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Disney News (11/22), and How To Do Thanksgiving at Disney World

Episode 10

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Season 1, Episode 9

This week, we cover ALL THINGS Thanksgiving at Disney World. This includes Thanksgiving at Disney Springs, Thanksgiving at Disney Parks, and Thanksgiving at Disney resorts. While the options may not be as varied as previous years, celebrating Thanksgiving at Disney World is still magical. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey there, everybody. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:43 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:44 
Welcome to this week’s show. Kelli’s wearing her Toy Story ears. I think this is the first repeat from you?

Kelli  0:51 
Do you know why I’m wearing them?

Chris  0:52 
Toy Story’s 25th anniversary?

Kelli  0:54 
Today’s the 25th anniversary of Toy Story. Do we need to talk about how all that makes me feel? Because…

Chris  1:01 
I know.

Kelli  1:02 
The 25th anniversary of Toy Story.

Chris  1:05 

Kelli  1:07 
Oh, don’t put a year with it. That does not make it better. Yeah, so this is the first time I’ve worn a repeat ear. You mentioned that when I walked in the room. I do have other ears. I haven’t run out of ears in case any of you are worried. But since this is the 25th anniversary, I thought I needed to bust these back out.

Chris  1:25 
Yeah, absolutely worth it.

Kelli  1:27 
The ones I’d thought about wearing for tonight were not Toy Story.

Chris  1:30 
Okay, well whatever reason you need to wear the ears that you’ve got on is is a worthy reason.

Kelli  1:39 
And I like your classic Mickey T. And you’re wearing your wishes come true blue hat. First time wearing that. That is a that is a sharp hat.

Chris  1:46 
It’s it’s comfy. It’s soft. I like it.

Kelli  1:48 
I don’t think I can say enough about how sharp that wishes come true blue stuff is I like it. I really enjoy it. Awesome.

Chris  1:55 
Yeah. So hey, it’s it’s Thanksgiving week, Thanksgiving is in just a few days gonna be a little bit different for a lot of folks, I think us included, will be will be zoom videoing, I’m sure at some point with family. And we’ll be making Thanksgiving here for the first time, which seems weird for people in their mid 40s. But you know, I am super thankful, though, for the people that keep downloading our show. Yeah. And I just can’t say enough about that. It blows me away that every week. All these people decide that what we had to say is worth listening to. This week, we saw folks from Hamtramck, Michigan. Yes. And I literally mark as I went on, I went to actually find online if there was a Pronunciation Guide for that town. And I think I’m saying it right so if I’m not I’m sorry. Coming from a town where people mispronounce it all the time. Sure. So Hamtramck Michigan, we saw you this week and we are so thankful for you. Williamstown, New Jersey. I don’t know what exit that’s off of but jersey, Franklin, Indiana, and Turin, Italy home with the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

Kelli  3:11 
Oh, wow. That’s cool. That is exciting.

Chris  3:15 
It was really neat. So we’re thankful for all of you so much.

Kelli  3:20 
Yes. And I and I would love to show that thanks by sending you a sticker. Yes. So I’ve got some stickers burning a hole in my shelves in my office. So please if you hear your name called out then add us on some type of social media…

Chris  3:32 
Let us know you heard. Yeah, and we’ll send you a sticker I would love nothing more than frankly…

Kelli  3:37 
Look if you just want a sticker, at us all right, we’ll get you a sticker.

Chris  3:43 
We’ll send you a sticker. We’re nice like that. Okay, on the main street Main Street. Okay, so really exciting news this week that the park hopper passes are relaunching on January the first. At first with when the when the parks reopened at you know once they got all their stuff together in Florida and they decided to reopen they did not bring Park copper or fast passes or a number of other things with them. You had to get reservations for the park. You still will have to get reservation for whatever your first Park is of the day. Right? And you had to honor that reservation, right? You had to go to the first Park after two o’clock in the time could change each day depending on the park but generally speaking after two o’clock you can hop to another Park.

Kelli  4:31 
Do you have to reserve the 2nd park?

Chris  4:32 
You don’t have to reserve you can hop to any Park you want to hop currently you won’t have to reserve I think there’s sort of letting that play out to see if they should require reservations for your wherever you’re hopping. Okay, but for now it’s honor your first reservation to whatever Park and after two o’clock if you want to bounce to another Park, go for it.

Kelli  4:50 
Yeah, a lot of people are excited about that.

