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8/2 News, Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies coming to Disney Springs, and Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios

Episode 8

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Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs

This week we cover the latest news for Walt Disney World, the amazing cookies coming to Disney Springs at Gideon’s Bakehouse and the awesomeness of the Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios.

8/2 Show Notes

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

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Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Those intros catch me off guard every time. I know you put those together. So that’s a lot of fun. So, okay, so this week, the very first news item is that we’re starting something new – we’re going to be recording these two video these podcast video so that we can share them on YouTube. So anyone that would like to watch us do the podcast

Kelli  1:11 
and see how cute the dogs are,

Chris  1:13 
because they’re always here. Then feel free to pop over YouTube and check that out. Watch us record this thing. Yeah, you look really magical tonight in your Mickey sorcerer’s hat.

Kelli  1:25 
Thank you. I also wore my I need space shirt, the new shirt that I just got at Disney and you look extremely handsome in your classic Mickey t Thank you very much.

Chris  1:36 
So, okay, so first news item is that Disney is delaying some of the openings of their resorts. So just for the for the average guests just to book a hotel room on property. Some of those resorts are being the openings have been delayed. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort actually the non DVC the non DVC resorts right right. So Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort actually just opened up a couple days ago on July 29. The Yacht Club is opening up on August the 24th. It was it was going to be Yacht Club and beach club but Beach Club has been pushed off September 21, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa I think the NBA folks are moving out by the Polynesian village resort October 4 cornado Springs Resort on the 14th.

Kelli  2:30 
Did they say why they’re delaying these?

Chris  2:33 
No, but I believe it’s probably got to do with that phase one phase two deal that we were hearing about when we were on property.

Kelli  2:41 
So they thought these would be part of the phase one opening.

Chris  2:47 
I think that the crowds are have not even been what they expected them to be. Okay. November the first Art of Animation resort, contemporary pop century, contemporary resort and pop century resort are already open. Guess all people we did go into pups entry from the skyliners All Star resorts, the animal kingdom Jambo house Beach Club, the boardwalk in so not the villa side but the end in the porter lanes resorts French Quarter and Riverside and the Wilderness Lodge all still have no date yet for one though. Wow. Okay. Yeah. So I think I think it’s just crowds, honestly crowds managing crowds. And and I think that they’ve had fewer people even than they expected. Yeah, so we can attest to that which I can get it. Yeah, no, absolutely. Um, Aladdin stage show is coming to Disney plus, yes. So the West End London’s famed West End. Aladdin stage show was performed there until last August. And then right after the show run ended. They actually filmed it for screen and that was originally going to come out earlier this year. Then pandemic and they they pushed Hamilton up. And that was a huge success. So they’re gonna they’re gonna release a lot.

Kelli  4:08 
And now is this the same show that we saw on Broadway? Yes. Okay, great. Yes, well I’m excited about that.

Chris  4:13 
Yes. It’ll be great. Okay. And lastly, Pixar has announced its next big movie release. It’s called Luca. It’s supposed to come out next, next June of the June 18. Next year, you know, how things are in flux for the pandemic, but, so this is set in the Italian Riviera. It centers on a young boy is a coming of age story. And he’s having an amazing summer of gelato and scooters, and things like that, around the Italian Riviera with a newfound best friend, but turns out the newfound best friend is actually a sea monster from another world. Oh, so you know…

Kelli  4:58 
That’s a turn I didn’t see coming.

Chris  5:00 
Even as I was reading the description, I didn’t see that that little turn there. Wow. So that’s next summer Luca. Okay? So that should be exciting. That is exciting. So that’s all for the news this week. doing okay with your hat.

Kelli  5:16 
The hat is a little tall. But I’m working it, I work in it, you are not gonna let go of the Mickey sorcerer’s hat. I’m owning that tonight, but I’m ready for tomorrow and whenever you are. So I am extremely excited about this tomorrowland. First of all, it’s very own brand for me. But this is something I did not even know about until you told me and then we went this past time and I thought Yes, this is it. I’m talking about Gideons Bakehouse cookies.

Chris  5:51 
Oh boy.

