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7/26 News, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and the awesomeness of Off Kilter

Episode 7

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Off Kilter in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT

This week we discuss the updated mask regulations at WDW, what to expect when you ride Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and how much we all miss Off Kilter from the Canada pavilion at EPCOT.

Show Notes:
Disney has updated their mask policy. You must be stationary.
Akershus is the Norway Relaxation Station.

La Cava Del Tequila has removed all food options from their menu along with 18 different drinks.

Annual Passholders see an increase in their merchandise discount (30%) until August 14th.

Disney has released 2, 3, and 4 ticket options for Florida residents.

Movie Updates:
Avatar and Star Wars movies sequels have been pushed back by one year. James Cameron annouced that Avatar sequels 2-5 will begin hitting theaters in December 2022, and then every 2 years after that. Avatar 2 was previously set to release next year.

Mulan has been taken off the calendar indefinitely. 🙁

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Off Kilter:
Final performance at EPCOT:
Band Website:

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

Season 1, Episode 6: 7/26 News, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and the awesomeness of Off Kilter Transcript

Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris. And I’m Kelli. And we are super duper super excited because in about 48 hours or less, we’re going to be at the Magic Kingdom and we’re very excited. Yeah, so

Kelli  1:03 
we’re recording this episode early is important for the recording is early because we we like to launch them on Sunday nights, early Monday mornings and we’ll be there then so by the time you hear this

Chris  1:15 
we’ll be at Disney

Kelli  1:17 
property. Yeah, wearing our masking washing our hands and

Chris  1:20 
all social distancing and, and and feeling that magic so yes. So news this week is Disney has updated their, their their policy on masks and when you can remove the masks because people are people and they keep trying to come up with ways to get around the mask policy on the property. I even saw someone say go to Japan. Get one of the frozen the frozen, like slush balls with a column I had no idea hmm yeah. You’re Italian ices, but it’s in Japan. Yeah. And they say yeah, dice, shave ice and eat that all around world showcase. And because you’re eating something, you don’t have to have your mask on, like as a tip like, right as a tip, you can take your mask off because you’re eating something. And yes, I just wear a mask right? Like I’m asked me so Disney immediately updated their policy because they’re smarter than that. You can now remove your mask to eat or drink as long as you are stationary. But if you are moving, you have to have your mask up.

Kelli  2:30 
Well done Disney. There you go. So we will be complying with all rules happening happily comply with the rules.

Chris  2:38 
Last week, we were talking about the relaxation stations at Epcot. I just wanted to clarify one thing that the relaxation station that I said was between Norway and China is actually at akershus the restaurant where they would you like me to? I would love for you to say

Kelli  2:55 
Ackershush. Yeah,

Chris  2:57 
that’s the closest you’ve ever come to

Kelli  2:59 
Askerhouse right? No, I thought it was askerhouse.

Chris  3:03 
So that’s no longer so that’s normally a character breakfast buffet breakfast with a bunch of princesses.

Kelli  3:14 
Also, it’s inside there. It’s inside there. We’ll see now that’s nice. Is that because it actually is it’s like a stone? cavern?

Chris  3:22 
Yeah. The inside of a castle.

Kelli  3:25 
Yeah. Right. And so there are a lot of little nooks and crannies and so I could see why that would make a good place for it and you can’t do the buffet anyway. Right. So that would be a very nice relaxation area. I get

Chris  3:37 
that totally, very much. So so that’s just wanted to clarify that. Really some horrific news just mainly for us. lacava Delta keela has, they are still open in the Mexican pavilion at Epcot. But they have removed all food options, and like about 18 different tequila drinks that they serve. There. Let’s just be

Kelli  4:00 
honest I don’t care about all food options. They’ve removed case

Chris  4:04 
they removed the chips in case which on we had heard that that was the best chips in case so in

Kelli  4:10 
the park as for so little from Mexico as a country I asked for so little. Yeah. And you’re going to take away the chips in case oh right at that look of Adele tequila. I

Chris  4:22 
think that Hacienda outside will still serve.

Kelli  4:25 
They don’t serve chips in case Oh, well, that’s the whole issue. That’s the whole issue. Oh,

Chris  4:31 
fine. We’ll find out.

Kelli  4:33 
They serve nachos. Okay, well with meat.