Chris  4:52 
Very much. So yeah, um, some additional restaurants are opening up and that makes sense because they are now expanding. capacities to about 35%. So they may need some more places to open. Right. So the Magic Kingdom on let’s start with the earliest one first Woody’s lunchbox actually opens up this Wednesday.

Kelli  5:14 
Yes, I’m excited about that grilled cheese. Oh, yeah. And that is also where they have the handmade pop tarts.

Chris  5:19 
It is yes, yes. And I don’t know if they’ll have a like a pared down menu or whatever.

Kelli  5:25 
Don’t be debbie downer. I want the grilled cheese pop tart. Can you just let me have a grilled cheese pop tart?

Chris  5:32 
Well, hopefully you’ll be able to.

Kelli  5:34 
Woody’s also sells adult beverages.

Chris  5:36 
They have a plant based cheddar on sourdough or something like that too.

Kelli  5:42 
Yeah, I’m not that committed to veganism.

Chris  5:45 
Cheese can be real.

Kelli  5:48 
Cheese is my weakness.

Chris  5:49 
So and then at Magic Kingdom Crystal Palace is opening up on December the 13th. It’ll be like they’re doing it the other buffets where they do family style dining,

Kelli  5:59 
But they bring it to the table.

Chris  6:01 
Yeah. And so you’ll have things like fried chicken with honey drizzle and southern fried cauliflower. Okay, I knew that that would get your attention. Yeah. Huh. Southern fried cauliflower with cheddar grits.

Kelli  6:18 
This is gonna be an unpopular statement, I feel but can we just go ahead and kill all buffets? Can we just kill buffets and do the family style thing? We’ve been to restaurants that do a family style thing before and we really enjoy it. And that in Yeah, I mean, the fact that a buffet needs a sneeze guard.

Chris  6:39 
I’m not with you. I love a buffet.

Kelli  6:42 
I know you do. I never get my money’s worth out of a buffet. And I don’t really want to mingle with people. Sneezing.

Chris  6:52 
Also at the Magic Kingdom on December The 17th is Tomorrowland terrace. Which, honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw Tomorrowland terrace open.

Kelli  7:00 
I can, at Mickey’s very merry christmas party. They gave out cookies.

Chris  7:03 
That was it?

Kelli  7:03 
Yeah. I’ve never actually seen it open as a restaurant.

Chris  7:06 
Or maybe it has been I just didn’t realize it.

Kelli  7:09 
So it’s no longer relaxation station?

Chris  7:11 
I don’t I don’t know. I know how the relaxation station is just that one section. There’s other places to sit there too. Yeah. But they are going to be opened with what they’re calling a refreshed, quick service menu of seafood favorites, including lobster rolls, and fried shrimp.

Kelli  7:30 
Right? Why not? You love a lobster roll.

Chris  7:33 
I do love a lobster roll. So last week, d 23. Which is the official Disney fan site or you know, fan group. They had what they called a fantastic worlds sort of Expo an online virtual conference. They call it fantastic worlds. And just a few little updates that were cool. From there. It was basically a virtual panel celebrating the incredible worlds of Disney Pixar Marvel Star Wars and more. So just a few little things that popped out. Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic ray one the new ride at Epcot. Which is like a coaster ride with new cars that will turn while on the track. Yes, they put those cars on the track and start doing push pull testing for the first time.

Kelli  8:20 
Ah, I think I saw some of that on Instagram.

Chris  8:23 
Yeah, it’s moving along.

Kelli  8:24 
I follow a couple of Imagineers on Instagram and it’s really cool stuff.

Chris  8:30 
Le Creperie de Paris is gonna open in EPCOT in 2021. There’s already a crepe stand, this is more significant. This is like a storefront or clothing quick service restaurant.

Kelli  8:46 
Okay. Good for them.

Chris  8:47 
I think um, so the new Epcot nighttime spectacular whenever they are able to do that again, is going to be called harmonious. Yes, but it’s going to have fountains that are going to be on display all day.

Kelli  9:02 
Yes. I think that is needed. I love that idea. I love it. And like significant ones too. Like significant fountains.

Chris  9:12 
Yeah, yes. You know, you’ve had that huge fountain behind Spaceship Earth. That was just Yeah, really cool. Yes. Disney knows how to do a fountain so I think that that’s gonna be a really nice centerpiece.

Kelli  9:25 
What is that area called the lagoon?

