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8/16 News, the perfect lunch and dinner at Animal Kingdom, and the nostalgia of Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre

Episode 10

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Show Notes

This week we cover the latest news, what we believe to be the perfect lunch and dinner combo at Animal Kingdom and why the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre is one of our favorite meals at Hollywood Studios.

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

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Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

This is Chris.

Kelli  0:48 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:49 
Kelli, I’m digging your Mickey ears tight.

Kelli  0:54 
Thank you. I call him Jazz Hands Mickey. We saw him in the Emporium like on our very last day. And I just snatched them up.

Chris  1:01 
I think that I think they’re brand new like in the parks and I love them.

Kelli  1:07 
I do too. I’m a big fan of them. I’m also a huge fan of your classic Mickey tee. You look very handsome.

Chris  1:15 
Okay, we’ve got a few things to cover here. Big good news here is that the actor’s equity union represents about 750 Disney actors and performers. They’ve come to an agreement, where Disney and the union are going to have the actors go back to work. Oh, great. So shows like festival of The Lion King the Beauty and the beast show all the shows where they actually have acting talent like live actors. And yeah, they’re coming back. Disney partnered with the state of Florida to provide a COVID-19 testing site on Disney property. They’re gonna offer free testing to all cast members and their families. Technically it’s open to all Florida residents. Wow. But so yeah, so that met the biggest requirement from the union. And so we should see some of those shows coming back online because we saw while we were there that they can seat people in a theater setting.

Kelli  2:17 
Yeah, they can socially distance inside the theater.

Chris  2:20 
So so hopefully we’ll see that coming back online really soon. Right. Epcot construction one of the Imagineers posted a picture on the socials of the throwback crystal prism pylons in front of spaceships. So cool. Yeah. That was really give you the fields for back in time there looks really old. And so they’re they’re just sort of redoing the whole entrance back to the way it’s sort of a throwback to the early 80s when Epcot first opened, and they’re redoing that fountain and it should be really, really cool.

Kelli  2:56 
You know, it’s funny, I saw that picture and, being my mother’s daughter, he first thing I thought was somebody’s gonna have to clean that.

Chris  3:05 
It’s gonna get dirty Yeah, yeah sometimes that stuff clear so clear. I know I worry about it getting like foggy and cloudy looking that’s sort of what happened to the old one right.

Kelli  3:16 
No, it can’t do that.

Chris  3:17 
I just assume they’ve got better technology now.

Kelli  3:19 
I assume they have cleaners.

Chris  3:23 
MLS, Major League Soccer finished their MLS back tournament on Disney property they were they were all bubbled at this great tournament. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it for the last month and a half. Yeah, yeah. And and so the Portland Timbers who won the championship, played the Orlando, Orlando city, soccer club and or football club and to sort of say good luck to the teams and and wish them a good final match. Imagineers lit the castle up and one half purple for Orlando and one half green for the Portland Timbers.

Kelli  3:59 
Oh It’s nice, really cool.

Chris  4:01 
Yeah, that was neat. Three more restaurants are set to open at Disney Springs. Actually, they opened just a couple days ago. Okay. They’ll open up just for dinner, five to 10 o’clock and one is Maria and Enzo is Ristorante she’s an Italian joiny.

Kelli  4:19 
Oh, Disney springs, right?

Chris  4:20 
Disney springs. Yes. Okay. Also, Enzo’s Hideaway, which is sort of kind of like a speakeasy type, lounge and bar where you can like a lot of the lounges, you can order food off the menu, and the Edison. Oh, I know. Oh, we love the I love the Edison. So the Edison is sort of a steampunky restaurant and I didn’t realize this until I was reading up on it, but it’s actually themed after the Edison venue in LA. Yeah, so really kind of a cool deal there that I didn’t know about, but it’s open now and people can go and get that rasher of bacon. Look it up. You won’t, you won’t regret it. So reflections was a lakeside a Disney Lakeside Lodge was what it’s called reflections at Disney Lakeside Lodge was a new DVC joint new DVC resort they were opening or they were starting to build. Ah, we’ve actually seen some construction that’s over there near Fort wilderness. And you can see if you’re riding one of the buses into the Magic Kingdom, you can see where they cleared land out there on the right hand side. But apparently, that project is now kind of in limbo. They don’t know what’s going to happen. So that’s a shame there because I think people I was looking forward to it. Some of the artists renderings,

Kelli  5:43 
Building a new DVC property right now, it’s got to be quite…

Chris  5:48 
Right, right. Yeah. Some good news that on August 24, the stormalong Bay pool at the beach club resorts is going to be opening back up. Yes, yep.

