cookie, and remember those liquid cake. Those those nytro cake pops on Halloween day they’ll decorate those with Halloween sprinkles. Okay, all right, I got a couple minutes left and I got to get back to that one thing magic came up again. At Animal Kingdom a scar cupcake. Listen to this. You get this a creature comforts flame tree barbecue or restaurant SRS. Read the That cupcake with toasted marshmallow filling. Chocolate marshmallow frosting with chocolate pebbles looks like that star crunch thing from Little Debbie with white chocolate green flame sticking out the top and an edible image of scar on

Kelli  19:15 
oh my goodness. Yeah, I really feel like they’ve stepped it up on the fall snacks.

Chris  19:21 
they really really have and then there’s a couple of drinks spooky Apple punch for the kids and a rotten apple punch for the adults they were angry at. Oh yeah, and some fireball cinnamon whiskey. Wow. Okay real quick. Okay. I this is you all day. Okay, this is this is a this is consequences for better this isn’t Magic Kingdom at Liberty Square market. Constance is for better or worse wedding cake. You know, Constance instance?

Kelli  19:52 
Yes, she’s the bride.

Chris  19:53 
Yes. It’s about the size of a cupcake. Except it’s it’s made to be like a three tiered wedding cake. Oh, yeah. And it’s a it’s a citrus cake with a raspberry Bavarian Cream. And it’s got little whipped cream flowers on it. And a chocolate axe stuck in the top.

Kelli  20:14 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  20:16 
Yeah, that’s right. That’s fantastic. I want to get it just just cuz you love her. I mean, she’s like your hero, which kind of scares me.

Kelli  20:24 
Well, I wouldn’t say she’s my hero, but I do enjoy her on the ride.

Chris  20:29 
I know a lot. I don’t think I mean, I get a little bit worried when we go through that attic.

Kelli  20:34 
I call her Emily though. I believe there’s a you know, some kind of a issue there between constance and Emily.

Chris  20:43 
So that’s Tomorrowland.

Kelli  20:44 
That was fantastic. I’m drooling, which is great. So let’s hit world showcase. We can drool some more because I am on brand. So I want to talk about one of our favorite restaurants that we like to go to for kind of an Nice meal. Tutto Italia.

Chris  21:02 
Oh yes. We do like to go to that restaurant.

Kelli  21:05 
So, Tutto Italia is in the Italian pavilion at Epcot. And it’s one of our favorite. What I would call a nice restaurant. The good thing about there’s a lot of good stuff but one of the good things about tutto Italia is you can get a good reservation time. Right so it’s a great restaurant but it’s not one of those where you have to eat lunch at 2:15 or dinner at 9:30 right you can get you know lunch at lunchtime and dinner to dinner time. What I like to do is sit outside on their terrace we did that once right about sunset and it was just lovely. You can see whatever entertainments going on in the Italian pavilion You can also watch the sunset over Venice.

Chris  21:42 
Which is decent.

Kelli  21:45 
So, tutto Italia is operated by the patina restaurant group. You hit some of these I think in the episode last week or week before patina has several restaurants in New York City as well. Brooklyn, New York. Yeah, no, they’re their big deal. But at Disney, they have A lot at Disney Springs Enzo’s hideaway Maria and Enzo’s, pizza Ponte, Morimoto, and the Edison.

Chris  22:09 
I think I read that Oh, well that’s something because I love the Edison.

Kelli  22:11 
And so they operate basically everything in the Italian pavilion that’s to to Italia via Napoleon and tutto Cousteau at Epcot. And they should be operating space to 220 if it ever opens. So three reasons I said that we really love it. Right. The first one is the food.

Chris  22:30 
Yep, always.

Kelli  22:31 
This is classic Italian food not Americanized Italian food. This is classic Italian food. It’s upscale, but with good portions.

Chris  22:41 
Yes. Right, oh, better than good portions.

Kelli  22:46 
Well, and plenty of options for people like me who are vegetarian, which normally I don’t have any issues at Italian restaurants. Let me just put that out there. But specifically, I have a lot of options.

Chris  22:57 
You can do something other than just pasta.