Chris  9:27 
World showcase lagoon.

Kelli  9:30 
Okay, it’s much simpler than I thought it was. I thought it was some kind of special lagoon. I keept wanting to call it typhoon Lagoon, but that’s definitely not, it’s a park.

Chris  9:39 
Yep. And Remy’s Ratatouille adventure has been pushed back again to some point in 2021. It won’t be there this December. Shucks. Okay, so in entertainment news. Disney is considering all these live action movies that they have production or even had scheduled for earlier this year. Like they haven’t made a decision yet. But do they go ahead and decide to put these out on Disney plus as either premium options like Mulan, where you purchase it for a number of months, or free like they’re doing with Soul? Right. So those are Cruella starring our two favorite Emma’s. Emma stone and Emma Thompson.

Kelli  10:26 

Chris  10:27 
Emma Stone plays Cruella De Ville. You got to see some of those pics…

Kelli  10:30 
And so what is Emma Thompson?

Chris  10:32 
I don’t know. Just another of our favorite Emma’s. I don’t know.

Kelli  10:36 
Okay. I would’ve thought she would’ve been Cruella.

Chris  10:40 
Emma Thompson may be the mom in the movie. Okay, so who knows?

Kelli  10:45 
Yeah, but we do love them.

Chris  10:46 
We love them both. Pinocchio, starring Tom Hanks as Gipetto directed by Robert Zemeckis. They’re thinking about that one and Peter Pan and Wendy. Starring Yara shahidi. As Tinkerbell is a woman of color, and she has been on the series blackish and grownish. Okay. So that’s cool. Okay, so they’re thinking about bringing those straight to Disney plus but no real firm word yet. Black Panther sequels set to start recording July 2021.

Kelli  11:21 
Ah, yes, gosh, I mean, I’m excited about it. But man, how do you do that without Chadwick Boseman.

Chris  11:27 
Right and no comment on how they’ll continue without Chadwick boseman. But rumor mill is just high and your fan people out there really want Suri? Who was his super smart sister in the movie? They really want her to take up the mantle of Black Panther. That’s what the fan people want. Right. And she Leticia Wright who played her is going to be in the next movie along with Napita Nuongo, Winston Duke and Angela Bassett, who were all in the last movie. So they’ll all be in it again. So we’ll see. We shall see. Oh, man, that it’s gonna be weird.

Kelli  12:08 
Yes, yes.

Chris  12:09 
And this is a Disney related, but it’s a big deal in our family, because we’re kind of a comic book family. And Wonder Woman is a big deal around here. So I thought I’d throw this in there that Wonder Woman 1984 is actually going to be opening up in theaters, on theaters and on HBO max on Christmas Day stay, which I think is a really cool thing to do. Oh, actually. What’s her name? Patty Jenkins is the director, writer and director of both the Wonder Woman movies. She said in all caps, she tweeted out “the time has come.” And then she said at some point, you had to choose to share any love and joy you had to give over everything else. We love our movie as we love our fans. So we truly hope that our film brings a little bit of joy and reprieve to all of you this holiday season. That’s great. That’s awesome.

Kelli  12:57 
You know, the reality is, is I think they can still launch these in the theaters when things get back to normal if things go back to normal. And people will still come to see them in the theaters.

Chris  13:07 
Yeah. Oh, yeah, for sure.

Kelli  13:09 
Right. Theater goers will still go see it.

Chris  13:11 
For sure. We would. Yeah.

Kelli  13:14 
Yeah. So that’s very cool. I have a trivia question for you. Okay. You’re at negative 400.

Chris  13:21 
I know which is a good thing for anybody that hasn’t been paying attention.

Kelli  13:24 
In honor of the Toy Story anniversary.

Chris  13:26 
Oh, boy.

Kelli  13:27 
What is the name of Andy’s neighbor in Toy Story?

Chris  13:32 
The mean kid.

Kelli  13:33 
Yes. You have to know this.

Chris  13:36 
I don’t.

Kelli  13:37 
You’re kidding me? Okay, come on. You got this.

Chris  13:43 
I don’t. I really don’t. It is gonna be a wild guess. Is mean he’s got a skull on his shirt. I can I can draw him. I really I can’t draw him either. But he does all the mean stuff to the toys.

Kelli  13:55 
Think of his little sister saying his name.

Chris  13:58 
Reggie. I don’t know. Tommy, Tommy. Name’s Tommy.

