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Disney News (11/15), Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, and a review of The Edison at Disney Springs

Episode 9

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This week, we visit two amazing restaurants at The Landing at Disney Springs – Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar and The Edison. Chris discusses how Jock Lindsey’s at Disney Springs is transformed from the Hangar bar into the Holiday Bar (and promises an upcoming review), and Kelli discusses what makes The Edison at Disney Springs so unique including the food, cocktails, and atmosphere. If you’re dreaming of a night out in Disney Springs, this is a must listen!

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Show Notes:

John Lost His Hand on Carousel of Progress! 

Disney reported a 23% drop in Qtrly revenues compared to last year.  

Affection Section is re-opening today! (Nov. 15) 

Safety’ coming to Disney+ 

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar (Holiday) Bar 

The Edison:


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello, everybody, and welcome to this week’s show. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:51 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:52 
Oh man you got on British ears?

Kelli  0:55 
I do and you have no idea why, do you?

Chris  0:57 
You know why I’ve been trying to figure it out all day.

Kelli  0:59 
Yeah, so they are not Disney related. The reason I’m wearing these are not Disney related.

Chris  1:04 
Okay. The Queen… oh The Crown.

Kelli  1:09 
So yes, today season four of The Crown launches on Netflix. I’m a massive crown fan. And so I thought you know…

Chris  1:18 
Wear the Brit ears.

These are the only ears that have a bow that you can tolerate.

Kelli  1:25 
No, this is very not the type of ears I would purchase. But they’re British and I love British.

Chris  1:31 
Yeah. And I remember we were here in the English and the Britain pavilion, England pavilion at Epcot. And you had gone into a store for like some tea. Yeah.

Kelli  1:40 
And I came out came out with these ears. I do that all the time.

Chris  1:45 
All the time. All the time. So but they’re they’re totally adorable and and you look great.

Kelli  1:52 
Much more comfortable than last week’s years.

Chris  1:54 
And tonight we both sport…

Kelli  1:57 
We are modeling the merch!

Chris  1:59 
Modeling the merch.

Kelli  2:02 
And I will say so we use bonfire to produce all of our merch which is great, it’s great company. We love the quality but it did take forever for these to get here. So if you’ve got any interest in purchasing merch to arrive on or before Christmas as a gift, also a fun thing to wear to a socially distance and masked up Christmas party. And then we highly recommend ordering soon. Yes, yesterday.

Chris  2:29 
Order right now. You want to get this stuff here in time for some of the holidays. I’ve been wearing the sweatshirts since we got them. They’re super comfortable. Love them.

Kelli  2:41 
I love this little football jersey.

Chris  2:43 
Yeah, it’s great.

Kelli  2:43 
It’s one of the reasons we went with bonfire because I saw this offering. I was like I need that shirt. I just need that shirt.

Chris  2:49 
It’s good. I like I like what all turned out. And good job to you and our little logo designer for destressing the logo and it was great.

Love it. Yeah. So we saw some new cities this week that downloaded the pod and we are we are super grateful to anybody that is willing to give us a chance and take 30 minutes of their time each week and listening to what we got to say about Disney. This week. I saw Lake Stevens, Washington, Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the Wolverines. Maybe the only people in the world sadder than gamecock fans this week is this year, frankly, Shafter, California. And Guadalupe, Mexico. That one’s fun. Yes, yes. It is right outside of Monterrey, Mexico between our border and Mexico City. So nice. Awesome. Thanks. Thank you to everybody that downloads us and listens to us. We are super grateful. We love it. And if you heard us if you’ve ever heard us mention your city, on the podcast. Let us know, at us on social media. And we will get you a sticker. They are super cool.

Kelli  4:06 
Yeah, it doesn’t have to be this week. You’re right if you’ve ever heard your name, so I know people don’t always listen to the pod in the same week it comes out so you’re a couple weeks behind and you hear your town called out then at us. Yes to get your sticker does not have to be this week.

Chris  4:18 
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Let’s run over to Main Street.