Kelli  5:53 
So Gideons started in downtown Orlando, but they were sold at a restaurant. In Disney Springs – The Polite Pig. They’ve done so well that now they are moving adding a second location to Disney Springs like so they’re no longer sold in the polite pig, they’re going to open their own location it will be their second location. So just a little bit about them. Okay, so their their statement is carefully crafted dreadfully delicious. If you look at their website as a very like Haunted Mansion vibe. Oh, which I like. Yeah. So they talk about this this place in Disney Springs they’re moving into has a history. It has a history and they have this picture of this vintage picture of a man on their website and they say it’s a it starts with him if you want to know more about this guy’s history in the history of our location at Disney Springs come by and see us. I know it’s all kind of creepy. So let me tell you a little bit about them. Okay, so it all started with a book in his net. This is on there. It was from their website, okay in his net. Ending search for baking inspiration. Steve Lewis, the bakery creator purchased what he thought was an antique cookbook published in 1898. To his surprise, the margins were filled with faded notes and doodles from what appeared to be a young boy who had dreams of becoming a baker. The name written at the back of the book was Gideon and Steve decided to fulfill that child’s wishes with the name Gideons Bakehouse paying tribute to the origins of the name. Gideon shelves are lined with strange works of art, aging books and curious antiquities from the Victorian era. Oh, this is right in your wheelhouse. That’s a very Half Blood Prince that doesn’t. Okay. So they opened just over three years ago, on a budget of $800 and had one employee was at the downtown Orlando location.

Chris  7:47 
They have blown up.

Kelli  7:48 
Haven’t they? In October of 2016, Gideons opened up its first physical shop at the beautiful East in market, Central Florida’s original food hall with One employee and they say, miss you megan, and an $800 budget. So all this is straight from their website. Within weeks of opening, that little 286 square foot bakery was being called the best cookies in Orlando, Florida, the United States and the planet Earth. From publications ranging from New York Times, to the Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated and countless more. I looked at their website, they have like 33 Awards listed.

Chris  8:28 
All I’ve seen is a picture of the chocolate chip cookies,

Kelli  8:33 
Okay, I’m gonna get there. So they began with one mission. Their mission statement is longer than that now, but they began with one mission to create an extraordinary chocolate chip cookie. Like that was their goal. We’re going to make an extraordinary chocolate chip cookie. They say, I love this. Our cookie isn’t a product. It is a history. The sweet and the salty. The thrill of a first kiss and the solitude of a heartbreak.

Chris  9:04 
Oh my gosh,

Kelli  9:05 
okay, no, it gets it gets better.

Chris  9:06 
That’s a great cookie.

Kelli  9:08 
I love these people. Okay, so here’s the team as listed on their website. Steve Lewis, that’s the founder. Right? If you guys remember. So his title on the website is the sublime prince of the esoteric order of cookies. How great is this? I love these people. Michael Reyes, branding overlord. And let me just say, Michael, you’re killing it.

Chris  9:33 

Kelli  9:35 
You’re killing it. And I’m saying that from someone who has a Bachelor’s in marketing, and a PhD in Mass Comm and advertising. You’re killing it Michael.

Chris  9:45 
Anybody with overlord in their title wins.

Kelli  9:48 
That’s one of my favorite reasons for listening to wait, wait, don’t tell me. Steve Berman benevolent overlord. Okay. Kelsey Barrett, starship captain of the USS East End market location. Look people they’re hiring. said that on their website. Think about having this kind of a title on your resume.

Chris  10:09 
Or just working for a group that is just obviously this much fun.

Kelli  10:14 
Seriously. So the new location opening in Disney Springs, talks a little bit about the chocolate chip cookie. Their chocolate chip cookie weighs half of a pound. Yeah, buddy. And it is covered, when I say covered. I mean covered in chocolate chips. Yeah. Okay, you don’t question is this? Does this thing have raisins in it? You don’t question that? No, no, no question about it. This is a chocolate chip cookie. This thing’s gonna set you back $5. This is a cookie.

Chris  10:42 
That’s a fine cookie.

