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Disney News (11/8), Preview of the Holiday Snacks at Disney, and Remembering the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Episode 8

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This week, we discuss the latest Disney news, the amazing new holiday snacks at Walt Disney World, including snacks at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and EPCOT! Then Chris shares the background of the Osborne Family lights and how they survived at Hollywood Studios for 20 years!

Show Links:
Hollywood Tower Hotel Holiday Makeover 

Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar 

Boat Transportation from Poly to MK has Re-opened – Good news since the Monorail is officially closed  

Disneyland doing a lot of work on the parks 

More Disney to layoffs from Studio Division and ESPN 

Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights  

Holiday Snacks at Walt Disney World:

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Chris  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:41 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:43 
Kelli. I love your ears. They are electronic ears.

Kelli  0:49 
This is the only pair that I have that requires a battery. Okay. I will say that and they are they’re hefty. Like they are…you feel these years. Yeah.

Chris  1:00 
They’re probably not eight hour years.

Kelli  1:03 
No, I’m not sure they’re one hour years. Okay. But you don’t lose these things on a ride. I mean, it is it is gripping my head.

Chris  1:13 
Can you tell us what’s happening on those ears? Like, what are the spaceships on those ears called?

Kelli  1:19 
Star Wars. I’m wearing them in honor of Mandalorian season two.

Chris  1:28 
Oh, okay. Right.

Kelli  1:29 
I don’t have a lot of Star Wars ears.

Chris  1:31 
Are you teasing any of the segments?

Kelli  1:33 
No, no, I don’t have a lot of Star Wars ears. But I’ve got three pair. Right. And so I thought I would wear these they are easily my most uncomfortable pair of ears.

Chris  1:45 
Well, I love them.

Kelli  1:47 
Have I mentioned that these are extremely uncomfortable.

Chris  1:50 
You gave us that impression.

Kelli  1:51 
I mean, I’m taking one for the team right now.

Chris  1:53 
Well, I love them. And I can just imagine them. I’ve seen them in the parks, you know, at nighttime. And you know in a crowd they look amazing.

Kelli  2:01 
I’m sure they do.

Chris  2:03 
I also love your shirt.

Kelli  2:07 
Yes. This is part of the wishes come true blue collection. And I was telling you before we started I felt like I should have worn my fantasmic Mickey hat with this shirt because it would just be perfect. But it’s so hard to layer that hat with glasses and headphones.

This shirt is so comfy. It’s it’s very lightweight. I’ve already told you man, you’re gonna see this at all the holidays like when I decided to put on clothes to leave the house.

Chris  2:38 
This is what you’re wearing.

Kelli  2:39 
This is what I’m wearing.

Chris  2:40 

Kelli  2:41 
Yes. I also love your Epcot forever shirt. Look at you not wearing a classic Mickey tee.

Chris  2:46 
I love the throwback nature of this shirt, but Epcot forever, which is the show that they were running right now that like the illuminations type show is called Epcot forever.

Kelli  2:56 
Yeah, but that’s great, right? I mean, that’s gonna be a once in a lifetime thing. Sure.

Chris  3:01 
Yeah. I love it. I’m very happy wearing this shirt. I love it. It’s also Spaceship Earth Sunday,

Kelli  3:06 
It is Spaceship Earth Sunday, and you are rocking that, rocking it.

Chris  3:10 
So hey, we just had like our best week ever in terms of downloads and listeners and everything. And I just just like super grateful about that. This is like, I don’t know. 25 or 30. Right. So I’m just super thankful. This week I saw people download from Bel Air south. I don’t know if there’s a Bel Air Maryland and this is Bel Air South Maryland.

Kelli  3:37 
Oh, so it’s not California.

Chris  3:39 
No, no, no, it’s exactly the opposite side of the country. Okay, Bel Air South, Maryland and West Columbia, Texas. Ah. Okay. Blacksburg, Virginia, home of Virginia Tech, ah, and St. Laurent, Quebec, in Canada. So just really, really feeling all the fields for the people that are taking the time to download this. Absolutely love it. And if you if you’ve heard us call out your town on the pod then let us know add us in a social media post. And we’ll get you a sticker. Yes, absolutely. Tout it. Absolutely. So with that, I’m gonna jump into the jump into the news.

Kelli  4:23 
Let’s do it.

