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7/19 News, the NEW Mulan movie, and the importance of meeting Disney Princesses in the parks

Episode 6

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In this week’s episode, we cover the latest news (lots of it), what to expect from the new Mulan movie (scheduled to launch on 8/21/20), and how it compares to the 1998 version, and Chris covers the importance of meeting Disney Princesses when you visit the parks (even if you don’t have kids).

Show Notes:
Disneyland Paris has Opened.

Hong Kong Disneyland closed due to a spike of COVID in Hong Kong.

Downtown Disney has re-opened at Disneyland in California.

Disneyland Resort has started taking reservations for August 9th and after, although there is still no word yet on when Disneyland parks will open.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opening is set to TBD.
Construction is still happening. Just not guaranteeing an opening date anymore.

Spaceship Earth redo has been postponed along with the new Mary Poppins experience that was slated for Epcot.

EPCOT and Hollywood Studios Officially Open

Eliminated Rides
Primeval Whirl
Rivers of Light
Stitch’s Great Escape

A number of restaurants are still closed inside the parks.  

New Mulan Movie:

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

Season 1, Episode 5: 7/19 News, the NEW Mulan movie, and the importance of meeting Disney Princesses in the parks Transcript

Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris and I’m Kelli. And welcome to this week’s show. We’ve got a lot of news to cover in Main Street USA. So we’re gonna jump right into it. Okay. So Disneyland Paris has opened. So you For that a lot of the same, you know, medical precautions that we’ve seen here. Hong Kong Disneyland had to close because of a spike in covid cases there. Okay. Downtown Disney Disneyland in California has opened up and it’s very busy. That’s the shops like sort of like the Disney Springs for California. Yep. Okay. And they’re seeing tons of business out there. Disneyland Resort has my understanding started taking reservations after August 9. But there’s still no word yet on it. The parks are going to open Resort Hotel, but not necessarily the parks. I brought this one up because we talked about Rumi’s Ratatouille adventure last week and tomorrow LAN segment. That opening day is now set TBD, to be determined. I took down the summer 2020 signage, they’re still doing the construction. But there’s no set date yet. So I don’t think it’ll be up and running. To go later this week, but maybe still by Christmas, that’s Spaceship Earth redo, they’re gonna redo Spaceship Earth has been postponed. I think we mentioned that indefinitely right sort of indefinitely, but they have not canceled it all together.

Kelli  2:16 
That was the original news rights.

Chris  2:18 
Okay. Thank you nations thank the Phoenicians. Also the Mary Poppins experience that has been planned for the England pavilion at Epcot is also been postponed. Oh, so no, no set date on when that will even start. I know that’s a bummer. That is a bummer. That’s a bummer. And obviously, the biggest news of this week, though, is that Epcot Hollywood Studios opened last Wednesday to the public, officially, and all the same stuff we’ve talked about in terms of masks and social distancing. But the mask free relaxation stations, I wanted to cover that real quick in Epcot, you’ll find those at the Yorkshire county fish shop. So the York County fish is not operating as a fish shop. Although Rosen crown still is okay. Between Norway and Epcot over there in the world showcase that’s a relaxation station now where you can take your mask off, okay. And in futureworld East near mission space and test track, there’s a relaxation station over there. Okay now too. So in future world, Hollywood studios, the Star Wars launch Bay in the animation courtyard area is now a relaxation station, which makes a lot of sense. People aren’t going to the Star Wars launch Bay anymore. They’re going to go Yeah, yeah. And in galaxies edge near the big x wing fighter near the exit to rise of the resistance. There’s a station there too. Okay, so that’s good. Um, so more news from this week, they have eliminated three experiences permanently across Walt Disney World, primeval world in Dino land USA and wiki them is going away if that was really apparently just a seasonal ride anyway for whatever reason it’s gone for good or it will be gone for good rivers a weird ride it was a weird ride man and you know it was it jerky a little painful something was yeah it was Herky jerky but it was for the kids yeah rivers of light they’ve done away with their the nighttime show

Kelli  4:22 
sure how I feel about that.