Kelli  4:20 
Let’s do it.

Chris  4:21 
Lots going on this week. So the good folks at Disney food blog. They had a follower following them. And someone had someone that was in the park this week. Okay. And John, who’s the main character on carousel progress. He’s got sings the song and tells us all about each timeframe. Okay, in the 20th century. In the last one where he’s cooking the turkey, he lost his hand. Completely lost. Yeah, it was like that.

Kelli  4:54 
Like they saw it fall off?

Chris  4:58 
He had no no Disney food blog’s got a great picture of it on there. Well, there’s Larry’s like, there’s one time where he looks like he’s like what happened. So it’s pretty good. It’s pretty funny. A little bit more serious news, Disney had their earnings call this past week for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year end call this past week, you know, as expected a 23% drop in quarterly revenues, year over year, it was it was as bad it’s basically red ink all over their financial statements. That said, they still performed better than a lot of analysts projections based on what everybody expected in pandemic. They were buoyed, we just crossed the one year anniversary for Disney plus, gosh, I can’t believe that. I know, it’s it’s been a year and they ended up getting 73 million viewers or subscribers in the first year. And so that that actually buoyed Disney’s stock price a lot through the pandemci. Somebody has taken a lot of credit for that I’m sure in the morning they have decided to grow Park capacity from 25% to 35%. So that Yeah, so that that may help you know their, their financials, hopefully. And obviously, they’re they’re trying to save tons of money. There’s been lots of loss, lots of hurt lots of people out of work. But you know, I’m someone who loves Disney, I’m trying to view it as, as the this is preserving. Yeah, what we’re going to be able to do when life gets back to something more like normal, right, so that that’s sort of the way I’m choosing to look at it. Um, do you know what affection section is?

Kelli  6:53 
Affection section?

Chris  6:55 
Yeah. There’s a lot of people that are listening right now that are going Oh, yeah, love it.

Kelli  7:00 
No, never heard it.

Chris  7:02 
It’s in Rafiki is planet watch area of animal kingdom. And it just opened back up today.

Kelli  7:09 
What is affection section?

Chris  7:10 
It’s a petting zoo. With goats.

Kelli  7:13 
I don’t know how I feel about that.

Chris  7:15 
I thought you would be like, what?

Kelli  7:18 
Sometimes goats can get very stressed out in petting zoos.

Chris  7:21 
Well, look if it is nice. It’s goats, cows, donkeys and pigs at this petting zoo. And you can pet and or brush them.

Kelli  7:32 
Brushing I think I’m good with but sometimes, you know kids can get a little bit aggressive with the animals.

Chris  7:37 
I feel like I feel like Disney’s probably got the oversight that they need.

Kelli  7:42 
I hope so.

Chris  7:43 
I’ve been watching a lot of Animal Kingdom. Magic of Animal Kingdom on Disney plus lately and I think they’ve got it under control.

Kelli  7:49 
Yeah, I mean, I’m very against like traveling, petting zoos.

Chris  7:52 
Oh, yeah.

Kelli  7:53 
But maybe one that’s sort of there.

Chris  7:55 
It is a dedicated, very cool looking enclosure at Rafiki’s planet watch. I just couldn’t believe that. I had never heard of this. I’d never heard of it.

Kelli  8:03 
We don’t really see a lot of the animals when we’re at Animal Kingdom.

Chris  8:06 
There’s a lot of areas that we haven’t seen.

Kelli  8:07 
Yeah, we ride rides and stuff, but we don’t really do a lot of the animal stuff. But yeah, okay, so I won’t I won’t pass judgment too early.

Chris  8:14 
Please try not too.

Kelli  8:15 
But in general, I will say that I’m not for petting zoo areas because they can stress animals out.

Chris  8:21 
Sure. Okay. I’m sure that they’re they’re giving them all the best.

Kelli  8:27 
I hope so.