Chris  4:24 
Main Street USA here. So, so excited that just a couple days ago, November the sixth when all the holiday stuff sort of took hold in, in Walt Disney World. Hollywood Tower holiday makeover. So when the sun goes down, they will project the holiday scenes onto the tower tower. And you know, when we saw that the first time it just like, just lit me up. I just loved seeing that. I don’t know. I didn’t expect it the first time. I know what to expect. But super cool and I know that they probably doing the the Snope which is the snow soap that comes down. Oh, when they make it snow.

Kelli  5:09 
Do they call that snope?

Chris  5:09 
I just saw that somewhere today actually. Okay. And I like it. It’s snope, this snope. So yeah once nightfall is they start the projections on Hollywood Tower for the holidays and that’s there’s four scenes there’s a Mickey and Minnee’s hometown Christmas tower. There’s Toy Story The Toy Story Christmas toy tower. There’s the Muppets gingerbread tower. Okay, and the frozen winter wonderland tower.

Kelli  5:37 
Wow. Yeah. Okay, so is the Mickey Minnie one like a throwback to the railway?

Chris  5:43 
I don’t think so. I did the hometown Christmas tower so I don’t know what that would look would consist of. Okay. It’d be just very traditional Christmassy Garland’s and things like that. Maybe? I don’t know. Okay. We’ll find out in December.

Kelli  5:56 
Absolutely we will.

Chris  5:58 
Jock Lindsay’s bar. This is something now that I am putting on the wish list for for our trip in December.

Kelli  6:06 
Yeah, I’m with you.

Chris  6:08 
Jock Lindsey’s going holiday bar. Okay, for the for the holiday season is actually starting on November the 29th. So we’ll just done it. Not long before we get there. And Jacqueline Z’s bars cool. Anyway, it’s just sort of over the top Explorer. You know, similar to Indiana Jones, Jones vibe in there anyway, and very sort of cooled and fun drinks and food items. But it’ll be Jock Lindsey’s holiday bar as opposed to hanger bar during the holidays. Okay. And they do over the top Christmas decorations. And they got festive food and cocktails. I’ve I predict a tomorrowland segment dedicated to Jock Lindsay’s holiday bar.

Kelli  6:53 
Oh, let’s Yes. Let’s do it.

Chris  6:55 
Before we go. Okay. And and I already have picked out the time when we’re going to go there and do so.

Kelli  7:01 
Great. Do we have reservations?

Chris  7:03 
I don’t know. Well, I’ll look I don’t know if Lindsay’s is a reservation place but it was while I was talking to you today about what time we’re gonna leave the day before Okay,

Kelli  7:11 
I’m for it.

Chris  7:12 
Let’s do that. Yeah. And and why it’s important to get a place where we can walk.

Kelli  7:17 
Ah, because we’re not driving. Yep, very responsible.

Chris  7:21 
Boat transportation from Polynesian to Magic Kingdom has started back up. So you can now you know the little boat we took from the dock near the pool Yes.

So you don’t have to walk over to the ferries monorail has just closed down like they just started the the construction option right there yeah they delayed the monorail closing for like a month or something like that and so it just literally just closed down so they’ve opened up the boat traffic there so that you can take the boat from Polynesian over to the Magic Kingdom

Kelli  7:56 
So the only transportation then from Poly would be that boat and buses?

Chris  8:00 
I don’t even think buses you can you can take the monorail but you had to walk to the transportation and ticket center right right which is actually from where we typically stay it’s it’s really close it’s closer actually even in that boat is but but yeah so or you can now walk to there’s a walking path that goes through the Grand Floridian all the way around.

Kelli  8:20 
Probably not.

Chris  8:21 
Okay, be sure.

Kelli  8:24 
Let me think about it. Nope.

Chris  8:27 
So all bad news for Disneyland in the past few weeks right they’re not going to open for the foreseeable future they continue to keep moving people’s cancellations out further and further and further. But they have been doing a ton of work in there with the closure which is good they refurbs refurbs and building mini Mickey’s or runaway railway there. We talked in a previous episode that it’s not gonna they they delayed the opening of that for a year. But they’re also like refurbishing Haunted Mansion. They’re refurbishing the King Arthur carrousel Snow White scary adventures which talked about that last week how they were going to shut that down for major overhaul. Anyway, this year. Indiana Jones adventure out there is getting a major overhaul Mickey Mickey’s house in toon town, Space Mountain is getting a new roof in the roof, you know, new shingles and the Materhorn so they’re doing a ton of work out there while it’s down, so hopefully when that thing opens, it’s just, it’s gonna open with gusto. And the last bit here again to kind of have our entertainment news, more Disney layoffs in their studio division. So their marketing department which is based in New York City, had to layoff like 50 people. ESPN, is is laying off, which is owned by Disney is laying off 300 employees and eliminating 200 positions that weren’t yet filled to make space in the budget for their new digital and streaming departments. So you know…

Kelli  10:08 
Changes. 2020 has brought nothing but change.