Kelli  14:03 
His name is Sid.

Chris  14:04 
Sid as in sadistic?

Kelli  14:08 
I don’t know. I can’t believe you didn’t get that I’m so disappointed. Again like our people are thinking this is like a beat up on Chris segment. It’s not you should have known that. You should have known that. If we were playing in like a trivia game situation. You would have known that.

Chris  14:26 
I would not have gotten that.

Kelli  14:26 
Yes, you would have known that.

Chris  14:30 
I did disappoint. Are you ready for tomorrowland.

Kelli  14:32 
I’m ready for Tomorrowland. So this is something you and I’ve talked about before. But the timing has never worked out, obviously, thanksgiving at Disney World.

So we have heard about how awesome it is to do Thanksgiving at Disney World. And so I thought I would go through, obviously this year is different. Sure, it’s very different. But I thought I would go through and talk about some of the things that Disney does for Thanksgiving. Okay, that people can enjoy. Okay, you got a weird look on your face. Are you worried about this? For some reason? Does this overlap with your segment? In some ways?

Chris  15:15 
Almost Exactly.

Kelli  15:16 
Is it really?

Chris  15:17 
It really does.

I’m saying it’s tomorrowland and because we’ve never done it, you can’t say it’s world showcase because we haven’t done it.

No, but I can say it’s world showcase because we have eaten at one of the restaurants and I’ve had the meal.

Kelli  15:29 
Liberty tree tavern? Well you can talk about liberty, tree Tavern.

Chris  15:33 
And others, but let’s go for it. It’ll be great.

Kelli  15:39 
Again, people, this is not planned.

Chris  15:41 
We just come with our hair on fire.

Kelli  15:47 
So apparently, Thanksgiving Day is one of the busiest days of the year in the parks. Did you know that?

Chris  15:52 
Yeah, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are bonkers.

Kelli  15:55 
So like people who live in Florida, go there?

Chris  15:58 
Or people who they they just want to be there during the holidays to get away from their crazy families? Yeah, so they decide to go hang out with a million other people getting…

Kelli  16:08 
away from the crazy families. Okay, so here’s just a few of the restaurants that have in the past had Thanksgiving or are having it this year, because the reports online are kind of all over the place as to where Thanksgiving meals are this year.

Chris  16:21 
This is great, we’ve got 20 minutes of Thanksgiving. This will be great. I’m so excited.

Kelli  16:27 
So port Orleans, Riverside.

Chris  16:30 
Oh, I don’t have that one.

Kelli  16:31 
Okay, Key West. Beautiful Saratoga Springs, Contemporary. This is a cool one. So these resorts are all over like some of them are counter service, and some of them are table service. Okay, so this next one is counter service – Captain cooks at the Polynesian.

Chris  16:48 
Oh, that would be an interesting place.

Kelli  16:49 
Yeah, I have to say Captain cooks is a very underrated counter service. We’ve mentioned this before. It’s worth a segment in and of itself. But so at Captain cooks This is counter service at the Poly for $15.99. You get oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and pie.

Chris  17:07 
Oh my gosh.

Kelli  17:08 
I know. Right? That’s a steal. That’s a steal. That is a counter service steal, is what that is. And Captain cooks does a great job. They do a fantastic job. I’m kind of surprised that doesn’t have a little bit of an Asian flair. Yeah. Because normally their stuff does. But in any case, pop century, Art of Animation, Beach Club, grand flo. Now, I want to say it was on like one of our first trips to Disney. When we heard about, like you could do a full Thanksgiving meal. Yeah, I’ve heard that for a long time. I remember us talking about it a long time ago. And for some reason, in my mind, I was picturing grand flo. You know, like sitting down at a really nice table with linens.

Chris  17:56 
Turkey and the trimmings and all that…

Kelli  17:58 
right times change. I’m totally for Captain cooks now. But still. That’s what I had imagined. Sure, Disney. But the reality is there’s all kinds of stuff that all kinds of different versions of that. Sure. So anyway, grand flo definitely has it in Narcoosees. Yeah, I saw a couple sites said they also have it at the grant flo cafe.

Chris  18:22 
Oh, yeah.

Kelli  18:24 
Fort wilderness camp ground does a backyard feast.

Chris  18:27 
Oh, that would be wonderful.

Kelli  18:29 
Isn’t that awesome?

