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Disney News (12/12), Disney Resort Christmas Tour, and The Top 5 Christmas “Must-Dos” at Disney!

Episode 13

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This week, we discuss a Yuletide Tour of Walt Disney World Resorts including must do gingerbread stops and must-see Christmas trees at Disney. All free ways to enjoy a day at Disney during Christmas. We also cover 5 MUST DOs at Disney during the holidays including buying a Christmas ornament, seeing the Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian, playing in the Snope (Florida snow), seeing the reindeer and toy soldiers at Magic Kingdom, and riding the Jingle Cruise in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom.

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Show Notes:

Ideas for In-Room New Year’s Celebrations at Disney 

Disney Investor Day  

Margot Robbie to star in Pirates of the Caribbean 

Mads Mikkelsen to replace Depp in Fantastic beasts 

Self-Guided Yuletide Tour of Walt Disney World Resorts 


Chris  0:04 

You’re listening to SuperCali, super, oh whatever the infernal thing is, supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things.  In Main Street USA, We’ll talk about the latest Disney news my “partridge in a pear tree” underwear needs washing. Oh, well then my Christmas wish has been granted.  In TomorrowLand we’ll talk about the things we’re looking forward to. “What do you want with me? You will be haunted by three spirits. I’d rather not.” And world showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. It’s Christmas Eve.. a time of mystery,  expectation. Who knows what might happen? So let’s get this show on the road. Please stand clear of the doors  Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas. Hey there, everybody. Welcome to this week’s show. Another Christmas show. I’m assuming mine is Christmas.

Kelli  0:57 

Christmas. That’s

Chris  0:58 

Chris. This is Chris.

Kelli  1:00 

And I’m Kelly.

Chris  1:00 

And Miss Piggy years.

Kelli  1:03 

I was Miss Piggy tonight. Um, you know they are comfy. They’re not overly bulky.

Chris  1:10 

Listen, and I think you are gonna hate this but you with a little purple bow off to

Unknown Speaker  1:16 

one side. And some pearls,

Chris  1:18 

some pearls and I’m in a big jewel.

Kelli  1:21 

I mean, I think honestly wearing the pig ears around. The Epcot festival the holidays next next week, it’s really sort of spot on.

Unknown Speaker  1:30 

So I kind of on the nose.

Kelli  1:31 

It’s kind of on the nose. There might be a little bit too much.

Chris  1:34 

Yeah, I get well they look great on you. Yeah, well, thank

Kelli  1:36 

you so good but you’re biased.

Chris  1:38 

Appreciate it. Ah, that’s right. And we when this show airs, we Yes. Having a cold drink at or Jock Lindsey’s Yes, absolutely. I cannot wait. Hey, so as usual, my favorite part of the week is looking to see where all the downloads come from. This week. We actually had more unique cities download than any other week since we launched Wow, this is super exciting. Okay. enjoyed seeing Texas City, Texas. Okay, which is right on the coast between Houston and the water. Okay, which is really cool. Right there near Galveston, Ogden, Utah, which I know someone in Ogden, Utah actually

Kelli  2:23 

really okay.

Chris  2:24 

Saugus, Massachusetts. Wow. And very excited to see Perth, Australia. Perth, Australia, Australia, the west coast of Australia. Wow. Yeah. But under-appreciated west coast of Australia.

Kelli  2:38 

You know, I did mention to you that one of our listeners is bitter that we have not called out her town. Yeah,

Chris  2:43 

yeah. No. And I don’t know. I mean, I feel pretty strongly now about not calling out any of those towns already

Kelli  2:49 

very angry to you for other reasons. That’s where you want to go.

Chris  2:56 

I love her, but she holds no sway over me. Oh, wow. Gosh, man. I’m just

Kelli  3:01 

you feeling it. I

Chris  3:01 

really sort of hate that I said that just now.