Chris  10:12 
Not all great change either. One really nice change.

Kelli  10:16 
One great change this week. Yeah. But otherwise until that.

Chris  10:23 
It just keeps on kicking us. But okay, so, um, but that’s all I’ve got for Main Street this week. Okay, I’m ready to your trivia. Okay.

Kelli  10:33 
Yeah. Trivia your’re negative 400 right.

Chris  10:35 
I got one right!

Kelli  10:37 
You got one. Right. And then you miss last week, right? So you’re back down to negative 400.

Chris  10:41 
Okay, well, all right. Well, let’s go. Let’s okay. I’m feeling it.

Kelli  10:45 
Okay. Okay. I think this is a softball. Oh. What’s the name of the circus in the 1941 animated film Dumbo?

Chris  10:54 
I don’t know.

Kelli  10:55 
How do you not know that?

Chris  10:56 
I don’t know. I knew when you said that circus, What’s the name of the circus? I knew what you’re going to ask that. I have no idea.

Kelli  11:02 
You’re about to be negative 500, so give it a shot. I don’t know that you can recover from negative 500.

Chris  11:08 
I can I can. I say that to myself every time I go to Vegas.

Kelli  11:19 
Okay, well, I’m just gonna say it. It’s WDP circus, which is Walt Disney Productions circus.

Chris  11:26 

Kelli  11:28 
So now you’re negative 500.

Chris  11:30 
That’s fine. That’s fine. I have come back from so much worse. I mean, you don’t realize that but I have come back from so much worse. Okay. All right. Well, I don’t like to talk about that.

Kelli  11:43 
Well, let’s do it tomorrowland.

So, you know, we’re talking about here.

Chris  11:50 
I do.

Kelli  11:51 
And you got to be just as excited as I am. We’re talking about the holiday desserts at Walt Disney World. Yes. Yes, we are holiday dessert time. So Disney Parks blog posted all these this week.

Chris  12:03 
We’ve been waiting on them.

Kelli  12:04 
We have been waiting the whole world apparently has been waiting on these. And it I gotta say I needed it. I needed it. Okay, so does the rest of the world. We did. So let’s just jump right on and we’re gonna go park by park. Okay. Okay, so we’re gonna start with the Magic Kingdom. Okay, so they’ve got it Mainstreet bakery a twice upon a cupcake. I think I showed you this picture. So this is a confetti Christmas tree, a top of a vanilla cupcake. And on the inside of the vanilla cupcake is a red velvet hidden Mickey.

Chris  12:35 

Kelli  12:36 
They say that the red velvet Mickey has the texture of a cake pop.

Chris  12:40 
Oh, yeah. So you bite through this soft vanilla cake. And there’s a red Mickey right in the middle. Oh, yeah.

Kelli  12:47 
Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you can here’s something I’m excited about. The Let It Snow taco. I mean, is there somebody out there that doesn’t like a taco?

Chris  12:59 
Tacos rule.

Kelli  13:00 
Because let me just tell you what this is filled with this is it Pecos Bill’s tall tale in a cafe and if you love Pecos bills, this is a sugar cookie taco shell filled with salted caramel and spiced chocolate mousse. Now, this doesn’t really describe it that well this sugar cookie taco shell is iced completely in light blue icing with white snowflakes. So it looks like a frozen like frozen, the movie, sugar Cookie in the shape of a taco shell filled with salted caramel and spiced chocolate mousse.

Chris  13:36 
Gosh, yes.

Kelli  13:37 
Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. The orange bird Christmas. I don’t get why this is a Christmas thing the orange bird has on a Santa hat. I don’t understand why this is a Christmas snack.

Chris  13:48 
You just explained it. The orange bird has a santa hat.

Kelli  13:54 
But that’s it.