Chris  18:29 
That would be so much fun.

Kelli  18:31 
That would be fun. I couldn’t verify they’re doing it this year, but they normally do a backyard show.

Chris  18:35 
I’m sure there are some changes this year.

Kelli  18:37 
Yeah, they normally do a backyard face with Mickey and Minnie.

Chris  18:40 
That would be great.

Kelli  18:41 
Isn’t that cool? And this is the one that I thought was the coolest was Wilderness Lodge,  Whispering Canyon.

Chris  18:46 
Oh, I bet that’s wonderful. Yeah.

Kelli  18:48 
Did you have this one on your list?

Chris  18:49 
I don’t.

Kelli  18:50 
Okay. Not overlapping at all.

Exact same topic and yet we are not overlapping. So whispering Canyon, is that the one where they yell at you?

Chris  18:58 

Kelli  18:59 
Okay. So that’s the one where like, if you ask for ketchup, they bring you every bottle of ketchup and just dump it at your table. Yeah, I love whispering Canyon. Okay, so they call their Thanksgiving a cornucopia feast. Oh, because let me tell you what you get. Salad, handcarved oak smoked beef brisket, corn bed, cornbread, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, smoked turkey breast, Maple glazed ham, stuffing, mashed potato brown sugar sweet potatoes, giblet gravy, cranberry relish and dessert.

Chris  19:31 
Oh, yeah. That’s, rockin’.

Kelli  19:33 
That’s right is a cornucopia.

Chris  19:35 
Yes. I mean, they got all the meats.

Kelli  19:37 
Right. They got all the meats. Like Arby’s, we got the meats. So yeah, so I think whispering Canyon based on what I saw online, has the coolest atmosphere for a Thanksgiving meal and like a really cool vibe and tons and tons of food. There are also some restaurants in the parks, Liberty tree tavern, they always, they have Thanksgiving every day. Right. EPCOT Garden, Epcot garden grill. Hollywood studios, Hollywood and Vine has it. And they’re also character meals. You can eat Thanksgiving with Cindy. Cindy’s royal table has a Thanksgiving meal.

Chris  20:17 
Except they’re not doing the people right now.

Kelli  20:20 
No, there’s characters.

Chris  20:22 

Kelli  20:22 
There are characters for the Thanksgiving meal. Yes. They have turkey breast, gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and cranberry jam. That’s what Cindy’s serving. Yeah, there are other character meals. But that was sort of the main one that I saw. And you mentioned a few of these at Disney Springs from last week, Maria and Enzos, Enzos hideaway, the Edison, Raglan road. Hello, you didn’t mention homecoming.

Chris  20:48 
I know.

Kelli  20:50 
They have a pumpkin bread pudding.

Chris  20:52 
Yeah, I know.

Kelli  20:53 
You got that on your list. Aristocrepes with the sweet potato bubble waffle. Naturally, Earl of Sandwich.

Chris  21:04 
Yeah, naturally.

Kelli  21:06 
Did you have Gideons on your list?

Chris  21:08 
I did not.

Kelli  21:09 
This is fun, it’s like playing old maid. Do you have yellow fish? So um, Gideons Bakehouse launched, I follow them on Instagram just because sometimes I want to gain weight without actually putting food in my mouth. And so they actually launched a pre order Thanksgiving thing and they’re, by the way, they’re sold out for pre orders. Okay, so…

Chris  21:35 
You’re too late.

Kelli  21:36 
You late. You missed it. Gideons Bakehouse had a special cake. Oh, a double frosted spiced pumpkin caramel cake. Can we say that again? A double frosted…

Chris  21:55 
Because that’s what you need.

Kelli  21:56 
…spiced pumpkin, caramel cake. This is a…I’m gonna say it slowly… triple stack vanilla cinnamon cake layered in two butter creams. Pumpkin and salted caramel.

Gideons don’t play. They they are unapologetically covered in sugar and calories our cookies weigh a pound and a half kind of a situation.

Chris  22:30 
You don’t come here to lose the weight.

Kelli  22:33 
Yeah, it’s, Gideon says no shame. It’s like Hardee’s.

Chris  22:37 
Just like Hardee’s.

Kelli  22:39 
No shame. So here were my three favorites. Okay. I said if you and I were going to do this on Thanksgiving, I think I would want to do whispering Canyon. Okay. I think it’d be my number one. Sure. How do you feel about that?