Chris  8:28 
So I’m in entertainment news. The only other thing we’ve got is I’ve got mixed feelings about coming to Disney plus, is a movie called safety. You know anything about this? It’s it’s it centers around Clemson University’s football team. So I know this story, because growing up here being gamecock fans, we know a lot about Clemson. And so Ray McElrathbey was a safety for Clemson. A number of years back, okay. And it’s based obviously, based on true story. He his mom, they had lots of family issues, and his mom had went back into like a drug rehab situation and his 11 year old brother was going to have to move into a foster home.

Kelli  9:26 
I remember this.

Chris  9:27 
Yeah. And so Ray asked if he could take custody of his brother. They call him Ray Ray. Ray Ray was 19 at the time, and a student and an athlete at Clemson. That’s gonna make it really, really hard to care for, you know, a kid, but the town and the school rallied around him. He was able to make it work. And so it’s sort of the story of how that happened. How the school rallied around this kid. How the town rallied around him. And like, like when Ray had things to do for school or football, there was always somebody that he could trust that was picking his brother up and giving his brother a meal and all this kind of stuff. There was a fight with the NCAA. on whether or not people could actually donate money to him, Because he didn’t have a way of making any cash, right? So that you know, and to maintain their amateur status, you can’t give athletes gifts as the rule that isn’t available to every other student in high school. So they had this, you know, sort of a fight with the NCAA as people always do. The NCAA relented and allowed them to set up a trust fund that was managed out by someone else that would help pay for the things. The coolest little tidbit I found about that Clemson played temple in Charlotte, that year, Temple University. And you know, when athletes travel, when schools travel, they give their players a little stipend for that trip, right? All of Temple’s, players all donated all of their money, which was $1500 dollars to Ray’s Fund, which is really cool. And then the University of Virginia did the same thing.

Kelli  11:18 
So why do you have mixed feelings about it?

Chris  11:20 
Because it shows them in such a positive light, they’re gonna get such great recruiting out of this.

Kelli  11:26 
People don’t know, but you are very passive aggressive. I mean, on the surface, you’re like, Yay, for schools in South Carolina. And you’re like, they’re gonna get such good recruiting out of this. That’s pretty cool that it’s on Disney Plus.

Chris  11:41 
Yeah. And they had bigger plans for it. But you know, it’s pandemic and they can still put it out there. And it really is a great story. I mean, he didn’t graduate from Clemson, he got hurt and they kicked him off scholarship. They did offer him like a graduate assistant position. Yeah, he ended up going to another school. He graduated, he lives in LA now he’s got his own kids. It’s great. So he’s doing well. Okay, so, so yeah, that’s all the news.

Kelli  12:03 
Okay. Well, I have a trivia question for you. I thought, this one totally is a softball. You’re gonna know it, but I thought it might be interesting to tell the viewers and listeners why you are getting trivia questions each week. Right? You have an unbelievable bank of knowledge that I typically call useless knowledge. But in a trivia game situation, you usually just beat the pants off of everybody else. And so the fact that you are currently negative 500 is is really just unheard of. And maybe, maybe it says more about how well I did preparing these questions.

Chris  12:40 
I think it speaks to either you are overstating my useless knowledge my bank of use, or your or your your you’ve been understating your trivia question generation prowess.

Kelli  12:54 
No, you are an amazing trivia player. You truly are. Tons of people would agree with me on that. And so the fact that you’re negative 500 right now is unheard of.

Chris  13:03 
It makes you proud. I’m sure.

Kelli  13:04 
I just didn’t want people to think this is supposed to be like a beat up on Chris segment because it’s not. Chris should be killing this segment.

Chris  13:13 
I do not know. I don’t know.

Kelli  13:17 
Yeah, you’re gonna get this one. Are you ready? Okay. Which Disney Princess attended Elsa’s coronation day in Arrendale?

Chris  13:25 
Oh, it’s um, Rapunzel. Yes, but I don’t think they actually call her Rapunzel. I think her name is something else…

Kelli  13:31 

Chris  13:33 
It is not Tangled.