Chris  13:55 

Kelli  13:56 
It’s an orange scented white chocolate mousse filled with orange curd. And it’s got the little bird on top of this hat. Oh, yeah. Chippendale Christmas churros. Now, I gotta say this to me looks more like Chippendales Thanksgiving churros.

Chris  14:15 

Kelli  14:15 
Oh yeah. No, so it’s it’s is a gingerbread Churro top with apple pie feeling and chocolate chips, but all the way down the Churro is also these little like autumn leaps in like, like sugar cookie, autumn leaves. It looks more like a Thanksgiving churro but whatever Chippendale I’m gonna eat it.

Chris  14:30 
It sounds like a delicious, is what it sounds like.

Kelli  14:33 
This is what I’m excited about. The pistachio chai tea float.

Chris  14:38 
Yeah, you mentioned that to me earlier.

Kelli  14:43 
Yeah, you do. This is pistachio softserve over spiced chai tea and a red velvet cake pop ornament. This is at Aloha Isle.

Chris  14:51 
Now last year, this was a cherry pistachio float on frozen hot chocolate and you loved it.

Kelli  14:57 
I loved it. But I do love chai tea. You do so just thinking about like the pistachio with the spicy Chai cinnamony type thing. I’m for it.

Chris  15:11 
Can I have that red velvet cake pop?

Kelli  15:12 
Yes. No. Yeah, no you’re getting you’re getting the Red Velvet hidden Mickey in your cupcake.

Chris  15:19 
Dont be an Indian giver. You just told me I could.

Kelli  15:21 
That is so racist. I cannot believe you just said that. That is horribly horribly racist. Okay, the next street is Bell’s enchanted Christmas tree. Now this one I’ve seen in several places. This is at Gastons tavern. And so it’s three macaroons thick one macaroon that’s like larger and then one medium size and one small macaroon. Okay. Oh, and so they stack like a tree. So you get the big macaroon on the bottom, and then some red frosting. The medium size macaroon. In the middle, they stack red frosting, and then the small macaroon on top red frosting with a yellow m&m top. It’s good people say that it is amazing. It’s got some type of a mousse in the middle of it that people are not crazy about the icing in the macaroons are huge. I have also heard rumors that there is a pecan pie rice crispy at Magic Kingdom but I could not find confirmation of that.

Chris  16:18 
You know how I feel about pecan pie?

Kelli  16:19 
I do. So let’s move to Hollywood Studios. Okay, we’ve got the frozen salted caramel hot chocolate. This is frozen salted caramel hot chocolate topped with marshmallows green sugar and a chocolate drizzle served with a souvenir Mickey glow. Now this is available throughout the park. This is in a lot of different places.

Chris  16:42 
Mickey’s holiday cookie, a vanilla butter cookie enrobed with white chocolate and sugar snowflakes. This is gonna be at the ABC commissary and Rosie’s all American cat. Okay. Where’s Rosie’s all American?

That’s down there near the Hollywood Tower of Terror.

Kelli  16:59 
Yes, it’s the outdoor area. Yes. Okay. So Rosie’s got several things. Okay. The holiday whoopie pie. You’re for it. The Red Velvet whoopie pie. Red Velvet whoopie pie filled with a classic cream cheese filling.

Chris  17:13 

Kelli  17:14 
is at the trolley car cafe in the backlot Express.

Chris  17:16 
Oh, yes.

Kelli  17:18 
Now I’m just gonna say that the trolley car Cafe is also where you can get the frozen coke with the with the rum. Yeah, sounds like an excellent stuff. Olaf’s snow flurry. Okay, a yellow cupcake with vanilla buttercream snow flurry sugar and an Olaf glow.

Chris  17:35 

Kelli  17:36 
Also at Rosie’s all American okay. Okay, so by the way all these are available for the most part November through December. But for some reason at Animal Kingdom, not reason Animal Kingdom has got like some available in November some available in December. It’s really weird. Okay, I’m just gonna list them all. So the first one is the white chocolate peppermint cream cheese mousse.

Chris  17:59 
We’re at Animal Kingdom now?

Kelli  18:00 
Animal Kingdom. I got to say this almost looks like a poached egg. So it’s a it’s a it’s a moose it’s a very shiny white moose. A white chocolate peppermint cream cheese mousse with peppermint sauce and chocolate cookie crumbles This is at Satuli’s canteen. Oh over there. Yeah. I mean, I’ll get that Yeah, I’ll get that with everything else at Satuli’s canteen, right. That’s where you get the Margarita?

