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7/12 News, the new Ratatouille ride at EPCOT, and dinner at Victoria and Albert’s

Episode 5

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Season 1, Episode 4
Our custom menu at Victoria & Albert’s

This week we discuss the latest news (parks are OPEN!), what to expect on the new Ratatouille ride, and our BEST MEAL EVER at WDW – dinner at Victoria and Albert’s.

Show Notes:
Walt Disney World begins to open:

  • No more finger scans at entry 
  • Mask-free Relaxation stations  

New Ticket Sales Resumed on July 9th 

Annual Passholders Can Now make a Park Reservation for up to 3 days at a time. Source:

Animal Kingdom – What’s it like?

Food and Wine Festival Tools are now available in the My Disney Experience app. Source: 

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian:
Menu changes daily, but the photo shows our menu from our 10th anniversary trip.

All music for this episode is available through a creative commons license. The background music for the News segment was created by Kevin Macleod:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

Season 1, Episode 4: 7/12 News, the new Ratatouille ride at EPCOT, and dinner at Victoria and Albert’s Transcript

Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hi everybody this is Chris and I’m Kelli. superduper exciting. Magic Kingdom and animal kingdom opened up yesterday.

Kelli  0:58 
Disney magic on the road

Chris  1:00 
It is so exciting. And then on Wednesday, of course, Epcot and Hollywood Studios will open up also. Yes. So, so super excited. So obviously there were lots of people that flooded the gates, but really not that many social media. There were definitely thousands of peoples in the park, but not nearly as crowded. Doesn’t look like it

Kelli  1:23 
now. Which tells you how big the parks are. That’s right. And how many people they hold on a regular basis? Yes.

Chris  1:29 
And it’ll get even more diluted probably when the rest of the parks open on Wednesday. It’s all very exciting. Yeah. And frankly, it looks like it’s pretty easy to to follow all of the CDC guidelines on how to stay safe while there Yeah. So many people have reported that they actually feel safer inside the Disney Resort than they feel at their locals shopping Mart or cost down whatever lately. So there were some things that we we still learned from all the folks that went into the parks so no more finger scans if you remember the injuring the four major theme parks she’s gained your magic man and then you use your your biometric fingerprint not doing that anymore, which makes good sense. And even in fact, that animal kingdom my understanding is they’re not even using the little scanners using hand scanners. Oh, wow. Yeah. And in some cases, they’re using a different technology for for bag checking. So they’re not

Kelli  2:30 
necessarily Yeah, didn’t think about that. Yeah,

Chris  2:32 
yeah, they’re not necessarily at least at Animal Kingdom. They’re not having you stop and

Kelli  2:36 
statistically searching Right, right.

Chris  2:40 
There’s like 4000 hand sanitizer stations scattered throughout all four parts Really?

Kelli  2:45 
Do you make that number up? But that’s for…

Chris  2:46 
No, no, that’s what was reported. A few different websites. And, and so and even people that have been in the parks have said that like, going even feels like you don’t go 10 feet without a hand. unsanitized right? Yeah, I love it. Yep, yeah. And immediately upon entry immediately upon getting on, like you, if you take the boat from Fort wilderness over to the Magic Kingdom, they take your temperature check on the pier getting on the boat and then they have a hand sanitizer section right there. So that’s all great, but something that I heard they would probably have that we finally got pictures of online are the mask free relaxation stations. Yeah, I saw some of those too. So that’s a really good idea. I think so at Tomorrowland terrace in Magic Kingdom, the the Golden Oak outpost, frontier land and pizza silly sideshow and Storybook Circus area and right outside of Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom sort of three throughout the park read throughout the Magic Kingdom and there’s two Animal Kingdom the pizza fari restaurant is one and the where the the up great bird adventure, that the interest of that is now also up mask free relaxation zone and it’s basically open air tables that you can sit at the actually distance or distance from each other. And if the park is crowded there’s a lot of people wanting to get in there then they asked you to keep it to 30 minutes, but I think that’s fair.

