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Disney News (11/29), Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Stroll, and Disney Plus Christmas movie Noelle!!

Episode 11

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In this week’s episode, we cover the latest Disney News, the new Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs, and the Christmas Movie Noelle that was released on Disney Plus last December in the U.S., and this week in the U.K. If you’re making a trip to Disney Springs this holiday season, be sure to pick up a Christmas Tree Stroll map for discounts in Disney Springs (food and merch), and if you haven’t already seen Anna Kendrick break the glass ceiling at the North Pole as the first female Santa Claus, be sure to check it out on Disney+ this month.

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Show Notes

Number of Disney Parks layoff has been increased from 28,000 to 32,000 : 

Joe Rohde (AK Imagineer) is retiring: 

EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays extended to New Year’s Eve: 

Olaf’s Holiday Tradition Expedition: 

Satu’li Canteen offered a Thanksgiving Meal : 

Disney Holiday Sing-Along, ABC on Nov. 30 at 8pm ET : 

Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs : 

Noelle on Disney Plus:


Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:46 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:47 
Welcome to this week’s show. I love that intro. In fact, I love that the last little Merida clip and that interest so much because we just talked about how the incoming administration is going to have all women on the communications team. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Kelli  1:00 
I’m going full feminist in my section this week too.

Chris  1:02 
Oh boy. Yeah, you’re going straight up Chewbacca with those ears.

Kelli  1:07 
Yeah, you know, and I guess these will be considered more of like a traditional Mickey ear.

Chris  1:11 
They are. They are more of a hat as opposed to a headband?

Kelli  1:15 
Yeah. Okay.

Chris  1:16 
I love it.

Kelli  1:16 
Me too. They’re also fuzzy. So once again, like those of you that were worried that I was running out of ears, I’m not running out of ears. What I will say is I do not currently have any Christmas years.

Chris  1:20 
Oh, we need to fix that in two weeks.

Kelli  1:29 
So we’ll jump on that in a bit.

Chris  1:30 
Yeah, 14 days. You can start working on that. Yeah. Awesome. So, um, by the way, I’m modeling new merch again this week.

Kelli  1:38 
Modeling the merch, awesome.

Chris  1:40 
This I think this is my favorite one. Yeah, I like it. So as always, we’re super grateful and just just our cup overfloweth with with people that are downloading our podcast each week. This week I saw folks from Clarksville, Georgia. I don’t know if that’s the same as the last train to Clarksville. I don’t know if that’s the same. But I saw it and I thought oh, Clarksville. That’s awesome. That’s cool. So thank you if you’re in Clarksville. We have people that we love dearly in Branson, Missouri. Yeah, they downloaded our show and I just literally lit up when I saw that download. Flagami, Florida. I don’t know if that’s how that’s pronounced.

Did you say Fleagami?

Fla. Flagami, Florida. I don’t know. It’s it’s, it’s right beside it’s basically just a neighborhood beside the airport in Miami. Okay, so, Flagami.

I had cause to stay at a hotel there in that neighborhood.

Kelli  2:46 
In Flagami?

Chris  2:46 
Yeah. A couple years ago. And Brest, France which is right on the Atlantic Ocean. They have a wonderful aquarium there. Ocean, some ocean something I can’t remember.

Kelli  3:00 
Did you say breast?

Chris  3:01 
B R E S T. Okay. You are like a 3rd grader.

Kelli  3:10 
Did you say boob?

Chris  3:15 
I did. Breast France. Right on right on the water. Let’s move on to the news for you got a hand. Okay, so a little bit of bad news again this week. Disney is going to be laying off more people. Originally they announced they’re gonna lay off 28,000 people and they’ve amended that to be 32,000 people so an additional 4000 people are gonna be on the hook for a new position somewhere and that’s just really a bummer. This dang coronavirus pandemic related economic depression just cannot leave fast enough man. Just the worst. Scott Gustin, I think that’s how you say his name. He’s a reporter. He He’s a political reporter, but also he he reports on like theme parks and whatnot. I follow him on Twitter and he shared that that we talked about before during the holidays, that they’re going to be projecting scenes onto the castle Christmas scenes onto the castle right. Well, along with that they’re going to be doing some what he calls pyrotechnic pixie dust. So the castle will also be popping off fireworks randomly. Don’t gather for it. But just along with the projected displays on the castle. They’ll be popping off some some pyrotechnic pixie dust.