Chris  22:53 
I’m down with that. Based on what you said they serve you.

Kelli  22:56 
Yes, cornucopia. Yes. Whispering Canyon is also known for having one of the best vegan meals in the parks our best vegan meals on property. Apparently they have an amazing vegan skillet. Yeah. So whispering Canyon, I think is my number one. Okay. Number two, which is this is ridiculous that I’m saying this is number two. Homecoming.

Chris  23:20 
Well, I mean, if Whispering Canyon is number one is ridiculous to me. Homecoming shouldn’t be on the list at all.

Kelli  23:27 
But you know, we have such a love for homecoming.

Chris  23:30 
That’s what I’m saying.

Kelli  23:31 
It’s hard.

Chris  23:32 
I don’t know how homecoming can be number two, on anything.

Kelli  23:37 
And then I think number three is Cindy’s table. Okay, I really debated between Cindy’s and Captain cooks.

Chris  23:44 
Yeah, that I mean, it’s totally different.

Kelli  23:47 
Completely different vibe vibes. Completely different vibes. All three of mine are table service.

Chris  23:52 
You’re not gonna go wrong with the nostalgia of eating Thanksgiving dinner in Cindy’s castle.

Kelli  23:57 
I think I you know, I realized when I was putting my list together, I definitely am drawn more to a table service Thanksgiving meal. Because Yeah, I don’t think I want to counter service Thanksgiving meal, but if I did, I would totally go to Captain cooks. But I’m down for Whispering Canyon. I’m really down. We loved it there when we had breakfast. We loved it. And we’ve only been once but it was very good.

Chris  24:21 
It was it was delicious. It was fun. They yelled at those people in the lobby for not being adults.

Kelli  24:29 
It’s great.

Chris  24:32 
Well, you know what?

Kelli  24:33 
So that was it. So that was the Thanksgiving of our future. Well, now you’re gonna talk about I guess the Thanksgiving of our past.

Chris  24:40 
Well, I’m gonna talk about the Thanksgiving that we could do right now. So I thought we’ve had the Thanksgiving meal at Liberty tree tavern. And it is something that we’ve always talked about doing was since that same trip, I thought about it to where It’ll be interesting to be at Disney during Thanksgiving to see what your resort might be doing. Right. But what I and having had the Liberty tree meal, I thought I would take personal privilege and let’s talk about Thanksgiving at Disney as it is today. Okay. So…

Kelli  25:22 
That is, I must say, I mean, that is a bit of a broad stroke for world showcase.

Chris  25:26 
It’s my show.

Kelli  25:27 
Because world showcase. It’s meant to be something that we’ve done.

Chris  25:31 
Well, we have eaten at Liberty Tree Tavern. We’ve been we’ve eaten it a number of these places.

Kelli  25:36 
Broad stroke.

Chris  25:36 
Not necessarily Thanksgiving.

Kelli  25:38 
Broad stroke.

Chris  25:39 
So let’s just pretend that we’re at Disney right now. And we’re going to be in one of these, each of these parks. And we’re going to, I’m going to suggest where we should eat at the park at the parks. Okay. And Disney Springs. Okay?

Kelli  25:57 
So you’re not doing any resorts then?

Chris  26:00 
No, okay. No, I don’t have any resorts on here.

Kelli  26:02 
Now see, look, if we had coordinated this, I could have done resorts.

Chris  26:05 
I know. But we don’t. But we don’t. We don’t. Okay, there you go. So, so, as you said, at the moment, if you’re at the Magic Kingdom, there are a number of places where you can eat on Thanksgiving Day, you can eat it. Tony’s Town Square, Mm hmm. If you just decide, you know what, I’m not I don’t really care if we have traditional Thanksgiving. I’m wanting Italian today. But we’re all gonna sit down together and eat it together and be thankful. Cindy’s Royal table, you can have Thanksgiving meal there. The Plaza restaurant has some very, you know, comfort food type items, like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. They’ve got a turkey club sandwich. They’ve got some brisket, burger, things like that. Again, sit down restaurants is where I focused. Be our guest for lunch and dinner right now. It’s all sit down. They’re not doing any counter service. But I chose the Liberty tree Tavern as the place to go. Okay, it’s got that Magic Kingdom. Yes, it’s got that vibe of of the, you know, The Birth of a Nation and and those things that we are sort of thankful for as American citizens.

Kelli  27:16 
And an amazing vegan meatloaf.