Kelli  5:59 
That’s the best pool on Disney property.

Chris  6:02 
Yeah. First it’s humongous. Yeah, it’s got a sand bottom bottom, a long, lazy river and probably the best slide in the park. Yes, no, it’s the best pool. Yeah. So until then, up until now and until August 24. Any one that staying at those properties, which right now it’s really just DVC members at the beach club villas, right? They’re allowed to use any of the leisure pools at the beach or Yacht Club, which are the smaller pools that are closer to some of the more stretched out rooms or they can actually go over to boardwalk in and creepy pool, the Luna Park pool with scariest clown in the world. Okay, so, but in just a few days, stormalong Bay will be open and all will be happy. Right? And at Disneyland out in California, they’ve had to push back anyone that had reservations prior to September the fifth they had to change them or cancel. Disney is hoping that anyone after that can still will eventually still be able to come in. Have a good time. But that’s only a few weeks away so…

Kelli  7:11 
Yeah 2020 is crazy. I know.

Chris  7:13 
It is crazy.

Kelli  7:14 

Chris  7:17 
Okay, well that’s it for main street you got anything.

Kelli  7:20 
No, let’s let’s hit tomorrowland.

Chris  7:23 
I’m looking forward to it.

Kelli  7:27 
So last night You and I were watching some videos on YouTube of people eating in the parks like we like to do.

Chris  7:34 
We love to do.

Kelli  7:36 
And one of the things I said to you was, you know, what would you be open to the next time we go to animal kingdom? We just eat the park. Right. You said yeah. I said, right. Like, you know, forget the rides, forget the shows, do none of that. We’re literally just there to eat and drink because Animal Kingdom is so underrated. Now. So I realized that last week I talked about the fact that animal kingdom is a sleeper for snacks. Uh huh. No, I did that as part of a world showcase meaning I’ve had the snacks that I mentioned. Yes. Okay. So this week I wanted to go slightly different than that in Tomorrowland, we’re still at Animal Kingdom. Okay. But I believe I have built for us what may be the perfect lunch and I’m using the lunch in quotes because it doesn’t still have to be a full lunch and evening meal and animal kingdom, okay. Okay, so this is now tomorrowland. And these are two things neither neither of us have ever done, but we talked about it a couple of times. Okay, so first of all, I want us to hit that Sutuli canteen across from pongu pongu right over there next to the Pandora rides? Yep. Okay, yep. So I want us to hit that couple of options. Here’s why I want you to hit it. Okay. Have you ever looked at the menu?

Chris  8:54 
I’ve never even paid attention to it except as a place to sit.

Kelli  8:57 
Oh, this I know. I’ve set them through many of rainstorms. This is what’s exciting. They have those Chinese Bao buns…as cheese burgers. Oh, come on. Yes steamed cheeseburger pod stuffed with ground beef ketchup, mustard, pickled cheddar cheese and serve with a crunchy vegetable slaw and vegetable chips.

Chris  9:20 
Oh, that sounds good.

Kelli  9:21 
So going along with the animal kingdom theme. This is not your typical cheeseburger. Not your typical cheeseburger sides, right? Everything’s just slightly quirky and animal like.

Chris  9:31 
Especially since it’s in the Pandora section of the park.

Kelli  9:36 
Right and as I was looking through some of the menus, I was also at first I was surprised at all of the plant based options I saw but then I was like, duh, this is Animal Kingdom should we not all be eating plant based all day long? So that’s the first one I thought the Bao buns for you. They also have a slow roasted sliced grilled beef marinated in a blend of garlic herbs red pepper, spice and red wine vinegar topped with a crunchy vegetable slaw and boba balls served with your choice of base and sauce.