Chris  4:37 
You ask so little.

Annual pass holders actually get an increase in their discount. And between now and October the 14 to 30% usually fluctuates, 10 or 20% on merchandise. But until August 14 annual pass holders get an extra percent discount to 30% on merchandise. Which is nice. Disney has released ticket options two, three and four day ticket options for Florida residents I think at a discount also Okay, so they’re they’re just sort of weaning themselves into how many people can we have the park in the park and let’s open up other options. You know, a week or so ago they opened up additional days for annual pass holders to get reservations. Those tickets that the Florida residents do buy, they still have to go online and get a park reservation.

Kelli  5:31 
Right as do annual pass holders. Yep.

Chris  5:33 
Any anybody that wants to go into the park has to get a park reservation at this point

Kelli  5:36 
indefinitely. Right. This is not they haven’t given an index, right?

Chris  5:40 
Yeah, that’s right. And the few movie updates, Avatar and Star Wars movie sequels. I mean, I had no idea. avatar is actually going to come out with like, four more sequels over the next Wow. Eight years. I know James Cameron’s inbox

Kelli  6:02 
that movie because I don’t remember. I’ll be

Chris  6:05 
honest. avatar doesn’t age. Well, in terms of its the the some of the subject matter.

Kelli  6:12 
Sure, but like I don’t, okay, we saved the forest. I don’t have any more so we’re gonna I don’t think

Chris  6:17 
it’ll have much to do with the original movie. I think that they’re just more like

Kelli  6:22 
the rides just depend on i don’t

Chris  6:23 
know, i but they built an entire land off of avatars so I think they need more than one movie. Yeah, I think the though there may be a little more culturally sensitive in the future Do you reckon? Yeah. I hope so. Um, and Star Wars movies so anyway, they pushed back to the the next avatar movie was supposed to come out in December of 2021. All and then every two years after that. Oh, wow. They’ve no and so, avatar. Yeah, they moved. They moved all the movies back one year. Same thing for all the future Star Wars movies. I heard this week that they’re gonna

Kelli  7:00 
You can’t produce I mean actors and actresses have to socially distance as well I

Chris  7:04 
guess and it just delays everything dies. Absolutely. I heard the Donald Glover also has agreed to reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in a future Star Wars movie, and there’s some there’s some Star Wars people in the world that just about lost their minds in Glee when they heard that you’re looking at me like I have no idea what might as well be speaking Greek. It is. It is completely great to me I need to stop before you fall asleep right in the middle of the podcast.

Kelli  7:33 
Who Lando is Lando Calrissian??

Chris  7:36 
yeah Lando Calrissian? good to see

Kelli  7:38 
Is he one of the little teddy bears?

Chris  7:39 
No, he’s not an Ewok. But there are people who are thrilled beyond belief about what I just said. Okay.

Kelli  7:47 
Yeah, well good for them.

Chris  7:49 
And this next little movie tidbit is just because of your …your messaging last week in your tomorrowland segment. Mulan has been taken off the calendar indefinitely.

Kelli  8:04 
Wow. So do you think theatres are not going to open?

Chris  8:09 
I think that that’s part of it. But I don’t know. I thought that maybe someone that makes decisions heard your piece last week and said, you know, we need to go take this and redo it so that she has

Kelli  8:24 
a more culturally sensitive and remove her love interest because she saves all of China. Right? Why does she have to end up marrying someone? Sure. Why does saving China end up with a marriage?

Chris  8:36 
Ok, so we covered that last week. I was just letting you know that August 21 is no longer the date that it’s coming out. Okay. Well, just it’s been put off indefinitely.

Kelli  8:47 
All right. We’ll see them.

Chris  8:49 
yeah, so That’s the news for this week. Okay, sounds good. Some bad we laughed. We cried.

Kelli  8:54 
Do we have time for a quick trip? We got two minutes. Okay. So I’m going to ask this question and you’re going to immediately To give an answer and then I’m going to clarify. Okay, but I wanted Okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna go at it this way. So what do you think is the longest running show at Epcot?

Chris  9:09 
Ooh, the longest running show at Epcot. Yeah,

Kelli  9:13 
show. I’m gonna go with your initial gut and I get on it.

My initial gut instinct wants to say that it’s Spaceship Earth, but I’m gonna go with something like I’m gonna go with the other voices Liberty made me so American adventure American adventure.