Kelli  4:48 
I like that. I like that term.

Chris  4:50 
Yep. Joe Rohde, I think is how you pronounce his name. It could be roadie. He was an Imagineer for the last 40 years. Super, became very kind of famous because of the Imagineer documentary on Disney plus. Okay. Where he talks about he was responsible for Animal Kingdom basically.

Kelli  5:14 
Oh, gosh.

Chris  5:16 
Yeah. And along with a lot of other things he’s been in the in the World of Disney Imagineering for 40 years. he’s retiring. And so a lot of tributes online for good for him. He deserves a break man. He because he’s been responsible for a lot of things. Beyond Animal Kingdom. He was solid career very much. He started out as a model designer for the planning of Epcot, which opened in 82. Wow. So I mean, he’s been around seen a lot. It’s fun. So in a very interesting guy, I recommend everybody watch the episodes of the Imagineering documentary on Disney plus where he’s involved. He’s a pretty cool guy. Epcot festival for the holidays has been extended by one day. It was it was supposed to end on December the 30th. They’re gonna take it through New Year’s Eve, which I think is a pretty cool thing to do.

Kelli  6:12 
So odd that they had not already done that. One day.

Chris  6:15 
What, one day one day, just just grow by one day. Okay. Um, so at the festival, the holidays, they introduced a an Olaf. It’s called Oh, last holiday tradition expedition. And it’s a scavenger hunt. Featuring Olaf. Yeah. So you can pick up map and stickers, like eight bucks at various locations around the world showcase. And what you do is you go into each pavilion, you’re looking for a sleigh, and the holiday tradition from that. From that land.

Kelli  6:57 
Oh, now that’s cute., a little educational activity.

Exactly. That’s exactly what it is. And, and then successful completion of the maps can be turned into Disney traders, mouse gear or the world traveler for a holiday gift. Just cute. Yeah. So I thought that’d be that’s fun.

Chris  7:14 
I just thought it was interesting. The Satuli canteen offered a Thanksgiving meal. We talked all about Thanksgiving meals last week, and I couldn’t find anything that Satuli canteen was doing. But they did offer a Thanksgiving dinner bowl bowls are kind of like their thing their wood grilled turkey with gravy stuffing, sweet potato hash vegetable and cranberry boba pearls. And then they finish that off with a pumpkin cream cheese mousse. That looked absolutely alien in its design. That’s cool. Yeah, it was really really neat.

Kelli  7:50 
Yes. Satuli Canteen is a dark horse. It is don’t sleep on Satuli canteen.

Chris  7:55 
Totally agree with that. Something else sort of Park related. For 20 years, Disney in Orlando has partnered with a coalition in the city of Orlando that does outreach for homeless people, especially during the holidays. So Disney chefs actually cook a meal for like 650 homeless people wow on on Thanksgiving, or the day after or something to that effect. All these Disney chefs get together and they just cook this amazing meal and serve that many people. And they did that again on Friday. But this year, they also collected all the coins from the fountains around the wall. Oh, wow. They donated $20,000.

Kelli  8:42 
Oh, that’s fantastic.

Chris  8:44 
That’s great from all the fountains or people make wishes. That’s great. It’s just really neat. And the last thing I’ve got is tomorrow night, November the 30th. Disney’s holiday sing along on ABC is going to be broadcast 12 amazing performers doing holiday phasing, including but not limited to Andrea Bocelli. BTS oh my gosh,

Kelli  9:11 
Huge in our house.

Chris  9:13 
Michael Buble, Julianne Hough, Leslie Odom Jr. who was you know, Aaron Burr. Among other things I’m sure he’s famous for he’s done other things too. Yeah. Katy Perry pink and a number of other people. Okay. Also the theatrical, the Disney theatrical, Broadway cast, Broadway cast, The Lion King and Aladdin. Plus the North American touring companies for frozen will be at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York City doing let it go. Wow. We’ve seen a lot of New Amsterdam theater.