Kelli  13:44 
That is the correct yes, Rapunzel.

Chris  13:46 
There’s a little clip you can see it they’re walking in, She and Flynn Rider walking into the castle there.

Kelli  13:52 
With her hair chopped off. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so there you go. Good job, honey. Now you’re negative four hundred. You are making a comeback.

Chris  13:59 
I am on the path back. Totes making a comeback. Awesome.

Okay, well then it is on. I’m super excited about tomorrowland. And so I’m gonna jump right over. Okay, so I am hopeful. I am desperate in fact for us to leave this house early enough. Four weeks from now, so that this time 28 days from right now. We will be sitting at Jock Lindsey’s hanger bar.

Kelli  14:30 
Oh, I’m glad you’re doing Jock Lindsey’s.

Chris  14:32 
At that time, though, it will be Jock Lindsey’s holiday bar. I’m excited about that. I’m super excited. We’re gonna make it happen. Because I’m just desperate to do this now especially after doing the research on it. I teased this during the night or something last week. And so I decided to go ahead and do it. And so, this this is a this is a bar it said lounge so Disney treats this as a lounge. Which means that it’s a bar. It’s got but it’s also got some like small plates. So they’ve got like, they’ve got flatbreads, and they’ve got a series of tacos.

Kelli  15:09 
They’ve got tacos!

Chris  15:11 
Yeah, they’ve got some good looking tacos. They’ve got they’ve got a margarita flatbread that I think you’ll love. And they’ve got a bunch of appetizers. And so at some point we could dig into to what their normal menu looks like but tonight I’m gonna primarily focus on their their holiday menu.

Kelli  15:31 
Okay, that’s exciting.

Chris  15:32 
Yeah, yeah, holiday because right because as of November the 27th, it’ll be Jock Lindsey’s holiday bar. That’s fine. So yeah, so so it’s located at Disney Springs in the area called the landing. So Disney Springs has got the marketplace Town Center, the landing and West Side. The landing is actually the area that used to be pleasure Island, and it frankly is my favorite area of Disney Springs, Morimoto Asia, homecoming, the Edison, boathouse, paddlefish.

Kelli  16:06 
Good restaurants and bars.

Chris  16:08 
Gideons, wine bar George is literally across the walkway from Yep, jock Lindsey’s.

Kelli  16:14 
So, a lot of good stuff.

Chris  16:16 
I cannot wait that that night has enormous potential. Okay. So this bar, they have lots of different like 17 different like signature cocktails that are all sort of named after Indiana Jones type stuff, right stuff from the move from the news.

Kelli  16:35 
So, it is meant to play off of Indiana?

Chris  16:37 
Yes. And it’s little things like you you might not know unless you’re really young Indiana Jones fan, like the cool headed monkey. Somebody out there knows what that is. And it is disgusting in the movie but would make for a fun drink, I guess. Okay.

The decor is very much 1930s aviator, cool, you know, lots of airplane spare parts and and kitsch from that explorer type timeframe. Okay, this is sort of a second cousin to the original adventurers club that used to be on pleasure Island is a bike club there. And, and this continues that theme of the aviators, the explorers and adventurers club SEA that is part of…

Kelli  17:28 
Yes, yes.

Chris  17:28 
Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar, they really apparently play on this at Disneysea in Tokyo, and the Mystic Manor at Shanghai.

Kelli  17:39 
And we need to go to Tokyo.

Chris  17:40 
Exactly. You know, but you know, Mystic Manor that we profiled earlier, a few weeks back, the guy that is the star of that that ride is a member of the Explorer, mentioned that right so so the backstory here if you don’t know who Jock Lindsey is, if you’ve ever seen any Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the very beginning of the movie Indy is running from the habito tribe who are trying to kill him. He’s running towards the water where there’s a seaplane as a guy fishing he’s the pilot of that seaplane Yep, that’s Jock Lindsey.

Kelli  18:16 
Okay, right.