Kelli  3:03 

I kind of do to you are feeling it tonight. Just go ahead and say to that listener, it’s not you. And it’s

Chris  3:10 

been this way all day. We’re about the ride. And I need a vacation man. Hey, and speaking of vacation, what a great accidental segue. So we are going to take what a couple weeks off here weeks.

Kelli  3:27 


Chris  3:27 

Christmas. This will be our last regularly scheduled weekly show of this year. We will we will be back better than ever. In January season three, season three. We’ve got a couple of ideas for what we’re going to cover in season three. Yep. And very excited about that. But you won’t go quite radio silent in the next couple of weeks. We’ve got some fun, bonus material that we plan to release over the next couple of weeks just so that you know you continue to hear our dulcet tones. Yes, we

Kelli  4:02 

do have some bonus stuff planned. And also, we’ll spend the next couple of weeks sort of planning for season three, because it’s going to be a little bit different. And we’re excited about it. Yeah,

Chris  4:11 

yeah. Awesome. So let’s hit up Main Street. Let’s

Kelli  4:14 

do it.

Chris  4:16 

Okay, so entertainment. There’s really one big news item anybody that follows Disney as close as we do, or even you would have seen this on if you follow Twitter, you would have seen this trending all week was Disney investor day, which took place a few days ago. And this is actually I think needs to be bonus material. There’s just too much to go over Yeah, they literally released all of their new projects on all of their properties. Hulu  FX networks Lucasfilm which is Star Wars, National Geographic Disney plus TV series

Kelli  4:55 

all their media property

Chris  4:56 

all their media programs. Yes, yes. Disney films, Disney Animation Pixar Marvel, they have got like, long term amazing plans for all of these platforms. And some of the really exciting ones Star Wars Marvel Disney Animation, Pixar really need their own little bonus episodes. So very excited to try to dig into that. But it makes me think about those two storytellers in the Frozen Ever After show that talk about all the money. Oh, yeah, raining money. That’s that’s just what I keep going through my head when I see all this stuff that they’re gonna release. Yes. So, uh, Margot Robbie, I think is how you pronounce her name. She is going to be taking over the lead role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Kelli  5:44 

Wow. Yeah. She’s been in the previous No, no.

Chris  5:49 

So Johnny Depp has had a bit of a year as we all have, but if you could make the year worse his has been worse. And so he lost some court cases and he’s been removed from Pirates movies. He’s been removed from the Fantastic Beasts Movies as Gridelwald.

Unknown Speaker  6:11 


Chris  6:12 

Yep. Mads Mickelson is going to be replacing him as Grindelwald. In those movies he was Le Chiffre in Casino Royale.

Kelli  6:19 

Oh, wow. That’s creepier like Johnny Depp is kind of crazy. Yeah, but Le Chiffre is crazy.

Chris  6:24 

Yeah, he’s been even creepier in other things he’s been in. It’s a good person to put in that role. Sure. He’ll do great in that.  just sort of sad for Depp’s career. I mean, his career can literally be over now. They had actually announced a pirate’s reboot at the same time that they were still working on Johnny Depp’s new pirates movie, and Jerry Bruckheimer was producing both of them. But now I think, I don’t know this for sure. I’ve just tried to read between the lines of the news, but it looks like the one that Depp was going to be in like the sixth or whatever. Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow pirates movie is sort of dead in the water. And ha

Kelli  7:04 

ha ha, ha. Oh, man.

Chris  7:06 

I didn’t even plan that. It sunk as it were. That’s awesome. So they’re actually going to reboot, I think the series now with Margot Robbie as the lead, okay. And it would just go as all female led. So I think it’s written and directed by women. And she plays the role. And the reason and this actually was announced back in June. And it just wasn’t on my radar back then. But it came back around in the news because she has suggested that she wants her character to be LGBTQ friendly.

Kelli  7:44 

Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah.

Chris  7:45 

So very, very cool. things going on in the pirates. Yeah,

Kelli  7:50 

franchise there. That’s fantastic. Yeah.