Chris  10:07 
That sounds delightful.

Kelli  10:08 
I am so into the boba balls these days. I think I’m obsessed with them.

Chris  10:13 
I think one of those videos we saw they had like…

Kelli  10:16 
the drink, at Mickey’s very merry?

Chris  10:17 
in the in the in the meal from Sutuli canteen. Yeah, it was like like strawberry balsamic boba balls.

Kelli  10:26 
Yes. Okay, so those are the two options you’ve got. Okay. All right. I think you should go with the Bao buns, but I’ll leave that up to you. I think I’m gonna have the chili spice crispy tofu fried tofu bowl. crispy fried tofu season with a chili spice topped with crunchy vegetable slaw and boba balls served with your choice of base and salsa. I think base is like rice?

Chris  10:48 
Probably. Right.

Kelli  10:49 
Okay. And sauce. So I’m pretty excited about that. You don’t typically find a crispy fried tofu bowl with vegetable slaw in a theme park in the theme park.

Chris  10:58 
No, no. Right. Hey, I wonder one of the bases would be some kind of noodle.

Kelli  11:02 
Maybe, ooh, so they also have a couple of desserts. They have a blueberry cream cheese mousse with a passion fruit curd. And they have a chocolate cake with a crunchy cookie layer and banana cream topping. I think maybe you should get one and I get one and we try both? Yeah, okay. Definitely. Um, they also have a lot of ales there I mean a full menu of ales and wines. Yeah, right again, theme park not what you expect? I think I’m gonna go with the dreamwalker sangria. This is a refreshing white sangria with a hint of Blue Curacao.

Chris  11:35 
Not to mention you’ve never seen a Sangria you didn’t like.

Kelli  11:38 
Never. Never met a sangria I did not like. So I’m gonna go with the dreamwalker sangria. I think you should try the Banshee Chardonnay. Okay. You never met a Chardonnay you didn’t like.

Chris  11:49 
That’s right.

Kelli  11:51 
So anyway, so that’s going to be our, our lunch and I’m putting that in quotes. Okay. We may not leave that corner of Pandora from like 8 to noon, right we might start out with the pongu pongu Stand and the two margaritas and then as we’re just sitting at Satuli’s canteen, just go ahead and place the order right for lunch. Bring that out. Okay, but then then we had to eat our way around. Right? Okay have to. Well that’s what we said we’re gonna do eat the park. Okay, but you and I have often talked about Tiffins there as being it’s an amazing top end restaurant like we normally do. I mean, let’s so yay brown Derby, tutto Italia. We’ve got a lot of other restaurants that we go to. We’re looking for a nice meal.

Chris  12:43 
I hear good things about Tiffins.

Kelli  12:44 
I hear good things about tiffins too. But I hear better things about the Nomad lounge. Yes, which is attached to tiffins. So that’s what we’re going to do so Tiffins is known for the their surf n’ turf, which is $65.

Chris  13:01 

Kelli  13:03 
Or their octopus appetizer, which is $14.

Chris  13:09 
Yeah, I’m actually interested in that.

Kelli  13:11 
Do you think when they bring it out they go, Ah, you guys made me ink.

Chris  13:16 
If they don’t, they should.

Kelli  13:19 
Yeah, so instead of going to Tiffins, which is a fairly high end restaurant, I think we should hit the Nomad lounge.

Chris  13:25 
I agree with you.

Kelli  13:25 
Which is attached to Tiffins because one of the things that Tiffins is really known for is their bread service. Yes, right. So the bread service you can get at the Nomad lounge you can also get impossible sliders with the Chipotle aoli and yuca fries, and, and, and a basket of churros with vanilla crema and a chili strawberry sauce.

Chris  13:53 
Why would anybody eat at Tiffins if they can just go into the Nomad Lounge?