Chris  27:18 
They have an amazing vegan meal. Oh, yeah, maybe maybe better than their actual Thanksgiving dinner. But they like you said they serve turkey pot roast pork loin, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, and toffee cake, which is just delicious. So so that’s where I would go. If possible, you got to get reservation there. But in the Magic Kingdom, that’s where I would go if I wanted a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Jumping over to Epcot now that we can park hop. There’s tons of places to eat at Epcot for sit down service. Right you’ve got Mexico you’ve got Germany, you’ve got places in Japan and Canada, and England, and Morocco and all these places.

Kelli  28:01 
I’ve heard that Germany is a good time.

Chris  28:02 
Germany is a good time I’ve been there before it is a it’s it’s fun. But you got to have you got to like other people. Oh, well.

Kelli  28:09 
Oh well.

Chris  28:10 
But Thanksgiving is sort of a uniquely American holiday so I’m sticking to American meals and traditional Thanksgiving if possible so can the garden grill that you mentioned here’s where I would sort of recommend. I’ve only eaten there once it’s it’s sort of thing they it is a modified character meal so you meet Chip and Dale. Sometimes Pluto or Goofy’s running around up there.

Kelli  28:32 
Oh, the Garden grill is the one that turns. I always think it’s the food court.

Chris  28:36 
No, the garden grill is the restaurant upstairs. Yes, it rotates very slowly, but you can look down over into the land ride. Yeah. And and again, they have a a very traditional turkey grilled beef with chimichurri mashed potatoes, a garden salad, seasonal veggies, mac and cheese, Herb stuffing and strawberry shortcake. It’s $55 for an adult and $36 for a kid but it’s all you can eat. Now if you if you want something American, but traditional Thanksgiving turkey is a quick service meal but they the new Regal Eagle smokehouse over in the American Pavilion.

Kelli  29:16 
Oh, right. We haven’t been there.

Chris  29:17 
No, we haven’t been there yet. But I gotta tell you some of that stuff looks really good. Memphis dry rub pork ribs. They offer North Carolina barbecue.

Kelli  29:27 
Is that vinegar based?

Chris  29:28 
I you know, I don’t know. They didn’t really get into the the specifics there. But they also offer a BBQ jackfruit burger. And remember, we’ve had jackfruit before. It’s like, yeah, it’s tastes like barbecue, right? It’s delicious. Yeah, so I bet they would do a good job with that. Um, so but my recommendation is for traditional is garden grill Chip and Dales harvest feast.

Kelli  29:54 
You don’t want to just walk through and grab a turkey leg, keep going?

Chris  29:56 
So I actually put that on here. Want to just grab a turkey leg at any one of the parks. Hollywood studios, Hollywood and Vine I almost chose primetime 50s yeah 50s primetime cafe because Minnie’s thing, it’s Minnie’s character thing and it’s set up for the holidays. But they also have a a turkey mashed potatoes and cornbread stuffing meal on their menu that you can order also comes with sauteed green beans, turkey gravy and cranberry orange relish. They’ve got a chocolate s’mores pie, a banana cream pie and Apple blueberry pie. So I mean they got all the pies man, which is another nice thing about Thanksgiving – pies. So and they did the Minnie party there the holiday party that Minnie hosts. So Animal Kingdom doesn’t really have anything.

Kelli  30:52 
I saw that tippins has like a thing.

Chris  30:54 
Tiffins has a good meal, you can go there and get a good meal. But but it’s not you’re not going to get it like a traditional right? A traditional…

Kelli  31:04 
Should Animal Kingdom really be serving Turkey?

Chris  31:07 
They’re not, they’re serving octopus on the appetizer menu though.

Kelli  31:11 
I mean, if we’re going to be so concerned that we’re use paper straws throughout the park, we really shouldn’t be serving Turkey. I’m just saying.

Chris  31:19 
So let’s bounce over there and there’s lots of places to eat at Animal Kingdom. Tiffins is great. It’s high end fine dining. Someone put that garbage Rainforest Cafe on their list. And I was like, don’t ever go there for anything.

Kelli  31:35 
I begged you to go there probably four years ago and we walked out and I said I’ll never ask you to do that again.

Chris  31:41 
I said thank you.

Kelli  31:42 
It is a very kitschy place. And it’s you know,

Chris  31:46 
it used to be really cool. It felt like it used to be really cool.