De Capello which is the Accapella Disney group. There’ll be sort of the folks that are encouraging the audience at home to sing along. It is a sing along fine. Yep. And the entire event. is an effort to raise awareness for Disney’s feed the love campaign, which actually feeds other wonderful things like make a wish and other charitable endeavors.

Kelli  10:11 
Okay, so that’s awesome.

Chris  10:13 
I think that’s really cool.

Kelli  10:14 
That’s fantastic. So is that our news?

Chris  10:16 
That’s it.

Kelli  10:17 
Okay. Well, here we go with another trivia question.

Chris  10:20 
I’m only 500 behind.

Kelli  10:22 
I know honey, and you’re gonna get this one right. At this point, I am picking what I believe to be softballs. They’re the ones in this list. I’m picking what I believe to be softballs, just because again, I want you to come out on top here, but we have already decided not to do trivia for season three. Because I just get…

Chris  10:40 
WE didn’t decide.

Kelli  10:41 
I decided. I can’t keep beating up on you like this every week. I want you to show in a really great light.

Chris  10:48 
That’s really sweet.

Kelli  10:49 
I’m not I’m not okay with you being negative 500. Okay, well, here we go. You’re gonna get this one. Soft ball, here it comes. What is Flynn Riders real name in tangled. Oh, my goodness. You know this.

Chris  11:04 
I have an idea but I really don’t have an idea but I didn’t know that. That wasn’t his real name.

Kelli  11:09 
You know his name.

Chris  11:13 

Kelli  11:14 
Why is it always Jerry?

Chris  11:16 
I don’t know.

Kelli  11:17 
Why is it always Jerry? You went with Jerry last week. It wasn’t Jerry last week. It’s not gonna be Jerry again this week.

Chris  11:25 
I don’t know. I do remember the…

Kelli  11:27 
I’m gonna give you his initials. I want you to know if the initials give it to you then I’m not giving you full credit.

Chris  11:36 
I love that you said this is a softball.

Kelli  11:39 

Chris  11:40 

Kelli  11:44 
Yes, Eugene, F.

Chris  11:48 

Kelli  11:52 
Fitzherbert, Eugene Fitzherbert. A horrible name, of course, he would want to change that.

Chris  11:58 
I only lose 50 points for that.

Kelli  12:01 
I’m giving you 25 points for that. You earned 25 points for getting Eugene after I told you his first initial was E.

Chris  12:13 
They only say Fitzherbert once I think. I think that she ends up calling him Eugene a couple times maybe.

Kelli  12:19 
Very disappointed. Um, we’ve got to take this out of season three.

Chris  12:21 
Okay. Okay. No problem. All right. So then on to tomorrowland. Okay, so we love to travel at Christmas time. And the thing that makes traveling at Christmas time better than going anywhere any other time of the year is what? It’s the Christmas decorations! Christmas decor right? So we go to Disney other times of the year but it’s always better Christmas we go to New York, it’s always better Christmas museum and the trees are always the star of the show. Right? There’s always garland and stuff. But the trees are the star of the show. So what I’m what is cool that they had been doing for the last couple of years at Disney Springs was this Christmas tree trail? Because remember that we walked through it last year.

We certainly did walk through it. So it’s you know, it was this trail. It’s right on the edge of Disney Springs like sort of near where the buses used to pick up. And it’d be about two dozen Christmas themed Christmas trees each one…

Kelli  13:40 
I do remember that!

Chris  13:42 
There we go.

Kelli  13:42 
I remember it. I remember that. Yeah. And so I think man I remember nothing else about it. Except for like you said it was near where the buses pick you up?

Chris  13:52 
Yeah. Because you could actually like you just walked by them on the outside and sort of had to walk around right to the entry. Yes. And then you were back where you started from right through it.

Kelli  14:02 
I think we accidentally walked through it.

Chris  14:04 
We did and and it was that was the entrance to Disney Springs during the day time. We also walked through during the day time which is neat, but not as cool as walking through it at nighttime right? At nighttime the lights are on all this like two dozen trees all decorated in different ways. And you know, you they they tried to make it snow in there with the Disney snow feature. Snow I should be seeing snow right now.

Kelli  14:29 
Right. In case you’re wondering. I’m adding snow to our YouTube video every time one of us has Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow.