Chris  18:17 
So in in Indy jumps into the water swim so he says, “start the plane Jock, start the plane.” He jumps into the plane, and they take off and there’s a snake in the front of the plane.

Reggie, that’s just my pet snake Reggie, he says, and you can find a there in the skipper canteen. There’s a there’s kind of an homage to that. The backstory of this is the two Globetrotters Jock and Indy, stumbled upon Disney Springs in 1938 while chasing down a mythology base tip on in Central Florida. Attracted to the town’s natural springs and lush terrain, Jock bought some waterfront property and eventually settled down piloting seaplane tours across the fast growing Sunshine State. Jock eventually built an airplane hangar air tower and runway and invited a few members of the Society of explorers and adventurers to pay him a visit. His home soon became popular stopover and watering hole for travelers and locals alike. And so the hanger bar was born. So, super excited to go here. We’ll put some pictures up. It’s really cool looking. But here’s some of the things that they’ve got to offer as on their menu, so we’re gonna start with food first and then we’ll get to the more fun libations Okay. All right. So the Drummer Boy braised lamb with truffle mushroom and Manchego cheese, Aaronchini, spices, herbs, chimichurri chili pepper Coolie and a micro arugula.

Kelli  19:46 
This does not sound like a small plate.

Chris  19:48 
It’s a it’s like a it is okay. Yeah, it’s just very well presented. Also, it’s like a little. It looks like a little cake almost with some with some braised lamb on top. That looks amazing. looks really really good. You are going to for this. We will be having this because you you’ll you will need this in your life. The holiday caprese wreath. So this is a vine ripened tomato. Yes. Balsamic Yes. Yes.

Kelli  20:16 

Chris  20:17 
Vine ripe tomatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh mozz, basil and balsamic glazed. In the picture that we’ll have. There’s also if they’re pairing it with the white Christmas Margarita, which we’ll talk about later.

Kelli  20:31 
Yeah, ah, yeah.

Chris  20:33 
It’s beautiful in its design. It looks like a Christmas wreath when they’re done with it.

Kelli  20:36 
Oh, wow

Chris  20:37 
Awesome. It’s beautiful. Grandma’s favorite sliders. These are venison sliders with cranberry bacon jam, tomato and watercress. Oh sure how I feel about venison sliders considering that… I know how you feel about it. But I mean listen, I don’t know.

I don’t think that’s Rudolf? This is very post holiday. But Really?

Kelli  21:01 
That’s horrible.

Chris  21:03 
So bad. The C-9 light deviled eggs. These are these lights are really light actually like Christmas lights. They are deviled eggs where the yolk cones are the the white the of the deviled egg is colored. It’s their red, white and green. Hmm. Right. Some of them are red, some of white, some green and they’re topped with shrimp and caviar.

Kelli  21:28 
Oh gosh.

Chris  21:29 
I know you are not for this.

Kelli  21:31 
That is an amazingly sophisticated little deviled egg.

Chris  21:34 
It is it is a really slick and it’s right tobiko caviar and a piece of shrimp.

Kelli  21:42 
I am against it. But it’s very sophisticated.

Chris  21:45 
This thing here looks amazing. Also the presentation on this one’s really cool Papa Noel’s Churrasco. Grilled Flank steak with fried sweet plantains and spicy aji amarillo peanut sauce.

Kelli  21:59 
That does not sound like a small plate.

Chris  22:02 
This is like a wooden carving block and the food is like laid out sort of across the carving block. It’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful. This one’s cute. The Ugly sweeter bread is the ugly sweater bread. Oh sweeter bread. This is a cinnamon schmear, brioche and eggnog icing adorned with sugar light decorations. Jingle Bell pops. These are three dark chocolate truffles, crushed peppermint and peppermint syrup dipped in dark chocolate.

Kelli  22:35 
Made like a cake pop?