Chris  18:28 
Yeah, yeah. With the boba balls.

Kelli  18:30 
Yeah, no, no. So I mean, that’s, that’s gonna be a good eating area in that corner.

Chris  18:38 
Good eating area.

Kelli  18:38 
It does look like it looks like a poached egg. There’s no other way to describe it, but it’s not a poached egg. It’s just one of those things where it made it look like something else.

Cream cheese mousse. Okay, the Menagerie cupcake. Okay, this is a gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with a white chocolate bear. This is totes precious. This is like a polar bear cupcake. So when it says a cream cheese frosting, I want you to imagine like a layer of snow a layer of blue snow a layer of white snow and then two little white polar bears on top smiling at you.

Chris  19:13 
My thing is I’m not a big fan of gingerbread.

Kelli  19:17 
Well, bah humbug. Tis the season man. I mean it’s gonna be everywhere

Chris  19:25 
I know is everywhere every year all the time.

Kelli  19:27 
It’s gonna be everywhere we go out there. They’ve got a gingerbread cavalcade. They’re selling gingerbread Merch. Bah humbug.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really enjoyed a gingerbread cookie

Chris  19:43 
See, and you gave me such a hard time.

Kelli  19:46 
But the cupcake I would totally eat. The pumpkin ice cream sandwich. This is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two pumpkin cookies. decorated with fall sprinkles. This is a dynamite snacks and it’s November only.

Chris  20:02 
Okay will fall sprinkles not not Christmas sprinkles fall sprinkles. Yeah.

Kelli  20:07 
This is the pretty one. This is the one everybody’s gonna be after. Okay, the Santa Mickey mousse. How cute is that? The Santa Mickey mousse. White Chocolate peppermint mousse dome. Okay on a brownie base with snowflake sprinkles and chocolate Mickey ears.

Chris  20:29 
Yeah, that’s a winner

Kelli  20:31 
Winner winner winner chicken dinner. That is that creature comfort creature comforts December the first through January the second.

Chris  20:40 
I can I can deal with that. I mean, what was the mousse?

Kelli  20:44 
It is a white chocolate peppermint mousse dome on a brownie base. They say that last year this was on like a cookie or a cupcake base and the brownie base is this is this is I’m quoting here, a huge glow up.

Chris  21:03 
Well, you know how I feel about brownies.

Kelli  21:08 
You love brownies. Okay, we got two more at Epcot they have not release their festival the holidays menu. So this is really the only two special things right? Yeah. The spiked frozen apple pie. Yeah. Okay, smoky apple pie moonshine with minute made apple juice and cinnamon that’s it Block and Hans. I guess that’s in Germany?

Chris  21:27 
No, no, that’s over in American adventure.

Kelli  21:30 
Okay. Maple B√ªche de No√´l. I’m sorry.

That’s Maple mousse and cranberry rolled in a gingerbread chiffon cake. Oh, it’s like a gingerbread swiss cake roll.

So gingerbread Swiss cake roll. Well, essentially, I’m gonna boil it down for our listeners. The bigger gingerbread Swiss cake roll was bigger love Swiss girls and Maple B√ªche de No√´l. You’re all welcome for that pronunciation. Yeah.

Chris  22:04 
You’re from the south of France. All right. Awesome. Awesome. Alright. So I’m continuing the Christmas theme with something that’s no longer around. But I loved it. And I wish it would come back. It was the Osborne family spectacle of lights.

Kelli  22:35 
Oh yeah. I’ve got such great photos up of us there.

Chris  22:38 
And I knew you would, you’d be able to put them into the video. And it just man, I can’t remember if you’ve never been to Hollywood studios to experience the Osborne family spectacle of dancing lights? I’m just gonna call them the Osborne lights.

Kelli  22:56 

Chris  22:59 
But if you ever had the chance to experience that I was sitting I was it was just so wonderful and cheery was and like if you could walk through that and come out the other side. Not having had an Ebenezer Scrooge sized transformation in Christmas spirit, then you just you can’t be happy.

Kelli  23:18 
What if they’re serving Ginger Bread all the way through?

Chris  23:21 
It would even make gingerbread tastes good. So, so I dug it. I just tried to learn about these things. And there’s no reason to think they’re ever coming back. Yeah.