Chris  4:24 
I’m not either you know of the show the nighttime shows not you know didn’t blow me away but I enjoyed it it was a nice ending to this peaceful and

Kelli  4:33 
I always thought the The crowd was

Chris  4:36 
full was always full and you know, even standing room on the on the streets and stuff. But yeah, it was I enjoyed it. Yeah, but I think I don’t know maybe they’re they don’t know how long they’re going to be closing the park before dark. And so if that ride was just organically never gonna do that, right. That show right was organically never gonna never be used again. For a long time,

Kelli  5:01 
yeah, but the fireworks aren’t either.

Chris  5:03 
Yeah, it’s fair.

Kelli  5:05 
Right? Yeah, it’s interesting. I would love to know their reasoning behind that. But yeah, I heard that too.

Chris  5:09 
And stitches great escape and tomorrow land at the Magic Kingdom is closed down for good. That’s

Kelli  5:13 
a scary ride, man.

Chris  5:15 
It’s a scary ride. It was really scary before that with Alien Encounter before stitch. But stitches rod has really been closed down since 2018. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that

Kelli  5:27 
hasn’t really been closed. And

Chris  5:29 
everybody knew. Right. Well, you know, every time you go, it’s never running since 2008. It wasn’t like an official announcement. Right? Right. Yeah, I didn’t care for that. Right. It’s so because of all the reduced activity in the parks. I mean, they’re they’re saying like 25 to 30% activity of in the parks. They’ve had to reduce the food offerings, right. So with that, it’s easiest way to do that is To is to reduce the restaurants. So not most of the character dining places like you know Hollywood and Vine and Crystal Palace and those kinds of places are closed. There were buffets, but yeah, buffet zero. That makes sense. A lot of the ones that there are a lot of the other places like Casey’s corner and Magic Kingdom and Cheshire cafe for the Broken Heart there. I know. I know. Columbia harbor house. I know. I know. I know the cat, the cat tell. I know. I know.

Kelli  6:36 
That was going to be my breakfast on Saturday.

Chris  6:39 
Well of this week. Let’s just hope that maybe they’re selling it at the bakery the bakery Oh, no, no,

Kelli  6:45 
no, I want it from that. That was my breakfast on Saturday. Magic Kingdom. What am I supposed to have for breakfast now?

Chris  6:51 
I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s the best pastry in the park. It is. Gaston’s Tavern is also closed. So I know a lot of people are hoping The sentiment bond they sell there which is a huge is big. Right? I said it’s very popular. I know that used to be sold in the bakery. I know people are hoping that it still is. I know. I know. There’s more to come. Hollywood Studios Woody’s lunchbox is closed. I was gonna try

Kelli  7:16 
that grilled cheese. I mean, nothing is smothered in mayonnaise and cream cheese. And I was just going to staple it straight to my hips and give it a go.

Chris  7:25 
The neighborhood bakery where the nom nom cookies and the key lime pie on a stick that’s closed. Epcot the bakery at Norway. kringla – closed, such a shame. tenido la Cava del tequila is open.

Kelli  7:42 
Yes, it is. That when you tell me things are about to close, and that there was going to be bad news for me during the news segment. Immediately Google Google that please do not take away my queso and margaritas.

Chris  7:55 
Sure. Well, thank God for that I have and the rock is now Apparently selling a tequila there so looking forward to that also noticed on the maps that the maps have all been updated to show the relaxation stations and all at Epcot, the whole middle section that will one day be world celebration has been blocked off and looks like a big green area because they’re doing construction. That means that mouse gear is inaccessible.

Kelli  8:19 
I did see that, there is a temporary Mouse Gear.

Chris  8:22 
I was trying to surprise you with that.

Kelli  8:26 
Mouse Gear is the best store. Yeah, in all of all of Walt Disney World

Chris  8:31 
and this thing is a better store than world it isn’t Yes, it’s the best store all of Walt Disney World so they really need to come through strong on that. So with the insurance is now on the side where mission spaces. So so hopefully that’ll still hold up. And the last bit here is this past Friday was the 65th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland. So sad that they’re closed. But but so anyway, they celebrate Disney plus actually celebrated by Putting on on the air. One week before Disneyland opened back in 1955. Walt Disney aired a show called Disneyland. The pre opening report. Oh, it was and so they you can actually go watch that on Disney plus right now. And you know, it’s a fascinating look back into this nostalgic TV show from 1955. Oh, no, that’s fun. Yeah, so they gave like inside look on how they make rocks or plaster like rocks and bricks and things like that and how they did the rides. The cutest thing I saw in it was this live advertisement during the show for Hudson automobiles. witching. That’s it. What is that? Where it included like a contest with lots of prizes like you could win a picture of fest Parker who played Davy Crockett in the Disney movie. Or an autographed picture fest Parker or tickets to Disneyland. Oh, that’s so I would recommend going back and watch that it was. It’s fine was pretty cute. So, so that’s all the news for this week.