Kelli  22:59 
Yes. Right. But so we love the food again, classic, really good Italian food. And we By the way, we went to Italy for a honeymoon. So when I say really good classic Italian food, that’s what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about the over salted over season, you know, heavy stuff that you get here in the US. 

Chris  23:17 
Oh, God, this ain’t Olive Garden No.

Kelli  23:20 
And service. So by the way, Olive Garden is great. But service is always amazing. I mean, not just to the point that they’re on time and they, you know, bring you plenty of water or what have you. I mean, we normally end up getting to know our wait staff there. Yeah, for some reason. The last time I remember I was trying to decide between a couple of the dishes, and the waiter told me get this one because it’s exactly how my grandma used to make.

Chris  23:49 
Yeah, he was Yeah, he was really good. And it’s Epcot pre pandemic, and so they actually had folks from Italy working right. Yes. And so when he says, This is how Grandma made it. I believed him. I mean, you just get an image in your head. That little Italian lady. Yes. bent over a big plus. Yeah,

Kelli  24:09 
But so any case we love the service, we love the food, the location’s good. Yeah, it’s a good stopping point in and around world showcase. So I always enjoy stopping there in Italy, even if we’re not eating just to sort of enjoy the view. Italy’s just a good stopping point in my mind, it’s not halfway or anything, it’s just it’s a good place to stop.

Chris  24:28 
you’ve been going at it for a little while with whatever direction you started in.

Kelli  24:31 
Right. So let’s talk about the food. Okay. So they do have a limited menu right now because of COVID. And so some of these they don’t have right now but they normally have and I’m not going to go through and try to pick out which ones are which look at the look at the website. Okay, I got this straight off the Disney website, but I’m just gonna talk about the ones that we really love things that we’ve had or things that we’ve seen. So the first of all, it starts with appetizers now. I don’t think I’ve Ever ordered an appetizer because they bring these massive olives with olive oil and focaccia bread. They’re huge. They’re massive olives with olive oil and focaccia bread. And I’m the only one that eats the olives and I love it. But haven’t you ordered the Calamari.

Chris  25:19 
I have and it’s it’s great. It’s not overly fried. It’s not overly greasy. Yeah, it’s light. And it’s tender. And it’s and it comes with that. Classic marinara sauce. Yeah, it’s delicious.

Kelli  25:31 
Right? They also have salads. If you feel like a salad, they have pasta fagioli soup. They also have an appetizer called Arancini and is a shrimp and lobster fried risotto balls.

Chris  25:47 
I don’t remember that. We would’ve gotten it if…

Kelli  25:53 
we normally don’t get an appetizer Yeah. But they also have you know, some some other things which they would call the second course. chicken parm. They have a pan seared salmon with an herb sauce bistecca which is New York strip with rosemary potatoes, and a Petto di Pollo, which is a grilled chicken breast, fettuccine and parmesan cream.

I don’t think we’ve gotten any of those. No, I have had the chicken parm. You’ve had the chicken parm? Yes.

Chris  26:16 
Yes. I had the chicken parm and split it with three of us. Yeah, I think I recall that. It was pretty large, enormous. The biggest piece of chicken parmesan I’ve ever seen in my life. Yeah.

Kelli  26:29 
Yeah, I recall that. And then so the pasta section. Okay. Obviously lasagna, and I’m going to describe it and then you can describe it. It is traditional preparation from Emilia-Romagna, with beef, veal, pork ragu, bechamel And Parmesan.

Chris  26:48 
Is that bechamel man. The bechamel puts it over that’s it right over the top. Yeah, I love lasagna. You’re looking on your console. It’s hard for me to get off of Lasangna. If I go somewhere where they say it’s good. Mm hmm. And theirs is Really, really good. Yeah.

Kelli  27:03 
They have a Penne vodka with lobster. I know right? Ziti with sweet sausage carmelized onions and a creamy sauce, which is not your typical Ziti. And then the last two I’ve had the tortellini panna, which is cheese tortellini with parmesan cream sauce. It was lovely. All right now remember thinking, this is an amazing cheese tortellini, and it wasn’t heavy.