Kelli  31:50 
It’s like really cool in the late 90s.

Chris  31:54 
But you got tiffins which is really great. You got Satuli canteen and you got the Yak and Yeti both for table service and for counter service. Yeah, Yak and Yeti’s gonna be like Asian, you got noodles and rice fried rice and things like that. It’s it’s good, though. It’s really good. So jumping over to Disney Springs. I’m with you on the Earl of Sandwich holiday turkey. I’m gonna try my best to actually get off the original and get the turkey sandwich this time when we go in three weeks.

Kelli  32:22 
Honey, I don’t want you to order something that you’re not….

Chris  32:25 
I’m gonna get both of them. I’m just…

Kelli  32:26 
Hashtag you could just get both of them.

Chris  32:28 
There you go. I win. The daily poutine. You didn’t mention this one at Disney Springs. This so this is the gobbler poutine. So it’s french fries, smothered with shredded turkey gravy and cheese curds. Wow, that’s a winner. Yeah. Art Smith’s pumpkin bread pudding. I got that on my list. Aristacrepes. So this the sweet potato. Have you seen these bubble waffles? Yeah, they are really cool.

Kelli  32:56 
Yeah, they’re cool.

Chris  32:57 
I mean, and to call it a bubble waffle. You can totally see exactly what it’s exactly what it is. It’s hard to describe a waffle. If you imagine a bubble waffle, you’ll you’ll get there.

Kelli  33:07 
And I’m not a huge sweet potato fan. But I would give that a go.

Chris  33:09 
Because it’s got vanilla ice cream, chopped pecans and toasted marshmallow fluff on it. Yep, come on. Looks really like a good time. And something else cool I thought you can do is like if you know first if we’re in a DVC place, right and we got a one or two bedroom apartment. And so we’ve got a full kitchen a full like dining table. I thought it’d be a really smart choice to call up the polite pig over Disney Springs. And they’ll make you a full meal you ordered on the 23rd so we can order it tomorrow to pick it up on Wednesday. And you can order anything you want off the menu, the main dish, the sides, the desert, they’ll prepare it all you got to pick it up on Wednesday and just heat it up in your apartment on on Thanksgiving Day. And you’ve got a full meal from the polite pig. So pretty good deal. They got smoked turkey with sides and desserts and everything right? The menu of the polite pig looks like a rockin good time.

Kelli  33:09 
So of all of those. Which one would you pick? Then if we were at Disney on Thanksgiving? Which one?

Chris  34:04 
I would pick the polite pig in the apartment.

Kelli  34:22 
Okay, what about now that you know whispering Canyon exists?

Chris  34:26 
I’d still pick the polite pig.

Kelli  34:28 

Chris  34:28 
I don’t know. Maybe? You know? It’s a good question.

Kelli  34:32 
I do want to say I think you you brushed a little broad with your world showcase segment into the Tomorrowland territory. But with it being Thanksgiving and all.

I think it’s fine.

We make up our own rules.

We spent 20 minutes talking about Thanksgiving at Disney. What could…

Chris  34:51 
What’s the worst that could happen?

Kelli  34:53 
I know who hates Thanksgiving?

Chris  34:57 
Who hates hates hearing about Thanksgiving meals? 20 minutes. The answer is Nobody. Nobody Nobody does. Nobody does. So I’m actually I’m, we’re gonna do that one day we’re gonna order from polite pig and bring it to the apartment.

Kelli  35:11 
Not on Thanksgiving, just a regular day. Okay. Okay.

Chris  35:17 
So that’s our Thanksgiving show.

That’s our Thanksgiving show everybody. We hope you enjoyed it. If you did and you want all your friends to hear about Thanksgiving, then this is the show to tell them to download. Go to iTunes. Give us a little review there give us a rating and watch the people come flooding in to hear about it.

Kelli  35:40 
Yes, And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. I did not finish creating our video from the rest of the lovely recipe that we destroyed last week. I’m trying my best to get it up this week.

Chris  36:01 
Okay, but that’s okay. Because we rescued it.

Kelli  36:04 
You did rescue it so we’ve got to add an addendum.

Chris  36:09 
Awesome. So that’s right. Keep an eye out for that it’s coming and it’s going to be well worth it even more worth it now. Join us for the conversation on Instagram and Twitter. You can find us at SCFADP. Yes, we would love to hear from you, the more the merrier. And with that, we hope to see you real soon

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