Kelli  10:08 
Okay. All right, let’s jump to Tomorrowland. So I will just say that I feel like once I start this segment, you’re going to be worried about where it’s going. Okay? And so I just want to say…

Chris  10:26 
also on brand

Kelli  10:28 
that once I get into it, you’ll see exactly how on brand it is, but I just need to say, this is my segment and this is what we’re doing. Okay. Okay. So I had originally planned to do tomorrow this week on the new Milan movie, because it was supposed to launch on the 24th. That was its second official launch. Its first official launch was March 27 to 2020. Okay, okay, that was pushed back to July 24, and has now been pushed back into August. Which is It says a lot about what Disney is expecting of the movie. Because they didn’t just launch it on Disney plus, sure, like they did a couple of other movies. So I think they’re expecting it to be pretty big and I am too, but I wanted to sort of do a quick history of the original one, and then talk about what I’m looking forward to in the new one. Okay, so the original Milan movie was released June 19, of 1998. It was based on based loosely placed on an adaptation of the Chinese poem, The Ballad of Milan. Okay, so this was the first movie that Disney had based on Chinese culture. But with many, many changes from the original story, the Disney version was considered a hybrid ization. Milan is a Chinese looking girl with an American spirit of independence and a pursuit for individual value, which is probably why I love Milan. I mean, Marita, definitely my number one fav Move on is a close second because she’s got some spunk. So the original film was set in northern China where the dominant language is Mandarin. But Disney in that film used far which is the Cantonese product pronunciation of her last name. Wha? This was corrected in the 2020 film. So in the 2020 film she will be Hua Milan instead of far Milan. So they corrected their language issues their grandma was one of my favorite characters. And as I go back and look at it, I mean she had she also had spunk, right? I love a good woman with spunk, but frankly, I think it’s because I could relate to her. She sounds like a grandma from the south there is not a Chinese bone in her body, and not even a tinge of a Chinese accent. Which makes sense because grandma was voiced by June for aid, who also voice Lucifer from Cinderella and Cindy Lou who

More fun news that you will enjoy Ling was voiced by Ged Whatanabe I probably screwed that up if I did, I’m so sorry yet, um, who also voiced long Duk Dong in 16 Candles.

So I mean, I just think there was definitely room for improvement from the 1998 film, the quote from Tony Bancroft, who was the director of the 1998 Mulan, let’s go ahead and say that the 2020, Mulan was directed by a woman.

Chris  13:28 
So automatically an improvement and

Kelli  13:31 
improvement there. Okay, but Tony says, we knew we had to respect the material. This is a beloved story to the Chinese people. We also knew that we weren’t going to make a Chinese picture we couldn’t. We’re not Chinese. We have a different sensibility and a different storytelling style. So for those that know me, well, this is the question that I usually post to my students and for those of you who don’t know me, please do not worry these students are of age. I teach at the college level. So the question that I usually pose to my class is what is better giving no representation to the Chinese culture, or representing the culture inaccurately. And the class loves to debate this. I also love to participate in this debate. I don’t know that there’s a right answer to it. But the reality is, I was a child of the 80s in the 90s. I remember when a lot of these 90s Disney films came out, and I loved them. And if that is my only representation of a Chinese person, because I’m from a small city in the south, then what does that do to my impression of the Chinese culture? Okay, we got a little deep there. Yeah, for sure. The supercalifragilistic podcast, but I wanted to go there. So you know, there are three ages of Disney films. There’s the classics, which were mostly in the 50s the Renaissance era, which was the 90s Okay, that’s when you and were kids are teenagers. Really. That’s the Little Mermaid. Yeah. And then the New Age ones. And those are the ones that have come out in the 2000s. So Mulan was part of the Renaissance era of Disney films. I was a teenager during this time, I loved Mulan. I don’t remember thinking that it was horribly racist or stereotypical or anything of the sort. Side note, I was from a small town in the south, I probably never met a Chinese person. So it was horribly racist and very stereotypical. I just didn’t realize it. The 90s were particularly tough for Disney women. Mulan is one of the five movies that were produced in the 90s. Four of them had women speaking less words than the men in the movies. Now, this is particularly interesting since most of the movies are named after the women, right? That’s going to be the Little Mermaid, Mulan, Pocahontas. Those types of movies are right so mostly named after their female heroine, but yet the men spoke more. in Mulan women actually spoke less than 25% of the words in the entire movie. So now let’s move on to some differences between the 98 film and the 2020 film – y’all are loving my Disney lecture right now and I can feel it. I can feel it in the podcast air. So August 21 of 2020 is the new release date. Sure. Right. So a lot of theaters are opening back up at the beginning of August or end of July. So August 21 is the latest release date that has been announced. It says a lot that they didn’t release it on Disney Plus, I watched Artemis Fowl on Disney plus when it came out and I have to say it was a right move to release that on Disney plus, that would have been a huge flop in the theaters right probably a huge flop on Disney plus it barely related to the books great cast, but um, so but so here’s some key differences. Okay, so for the Disney purists out there, you’re not going to like the first key difference. There’s no singing Yeah, Mulan does not sing she just kicks ass. Can I say ass? Well. Okay, so she does not sing.