Chris  7:54 

So, some little resort stuff as of December the seventh so this past week, because of all the spiking COVID cases, please wear masks people. California has basically shut everything down again. So as of last week, Downtown Disney and one of us a street at Disneyland where they had some restaurants that were open Oh,

Kelli  8:19 

those are shut down.

Chris  8:20 

The Disney run ones are absolutely shut down. some third party restaurants are doing like carry out service only. Wow. But just

Kelli  8:30 

square one, really? And wear the masks.

Chris  8:34 

That’s right man wear the masks. And for anyone that’s planning to go to Walt Disney World over New Years, it’s a little bit it’s very different this year, right? There’s not going to be midnight firework shows and all the parks like they’ve done in years past so I thought it was really nice. They put out this little blurb on the on their website about how if you’re going to be there every two years, how can you celebrate like in your room? Oh, that’s right. So okay, you can you can create your own in room celebration with food and beverages and celebratory items for purchase. So the Disney floral and gifts company. They offer holiday baskets that you can buy various price ranges that come with champagne and party favors and party hats and noisemakers all these kinds of things in there. Yep, select resort merchandise locations will be open past midnight. Some quick service restaurants in certain resorts will be open past midnight so you can you know bring food in. Some of the resorts will have like scavenger hunts and New Year’s Eve craft events and stuff like that going late into the evening. So they’re they’re really trying to give guests that are going to be there on New Year’s something that I can do that feels celebratory. That’s fun. Obviously all the TVs run regular network. stations and so they’ll be able to see you know, New Year’s Rockin Eve and all that stuff. But Disney will also have, like their firework shows their special firework shows their New Year’s Eve firework show their mini special holiday fireworks. Okay, etc that will have those streaming on.

Kelli  10:17 

Oh, now that’s fun. I was gonna say they could still do the fireworks in the park. Or not in the park at midnight. Yeah,

I still do. Have

Chris  10:25 

you thought about that. But like, if you did that, at Magic Kingdom, people are gonna gather on the beach at Polynesian. Yeah. And they’re gonna gather on the rooftop or right there where the monorail station is at contemporary and yeah, try to watch him. People, people,

Kelli  10:42 

you know, people are constantly trying to write the rules.

Chris  10:45 

We know first. So yeah, so that’s all I’ve got that, like said the big news was all the stuff that came out of Disney investor day. And I would recommend if you’re on Twitter, go to Twitter, just hashtag Disney investor day. And you could be there for a week reading all the stuff that they’re doing. Yeah. What it what it tells me though is man Disney is all in on their streaming services. They I am absolutely for all the effort they’re putting in they put out really quality content.

Kelli  11:16 

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Okay, so that’s all the news. That’s it. Okay. So do you want a trivia question? This is the last trivia question of the season only

Chris  11:26 

because it has given you such stress,

Kelli  11:29 

last trivia question of the season. But I will say even if we were going to do two more episodes, like this month, you still wouldn’t be able to even break even you’re at negative 375 right now, even if you get this one, right, which you will, and then you got the next two, right, you’re still not going to break even over the season. Okay. So I mean, I’m just saying you know, pressures off, you’re not gonna you’re not gonna do this thing. Great. I know. I stress these. Okay, here we go. Disney introduced its first animated openly gay character in which movie?

Chris  12:05 

Um, you know, this animated. Yeah. openly gay character,

Kelli  12:11 

openly gay animated character and which may be done.

Chris  12:17 

I mean, I’ve got an answer, but I don’t think it’s right.

Kelli  12:18 

Okay. Well, what’s your answer?

Chris  12:20 

answers? Le Fu from Beauty and the Beast, but

Kelli  12:22 

he was not openly gay. Not there. Right. Yeah,

Chris  12:25 

he went to the live action. Not

Kelli  12:26 

yet. He actually passed the Vito Russo test. But I mean, Oh, lovely. horribly. Oh, wait,

Chris  12:31 

I know who it is. Yes. Is that is that is that police

Kelli  12:36 

telling me the name of the movie? Not the name of the person.