Kelli  10:45 
That is a cookie. Okay, so I wanted to read you a few of the cookie flavors that they have on their website. Gosh, okay. So the original photo we needed anymore. This by the way, this is Michael’s doing? Okay, he’s the branding overlord. I’m reading your words here, man. Straight from the website, the original chocolate chip cookie. It is packed inside and out with a variety of chocolates infused with differing vanillas and has texture that might almost trick you into thinking you’re eating cookie dough. Win. Come on! Win. Isn’t that what we all want, right? It looks like a ball of cookie dough. Yes, that’s bigger than the palm of your hand like my I have small hands. It would probably like you maybe be able to see the fingertips right bigger than the palm of my hand. Yes, rolled in chocolate chips with a dash of salt on top.

Chris  11:38 
Keep going. Tell me more.

Kelli  11:39 
Okay, next one peanut butter crunch. They describe this as saying that the dough is made of mostly peanut butter. Right. Cookies and cream. Just keep I am I know. It’s like a cookies and cream milkshake in a cookie. It starts with our ultrasoft Vanilla Bean cream cookie filled with chunks of handcut double stuff. Ee top it with a complete covering over crushed cookies to solidify cookies and cream in a way you’ve never experienced. You’re out of words.

Chris  12:17 
I literally can’t speak.

Kelli  12:19 
The candied walnut chocolate chip is only available on Wednesdays only and could who could take it? No No they explain this we leveled the walnut cookie up by topping it with our double baked candied walnuts and hand placing each one all over the top of our original chocolate chip cookie. This cookie is a huge time consuming pain to make. So we offer it up for walk up service on walnut Wednesday. I love these people so much. So they say first of all, there’s a six cookie limit per person in store. If you want more than that you have to order ahead, but as six cookie per person, you’re talking about half pound cookies about three pounds of cookie right? That’s three pounds of cookie. They will not ship these cookies.

Chris  13:04 
You’re not buying these for the office.

Kelli  13:05 
They will not ship these cookies because they are too heavy. Says that on the website. It says that on the website. They take over 24 hours to prepare. Hundred percent handmade. Okay, triple triple chocolate chip. I didn’t get there. Triple triple chocolate chip him say that. My mind is much after looking at this there’s actually five different kinds of chocolate it says it’s made with fancy chocolates, like ghiradelli just to name a couple. To make it extra velvety. We pour our chocolate ganache straight into the cookie dough as we’re mixing it. This is the cookie you just want to curl up with, our most emotional cookie.

Chris  13:51 
Emotional is how I would describe myself after hearing all this.

Kelli  13:54 
Michael you killed it. I can’t think of I mean I can think of several days when I needed that cookie. Like that cookie. That emotional cookie.

Chris  14:04 
I think I’ve got diabetes just from listening.

Kelli  14:07 
I haven’t finished. The August limited edition cookie is the cookie cake. Extra buttery vanilla bean cookie filled with cinnamon strudel and topped with our homemade double baked butter crumbs. Buttery, crunchy extrordinary. You’re all welcome. You’re all welcome. But I will say if you want to try one of these cookies, when Disney Springs opens, you need to place your order online 24 hours in advance. They list their hours on the website as 10am to 6pm or sell out. Meaning it happens on the regular.

Chris  14:45 
Of course it does.

Kelli  14:46 
Right. So they are really clear. If you have a specific cookie that you want. You better order it ahead of time. These things are massive. How do you would you describe it any other way?

Chris  14:58 
No, no, it’s these are big. balls of cookie. At least a size of a palm.

Kelli  15:02 
One or two inches thick? Oh, yeah, we’re not talking about a flat cookie. We’re talking about like one or two inch thick cookie larger than the palm of your hands.

Chris  15:11 
Like a cookie ball.

Kelli  15:12 
Yes. Cookie ball. I’m sure they’re fat free.

Chris  15:17 
I don’t care.

Kelli  15:20 
Give me that emotional one. Yeah, the emotional one. So I think you know, we just got back I think it was an epic fail that we did not go downtown Orlando to try this.

Chris  15:37 
They’ll be there in the fall.

Kelli  15:37 
Okay, we’re going in December. Awesome.

Chris  15:40 
Let’s hit it world showcase. Awesome. I don’t know if I can keep going. I’m verklempt. I’ve got the vapors.

Kelli  15:47 
I’ve managed to keep my hat on through that. I was worried about that. Okay, well,

Chris  15:54 
I’ve literally got the vapors.