Chris  22:37 
Yeah. And they’re decorated to look like little Christmas balls. Okay. milk and cookies by the Fireside. This is a this is cookie dough, which is coconut based beverage sometimes called Puerto Rican eggnog with in its with Malibu rum, chocolate peppermint and gingerbread men sugar spiced sugar Christmas tree cookies and butter pecan signature cookies. With this drink? Yes, yes, yes. butter pecan cookie. Yes, yes. Yes. It looked amazing. Yeah. Now on to the libations. Cinnamon bells. Knob Creek, that’s bourbon, Fireball, Frangelico, cinnamon simple syrup, and creamer garnished with a gold sugar rim. The White Christmas Margarita, Rumchata, Malibu, Sauza Tequila, lime and white cranberry juices garnished with whole cranberries and a green sugar rim. Jocks holiday nog, Tito‚Äôs Handmade Vodka, Frangelico, Rumchata, vanilla creamer, and a red sugar rim.

Kelli  23:43 
Dude, they don’t play.

Chris  23:44 
They’re not messing around at jocks. Santa’s hat mohito, Bacardi, grenadine, mint leaves, simple syrup, lemon-lime foam, and a candy cane garnish. So it’s like foam around the top. Garnish with a sugar cane. And they don’t play I got a mistletoe mule, a berry merry Margarita. And I gotta say the thing that I’ve got to do while I’m there is The Aviator flight. This is not necessarily a Christmas thing. But it’s a flight of 12 year old single malt scotches.

That’s one, and then Wine bar George is right across the walkway is that night is loaded with possibilities. Yep. Okay, yeah.

Kelli  24:36 
Well, let’s take us to world showcase. Yes, we go. Cuz I’m on brand. And I’m keeping us at the landing. We’re talking about The Edison.

Chris  24:49 
Wonderful, good.

Kelli  24:50 
So we ended up with the Edison almost like on a whim one night at a date night.

Chris  24:54 
We just got a babysitter.

Kelli  24:56 
Yes, we did a date night at Disney. It was fantastic. So we ended up the Edison because we they had reservations available. There are age and dress code requirements specifically after 10. But it has a really fun vibe. Like I would describe it as steampunky. Yeah. But somehow it’s both fun and sophisticated. And as the night progresses, it turns into a really cool spot. Now online is described as an exuberant scene. The Edison is a lavish industrial, Gothic themed restaurant and entertainment venue.

Chris  25:28 
Yes, it is. That’s good.

Kelli  25:29 
Yeah, so I’m gonna keep reading. Experience a clever tribute to an era fueled by invention and imagination designed to look like a 1920s Electric Company. The Edison exudes an air of romance and Old World sophistication. Anticipate expansive 35 foot ceilings and a range of themed areas, including the Ember parlor, the telegraph lounge, the patent office, the Tesla lounge, the radio room, the waterfront patio and the lab. I didn’t know that. But when you think back, they’re totally we’re like, I can remember the different zones. And we’re like, Man, that that corner is crazy. But so yeah, it’s like is it was it two or three stories?

Chris  26:14 
It was at least, it was definitely two, but it may have been three.

Kelli  26:17 
Might have been three. But there’s three different bars. And that you can see to the bottom floor from the top. Yes. So like the center is a big cutout square. So if you’re sitting at the top, you can actually be at a table right along the rail, where you can see down to the bottom and you would see right onto the dance floor, like people dance in or the bar or whatever band they got playing that night or Amazing, amazing stuff. Now what I will say is this is not a place, that’s going to be a cheap dinner. No, okay, the Edison is a sophisticated place. It’s a nice dinner in a really cool venue. Yeah, okay, but it’s a nice dinner. So you need to go and expect a hundred bucks for a couple, probably minimum if you’re if you don’t have drinks, yes. But I want to go through, I can’t read the whole menu, but they do have a pared down menu right now. I want to go through some of the things that are awesome, specific to the Edison and then of course, talk about what we had, of course. Okay, so we’re going to start with appetizers. Okay, so the first appetizer we’re going to cover would be the clothesline candied bacon. Yes. Which is your Maple black pepper fruit mostarda, sweet and spicy pickle. So you’ve got the bacon literally, like thick cut bacon hanging from a clothesline. And then you’ve got different sauces. You can dip it in, right? Would you like to embellish on that?