Kelli  4:15 
Yeah, one of the pictures I saw the they went into the pizza forest Animal Kingdom, it was totally empty. Right, right. Animal Kingdom was just dead. They had a five minute wait for NaVi river journey and flight a passage. Yes. Which is just amazing. Ridiculous. I mean, I wonder if there was a five minute wait for that limpia snack right outside the flight?

Chris  4:37 
Because that’s where we’ll go first.

Kelli  4:41 
But yeah, no pizzafari was completely empty. So that’s good.

Chris  4:45 
Yeah. I see all these. So many people keep putting these videos out of the ducks walking around on Main Street USA. It’s great. Okay, and you know that the ducks are like, what the heck is going on man we’ve had this place to ourselves. For for more

Kelli  5:00 
I mean, if you’re a duck, that is the place to be,

Chris  5:03 
yeah. And you hit on it the most people have reported that the average wait time on rides even when social distancing is about five minutes or summarize that are longer than others, of course, but you can find a passage was only about five minutes. I

Kelli  5:17 
mean, that’s really the way to do it. Even if you have the six feet, you know, distancing.

You know, if you keep the number of people in the park low enough that you don’t have people waiting in a long queue, then that’s the best way to keep them protected. Yeah, honestly,

Chris  5:32 
it is. They have changed a couple of the little things. Like if you’ve ever written FIDE a passage, you know, there’s like two pre shows there just to kind of get you ready for what you’re supposed to experience. And they’ve sort of modified pre show one and eliminated pre show to so far according to what people have reported online so that they again, allow more space for queuing and then there’s there’s like To banshees between each person riding. I’m using air quotes there. So there’s fewer people in the room people in the room ride. Yeah. So, but by all accounts, yeah, just a huge success so far. Now, I do think that we’ll start to see though I think they’ll gradually grow the number of people in the parks. Kind of proof positive for that is that new ticket sales went on sale July 9. Yeah. So just last week, they started selling tickets to the park going forward, right. So it’s not just limited to annual pass holders, people that already had tickets, right, right or wrong resort guests,

Kelli  6:40 
but they’ll still limit how many tickets are sold for sure. For

Chris  6:43 
sure. They will. Yep. Yeah. Annual pass holders can now make Park reservations up to three days at a time until middle of last week. They couldn’t. Right. So what was really interesting was, you know, we mentioned that you and I had to move ourselves. trip back two weeks. And a I was thoroughly impressed with how easy that was. Yeah, again, it speaks to how few people are in the parks. But it was really, really simple because they weren’t allowing annual pass holders drank much. But now they can. So it’ll be interesting to see what kind of impact that has on the crowds.

Kelli  7:19 
But the pictures I’ve been seeing are so much fun of everybody going and posting pictures with their masks on they’re still smiling. You can see it in their eyes and they’re having fun It does it feel like everybody’s in

Chris  7:30 
good spirits. Looks like it’s Disney magic. It really does. Yeah, absolutely. So that’s all for the news.

Kelli  7:35 
Oh, awesome. Okay, so I have a trivia question for you this week. You

Chris  7:40 
right, so I made it. It was a huge failure for me.

Kelli  7:42 
Right? Well, so this week, I made it multiple choice so that there’s no complaining I don’t want you to. I don’t want you to say that. I’m like rigging this in some way. Okay. Okay. So multiple choice. I said, Yeah, I thought it was. Okay. So what we’re Mickey Mouse’s first words are Word. Okay, what was the first thing Mickey Mouse said? Is it? Hi, pal?

Hot Dog. see you real soon. Or mini?

Chris  8:12 
I’m gonna go with hot dog. That is.

Kelli  8:16 
Yay. Congratulations, you got a point. What do I get? Did you actually know that or was it?

Chris  8:25 
That one was a was a educated guess I wasn’t 100% sure But

Kelli  8:30 
yeah, I see I think I would have gone with how you pal.

Chris  8:33 
That was one of the other

Kelli  8:34 
right. Okay. Anyway Okay, so good job you got a trivial point for you.

Chris  8:39 
I can’t wait to see what I ultimately when one day yes, coming. Okay, so onto Tomorrowland.