Kelli  23:35 
But I want to know about it because I never actually knew who the Osborne family.

Chris  23:38 
Well, I’m glad you asked.

Kelli  23:40 
I thought I knew you’d take us there.

Chris  23:42 
So, this this, this actually launched Hollywood Studios in 1995. And went through How long did it run? Can you How long has it been gone?

Kelli  23:52 
I think it ran for 10 years.

Chris  23:54 
It ran for 20. Wow, I know it just ended five years ago.

Kelli  24:00 
Imagine having to replace those bulbs for 20 years.

Chris  24:04 
I’ve got some numbers on them.

Kelli  24:05 
We almost through our trees out this year.

Chris  24:09 
Because 6 lights were out!

Kelli  24:13 
Well, this is gonna be the last year with this tree…

Chris  24:16 
And then suddenly the tree you had all the lights come back on. It was like I don’t want to be thrown out!

Kelli  24:20 
You just shook it and it came back. Like Well there you go. One more good year for you tree, well done.

Chris  24:25 
So Mr. Jennings Osborne I mean, is that not just a hoity toity name. It’s a great name sounds like an author does Jennings Osborne he and his wife Mitzi of course are blessed to see Jennings and Mitzi

Kelli  24:42 
Now look you like their lights right? Why are you making fun of their names?

Chris  24:46 
They’re from they were from Little Rock, Arkansas, but I could see them in Charleston, South Carolina. We’re going to see Jennings and Mitzi, she, you know, yes. So they they were business owners in Little Rock and they did well for themselves. And so they bought like in a state in the middle of town. Okay. Um, had a daughter in 1980 and her name was Alison Brianne. But of course they called her Breezy.

Kelli  25:14 
Oh, I love these people.

Chris  25:16 
Breezy, breezy. Jennings and Mitzi and their daughter Breezy. Uh huh. They, they, they were all living there in Little Rock and in 1986, breezy. She’s six years old. Now she asked her father if they could decorate their home in lights. So that first year, they strung 1000 likes on the, on the house. But every year it got bigger and bigger and bigger. And got so big, they like bought the two properties next door to their estate. And started putting lights on those two. And so by 1993, they were they had 3 million lights in this display.

Kelli  25:56 
This is Clark Griswold style.

Chris  25:59 
So this is sort of the thing that that kicked off the whole people doing ridiculous Christmas lights that has grown to be such a thing. You know, every year we look to see where we can find homes. Yeah, this was who started all that. Right. So it got to be kind of a thing. And they’re in Little Rock, and they would leave them up for like 35 days from sunset to midnight. And people would just drive through to go see them. And it was it was they were dancing lights officially if there’s an official place for this. Dancing lights are lights that that that dance to music that’s playing.

Kelli  26:39 
Oh, right. Yeah, you can like program them.

Chris  26:41 
So it’s not like in you know, we have McAdenville here. Right. So but where it’s usually just lights.

Kelli  26:48 

Chris  26:48 
Little lights are not twinkling, Clark.

Kelli  26:51 
Lights aren’t twinkling Clark. I know Art, thanks for noticing.

Chris  26:53 
So so for with music, they dance. Right. So that he put all that together? Yeah. And think about it. This is in the 80s and early 90s.

Kelli  27:07 
Yeah, he’s probably like Morse code programming this thing with a floppy disk.

Chris  27:10 
So but it became a thing because this was in the middle of town. Right? And so traffic would back way up and it was causing his neighbors like if they just needed to go down to the corner store. It was taking him over two hours to go go to box and get back. And so they like filed a lawsuit. Oh, gotta get this stop. Gosh.

Kelli  27:31 
Well just go before sunset.

Chris  27:33 
You know what’s happening in December, man?

Kelli  27:35 
About 35 days. Bah humbug for you. Seriously?

Chris  27:39 
A lot. So um, yeah, they did. And the court actually they they took this thing away the US Supreme Court, Clarence Yeah. Clarence Thomas himself ruled on this thing. Did he speak at all? The court forced so the the the Arkansas Supreme Court actually forced them to reduce the number of days down to like 15 days and reduce the number of hours.

Kelli  28:03 
What a bummer.