Chris  16:57 
Okay, so I saw meme I saw me Online recently that argued that Milan was the greatest Disney Princess. Because while Elsa has ice magic Mulan has a five digit body count.

Kelli  17:11 
Yeah, no Mulan just kicks ass. And so in this movie she didn’t have time to sing. If you look up the trailer you can see this is going to be an epic battle type movie. Sure. This isn’t you know, bring honor to us all and I want to marry a woman that can cook a good pork type of a situation. Okay, we’re moving away from that. There is no Li Shang in this movie. She he was replaced with a rival that does eventually fall in love with Mulan after he realizes that Mulan is a woman. I’m going to come back to that okay, the Hun leader is has been replaced with a powerful witch. That’s also an interesting change. And Mulan will have an unnamed sister. Not No sister in the original 1998 film or the original Legend. Okay, so those are some of the key changes. Here’s what I’m excited about. Number one, no singing. She doesn’t need to sing No, she just needs to get out there and show those men what for on the battlefield. Okay, go get them in line. Number two trailer looks epic. No cartoony, no cuteness. Go get them. Go get them girl. Mulan is my kind of character. She’s defiant and strong. She’s not delicate and in need of protecting. Hello. And also she’s the type of character I want young girls to see more of in Disney films like jasmine, right? We let Jasmine become salten and I say let Jasmine consultant because that’s, that’s how the plot reads. Okay, she was allowed to become saltin sure, that kid earned it. For sure. The cast this is my favorite is almost entirely Asian or Asian American. Some of the uncredited characters are not Asian. The original cast was about 25% Asian, but most of the Asian characters that were in the lead role Their songs were sung by Americans Womp womp so I’m very happy to see this all Asian and Asian American cast. People are gonna hate that I like this, but there’s no mooshu.

Chris  19:13 
No, I’m good with that too.

Kelli  19:15 
Um, I love Eddie Murphy. I think mooshu was a great character, but obviously it comes after like the name moo shu pork, which is I mean Hello, and horribly racist and stereotypical. And Mulan does not have a black man as an ancestor. No. Okay, so the comedic sidekick is always one of my favorite parts of a Disney movie, but most you had to go. I’m hesitant that she needs to have a love interest. Why does she need a love interest? I don’t get that can she? There’s no love interest in the original ballad. Okay, no love interest. Why does Mulan need a man she saves the whole freakin country of China. Right? And then we’ve We’re gonna make her have a man. Why does she man she just saved China?

Chris  20:04 
This is okay, this is this is my wife.

Kelli  20:07 
This is on brand, right? Sure. I don’t know that I’m happy about the Hun leader being a powerful witch. So those are my big things that I’m hesitant about. But overall, I’m happy. I know I ran through that pretty quickly. If you want a longer lecture, just email me.

Chris  20:25 
I’m gonna make a hard turn here to the world showcase.

Kelli  20:39 
Class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 to 4:20.