Chris  12:38 

It’s in. onward.

Kelli  12:40 

Yes. You make things so hard. Why are you making things so hard?

I mean, I clearly said the night in which movie? Yeah. And you’re like, Oh, it’s Le Fu. Movie. What is this movie?

Chris  13:00 

My I’m sorry. My executive functioning has taken a dive

Kelli  13:04 

today are really struggling. really struggling and I get it Honey, I get it. I’m there. Let’s let’s go to Tomorrowland. All right,

Chris  13:13 

I’m down with it. Okay, so my Tomorrowland. I saw some folks talking about this idea on the socials. And there’s always this running idea on socials. What do you do? When you do it? When you don’t go to a park? What does a non Park day look like for you? Okay. And then people always throw out lots of great idea is whether it’s pull days or go to Disney Springs and watch a movie or whatever. And somebody threw out something that I’ve heard before, but not in this context. And it’s a great idea. This is a self guided Yuletide tour of the Walt Disney resorts. Oh, wow. So every Park has at least one spectacular Christmas tree. Right. Okay. And so it’s always easy, or it’s tempting just to talk about the decor, the Christmas feel of the parks, because they do a great job. But you can actually have this wonderful day of Disney Christmas awesomeness by just touring some of the resorts. Okay, and I have to say that and that’s free by the way you’re right Disney you spend a free day just filling up on Christmas cheer,

Kelli  14:35 

right? I don’t know that. It might be kitten might not be kid friendly.

Chris  14:39 

Yeah, maybe Yeah. more of an adult thing.

Unknown Speaker  14:41 

I’m very cool with that. But

Chris  14:42 

you can feed them a lot of you know, Christmas. Oh, sugar. Sugar him up.

Kelli  14:47 

Yeah, put him on the monorail code v.

Or on the monorail was where someone had an upset stomach. And the monorail person yell, Code V.

Chris  15:06 

I knew that’s what they did when when we had a situation like that, but I had not actually seen it in action. And

Kelli  15:12 

it was really a very real thing. Okay, so go ahead, sorry. So

yuletide cheer.

Chris  15:19 

Yuletide cheer. So yeah, so there’s the Disney resorts just go over and above when it comes to decorating for Christmas, and the good people at Disney tourists blog, have a wonderful and I was thinking I was like, how do I do this? How do I talk about like going around and seeing the Disney decor at the resorts, Disney tourist blog, I highly recommend go to their site, they do a wonderful job. They have actually put out a a step by step guide on how to most efficiently go from place to place to place to place and what to look for specific. Oh,

Kelli  16:01 

wow, how much fun is that?

Chris  16:04 

Yeah. And they like started the Magic Kingdom and walk here and then take the monorail to here and then go back to here and take the ferry to here and they literally and then they tell you what to look for. in great detail. That’s fantastic resort. Yeah. So they so go there and get that tool step by step. They do like a one day tour and a two day tour. Or resorts. Yeah. So just just they, I’m really wanting to make sure that we hear about dizzy tours because they put a lot of effort into that. And it had to be wonderful to go.

Kelli  16:37 

Seriously just to create that. Yes, that’s something we’d love to do. And you’d bust out your spreadsheet in a heartbeat map that kind of thing out