So Okay, this is we’ve only been doing this show now this is the seventh show. And, and I think there’s a clear theme that I have a soft spot in my heart for the nighttime spectaculars at Walt Disney World. And so I’m going there again tonight. Okay with fantasmic. Fantasmic might be my all time favorite nighttime spectacular show.

Kelli  16:28 
You’ve always told me that it was.

Chris  16:30 
It’s just I don’t know, there’s something that really just speaks to the kid inside me, which is a big kid, frankly. So so here’s fantasmic it is. It is at Hollywood Studios in in Orlando. It’s Hollywood Studios. They also have the show at Disneyland in California. And until 2017 it had a six year run at Tokyo Disneysea. Ah, okay, so But again, the the the short, the short description of this would be this is a. This show is all about a battle between good and evil for Mickey’s imagination, description So, yeah, so it’s basically the nighttime spectacular Hollywood studios and actually replaced the old sorcery in the sky fireworks that they used to have at at Hollywood Studios. It’s in a 10,000 seat amphitheater that was built specifically for this show. On the sort of over near the Sunset Boulevard area of Hollywood Studios near Hollywood, the Hollywood Tower of Terror and all that includes 50 live performers, massive sets, pyrotechnics, like theatrical and water canvassing and all sorts of wildness right. And one of my favorite things about the show is a you had to get there early, but they kind of opened the gates up a little early. And you go and get your seat right they have they have dining options so that you can actually book a meal like at Brown Derby or sci fi or or one of the Hollywood Studios restaurants and with that meal you get special seating at the show with reserved seats.

Kelli  18:18 
Yeah, the deal package or a fast pass I think is the way to go because otherwise the seats are not good.

Chris  18:24 
Right you’re all on the sides are standing room only at the top. The the vibe inside when you go in is great. I love the feeling. Have you ever been to like an outdoor concert in the summertime? It sort of has that that feel before the show starts just like refreshment booth does Yeah. You know what I mean? If people walking around with drinks, yeah, candy, and it’s very real positive vibe kind of running throughout the crowd and they just have some really good snacks up there too. Like, oh, yeah, like the breadcones.

Kelli  18:55 
The breadcones. Yes.

Chris  18:56 
Mac and cheese, or chili or whatever.

Kelli  18:59 
That’s more than a snack, let’s be right. And so it’s a bread cone. I mean, you’re talking about a cone like, like a foot tall cone, like a significant cone filled with mac and cheese. Yes.

Chris  19:10 
Yeah, that’s right. So, so here’s how. Here’s the story, right? Here’s how it goes that Mickey Mouse’s asleep. And he’s dreaming. And he’s dreaming that he’s the apprentice of a mighty sorcerer, and he can control water and color and magic and we see him kind of doing all those things. But then, Disney Villains try to invade Mickey’s dream, and turn his dream into a nightmare, a nightmare fantasmic. And so it includes, you know, bad guys like Jafar and the Evil Queen from Snow White and the left mustn’t ramel efficent. And on the water canvases, there’s even more there’s Hades and scar. Oh, yeah, all these others, even the icy qimr that guy’s name from Fantasia super scary. And so the tension is I can do that now. But two quotes Yeah, so the tension is that will the villains be able to take over Mickey’s imagination forever? Will they be able to take over his dream forever or will Mickey’s imagination prove his goodness?

Okay. And so throughout this show this amazing show there are scenes from Pocahontas and Beauty and the beast and Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Snow White And Seven Dwarfs. And it’s just it’s just a sensory thing that is that I don’t think is duplicated in any other show. There’s like, like there’s the Pocahontas scene. Is is like full of stunts and flaming arrows and explosions. Just for the Pocahontas scene.

Kelli  20:53 
Now I got a question. This is something I’ve never actually thought of, but is the implication that all of these movies came from Mickey’s imagination?

Chris  21:02 
Not necessarily. But in Mickey’s dream, he’s dreaming all these things.

Kelli  21:07 
It would be cooler if the implication was that Mickey imagined all of these all these movies.

Chris  21:12 
Okay, sure. Let’s go with that. I think it’s up for interpretation.

Kelli  21:17 
Let’s use that interpretation.