Chris  27:27 
You know, cheese tortellini is tricky too, because sometimes it gets it’s like a little gummy cheesy on the inside, and you’re not quite sure where that came from. It’s not like not

Kelli  27:38 
No, but I think the last two or three times we’ve been I’ve gotten gnocchi. And I love the gnocchi. And so it’s gnocchi sorrentina. Potato dumplings, roasted tomatoes. pomodoro sauce, and burrata cheese. Now that’s where it’s at. That burrata cheese, because it’s right there on the top. Now again, I like getting gnocchi because it doesn’t like overly fill me up that burrata cheese. It’s on. That’s it right there, give me the burrata.

Chris  28:11 
It’s basically cheese and cheese, right?

Kelli  28:13 
It’s essentially mozzarella cheese stuffed with mozzarella cheese. It’s lovely. For dessert they have a cannoli, crisp pastry filled with sweet ricotta chocolate and a candied orange, which is essentially what they’re serving out at the food and wine, but it’s a larger version.

Chris  28:31 
It’s a man sized version.

Kelli  28:32 
It’s a it’s a good sized cannoli, right? This one we’ve never had. I’ve only had one of these, one of these deserves but this one I know we’ve never had but I love the name of it, torta della Nonna. So this is grandmother cake with custard cream pinoli and almonds. This is mine. Right? This is mine. mocha tiramisu. Let me just say yeah, mocha tiramisu. And then the next word, I’m gonna say marscarpone. Do I need to go any further because I feel like mocha tiramisu, marscapone. Let me add another word espresso. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

Chris  29:12 
All that does is like all some of your favorite words just mushed together.

Kelli  29:17 
Cheesecake al Caramello, which is essentially an Italian cheesecake with caramel. Or they may be Carmel. Gelato. Now Now let’s get to the good stuff. So they offer wine flights. Yeah. They have a couple of different wine flights. One called under the Tuscan sun one called a crisp Italian white. I’ve never had their wine flights because I always get the other drinks. Okay. They have a Bellini which sort of takes me back to our honeymoon. That’s going to be Prosecco with peach puree. I’ve never tried this, but they also have a Rossini, which is Prosecco with strawberry puree This is what I normally get the espresso coffee Martini, which is vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur and Italian espresso. I’ll have two. They also have an Italian Margarita, and an Italian Martini that I’ve never had. Let’s go back to espresso coffee Martini. Yeah, let’s go back to espresso coffee Martini. Did I say that? with vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur and Italian espresso. I’ll have that and on the side I’ll take the mocha tiramisu with marscapone, espresso.

Chris  30:30 
Listen marscapone a cake, coffee and Martini that’s all together in like, it’s all…

Kelli  30:37 
It’s all of my favorite food groups.

Chris  30:39 
It’s all of your favorite food groups.

Kelli  30:41 
And then if I could just get that burrata cheese.

Chris  30:45 
That that is that is the perfect Kelli meal.

Kelli  30:50 
Can I get the burrata cheese as a salad? And then for my main course. I’ll have the tiramisu. And I’ll take a flight of the Espresso Coffee Martinis.

It’s great. Tutto Italia man, don’t miss it.

Chris  31:09 
Don’t miss Tutto Italia. You know it is wonderful. It is a wonderful week we we go there regularly. It’s always one of our favorites.

Kelli  31:17 
Always one of our favorites. Now I’m just drooling.

Chris  31:24 
All right, well, that’s our show for this week. We hope that you loved it. And if you did, you know what it is right sign up, subscribe on whatever your podcasting platform that you like most. run over to iTunes, give us a review give us a rating. It really helps us so much.

Kelli  31:44 
It really really does. So please do that. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week we’re going to attempt to make the Cheshire Cat tail. This is our own recipe so be sure to check that on the YouTube page because it’s sure to be a good time.

Chris  32:13 
Watch for that on the YouTube page. Watch that on the website. Join us for the conversation every day Instagram and Twitter. You can find our handle at any of those places SCFADP, yes. So the more the merrier.

Kelli  32:26 
Yes, take your shot at that. Where is it Wednesday this week, we would love to hear from you.

Chris  32:31 
And with that, we hope to

Chris & Kelli  32:32 
see you real soon.

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