Chris  16:44 

and they have and they clearly had a good time because they put a lot of effort into it. So go check that out Disney tours So, and I’m going to be talking about some of these resorts I’m talking about some of my favorite ones that some of these we have never seen a Christmas before. Okay, and but I’m excited about it because because I know at least one of them. We’re going to see this time Okay, this I’m going to talk about gingerbread houses even though in 2020 they don’t have gingerbread houses right which is a bummer. Some of the resorts that typically have decor are not even open like port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. Polly has usually has this big beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby but probably doesn’t this year because of all the construction that they’re doing. And but you know just in case you want to plan for 2021 when everything is going to absolutely be better right? Right Please tell me yes it’s and gingerbread houses we back and all that so well. Let’s talk about it a little bit. Okay, so the first one on my list here we have done before is the Grand Floridian in terms of their their christmas decor. The Grand Floridian was was just one of these it’s it’s a stop for people anyway yeah my grandmom yeah could not go to Disney without going to the Grand Floridian

Kelli  18:10 

right it’s beautiful it not during Christmas,

Chris  18:11 

right? But then at Christmas time they’ve got this huge four storey lobby that’s dominated by this huge Christmas tree that goes up to the very top floor it’s it’s all gold and silver and why they’ve got like, like literal bird cages on the Christmas tree and birds and it’s it’s just so massive and pretty. And then you got their grand piano on the floor, you know and all the garland going around the railings. Yeah, but the other thing about what dominates the lobby of the Grand Floridian is their gingerbread house right? Their gingerbread house is literally a 14 foot tall functional house. Okay? It serves

Kelli  18:56 

different every year This isn’t a kit they put together they build a literally

Chris  18:59 

and all these I’m going to mention multiple gingerbread houses remember they they they literally bake these things and assemble and build them. But what makes this one stand out is that it’s actually a functional snack shack. They literally sell things out of it knickknacks and and treats and candies and all these

Kelli  19:20 

special on Disney plus about the gingerbread house building. I thought we watched something oh there.

Unknown Speaker  19:25 

We did watch. I think there

Kelli  19:27 

is you go out there and look for this one. Yeah, because it’s amazing. It’s

Chris  19:31 

the building that gingerbread

Kelli  19:32 

I think it is. Yeah, yeah, go watch that.

Chris  19:34 

Yep. So but the what is widely considered the best place to go at Disney for Christmas is the Wilderness Lodge. Disney tourist blog set it like this. Wilderness Lodge is the best hotel at Christmas. Not just in Walt Disney World, anywhere. The decorations, the music, the tree or Are all gorgeous and rife with detail. And this is truly a matter of the whole thing being the sum of it better than the sum of its parts. Again, wow, this is a, this is another, my favorite ones are all gonna have a theme here. They’re all these huge grand lobbies with multi floors and these trees that dominate the rights, the landscape there. But what my impression that I get out of Wilderness Lodge is we’ve never been here at Christmas time. In my recollection Anyway, what I get out of this is that this is the one where when you walk through the doors, you legitimately feel like you have stepped out of wherever it was you were Florida, and you have stepped into the Canadian Northwestern Pacific Northwest wilderness at Christmas time. Covered woods, you know, and you, you assume that the outside world is just covered with snow. Because of this Christmas on beyond that you’re that you’ve just stepped into the tree is covered with like, little Native American teepees that flicker because they’ve got fires supposedly fire on the inside of them, right. And handmade, decorative animals from the Pacific Northwest. And, again, the tree is massive. And they’ve got all these other trees scattered throughout the lobby area in the sitting area. How cute. It’s just it just takes over your senses. For for Christmas, right? And the other one that I’m really excited about seeing and we’re going to definitely see it on this trip is Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Kelli  21:36 

I’m excited about that. YouTube, we’ve never been there.