Chris  21:18 
I’m for it. So one thing that’s cool is that in 1992, is when this thing started out in Disneyland. Okay. Yeah, yeah. And it came to Hollywood Studios in 96. And it was actually reimagined a little bit for Hollywood Studios. But in Disneyland, they actually perform this show on the rivers of America, which at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. That’s where the Liberty Bell steamship, ah, so it’s that area in Disneyland, but it was more conducive. They had to do a whole bunch of work.

Kelli  21:53 
So not a stadium? Ah, no, you need the stadium.

Chris  21:57 
Well, so. So I’ve talked to people who actually He like it better is the one in California. But they did had to do a whole bunch of work to Tom sawyer island and, and the area around the rivers of America but they were also hoping to boost attendance at Hollywood Studios with a new nighttime show. Yeah. And I’d say they succeeded. So So yeah, so it’s been running there since 96 out in California since 92. And it’s been it has always been a huge hit in both places. Cool. Yeah. So some of the some of the highlights for me are a the love the way I’d never seen them. Like they fan out this one, water. This water, right.

Kelli  22:39 
Is that what you called the water canvas?

Chris  22:41 

Kelli  22:41 
I’ve never heard that term before. I like it.

Chris  22:43 
I made it up. Oh, well. That’s great. So yeah, so that’s what I call a water Canvas, right or canvas. spray of water. And they in the end, you can actually see images on it.

Kelli  22:56 
Yeah, they project images. Like it’s a…

Chris  22:58 
like a movie screen. Yeah, exactly. So I love that that was really cool other you can kind of wet with that stuff. I talked about the Pocahontas. I call it the Pocahontas stunt show, because they’ve got people that are falling from height. They’ve got flaming arrows that explode these you know, these explosive barrels down below and they’ve got people swinging on ropes and falling from ladders and that’s a really cool.

Kelli  23:23 
I’m gonna be honest, I don’t remember any of that.

Chris  23:26 
I’m not surprised. I’m not shocked. In my mind, I’ve got this vivid image of all that chaos and then everything just stops and there’s Pocahontas on the mountaintop.

Kelli  23:34 
I remember none of that. You could put a gun to my head. I would have said Pocahontas isn’t even in the thing.

Chris  23:41 
She’s got a whole big scene, man.

Kelli  23:43 
Well, good for her.

Chris  23:44 
Yeah. So Jafar turns into a snake there’s this big long know that I remember back and he’s got like, his eyes are like spotlights and you’re in just the right spot. He’ll literally blind you in the audience. The Evil Queen from Snow White turns into a wicked witch which is pretty creepy. Mm hmm Maleficent evil is the best so Maleficent blows up obviously into this huge dragon and literally sets the entire lagoon on fire. Yeah, that’s so water on fire. Fire the water is literally burning. Yeah, that’s really, really cool. And then they’ve got these like these these water floats with Ariel and Belle and Aurora from sleeping beauty. Yep, they kind of run by and you hear their songs. Mickey comes out victorious. And there’s a huge like, sudden ending where, you know, Mickey’s like, “some imagination. Huh?”

Kelli  24:43 
Well, how great is it though that I’m wearing?

Chris  24:45 
You’re wearing his hat. You’re literally wearing his hat. It’s Kismet. I know. I know. And like the end you’ve got the Steamboat Willie. right he’s he’s sailing his steamboat around the lagoon and like Every Disney character you can ever think of from the most obscure movies to the most popular movies. They’re all on that huge steamboat as they go riding by. I love it. I love every minute of fantasmic.

Kelli  25:15 
Mary Poppins is on the steamboat.

Chris  25:19 
I had this sense of joy and glory, I just cannot take the smile off my face while I’m watching that show.

Kelli  25:25 
Two big steam boats filled with characters.

Chris  25:36 
So that’s it for this week, folks.

Kelli  25:37 
We hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chris  25:43 
And if you did, please subscribe to please subscribe to iTunes and leave us a review. It really really helps.

Kelli  25:51 
Yes, please. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week we’re gonna post some of our favorite things from the Food and Wine Festival since we were just there last week, as well as what to expect if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World in the age of COVID.

Chris  26:16 
Please Please, please join us in the conversation on Instagram or Twitter. You can find us there at SCFADP in both places.

Kelli  26:24 
Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  26:26 
So with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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