Kelli  8:46 
Tomorrowland it is.

Chris  8:51 
Okay, so it’s my turn for tomorrowland and I’m superduper excited about this. The thing that I’ve never done and I Super excited. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get into it this year is Rumi’s Ratatouille adventure. Oh,

Kelli  9:07 
yes. I am excited about that.

Chris  9:09 

Kelli  9:10 
so you think it’s gonna be open when we go.

Chris  9:13 
I don’t know if it’s gonna be open when we go in two weeks. I’m hopeful that it’ll be open. We’re going December when we go in December. It was originally supposed to open in the French pavilion at Epcot. Right The summer this year. But a lot of construction got pushed back and halted during the four months that Epcot was closed. So who knows when exactly they did say summer of 2020. They did say summer of 2020. So we’ll have to see. I just have Florida that probably goes into October, but any gay summer 2020. Right. So, you know, I’m sure that if you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve seen the movie, but just in case, they’re just a little recap here. Really Emmys Ratatouille adventure is based on the 2007 movie Ratatouille. It’s a Disney Pixar collaboration about Remi is a rat that longs to become a chef as a Disney character would right? So he partners with linguini who is a kid that works as a dishwasher for mop or trashy empty your

Kelli  10:25 
He’s got hair? I think he does. He does have red hair.

Chris  10:30 
And but he also seems to have a desire to be able to cook. Right yeah. And together they work at gu stows which is built up as this once wonderful restaurant in in Paris, France that has fallen on hard times its reputation. This isn’t what it used to be when gousto was still alive running the restaurant. And of course, if you’re going to tell the story, you’re going to tell this story in Paris, France, where the food is just Jessie odd and I say that This is the greatest restaurant in Paris at one time. That automatically means amazing. It’s amazing, right? So, early in the movie, we’re treated to this really great sequence where Remy sort of falls down out of the out of a window in the above the kitchen, lands on the kitchen floor, and then all all heck breaks loose. And he’s running from all the cooks and the chefs, we were trying to catch him. Okay, that’s where we pick up in the ride.

Kelli  11:32 
Ah, so we are Remy? And we’re running from the people trying to catch us. Oh, now, that’s fun.

Chris  11:38 
We are Remy. Okay, and we’re running around in the kitchen. Okay. Right, trying to stay away from I think his name is Skinner, the main chef that the bad guy early in the movie. And he’s trying to catch us but so are all the other chefs and cooks and whatnot. And, and so we’re at we’re Arad. So we’re tiny. We’re talking And so all the stuff is built to scale on the ride right so, so milk bottles are enormous. Oh wow baguettes are huge right and so it I don’t know if you remember the there you see a playground at Hollywood Studios called honey I Shrunk the Kids playground where we were the size. Man I thought you were the size of an ant or something. Yeah, Lego blocks were enormous, sort of that kind of idea. And, and so it’s a 4d experience. So as you’re as you’re rimming, the rat or one of his friends running around in the kitchen, you find yourself under a boiler and if you’re under the broiler hot you feel the oh that’s awesome. You You barely get get missed by a mop. Someone swings a mop at you and when you when that water water splashes your face. Right so you you

Kelli  12:56 
probably kitchen smells

Chris  12:58 
a kitchen smell. So if you win They take you like into the bread area, and you can smell fresh baked baguettes. Right. So it’s it’s a it’s a real 4d experience that this ride actually or a version of this ride, I don’t know if they will have made improvements on it or whatever. But a version of this ride originally opened up at Disneyland Paris, of course, of course in 2014. It’s been a huge hit share. And so there’s this new ride technology that was sort of innovated by Disney and the Imagineers at Disney, where it’s a car but it’s trackless. Right, and they actually have already used this technology on Rise of the resistance.