Chris  20:43 
That’s awesome. Because if this podcast is nothing else, it’s a little bit of insight into who we are. And you will not get a clearer picture of who My Blushing Bride is than this week’s tomorrowland segment. But I’m with you. I’m down I’m excited about I’m down for the new Mulan movie. I’m down for rough and tumble but kickin Mulan.

Kelli  21:08 
Yeah, let’s do the hard turn.

Chris  21:10 
Alright, hard drive. We got some we got some prisons action going on here though. Much, much happier and lighter

Kelli  21:20 
Mulan’s not a princess.

Chris  21:21 
now okay

so as a 45 year old man who has been to Disney a ton of times Disney World in Orlando at least meeting the characters has always been okay. Yeah, if it happens that’s delightful. But and then I never went to Disney so that I could give me the characters and, and and even at like the character dining events like the buffets and whatnot where they would come around. That’s also nice, but I thought oh buffet because I like the buffet food. Obviously that’s on brand too. So, you know, it’s always been kind of messy. But in the last couple years, we’ve had opportunity to actually go see the characters, especially the princesses. Yeah. And that’s what my world showcase is about. I like it after like, after like 43 years of life. I finally made it appointment viewing to go see the princesses in the parks. Yeah. And you and your grandma never saw ever we have seen them but we didn’t. We never there wasn’t a thing as big. Well, you didn’t have like all these places where you go stand in line. Right? Right. Right. That I remember. Right? They were just around the park or around the parks, maybe you know, you you would only see really see Cinderella either in the parades or if you went back then it was king Stephens. Right. So those were really the only time she would see the princesses but now With these, you can actually go and hang with them. And

Kelli  23:04 
right now it’s a much bigger deal. It’s a big deal condition. It’s air conditions air condition. That’s a nice deal. And it’s

Chris  23:10 
a really big deal. And I mean, I’m a I’m a now that we’ve established we say, I’m a grown ass man. And I totally get it if you want to go to meet the princesses do it do

Kelli  23:23 
it now. It is

Chris  23:24 
not. You will not be disappointed.

Kelli  23:28 
It was amazing.

Chris  23:29 
Yeah. So so the things I love the most about it was these people stay in character. No matter what there is, there is nothing that causes them to break character. So a few examples. Tiana, with her with her rocket hot southern drawl. Oh, yeah. And was. She’s great. Wonderful. My favorite was probably Elena of Avalon. Elena, we have a special relationship with Elaine of avalonia in our house anyway. And we were super excited when we heard she was going to finally be a princess that she could meet at the parks. And so we went and met with her and what blew us away was how seamlessly she would drop in and out of Spanish.

Kelli  24:21 
Oh, yeah, she would flip right back and forth. It was even within the same Senate. Well, yeah,

Chris  24:26 
it was great. She was absolutely wonderful. And the there was an older couple in front of us like there without kids. They were just there to meet Elena and Cinderella and Rapunzel and so on. Right. And they go in there talking and these princes they give you time and you’re with them for between five and 10 minutes and and they’re really interested. And this the lady, that so Elaine I asked the lady where so where are you from? What Kingdom are you from? Uh huh. And the lady says we’re from Miami. Where are you from? and Elena doesn’t skip a beat. She says, Well, I’m from Abba lore, right.

Kelli  25:14 
And then the lady asked, yeah, she

Chris  25:16 
asked me like, where are you? She goes, No, I’m from Laura. She would not break character. I loved it is a great honor from Frozen. She talks 100 miles an hour. You can’t get a word in edgewise. But she’s delightful. Maritza, I know you you have a fun place in your heart from every week we the last time we went in fact, you was the first subject matter you matter, you actually matter. How did you enjoy that?

Kelli  25:45 
I was I mean, I could. I was a little bit fangirl ish. With her, like there was a pose

Chris  25:51 
established now that you love a strong woman.

Kelli  25:53 
I do. And I love Merida. And so I was a little bit fangirlish with her. there was a pose I saw her doing with a couple of other people in line. And I wanted her to do that pose with me. And then when I got up there, she didn’t. Like she didn’t automatically go to that pose. And so, you know, I was about to walk away disappointed. Sure. And then I looked back at you and you’re like ask her!

Can we do the back to back thing?