I’m not trying to trick you on this and I really…I thought you would jump right on this and then I would have to clarify but you’re missing it all together. Okay, so point for me. Carousel of Progress.

Chris  9:52 
That’s not at Epcot.

Oh, you messed up the joke

Kelli  9:59 

Chris  10:02 
That’s in tomorrow land. But that has been around a long time. It was World’s Fair, I think in St. Louis. Okay. So

Kelli  10:07 
I would just like to make a note then whoever runs that particular longtail search term at Google if you could update so that it’s not a result for when somebody searches the longest running show at Epcot. That should only be a result returned for longest running show at the Walt Disney World. Oh, yes. Right

Chris  10:27 
now that makes that Yeah, that makes sense. Right. But it was a good try that we collaborated. It was

Kelli  10:32 
but you were close with voices a liberty. They have been there since the park opened in 1982 since the first day of opening, awesome. Okay, all

Chris  10:42 
Okay, so here we go with Tomorrowland.

Kelli  10:43 
Tomorrowland it is.

Chris  10:47 
Okay, so I get to Tomorrowland this week. And really excited because hopefully, a couple of days after this comes out We’ll we’ll read this Okay, so I’m going to talk about brand new ride Mickey & Minnie’s runaway railway and we

Kelli  11:11 
had tried to get fastpasses for it when all that was still going on right when and we couldn’t know. So yeah, I’m hoping I’m hopeful.

Chris  11:21 
I’m hopeful I don’t have to say the name a whole lot during this because

Kelli  11:25 
Micky and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad

Chris  11:27 
railway. Runway rail right now that’s run on a rail way. Yes,

Kelli  11:33 
very difficult. A girl let’s just call it Mickey & Minnie’s Ride.

Chris  11:36 
Okay. I grew up near a Red Wing roller way skating rink and that’s what it reminds me of every time I swam. So Mickey and Minnie runaway railway brand new this year opened in March of 2020. And then immediately had a shot.

Kelli  11:57 
I didn’t realize they just opened in March

Chris  11:58 
just opened just And then had to shut it down. So we’re gonna talk about in case people don’t know if you if you love Disney, you probably know a lot about it. But here’s what I’m excited about. So this is shockingly, the very first ride at any Disney park anywhere in the world. I mean, there’s there’s a lot of Disney Parks now, right? Yeah. That is exclusively starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Kelli  12:28 
Now, I didn’t realize that was a worldwide thing. I thought it was just at Walt Disney World at any Disney park. Now, that is a shame. He would think Minnie and Mickey have really been the star for a long time talking decades here. 1928 when Mickey was was me and they just got a ride. I know like stitch had arrived before.

Chris  12:52 
I think you pretty much summed it up, right? Yeah, yeah, I mean and all over the park. Never forget it all started with a mouse you see that quote everywhere but the mouse hadn’t arrived. Don’t get me right, right so he’s finally got a ride. And it stars him and Minnie and Goofy, Pluto Donald and Daisy even as a part so all the…I do love Daisy, I know you do you love how she looks fuzzy.

Kelli  13:20 
She’s so fuzzy, she has the cutest tail.

Chris  13:23 
So if you’re going to give an elevator speech about this ride, right? You would say something like, What if you were on a cartoon train flying around inside of a real Mickey Mouse cartoon? That’s the idea for this right?

Kelli  13:40 
Like a 1950s and 60s cartoon. We talking Steamboat Willie or we talking like…

Chris  13:44 
we’re talking we’re talking older. Okay, we’re talking like classic but they’re actually drawing current Mickey Mouse, like shorts. Okay. In a classic style, so it’s for the ride or for the new shorts that are coming out. Oh, okay. at Hollywood studios, they’re actually showing in one of the theaters there a brand new Mickey Mouse. Short Movie. Oh, and so it’s in the same style as the as the classic Disney cartoons, but also as in this new ride. Oh, fun. Okay, so the