Chris  21:38 

We’ve never stepped in the building at all ever in my life. This is another one of these grand lobbies. multitier with a tree that dominates it really takes the same sort of plan for Christmas that Wilderness Lodge does. Some people actually think it’s better. But where the Wilderness Lodge had Pacific Northwest theming on the tree. This has African theming on the tree. So a lot of African animals in handcrafts and wicker African instruments. Okay. And then you again, you’ve got the garland and what really just sets these places over the top is the music, the Christmas loops that they play. Each resort has loops designed specifically for that resort. Oh, wow. So you can actually go on YouTube. If you want to take a little mini Christmas vacation in your own home, you can go into YouTube and find a lot of these Christmas loops with like imagery from those resorts

Kelli  22:40 

on YouTube. Should totally do that. While we’re opening presents on Christmas. I

Chris  22:43 

think that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. You know, I started listening to the Magic Kingdom loop while I was working recently. But But I think that that’s what they say is that these the music with with the decor, it just is you you literally are no longer like at Disney. You’re just in a Christmas Wonderland. And that’s exciting. Yeah, some of

Kelli  23:07 

the other day for that. No, we

Chris  23:09 

don’t have a day for that this year. But that would be

Kelli  23:11 

I would totally be up Yeah. Beach Club

Chris  23:14 

is also a big deal. I didn’t even get to all the the gingerbread houses but Yacht Club boardwalk and Grand Destino Tower are also other resorts that Disney tours blog said that you absolutely must get to. We should

Kelli  23:27 

do that one year.

Chris  23:29 

People talk about taking a resort tour, even when it’s not Christmas time. Right. But doing it at Christmas time would just be great. And you can do it in a day. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So that will be that’s that’s my Tomorrowland. And is the Yuletide Christmas tour the Disney resorts.

Kelli  23:46 

Well, that’s awesome. You’re ready. I’m ready for World showcase. Yeah. So in honor of losing Stacy, last week with must do Disney. I came up with the top

Chris  23:58 

five Stacy still alive by the way she’s alive.

Kelli  24:00 

She’s not in the resorts. I came up with the top five must dues for us at Disney World during Christmas. Okay. Now, to be clear, this does not include the candlelight processional. We discussed that last week and it only includes things that are included in a standard admission. Okay, in addition to eating right, I’m not including festival the holidays or things like that. This is again like free stuff you can do five must dues at Disney at Christmas. Awesome. Number one,

Chris  24:26 


Kelli  24:26 

get a Christmas ornament. We do this at every trip, not just at Christmas trip. That’s right. There’s a permanent Christmas store at Disney Springs. But then there’s also a great Christmas store in Magic Kingdom. And you can get Christmas ornaments throughout Epcot around the world showcase and all those so we love to buy Christmas ornaments. So I’m going to tell the pixie dust story, okay. Very first ornament I want you on I’m not making fun of this lady. We are we are nothing but All of what these women can do. But if you’ve ever watched the ornament decorators, they’re usually older women that have been doing this for years. And they just have, it’s just amazing to watch them do it. Well, one year we were at the Disney Springs shop. It was one of our first years getting an ornament. And we’ve said the words that we wanted. And the lady looked at us and she goes, you want pixie dust. I did not see that voice coming out of that face. And it completely caught me off guard. But I have to tell you, we said yes then. And we’ve said yes to every order that

Chris  25:41 

says yes, I forget to ask us and we say I want the pixie dust and we have some pixie dust. I

Kelli  25:46 

want the pixie dust. So pro tip if you get an ornament, get the pixie dust. Yes, you

Chris  25:52 

want the Pixie it’s different every time but it’s always perfect.

Kelli  25:56 

Yes. So number two, see the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian. So again, like you said it’s not there this year, but normally it is life size. And like you said they do have some things that you can buy in their little shop. They have cakepops cookie bars, you can buy your own signature house, it’s like $60 is already decorated. And even like gluten free items, they also have mugs and like limited edition pins. But I think probably the coolest takeaway is you can actually purchase a shingle to take home that’s why they sell the shingles. Isn’t that cool? So let me just give you a breakdown on last year’s ingredients for the house. 1050 pounds of honey 140 pints of egg whites 600 pounds of powdered sugar powdered sugar is light y’all

Chris  26:48 

600 pounds of that junk.