Kelli  13:56 
That’s what I’m trying to figure out. This is all my major food groups: bread,impossible meat, and churros. It’s my three major food groups. The bread is the bread service is really well known so it comes with three different types of bread and three different types of sauces. The breads are a pomegranate focaccia bread, which is a Tiffin signature recipe. Then you get like a crispy piece of baked pita, sort of like a tortilla chip kind of a situation. And then a veggie pita bread which is softer but still stiff enough to hold the the spices or whatever. Red pepper, hummus, spiced coriander yogurt, and a ginger pear chutney. So, so that’s what I’m saying is we just go straight to the Nomad lounge. We’re gonna order the bread service, the impossible sliders and the churros. Yes, dinner. Now, they have a fairly extensive libation menu. Right. I picked out a few that I thought we might be interested in. But so That’s the idea with the Nomad Lounge is these are drinks you can’t get anywhere else on Disney property. These are unique to not just Animal Kingdom but to Nomad lounge. Right. So first of all, I’m going to need the Mustang coffee, which is Crown Royal brown sugar and butter with hot coffee. Oh, butter green hot coffee is very underrated. It is and I can imagine that it’s amazing. Yes. I’m gonna need that. Okay, I may need it before we go back. Sure. In fact, leaping lizard This is very well known there the leaping lizard Malibu pineapple rum with something I can’t pronounce with orange passionfruit and mango juices. Okay, yeah, the high tower rocks. Casa dragones Blanco, tequila, watermelon sweet and sour and lime juice. This is cool. It comes to like a slice of watermelon over the edge of the glass. It’s a red drink. looks really cool. This one I’m Excited about it’s called Jen’s tattoo which catches me gin. I want to meet Jen. Yeah, Ketel one vodka, watermelon hibiscus and lime juice. Oh wow, it sounds lovely Jen and if that’s your tattoo, I want it to get me one. This one Snow Leopard salvation. This one’s fun because it uses Snow Leopard vodka, which a portion of the proceeds go to help preserve snow leopards. Okay, so come on just coming to order that just for the donation. It also comes with a pear liqeur mint and lime juice top for the ginger beer and they say that if you’re not a huge fan of the ginger beer, which I’m really not that it’s not overpowering that you would still like it. Okay, they also have a sangria, a South American sangria made with a Suzanna rose, a pisco, and fresh fruit.

Chris  16:51 
Wherever we can get some Pisco we need to do that.

Kelli  16:53 
Pisco is where it’s at. Tempting Tigris, I thought you might want this Russell’s reserve 10 year bourbon. St. Elizabeth all spice, DRAM tamarind syrup and lime juice. Okay. I thought that sounded like Yeah, yeah, I’ll go for it. So I think that’s that’s my tomorrowland it is what I’m going to call our dream lunch dinner combination at animal kingdom. None of which we’ve ever had. No, which all seems like a massive mistake. Epic fail.

Chris  17:25 
I think that’s very well done. I’m for it. I’m down. Let’s, let’s do that. Okay. Let’s hit World Showcase. Okay, so you know, I don’t know that this podcast needs to be just a food podcast. But it seems to be going in that direction.

Well, it appears that this entire episodes focused on food.

Kelli  17:52 
Ooh, maybe a new favorite episode.

Chris  17:54 
Yeah. So okay. Right away, just Put out there that wouldn’t have gone to Disney so many times in my life if if I weren’t nostalgic for Disney, Disney creates nostalgia in me like nobody else does. Right? I love it. I love that feeling of walking on the main street for the first time or every trip. Right, right. So, Disney does nostalgia, as well, if not better than anybody. And that’s why this Hollywood Studios restaurant ranks really high on my list of things to consider when going on any trip to Disney. So what restaurant am I talking about?

Kelli  18:38 
I’m leaning towards the sci fi.

Chris  18:40 
That’s because you know me so well. So I would assume that people would think oh, nostalgia, 50s primetime cafe. No, I’m down with the sci fi. sci fi dine in theater is really right.

Kelli  18:53 
That’s where it’s at. Now. We’ve been to 50s primetime and it was great.

Chris  18:56 
It’s great. It’s great. I might even do a world showcase one day on the 50s primetime, because we’ve had some good times there, sure, but my place at Hollywood Studios is the sci fi dine in theatre. So this place opened on April 20 1991. So almost 30 years. Oh, I know. I know. You know, and it may be due for an update, but the whole idea is that it’s from the 50s and 60s. You can find it on commissary lane in Hollywood Studios. It’s right around the corner from Star Tours. If you’re if you’re walking by Star Tours on your way to galaxy’s edge, look off to the right you’ll see the sci fi dine in theater. It’s based on the the old drive in movie theaters from the 50s and 60s. Have you ever been into a… Do you remember ever going to a drive in theater?