Chris  27:38 
It was crazy. I was uh, we had this I saw them. Oh, actually, we meaning you. Just me. Yeah, just me. I saw it go by on a platter. Nice. And I asked the bartender. I said did he just walked by with a clothesline of bacon? And again? Yes, he did. And I’ll have that I’ll have that was amazing. It was great.

Kelli  27:58 
They also have the Electri fries, which are handcut Idaho Russet, Burbank, potatoes, Edison special sauce, bacon, grated Parmesan, chopped green onion. They have chips and guac and also fried calamari? Yes. So some really cool appetizers. So I’m just gonna talk about three different dinner options. There are more and I’ll tell you what the more are but I’m going to go into three in detail. The first one is the queen cut prime rib. This is a boneless 14 ounce prime rib with horseradish cream sauce, popover, choice of baked potatoes mashed potatoes or fries. Now that’s $42.

Chris  28:36 
Yeah, it’s totally worth it though. And I’m gonna tell you something, man. A piece of that steak with a little bit of that horseradish on a bit of that popover.

Kelli  28:46 
Is this what you got?

Chris  28:47 
It might be because of the popover Sounds familiar? I didn’t think that would be good.

Kelli  28:53 
That would be amazing. I of course got the organic tomato soup and gooey grilled cheese. Fontina, munster, gruyere, Alpine, Swiss and buttered sourdough, $22. It is a $22 soup and grilled cheese. I gotta tell you, I mean I was stuffed. Yeah, that is a significant amount of cheese and bread. But it was phenomenal. They are known for supposedly the best burger in Orlando.

Chris  29:20 

Kelli  29:21 
Yes. It’s called the Edison. And this is what I thought you got just because you’re such a burger aficionado. This is a signature beef blend of sirloin short rib and brisket topped with white cheddar, crispy onion, smoked bacon. housemade pickles lettuce, tomato special sauce with hand cut fries. Yeah.

Chris  29:40 
I don’t remember getting a Burger there. But if does kind of sound right in my wheelhouse.

Kelli  29:50 
For the record, they also have a plant based burger. That is supposedly phenomenal. It’s a new beyond meat burger. Yeah. They also have a short rib plate, a grill Salmon plate and fish and chips. Nice. And we saw a lot of these things coming out of the kitchen because we were like, for some reason right near where a lot of the food went by and like I said, so the top we were on the top floor. And so the waitstaff sort of has to walk around the square to get to certain tables. You see it all you could see things coming by and I remember is just what was that? What was that? Yeah, it was that because…

Chris  30:22 
All the plates just look so cool.

Kelli  30:24 
Yeah, I know. And I felt a little weird cuz I was, there was somebody that got something that looked amazing, right to our left, I remember and I kept wanting to stare at them.

Chris  30:31 
What are they doing with that food?

Kelli  30:35 
So let’s talk about dessert. Okay, so they have the triple chocolate voltage cake, which looks like about 12 layers. 12 really thin layers. So…

Chris  30:47 
Yes, I remember seeing this.

Kelli  30:48 
Chocolate hazelnut cream. Chocolate Crunch chocolate. Good. Gosh. And raspberry. You’re welcome. I mean, like little bitty tiny layers. Yeah. Oh, that hazelnut cream in between each one. I could literally kill myself with that cake. The next one is the lollipop tree. We saw several people get this so it looks like a tree with cheese cake pops sticking out of it. It comes with bubble gum whipped cream. We didn’t know the whipped cream was bubblegum.

Chris  31:27 
I did not know that.

Kelli  31:28 
So cheese cake pops with bubble gum, bubble gum whipped cream.

Chris  31:34 
I know how I feel about the cheesecake pops. I don’t know how I feel about the bubblegum whipped cream.

Kelli  31:37 
I would give it a go.