Kelli  13:43 
I was gonna ask if it’s sort of the same thing as I love driving with the resistance,

Chris  13:46 
right? amazed that was an amazing ride and you and there are no tracks. It’s just these magnetic cars that are that are programmed to run certain patch certain pads on a tracklist floor. And so it can be made to feel very random. Yeah and they also have the flexibility to change change it more often right? So I believe I don’t know for sure but I believe that the first place they tested that car type was that this ride in Paris

Kelli  14:18 
now the new Mickey and Minnie railway, I same thing. I think

Chris  14:21 
it uses it also. Yeah, it’s possible that like Toy Story mania also uses it. But I want to say that that’s on a track.

Kelli  14:30 
That is a track that’s for sure. For sure. Okay. So

Chris  14:33 
So in any case, yes, Mickey minis runaway railway is supposed to use this technology. I believe there is resistance is using it. And so this ride and it’s just the new thing has to be really really cool because you get supposed to make you feel like it’s you and a bunch of other rats running around the kitchen floor. Very feels very Herky jerky organic. Okay, it’s very organic. That’s very cool. Yeah. So Very excited about that. Now of course the one in Paris. They they do a very French thing. A lot of rides, especially in Epcot, when you come out of a ride, it drops out into a gift shop of some kind. A lot of the rides drop you out into a gift shop. Disneyland Paris, when you come off of the Ratatouille ride, it puts you out into a traditional classic French beast.

Kelli  15:27 
Oh, that’s fantastic. Great. So you can actually eat you could

Chris  15:31 
actually. I’m sure in order Ratatouille from the movie.

Kelli  15:36 
That’s a nice tie.

Chris  15:37 
Yes. I would love to see that happen. At the one here. That’s a nice day, instead of dropping out into a gift shop. Yeah, but uh, but yeah, so really, really excited about the new Rumi’s Ratatouille adventure ride. Yeah, that’s coming to Epcot.

Kelli  15:53 
Yeah, me too. I mean, France is one of my favorite places. The French Pavilion. So many good things. There. Naturally I’m talking about food at the bakery the froze you know there’s just a lot going on there in the French pavilion.

Chris  16:09 
yeah and we we really enjoy like there’s a bridge right there between France and England. That’s kind of our favorite place to watch the fireworks show at the end of the night. And you know just pro tip go camp out there find your good spot you might get lucky and get a little special seat down right on the water if you’re lucky. Yeah, either way camp out there early. Get yourself a drink yourself from the bakery and have a seat and wait send someone over to France to get you something from the bakery. And and make an hour of it. It’d be great.

Kelli  16:43 
Yeah, yeah, I’m excited. That’s a good Tomorrowland Awesome. Awesome. So

Chris  16:47 
Okay, time for World Showcase.

Kelli  16:54 
I’m pretty excited this week. I will say world showcase is completely on brand for me.

Chris  17:00 
So that it’s it that means it’s a book or its food. Its food,

Kelli  17:03 
of course. Okay. It’s not just food. It is the best food we’ve ever had at

Chris  17:11 
Disney. Oh, I feel like it’s a trivia question for me now.

Kelli  17:14 
It’s not I’m gonna give it to you. For our 10th anniversary. We had dinner at Victoria and Albert’s.

Chris  17:22 
So good!

Kelli  17:25 
which I now call Vicky and Al, because I feel like once we ate at their house, we can we’re BFF now and we can call them Vicky and Al.

Chris  17:34 
you agree? I would totally agree. So yes, also, by the way, for the money, we should be able to call me anything we want for

Kelli  17:40 
the money we should call them whatever we want to actually have the menu, our menus. So when you eat at Vicky and Al’s, you get a printed out menu with your name at the top of it. So the one that I’m holding says Chris and Kelli, Happy 10th anniversary

29th of April 2016. So

Chris  18:01 
I am legit delighted right now.

Kelli  18:04 
So what I will say a couple things. So we actually our flight was delayed a little bit and we got there a little bit late and then this was before we knew better than to take magic Express. And so we actually set on the magic Express for like an hour waiting for it to get full. I almost missed the reservations. We’re calling Vicki and owl the whole time. They were phenomenal. Phenomenal. We go straight to the Grand flow changed in the in the lobby restaurant and literally ran upstairs. They could not have been better about it. And when we got there, they were like, take a breath. You’re here now. No worries. Right? So they do what two seatings a night I don’t even think

Chris  18:46 
I was I was just thinking I think it’s only one sitting at night because the meal takes

Kelli  18:50 
three hours? takes a while. Yes. So it was our table. Right? It was our table. Our waiter…waiters is so no issue with that. right they didn’t have other people waiting. You can’t see this. He’s literally looking at the menu. I just handed him and smiling..