Kelli  19:40 
No, but I believe they have some in towns near us and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t sort of make a comeback.

Chris  19:46 
I think they are making a comeback. There’s a restaurant in New York there has actually turned its restaurant into a drive in movie theater.

Kelli  19:53 
Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

Chris  19:56 
Yeah. I like the idea of them. I remember going when I was Little we have in my hometown. So the dining booths where you sit, they resemble, like convertible cars from the 50s and 60s. You sit in the car and the and the car hops come up and they take your order. And some are even on roller skates and sort of the back of the drive in theater is the snack bar. And that to me like, this is not what you would call fine dining. No, you do need a reservation. Yes to get in there. Yes, this is popular, but but this would be called Chris’s kind of food.

Kelli  20:37 
I would call it fun dining. Fun.

Chris  20:39 
Yeah. Fine dining, fun dining, I really like that.

Kelli  20:43 
You like that play on words.

Chris  20:46 
So, um, while you’re eating, you feel like you’re sitting at a drive in theater. So there’s a big huge movie theater in the front in front of all the cars that showing all these old 50s and 60s era. The movie science fiction clips are like horror movies or old horror movies and like just clips of them right to get a taste of it. And then some commercials and things like that. So one of my favorite things about this place is is something that Disney does better than anybody and it’s to make the outside the inside. Feel like outside. Yeah, they do it at Mexico’s pavilion in Epcot, they do it in Peter Pan’s Flight. Yep. And this is another one where you walk into the restaurant, you walk. Two are like around the behind the movie screen and then you walk into the drive in theater. And you feel like you’re sitting outside with a bunch of cars and just feels wonderful.

Kelli  21:48 
It’s a fun feeling. Yeah, fun atmosphere for sure.

Chris  21:51 
So, B movies are on the screen. So you’re watching all these b movies, any idea where b movies, why they call them b movies?

Kelli  21:59 
Why they call them B movies? No.

Chris  22:00 
These are all B movie science fiction. So the movies back in Hollywood’s golden era, when they when they really did lots of double features in movie theaters. The B movie was the was the second feature that they would send along with the movie that had all the top level stars. So this had second level or B level stars. The idea is like the B side of an old 45 record, right? This is the B movie that went with the headline movie in a double feature.

Kelli  22:32 
Can I just say that my food segments, in my food segments we talk about food in your food segments, we talked about trivia and atmosphere?

Chris  22:39 
We’re about to talk about the food. So the best movies, cat women from the moon, robot monster invasion of the saucer Man, these are the movies. Yeah, I love them. Yeah. Okay. So the food, the food. Like I said you’re gonna need reservations but it’s not fine dining. It’s fun dining, fun dining, right? Food comes out of a snack bar but it’s a punched up snack bar. This is this is these are burgers but

Kelli  23:12 
I’ve never even noticed that it came from a snack bar.

Chris  23:13 
Yeah it comes from a snack bar at the back. Right now they have a limited menu because of COVID. Right. So they used to have a New York Strip. They used to have a cheese steak. Those are off the menu now. In the desserts they used to have a sugar free lemon cheesecake with blueberry compote. Yeah, they take it off the menu and a smores brownie with vanilla ice cream that they’ve taken off.

Kelli  23:14 
Oh, no, that one’s a shame. The other three I’ve never even heard of.

Chris  23:40 
Yeah, now. So for appetizers, they’ve got fried pickles, fried dill pickles. Yeah, with horseradish dipping sauce. They’ve got a shrimp and crab fondue. Shrimp with melty cheeses and roasted red pepper fresh dill served with tortilla chips, and a wedge salad. Traditional wedge salad, not like the cool wedge salad you had last week. Yeah. I’m actually thoroughly impressed with how the sci fi dining theater does with plant based and vegan options. On the appetizer menu. They’ve got something called an island cake. It used to be called the crabless crab cake. And so this is actually a vegan crab cake that that comes with, like a rumelade like a spicy aoili. Yeah, I’d give it a go. It looks really good. They used to also have a big stack of onion rings that just Oh, yes, no, I remember that. Yeah, that’s not on the menu right now. Okay, so entrees look so right now because I’ve taken the steak and the cheese steak is burgers. They’ve got a couple of pastas so they’ve got a a…

Kelli  24:47 
I’ve never realized that. I really thought it was just burgers in there.