Kelli  14:19 
so we’re in the cartoon

Chris  14:21 
That’s the idea. Again, this is we’re in the cartoon and if you’re you’re riding on a train, we’re Goofy’s, the engineer and Mickey and Minnie are in their classic roadster on a road nearby and hilarity ensues. Okay, so now if you know anything about Hollywood studios, this ride is inside. Romans Chinese Theater, the replica of Romans Chinese Theater, which I learned is now the TCL Chinese theatre out in Hollywood. It’s not Brahmins anymore, but whatever. It’s gonna be growlings for me, I used to be the movie used to be the great movie ride. Have you Right. And I loved the great movie ride. I love movies anyway, and I loved riding through those scenes of those movies. Just I was so sad to see it close. It’s been closed since like, 2017. Yeah, it was a classic. And I loved that ride. I was really sad when they closed and they said, this is going to be for something else now, but Disney always gets it right. And they’ll get it right with this too. I’m not worried about it. They put up some classic signage on the front so that it looks like classic 1920s and 30s new movie coming out for the Mickey minis new ride. Oh, that’s the kit. Yeah. And so if you remember, though, about when when you ride the great movie ride, you would queue kind of outside the theater and you would queue into the theater into the lobby, right where you see the you’d see like, classic props like Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, dresses, dresses from famous movies and I think one of the One of the horses from Mary Poppins carousel when she’s

Kelli  16:05 
Were those for real?

Chris  16:07 
I have to assume so but I don’t really know. Okay. And then you queue out of there and you queue into this switch back area where you would watch old movie trailers of the movies that you were going to ride through once you were in the ride. Yep. Asked about big john one day, john.

Just a funny thing that happened on one of our trips. So all of that is still there. You still queue similar to that. But now when you’re queuing in the movie theater area, the switch back area with the movie theater instead of seeing old classic trailers. You’re watching, you start watching a new Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Kelli  16:46 
Oh, one of the new ones they’ve created, I guess.

Chris  16:49 
Okay, right. And you you only watch the first few minutes because something happens and there’s a big crash on the screen. And when The crash happens. smoke comes billowing out of the screen, real smoke comes out and it blinds everybody. And then when the smoke clears, there’s a big huge hole that’s been blown in the wall of the screen. The actual screen has had a hole blown in it. Okay. And the idea is, you’re going to literally walk through the screen out of your world into the cartoon world. Do you really right? Oh, now that’s fine. How cool I mean, Goofy, even he like comes up and he sees us right? He breaks that fourth wall and he talks to us and one of the cast members. It says Hey, would you like to go ride on one of my trains? Right? Oh, that’s fun, super creative. And and then you go ride on runamok Park trains, right. And so the cast member escort sheet through the movie screen from your world into the cartoon world where you prepared to get on one of the trains

Kelli  17:56 
and so is that the inside of it is similar as far as What the, what you’re sitting in?

Chris  18:02 
You feel like you’re sitting in a cartoon train.

Kelli  18:05 
But is it that the same big thing that we rode? only four people wide is mine. Okay, so no,

Chris  18:10 
it’s totally totally different, totally different, totally different and he uses that same tracklists technology coming for Remy and is used in the rise of the resistance ride. And so, so you, you get on the train and you are going through the perfect picnic cartoon.

Kelli  18:32 
And I just want to remind everybody that the person who is the chief Imagineer on this is the the lady who has been assigned to be the chief Imagineer of the Splash Mountain redo. Oh, yes, that’s right. Right. So when when you’re thinking, wow, this sounds really cool. Just think this is what we’ve got coming for us.

Chris  18:50 
She’s having a good moment. Yeah. Good. That’s awesome. We are right now. So the Executive Creative Director for Walt Disney. Imagine Kevin Rafferty says this about the ride, we’ve taken our whole grab bag of theatrical tricks and blended them together so seamlessly. You won’t be able to tell what’s what. There’s more happening in each and every scene than you could possibly have time to see and just want to experience that. So, it includes exclusive theme music called Nothing can stop us now written specifically for this ride by Christopher and Elise Willis, who won multiple awards for music they’ve written for other new Mickey Mouse cartoons. Okay. And there are some easter eggs in the ride. Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit gets a shout out in this on a newspaper that you might see somewhere in there. Okay, that was actually a character Walt created before Mickey. Okay, um, but he didn’t. He didn’t keep the copyright. The studio took it from him. UBI works who’s credited with the first sketching of Mickey Mouse gets a nod in this ride. And the numbers 1901 and 1928 birth years for Walt and Mickey respectively, are seen floating around in there so oh fun. So really, really excited about Yeah, me trying to get on this thing. So yes, so that’s, that’s not tomorrow. Oh, well

Kelli  20:16 
done. I honestly didn’t know what the ride was about. I’m super excited about it. Yeah,

Chris  20:21 
yeah, I can’t wait.