Chris  26:25 
like such a nine year old,

Kelli  26:27 
but no, she was great. She said, Yes, I will. Absolutely let’s do the back to back thing. And I had my hair up in a hat so maybe she couldn’t see that I had red hair and that we identified in that way together. Sure. Um, but no, I mean, it was it was magical moment for me.

Chris  26:41 
So I don’t know if you saw online I know you did. But the recently you know, with the pray with the miniature parades, the cavalcade that they have now. Meredith rides through Magic Kingdom on Angus, huge Shire horse okay. And just pure accident this Little kid let his balloon get away from him. And it got caught up in anguses back legs and I get sort of freaked out and started like trying to shake the balloon loose and it was sort of a scary moment because Angus is ginormous. He is and there’s merit to be bopping around on top of Angus while Angus is kind of losing his mind. Yeah. And not even a flinch. No, no, no liquor, perspiration on her brow and she just hopped right off, right off and was just a boss. So they just, they’re just rock solid and superduper. observant, like they are. They are so well trained to like, notice something about you. And so it might it helps with the little celebration buttons that say you know, my first trip or, you know, I’m celebrating graduating or whatever first, you know, we’re newly newlyweds or whatever. But they go way beyond that to notice if you might Enjoying a special day. And just so naturally so organically weave that into the whatever conversation whatever time there

Kelli  28:08 
is did that we just did it for and I was blown away. Yeah. And I was just blown away by what she noticed about us.

Chris  28:17 
That’s what I was thinking about. Yeah. So just so impressed by their ability. They’re just so much more than people in costumes.

Kelli  28:25 
Oh, yeah. No, they embody the characters. They own them. Yeah. Well, they’re there to make you feel like you have just met.

Chris  28:31 
And it’s it’s, it goes right down to like the autographs, right? autographs are a big deal. And Cinderella has a distinctive autograph. They all have an autograph that is specific to that character Pocahontas has autograph is the same font as the Pocahontas, Brian for the movie. Right? So, but you can do everything perfect as that character but if you can’t sign the order The graph the way that characters then you can’t be that character now. So just the thing that that one of the things that really drives our love for Disney, everybody’s love for Disney is their attention to detail. So yeah, and I just feel like the way those those actors and actresses embody those characters right down to the autograph is a perfect example of all the detail that that Disney expects you to experience when you come to their parks. So if you if you’ve like been avoiding seeing the princesses and standing in some of those lines I would highly recommend you do it one time I really don’t believe you’ll be disappointed in the slightest

Kelli  29:41 
Yeah, I don’t either. bells and chanted tail is enchanted tales with Bell I believe is what it’s called. That one’s a special one. It is if you can only do one and you don’t really want to interact with the printers one on one I would take do that when it’s sort of like a little show.

Adults would still enjoy Yeah, it’s cute. You got to be a soldier.

Chris  30:02 
I didn’t I was I was a soldier.

Kelli  30:04 
So yeah, no, I would highly recommend as well. Yeah.

Chris  30:06 
And, and by the way, it’s hard to interact with the principal’s right now with the way it is. But they did just do something at the England in the gazebo in England at Epcot, where Mary Poppins and Alison Wonderland stand in the gazebo. And you can actually interact with them speaking to them, which is a lot of fun. So highly recommend going to see the princesses if you’ve never done it. I know that some people sort of stay away from that. So don’t

Kelli  30:32 
know it’s worth it. Don’t have to see them all. But go see. Go see a couple just to experience Yeah, for sure. It’s great.

Chris  30:37 
Okay, well, that’s it for this week.

Kelli  30:41 
All right. Well, we hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chris  30:45 
If you did, as always, please subscribe on iTunes. leave us a review. It helps us so much.

Kelli  30:52 
Yes, it really does. Please do that. And if you’re looking for more things Disney, visit That’s SCF. As for Super C for Cali, F for fragilisitic a for awesome D for Disney p for podcast. We posted some videos of us cooking mostly successful recipes. And this past week we also posted a few yummy beverages.

Chris  31:18 
Yep, we’d love to have you join us at the conversation on Twitter or Instagram. Our handle is SCFADP in both places.

Kelli  31:26 
Yes, we’d love to hear from you. And please follow us because we’re going to be in the parks this coming week and we’ll be posting as many pictures as possible.

Chris  31:33 
Looking forward to that. With that, we have to see you real soon.

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