Kelli  26:50 

It’s a lot of bad sugar. 700 pounds of chocolate. 800 pounds of flour. 35 pounds of spices, tons of creativity, Disney magic and pixie dust 400 hours and 10,000 total shingles jingyan gingerbread insane right? That’s insane. Crazy. Yes. So seeing the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian we’ve always done every time we’ve been at Christmas. We’ve seen the gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian. Number three must do number three. See the reindeer and the nutcrackers in the parade. This year, there cavalcades and this isn’t Magic Kingdom. Yes. Magic Kingdom has and I I should have worn my reindeer shirt tonight. I didn’t even think about it. Oh, bummer. Magic Kingdom has these reindeer. Oh, I think they’re hilarious.

Chris  27:45 

They are hilarious.

Kelli  27:46 

They’re kind of like stiff

Chris  27:49 

they’re very stiff,

Kelli  27:50 

stiff right here. I think that people inside, like see out their neck or so they

Chris  27:54 

see out like right around their chest neck area. So everything above that is just stiff.

Kelli  28:00 

Well, one year we went to the very merry christmas party. Yes. And those reindeer were dancing on the dance floor at Cosmic Rays. Or like

Chris  28:09 

cafe had turned that into like a DJ party for kids.

Kelli  28:12 

It was the best dance party I’ve ever seen with those reindeer. And I’m telling you they were dancing their little reindeer butts off, they were man.

Chris  28:19 

I have never seen reindeer work as hard to get kids to dance.

Kelli  28:22 

I was so excited to see that the shirt they were selling for the very merry party had the reindeer on it that year and I got that I was so proud of that shirt. I was like I love these reindeer.

Chris  28:34 

They’re shaking it man

Kelli  28:36 

shaking it and you think I hope those costumes have fans or air conditioning or like a Camelback water. Arabia are working their butts. Anyway, so they’re also in the parade. Yeah, I love the rain beer. Also love I said the nutcrackers but are they toy

Chris  28:54 

soldier their toy soldiers their toy

Kelli  28:55 

soldiers. Okay, so I love the toy soldiers in the parade. And they have like flat feet. Yeah. So when they come through, it’s like clomp, clomp

Chris  29:03 

clomp, clomp. But in unison. They’re they’re stepping in time. It’s so

Kelli  29:08 

it’s fantastic. So they’re all they’re both in the cavalcades this year. Really? Yes, the reindeer and the toy soldiers are in the cavalcade. That’s great. I can’t wait. So I’m telling you like I’m more excited to see them than I am Mickey and Minnie in their Christmas cavalcade of love those reindeer once a year. I love those reindeer and I love those toy soldiers so much

I know right? They’re like robots, right with the clomp, clomp, clomp. I love them. Okay, number four. Ride the Jingle Cruise at Magic Kingdom. Yes.

Chris  29:42 

It’s a must.

Kelli  29:42 

must do. Must do Disney must do. I should have I should like go back and watch that video so that I could say it just like Stacey did. Yeah,

Chris  29:49 

you’re doing fine.

Kelli  29:50 

Yeah, let’s do Disney. So ride the Jingle Cruise at Magic Kingdom. There’s something really corny about this ride at Christmas time.

Chris  29:59 

I mean, it’s corny all the way all the time.

Kelli  30:02 

But at Christmas time they get to, they get all new jokes on corny jokes. All new

Chris  30:07 

Christmas corny jokes,

Kelli  30:08 

Christmas corny jokes, you had the regular corny jokes and now you’ve got the Christmas corny jokes. It’s fantastic. They change the names of all the boats to have to do with Christmas. And they change the actual name of the ride up on the the sign outside. So let’s say

Chris  30:26 

Jungle Cruise, Jingle Cruise Jingle Cruise. It’s got like a candy cane where they’re supposed to.

Kelli  30:30 

Yes, great. And they really do decorate every inch of this thing. Except for the back side. of water. I cannot decorate the back side. That’s right.

Chris  30:43 

They put like they put like garland on the camp side that’s out there that the gears overturned by the animals and they they don’t skimp on anything.