Chris  19:05 
can’t even get over it…it’s just great.

Kelli  19:07 
We had two options. We had two options that night you had the prefix seven Course Menu, and the chef’s 10 course tasting menu. Do you remember which one we did? I think we did the seven course. I think we did the seven course too. And I went back through on the menu that I’m holding actually flagged that I believe she did, we ate and I counted up and it’s about seven. So here’s the thing with Vicki and Als, you get, we got seven courses and I will just say we left and it felt like somebody had literally forcefed me for three hours,

Chris  19:40 
which is amazing considering that there were things that you wouldn’t eat

Kelli  19:43 
well, so here’s the thing, you get a bread course in between each food course. And it’s a special role that the chef has made just for you with this special butter that they’ve prepared just for you and you honestly feel bad not eating the bread and butter in the bread. Well It’s

Chris  20:01 
at least three or four bread courses. And each bread course has a special butter that goes with it. And even a special serving type.

Kelli  20:09 
Oh, yes. And so and that’s the thing is the waiter comes out and presents this, like it is the best bread. And it’s almost like he’s telling you that the chef baked your name into the inside of the roll. And if you don’t open it up and put some smear some butter on that thing, then you’re just missing this massive thanks, you feel like First of all, you’re paying about $250 a person for the meal. The prefix is 235 that the chef’s tasting is 250. And again, you’re thinking three extra courses. You know, it’s only $25 But no, it’s you will be stuffed after seven. But they do make the menu special each night. So as we’ve mentioned before, you know I am a little bit obsessed with food, but I’m also a world renowned picky eater and a vegetarian so When I when Chris and I decided to do this for a 10th anniversary, I said, I’m gonna go with the chef’s recommendation, don’t tell him any of my food issues. I’m gonna try everything that comes to the table. And we’re gonna we’re gonna go with it. This is the type of situation where I feel like if you, if you tie the chef’s hands behind his back, then you’re just missing out. Now I will say on their on their website. Now, they do have a vegetarian menu. So I don’t know if that would have been a special ask in 2016. But in any case, I went with the regular menu and I tried at least one bite of everything on the plate. So I had seven courses, maybe less than and then whatever I didn’t like I gave to you. Right.

Chris  21:48 
And I was I could have been happier about it.

Kelli  21:50 
But so I’m just going to name some of the things we have. Okay, so first of all, I believe that we started out with the cauliflower pannacotta with the Siberian caviar. Naturally I did not eat caviar. That is not something that’s going to go in my mouth. So I am a vegetarian. But in addition to that I have a real issue with seafood. But so No, I did not eat the caviar. Not gonna eat NEEMO but So in any case, I think the next course we had was the black sesame crusted tuna with the soba noodle. Yes, I did try the tuna. Yeah, I remember taking a bite of the tuna. And I did love the soba noodle course. Yes. Now these dishes are gorgeous. By the way. Gorgeous top notch chef prepared. Amazing. So you’re thinking well, they’re small. They’re not going to fill you up getting seven. And there’s bread in between each one right? Yeah,

Chris  22:42 
it’s plenty of food. And it’s it’s the it’s like the top notch prepared

Kelli  22:47 
preparation. Oh, yes. This is amazing. So then I think the next thing we had was the main diverse scallop with bok choy and coconut fish. And the reason I remember that is because the waiter told us that the diver is Maine had just dove to the bottom of the ocean that morning to retrieve the scallops. And then they were fedexed. Same day to Vicki and owls for us that night.

Chris  23:13 
Yeah, the saints were as big as my fist.

Kelli  23:15 
Yeah. And I was like, Okay, I mean, if the if the maine guy went down, like just for me because he knew I was gonna eat it, Vicki announced, and I felt like I should try it. And I did. I remember trying that

Chris  23:26 
was one reason why this is the most exclusive restaurant and all of this.