Kelli  20:23 
Very excited. Okay, awesome. Let’s hit world showcase because I’m pumped. Alright, so what I wanted to talk about today for World showcase, this could be a little off brand for me. I don’t know. But, but maybe you’re still you’re gonna you’re gonna love it. And you know that I love it. So we’ll see. I want to talk about one of my favorite shows at Epcot. That was why I asked you the question about longest running show at Epcot. I will talk about one of my favorite shows at Epcot. That is no longer there. We’re talking About off kilter.

Chris  21:01 
Oh my gosh. I get it.

Kelli  21:06 
If y’all don’t know, off kilter. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But we’re gonna talk about off kilter. So this is a band that played in Canada for 18 years. Now tell me do you know, why did they have a Celtic band playing in Canada?

Chris  21:22 
You know, I never really thought about it. Until like, I’d seen them four or five times. And I’m wondering, is that what does this have to do with Canada?

Kelli  21:31 
Right? So at one point, the Irish Canadians were 24% of the Canadian population. Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t that interesting? Today? It’s more like 15% they’re still the fourth largest ethnic group in Canada. See, They should have pimped that out more I have no idea I really had no idea. This off kilter. They were they played with three five times a day.

Chris  21:55 
No more than that. Yeah, they

Kelli  21:56 
Oh my goodness. Oh, guys. Yeah. And they play In Canada for 18 years. Wow. 18 years from 1997 to 2014. Okay, yes. So their last show was September 27 of 2014. And they were replaced by now you know my personal feelings regarding what they’re replaced by. So I’m going to try not to say this with a tone of disdain, but the reality is they were replaced by a lumberjack inspired show with chainsaws,

Chris  22:31 
where they were competing to cut wood.

Kelli  22:34 
Whatever, it was canceled a year later because you know what, it was a stupid show. And you also know what else Okay, a it was a stupid show. And two, How many trees did they cut down for that show? Because they were also doing multiple shows a day. Yeah. Like how many forests can we kill for a stupid lumberjack inspired Canadian show? Go get off kilter back.

Chris  22:57 
We definitely need a camera in here.

Kelli  22:58 
That wasn’t a tone of disdain, that was just straight up anger. Anyway, so off kilter, is described as Celtic rock with a kick, or Celtic music with a twist. So imagine an electric guitar and a bagpipe together. Yeah. And if you’re thinking, Wow, that sounds weird, then you need to get one of their CDs and if you’re thinking that sounds cool, then you’re right.

Chris  23:22 
It does sound cool and still get one of their,

Kelli  23:25 
one of their CDs. They are still touring. They still play there. They’re now traveling band. They have some gigs coming up in Florida. This is fun. They play a lot of the Celtic fest that happened in the fall. So fun story. I was introduced to off kilter by a friend who is from Florida. She’s from a little town in Florida called Dunedin which is spelled like Dunedin. So any of you that are from Florida, then you can tell that I’m not. But I was so proud that I said that correctly. So she’s from a little town called Dunedin and now Dunedin and has an interesting tie to Ireland. The Dunedin high school band has bagpipes. And so my friend, yes, so my friend actually plays bagpipes, she always has, which I’ve always thought is super cool. So anyway, so I was introduced to off kilter by my friend that’s from Florida, who played the bagpipes. So shout out to her. I’m not gonna say her name just for privacy reasons. But any case, she introduced me to them. And so we actually have a clip. While Chris has queued up the clip I want to tell you what I love the most about off kilter. I love their energy. They’re fun. I do love their music. And they always drew a crowd. Crowd. So why don’t you pause our background music and I just want to play a little clip of my favorite off kilter song, which is wild rover. Yeah, I hit pause that for us. Are you All right. So I want to try to get a feel for what that sounds like. With the electric guitars, the drums and the bagpipes.

We got both going.

Technical difficulties.

Awesome. So I wanted to get a feel for the the combo of the bagpipes, the drums and the electric guitar. Yeah,

Chris  26:41  
it’s wonderful. I love that song. That’s probably my favorite off kilter song. I also love fields of Athan rhyme, which is really great and whiskey in the jar.