Chris  24:50 
No, they’ve got they have a they have a pan seared shrimp, or a grilled chicken pasta. Yep. It’s got whole wheat Penne pasta with tomatoes for cheese cream sauce, baby kale, fennel, zucchini, red bell peppers. And it can also come meatless all together meatless. So again. They’ve got an oven roasted turkey sandwich, house brined herb, roasted turkey served on a fresh baked multigrain croissant.

Kelli  25:16 
Yeah, that’s not a snack bar.

Chris  25:17 
no, they do. They do a better job there. Yeah. And then we’ve got a bunch of burgers. They’ve got the barbecue burger. That’s sort of their big signature burger. They’ve got a beef and blue burger which comes with blue cheese crumbles and onion marmalade, like a homemade marmalade. Flying Saucer impossible burger.

Kelli  25:36 
See, they didn’t have that the last time we were there.

Chris  25:39 
They’ve got it now.

Kelli  25:39 
Which I’m cool with because I can just eat the fries, the fried pickles and the milkshake.

Chris  25:45 
So the milkshakes

Kelli  25:46 
I’ve never left hungry.

Chris  25:48 
They have in their dessert menu. They have a vegan cookie shake.

Kelli  25:56 
Vegan shake? How is that possible?

Chris  26:00 
Here’s what it is it is a non dairy milk and an enjoy life branded enjoy life brand vegan cookie topped with coconut whipped cream.

Kelli  26:13 
I mean, if we went I would feel compeled.

Chris  26:16 
Obligated to try it. Yeah, I know. They’ve also got a housemade sci fi candy bar which is a cookies and cream sort of mousse that’s been like frozen or very cold. So that holds its shape covered with ganache and chocolate sauce. So it actually looks like a very high end. Candy Bar. Nice. Yeah, that’s good. And a warm glazed donut served with cinnamon apples, the no ice cream and caramel sauce. I know. I know.

Kelli  26:45 
So what flavors of shakes do they offer?

Chris  26:47 
They don’t have a lot of shakes on their menu right now. Just the cookie shake. The cookie shake is the only one on the mix. The only one I saw on the menu today.

Kelli  26:55 
Now that is blasphemous.

Chris  26:57 
That’s a shame. I know.

Normally on their menu when when it’s not, you know, in its pre pandemic or hopefully post pandemic. They also have a vegan tofu lettuce cups, which with little fried pieces of tofu,

Kelli  27:11 
I’d give that a go. Nobody fries tofu like Disney. They’ve got it down, they know what they’re doing.

Chris  27:15 
I know and then they’ve also got a vegan falafel burger. Now we’ve had some falafel at Disney. That wasn’t great. But I have a feeling this will be better.

Kelli  27:23 
I’d go back. I feel like we haven’t been to sci-fi in a while. And that menu is calling me.

Chris  27:27 
Yeah. Is there a lot of plant based options that I wasn’t aware of?

Kelli  27:32 
So okay, so great world showcase.

Chris  27:36 
That’s our show for this week. Yes.

Kelli  27:40 
Well, we hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chris  27:42 
Yep. And if you did enjoy it, please run out to iTunes, give us a rating give us a review. Let us know how we’re doing and it really really helps us.

Kelli  27:51 
It does And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’ve got a quick little recipe video coming up.

Chris  28:03 
Yeah, we’re gonna make the S’mores milkshake from the d-luxe burger at Disney Springs. Yeah. Yeah. So keep an eye out for that on the website. Keep an eye out for that on YouTube. Also join us on the conversation every day on Instagram and Twitter at SCFADP.

Chris & Kelli  28:22 
Yes, we’d love to hear from you. With that, we hope to see you real soon.

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