Kelli  23:30 
Yes, yes. Then I believe we had the Australian Kobe style beef with the potato gnocchi? Yep. I remember having a bite of that. And eating the key. I definitely remember the selection of cheese from the market. I definitely remember that. And then we had for dessert, a Peruvian Chocolate Crunch. Would you like to talk about the movie? Because you I mean, you sort of went went crazy on that. I couldn’t eat I know and I was so disappointed and you were like if you don’t eat this while it’s hot, you’re screwing up. Yeah. And you were and you did and and i said i can’t i have to take it back to the rim

Chris  24:09 
and I thought it was great the next day Peruvian Chocolate Crunch. doesn’t really do it justice as a name this

Kelli  24:16 
was it was like a lava cake.

Chris  24:18 
It was like a it was like a lava cake that they prepared right there. It was really it was a chocolate souffle is what it was. Yeah, it was souffle. It came in chocolate chocolate boat, and they poured the chocolate sauce down into the center of the souffle which sort of also had ice cream. And then there was also ice cream there. They were Peruvian chocolate, which is a big deal improve it was just over the top

Kelli  24:41 
now but I assume you recall why I couldn’t eat the Peruvian Chocolate Crunch. You don’t remember what I was dying over at the time. Oh no,

Chris  24:52 
no, I didn’t know what you liked the most about our meal

Kelli  24:55 
right? So this so I’m literally looking at this gorgeous menu and I did all of the food was phenomenal. Let me just say that phenomenal but this is this is a special treat this is $250 a person. Kids under 10 are not allowed and 10 year olds and up still have to have on a dress for girls or sport coat

Chris  25:14 
or suit coat for when we saw them jerker kid back and say put this jacket oh

Kelli  25:18 
yeah yeah kid came in without a jacket and they gave him a sport coat. So that’s not cool. So it’s a dressy place. It’s a special occasion situation. I would not spend $250 for child aid there, but whatever to each his own man to each his own. But what I remember most from the meal is the vacuum pressed coffee. Now I am a coffee drinker. And so this vacuum pressed coffee was an experience in and of itself. This is the typical coffee that you get from the Geoffrey’s carts in the in the parks. preparation, preparation. If you have not seen backing pressed coffee, Google that because it is a it is an interview. Hire full sensory experience to watch the waiter prepare this to watch it brew to I mean just I mean you are immersed into this coffee to the point that you are literally on the edge of your seat when he pours that cup you’re like, this is gonna be the best coffee ever and I’m here to tell you it was

Chris  26:20 
and you said it was like super silky smooth. Oh,

Kelli  26:24 
so great. It was excellent. It was excellent. But so any case I have actually considered getting my own vacuum press situation up but the thing is, is I think somebody’s making it for me it’s better.

Chris  26:39 
I think that well that makes everything better.

Kelli  26:40 
Well it does say in the Bible that you’re supposed to brew the coffee…Hebrews.

Chris  26:48 
Hebrews, only a dad

Kelli  26:52 
anyway, but that’s my world showcase. I thought

I thought it was fantastic is easily the best meal we’ve ever had a Disney. It may be the best meal I’ve ever had. Anyway, yeah, yeah so

Chris  27:06 
worthy of a world showcase. Yes,

definitely. Okay. That’s it for this week.

Kelli  27:13 
I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chris  27:16 
And if you did, please subscribe on iTunes and

Kelli  27:19 
leave us a review because it really helps us so much. Yes, please if you’re looking for more things Disney visit that’s s for Super C for cat Li F for fragile lipstick a for awesome D for Disney p for podcast. We posted some videos of us cooking a few Disney recipes and this week we’ll post an unboxing video of Chris opening his new d3 membership kit and maybe a Disney beverage or two.

Chris  27:48 
We’d also love to have you join us in the conversation on Twitter or Instagram our handle there is SCFADP in both places.

Kelli  27:55 
Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris  27:59 
And so with that, we hope to SEE YA REAL SOON!

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