Kelli  30:54 

No. And I just always think of like when you’re going through the tunnel. They’ve even put things in the title. And you think who like Who did this? who spends this much time? Like decorating Jingle Cruise

Chris  31:07 

I know. And like they come up with it every year, they come up with new things every new jokes every

Kelli  31:11 

year, right? So I was watching a YouTube video of somebody going through the Jungle Cruise. And I noticed something that I’ve never noticed before you know you love these details. And you you totally get all the details. And they just go right over my head because I’m like we’re on the Jungle Cruise. Whoo. And then I get off and I go to another. I’m not adulting and you’re like keeping a spreadsheet of all of the interconnected jokes. That the guy towards the end the headhunter. That is trader Sam. Trader Sam is a store at poly.

Unknown Speaker  31:48 


Kelli  31:50 

I did not. put those two things together. I know

Chris  32:01 


Kelli  32:02 

Well anyway, in the Jungle Cruise he’s trader samta. And then great.

Chris  32:13 

We are in our mid 40s and laughing like kids about that joke.

Kelli  32:17 

I don’t know. The jokes. I think like vaguely remind me of Chevy Chase jokes.

Chris  32:23 


Kelli  32:24 

there’s some physical humor. There’s some like really corn humor. You can’t see the line can you Russ? Have a log not a log not a yule log. What do you think yule log like it vaguely reminds me of better like her you know Chris vacation Really? childish

Chris  32:44 

humor really

Kelli  32:44 

childish humor that frankly, we just don’t need more of Okay, and number five and this is last but most definitely not least. Snoap. Yes. The Snoap.

Chris  32:58 

I can remember the first time I saw it. the snoap, I thought I had stepped into a magical Wonderland.

Kelli  33:02 

Right? It’s snowing in Florida. Right.

Chris  33:06 

And it is it feels like snow.

Kelli  33:09 

It does it looks like snow. It feels like snow. There’s Christmas music playing and they do this I believe at every Park now we’ve never state we’ve ever been an animal kingdom light enough for them to do snoap.

Chris  33:19 

Yeah, I don’t know that they do it. I don’t know if they do it at Epcot or animal kingdom. I’ve just never I don’t remember ever seeing it okay in either place. But they definitely definitely used to do it at Hollywood Studios when they had the Osborn lights. And when when they launched the snow on Main Street, USA. I just I just I just want to sit there and maybe get a little misty. I mean, it is just the best.

Kelli  33:47 

So there you go, folks, that’s your top five.

Chris  33:51 

that is a serious public service that you just performed. You’re

Kelli  33:55 

all welcome. Top Five must do’s at Disney World during Christmas. So Christmas ornament. Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian. reindeer and toy soldiers in the parade at Magic Kingdom. Ride the Jungle Cruise and play in the snoap. I

Chris  34:10 

love it. It’s so perfect. I’m all ready to go. I’m gonna leave tonight. Folks, that’s this week’s show. It was our last show of this year 2020 is gonna be gone when we do the next show.

Yes excited about that.

But keep an eye out for bonus material. If you enjoyed the show, go to iTunes leave us a rating leave us a review and we will just watch all those cities download next week.

Kelli  34:40 

Yes, absolutely. Which I’m sure one of them will be Paducah, Kentucky. Or Beaufort South Carolina

Chris  34:45 

or Columbia, South Carolina.

Kelli  34:46 

And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We did not put anything bonus out there. We did not Make our

Chris  35:00 

third recipe, the mac and cheese

Kelli  35:02 

so the mac and cheese when we get back,

Chris  35:04 

yes so but we will be putting out additional we’ll make the mac and cheese when we come back and we’ll be putting out some additional fun stuff fun stuff between now and season three. So be on lookout for that. Join us for the conversation on Instagram and Twitter at SCFADP. We’re going to be like crazy over the next week in the parks. Yes, we would love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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