Chris  28:04 
I know. It gets more bummery. They eventually in 1995, the Supreme Court like just shut the whole thing down entirely. But it made lots of national news. So there were actually cities across the country that were like, tell you what, we’ll we’ll buy your light display because he had built contraptions. You know that globe? That it was like a lighting display? That was like a glow? Yeah, yeah. Right. So that globe would show where a little rock was on it, right? location to like the North Pole or something like that. But so they built it, and they were like, just send us your whole thing. And we’ll put them up in our city. But nothing ever caught. Except for when John Phelan from Disney heard about them.

So he caught wind of this. And he went there. And Mr. Osborn was a big Walt Disney World fan. Okay, so he got pretty excited about the idea that they would be at Walt Disney World course. And so they they, the Disney said, we’ll put them in Hollywood, we’ll put them on residential street. That’s the way they described it to Mr. Osborn at first. And he didn’t realize that they were talking about a street that shows like a Hollywood normal Hollywood set at Hollywood Studios. He thought they were like, Disney’s gonna put my lights on just a residential street in LA. And so they had a little bit of back and forth there and they finally realized, okay, they’re gonna put it on residential street in Hollywood Studios. And they did they came to an agreement and they they put them up and that first year. So the one big thing was you could actually walk through the displays. It does. Yeah, it was an improvement over driving by them, right. And initially Disney did try to do exactly what they had done. They they, they took the lights from Little Rock, and despite them on residential street, but eventually Disney grew it from 3 million lights to 5 million lights 40 hidden Mickeys in there, I remember making pictures and then they put snow machines in place. So make it snow and you could always buy hot chocolate on either end of the display and all that they moved it from residential street to the streets of New York at one point to I’m not really sure why. But it was it was so it ran like that for 20 years. Oh yeah. 20 years. And it was it’s it was just wonderful. You just come around the corner. And it was it was either playing something some number from Trans Siberian orchestra and it was going crazy. They did like every 15 minutes. They played a new song in the in the lights would Nance. Yeah. 10 miles of rope lighting 30 miles of extension cords. Wow. 2 million ties that would hold everything together. 20,000 man hours to install the display every year which started in September.

Kelli  31:14 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  31:15 
Thank you imagine I mean then how much time you would only have like six months where the lights weren’t up? Who were mean

Kelli  31:21 
I’ll be honest, I thought they kept him up year round.

Chris  31:25 
I would have wanted to know they did not they took them down and put them back up starting in September.

Kelli  31:29 
Did Mr. Osborn like what they did with this?

Chris  31:32 
He did. He actually passed in 2011. No, about four years before they ended it okay. But and I’m assuming that they ended it start working since it was 2015 which seems like it was longer than that. But I’m assuming they started doing they started to take it down because I started working on Toy Story land and galaxies edge.

So where we put it What would you put it now if you’re gonna put it back up?

Kelli  31:58 
Put it all the way throughout Hollywood Studios just just scattered across the whole place. It’s the whole place whole place to cover up just like loaded up in one of those guns and like this shoot it out like they…

Chris  32:09 
Like they did in Dr. Seuss.

Kelli  32:11 
Absolutely. Shoot it out.

Chris  32:14 
Well, you know, go. I’m sure we’ll have pictures. I’ll have some pictures on the video feed. But you can also find lots of pictures of of delights at Hollywood Studios when they were there. Yeah. On the Google’s

Kelli  32:29 
You know, I always thought it was Ozzy Osborne’s family.

Chris  32:31 

Yeah, this doesn’t surprise me. Yet I’m always caught off guard.

Kelli  32:43 
I don’t know very many Osbornes.

Chris  32:44 
Well, there was a prominent Osborne family in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Kelli  32:47 
I thought it was Ozzie.

Chris  32:49 
It wasn’t it was Jennings and Mitzi and breezy Osborne. So that’s this week’s show. We hope you loved it. If you did you know what to do. Go out to iTunes leave us an awesome positive review. Give us a wonderful rating and that will just have all the people flooding to our podcasts.

Kelli  33:11 
That would be great. Yes. I can’t tell you how excited it was. how excited we were this week to see all those numbers going up and it makes us so happy. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We are going to be making a couple more recipes between now and December. Maybe one this week. We’ll see but keep your eyes peeled on YouTube.

Chris  33:40 
Yep, keep an eye out for that. Join us for the conversation on Instagram and Twitter. We’re at SCF ADP, invite your friends The more the merrier. Yes, we would love to hear from you.

And with that, we’ll see you real soon.

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