Chris  31:38 

Kelli  31:39 
That’s $20, and the cake I’m gonna kill myself with is only $13.

Chris  31:44 
Well the cake is a deal.

Kelli  31:45 
Hashtag you can do both. Spumoni bomba. Oh strawberries, pistachio chocolate gelato coated with chocolate raspberry sauce and whipped cream. That sounds phenomenal to write. They also have an extensive libation menu. Yes. So I’m just going to cover a few okay. The first one is the Tesla. And this is bulleit bourbon. Old camp peach pecan, whiskey, green chartreuse and simple syrup.

Chris  32:21 

Kelli  32:23 
The Edison, Woodford Reserve bourbon, Belle de Bry a pear brandy, lemon juice and honey cordial.

Chris  32:33 
Which gives you an idea of what this place is like.

Kelli  32:38 
Right? These are totally crafted libations just like what you were talking about at Jock’s, so I mean, you could literally order like The Edison as dinner and cocktail.

Chris  32:49 
I think I will.

Kelli  32:51 
Strawberry Fields Forever. This is hangar one vodka, St Germain liquid or honey, lime juice, strawberries, mint and lemonade. Yeah, so my favorite name, as included this one just because I had an amazing name. Bad miscalculation. Kettle one botanicals, St. Germain liquor and soda water. So fun, fun thing, right. So you can have kids there before 10pm after 10pm there is an age limit. But they also have like old timey sodas. I didn’t realize this, you can get like a real Cherry Coke.

Chris  33:26 
Oh, that’s cool.

Kelli  33:27 
Isn’t that cool? Yeah, they also have like a berry crush.

Chris  33:31 
Same situation where it’s like a real homemade soda?

Kelli  33:34 
Yes, handmade soda. And they had some really cool looking mocktails. Nice. Some. I mean, like really cool ones. Yeah. And so the Edison is what I would describe as a place where you could go, let’s say like, for dinner and about 7:30 ish. And you finish your dinner somewhere around 8:30 ish or nine with plenty of time for dessert course. And then you just move downstairs to where the live entertainment is. And you hang out there all night.

Chris  34:06 
Absolutely. That is absolutely right. If you want to go catch a break on the balcony over look over the water. You can do that head back inside. They’ve got the dancing down there. The people dancing. You almost feel like they’re they’ve they’ve seeded the crowd with professiona dancers. Yes. Because they are really dancing and…

Kelli  34:24 
They were wearing the clothes. They were like they came decked out for 1920s Yes, dancing. Yeah. And I thought I wonder if it’s some kind of a club or you know, whatever. But it was awesome.

Chris  34:37 
Yeah, we’d stood on the rail that long time. It is such a fun place.

Kelli  34:41 
Yes. No, absolutely loved the Edison. And I would love to go back. That’s the problem with Disney Springs.

Chris  34:47 
So many good places.

Kelli  34:49 
So many amazing places. I mean, we want to do wine bar George, jock Lindsey’s, homecoming as many times as possible. Yeah. The Edison. I know.

Chris  34:59 
It’s almost It’s the it’s easily the best little neighborhood at Disney Springs.

Kelli  35:04 
I think we killed it tonight honey and I am hungry.

Chris  35:06 
I know.

So that’s the show for this week. We hope you enjoyed it. You know what to do now? Hey, I love that show. I’m gonna go to iTunes I’m going to rate them and I’m going to give them an amazing review can’t tell you what that does to bring other people to the show and join all this fun with us.

Kelli  35:30 
And if you want to go ahead and share us with 10 friends after you review this that’s cool too. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’re gonna have a video where we completely slaughtered what should have been a lovely recipe.

Chris  35:54 
It’s a disaster people. If you want to see a train wreck, just be ready for this video on YouTube near you. Yeah, keep an eye out for that you will not hate it. So join us on all the socials at SCFADP on Instagram and Twitter. The more the merrier.

Kelli  36:13 
Yes, we would love to have you

Chris & Kelli  36:15 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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