Kelli  26:53 
Yeah. All great. So if you don’t have other albums, I would say I recommend their live album. Here’s another fun fact so they have five or six albums out. But that one that you just heard from wild rover is off of their live album. Okay. And I don’t know if it’s live at Disney or live at another show. It sounds like a pretty large crowd. Yeah, the pavilion

Chris  27:16 
wasn’t that large No, I saw one point where that was it was not a Disney.

Kelli  27:22 
Okay. Okay, so they played mostly Disney they were one of the most popular bands at Disney for 18 years. And I just want to say replacing them with lumberjacks was an epic fail did already mentioned that you did it was an epic fail. And I have to believe that Disney wishes that they could get off kilter back because so there’s a band now

Chris  27:41 
there’s a band in that and that’s a billion now, but is it off kilter? It’s not okay. So but I believe it is dominated by by women.

Kelli  27:50 
Oh, well feminists band going on in Canada, so I might have to give them a shot. Are they Irish cat Irish Canadians. I don’t know. I will come To a fun fact, they are going to do a tour off kilter is going to do a tour of Ireland in 2021.

Chris  28:09 
Oh, how fun would that be?

You know, they’ve got some some off kilter groupie out there that is just gonna follow them all over Ireland.

Kelli  28:19 
Absolutely. So yeah, so I mentioned uneaten earlier they actually still have two gigs lined up for this year. One in October and one in November and the one in November is the Dinesen Celtic music and craft beer festival in den Eden, Florida. It sounds like a good it’s over daddy’s over near the Tampa area. So yeah, no, it sounds like a fantastic time. I love Highland Games. Right? I love those Highland game type shows and I didn’t think about that kind of festival not being around in the fall. You have so many festivals in the fall Renaissance Festival Highland Games like all that kind of feel. Yeah. You know, with the The

Chris  29:01 
kilts, yeah, yeah. And these guys are fun. They’re high energy. They’re, they’re funny and they were killed.

Kelli  29:07 
Yeah. They’re funny. No, they look like they’re having a blast, and

Chris  29:11 
they’re put on a good show.

Kelli  29:13 
And what normally would happen is, you know, the diehard fans would get there early, sit on the log benches. But then as soon as they started playing, boom, there’s a massive crowd, a huge crowd, massive crowd because you hear that music and you’re like, what is that you’re just drunk, and you’re pulled in immediately. But they were fantastic. So the guy that founded it in 1996 is still the lead singer. Yeah. Um, so I think it’s fun. I don’t know how many bands, you know, stay together that long anymore, or even have a regular gig that lasts that long, right? I mean, you’re talking three to five shows a day. Disney World doesn’t close. Right? So you’re talking 365 days a year. I mean, surely they got a week off. They got a break, but just see, I used to always do that math when I would see them and think, man, that’s a brutal schedule. But when they would walk offstage, I just always imagined them going back to some kind of green room filled with beer.

Chris  30:15 
Canadian beer

Kelli  30:19 
that was just the vibe that you got on the stage was that they had sort of like just come out of the green room and finished a beer and they’d go back and drink another beer huge hugely good time watching this play.

Yes, play I miss off kilter so much. I do. So maybe off kilter. Maybe you come back for like a special Just for us. A special show.

Chris  30:43 
Awesome. Good job. Yeah, that was our world showcase. Okay,

folks, that’s it for this week.

Kelli  30:50 
Well, we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you

Chris  30:53 
did, as always, please subscribe on iTunes. leave us a review those reviews on tunes really help us a lot

Kelli  31:02 
they do seriously and if you’re looking for more things Disney, please visit SCF That’s SCF. S for Super C for Cali, F for Fragelistic a for awesome D for Disney p for podcast. This week we will be at Disney, so we won’t have any bonus content coming your way but get ready for a flurry of bonus stuff beginning next week,

Chris  31:26 
and probably a lot of stuff happening on on the gram. So please join us in that conversation on Twitter and Instagram. Our handle is SCF ADP in both places.

Kelli  31:39 
Yes, we would love to hear from you there. Please follow us and comment all our photos and tell us what you want us to eat.

Chris & Kelli  31:45 
For sure. And so with that, we will see you real soon.

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