Chris  14:38 
So you know you’re walking through there at night. You got the lights, the trees, maybe get some hot chocolate just for the ambience, even if it’s 70 degrees in Florida, and I don’t know it’s sort of felt like the nicest Christmas tree lot at Christmas time ever. Yeah, just it’s a really cool feel. But they can’t do the Christmas tree trail this year. Because If social distancing, oh, can’t pack everybody into that because it’s not a super long trail. Right? Right. It’s really more of a like meander. Okay. So this year they’re doing something that is at the very least I don’t know if it’s as cool as the Christmas tree trail. It’s it’s different. But I really applaud the folks at Disney Springs for trying to come up. Hey, we can’t do Disney trail, the Christmas tree trail this year. What can we do? And like they didn’t just toss it, they came up with something new. Okay, so this year is the Christmas tree stroll? Totally, then the sound totally different now.

Kelli  15:39 
It sounds like they changed one word.

Chris  15:43 
Well, they change more than one word. So this year, it’s it’s about 12 trees. Okay, instead of instead of one like, pathway that you walk down, they scattered the 12 trees across all of Disney Springs. Okay, so you’re meant to stroll, and as you stroll through shops and restaurants and things of that nature, you come across their trees that are part of the Christmas stroll. Yeah, and they’re all themed again. And you pick up a, a map of, okay, where are the trees are, and you are roughly where the trees are. And the map comes with stickers. Okay, and so the stickers correspond with whatever the theme is for the trees. Okay. So for example, there’s a haunted mansion tree. Oh, right. And there’s a sticker of Madame Leotta. Ah, okay, so then you use the map to work your way, as you’re walking around Disney Springs doing your Disney Springs type stuff, you come across a tree, it won’t be very hard to figure out what tree it is. And you take the sticker and put it on the map, there’s a spot on the map that corresponds with that tree. Okay. And so you, you just you find all 12 trees, and you put the stickers on and you take it to a participating store or restaurant at Disney Springs. And they give you a little surprise, once you’ve any store, any participating store. So there are stores where you also get discounts on food and shopping with a little map with the map. And you don’t have to add the map completed to get the discounts.

Kelli  17:28 
But so for example, if I carry it to World of Disney, do I get a Disney related prize? And if I carry it to the sunshine churros booth do I get a churro?

Chris  17:38 
Oh, no, it’s all it’s not much. It’s a button. It’s a little button that says Disney Springs Christmas tree stroll. 2020.

Kelli  17:45 
Okay, yeah.

Chris  17:46 
And for like a hit like a pen. Okay, a pin, a pin button that goes on. You know, those are kind of a big deal.

Kelli  17:53 
Like a Disney pin?

Chris  17:54 
Yeah, a Disney pin. So for people who are that’s a big deal. Like serious pin collectors, this is going to be something that they want.

Kelli  18:03 
Okay, so that’s what you mean. Everybody’s got the same prize. It doesn’t matter where you’re at the same prize no matter where you turn your map. That’s right. You wonder if I was meant to pick which prize based on the location.

Chris  18:16 
You are so competitive. You are so into free stuff.

Kelli  18:22 
Well, then I’d be like, we’ve got to do two maps, you do a map and I’ll do a map and you go here to get your prize and I go here to get my prize.

Chris  18:30 
Already already strategizing.

Kelli  18:32 
You got to strategize with this.

Chris  18:33 
You do that still and get two buttons.

Kelli  18:36 
Is it a button or a pin? Now, you’re stressing me out?

Chris  18:39 
It’s the same thing.

Kelli  18:39 
No, it’s not the same thing.

Chris  18:41 
It is a button with a pin on it. This sticks to your chest?

Kelli  18:44 
No, no, not the same. I’m talking about Disney pins like what people collect?

Chris  18:49 
It’s not one of those.

Kelli  18:50 
It’s so you’re telling me it’s like a circular button? Yes. Like what you get if you’re celebrating your happy anniversary it is yes. Not as cool. That’s not as cool. People care more about the pins.

Chris  19:02 
They do for sure. It’s for sure. But I argue not I’m not a pin person per se. Although if you’ve played our games we’ve been giving out some awesome pins. I would wager that people who are pin people would love to have this.

Kelli  19:19 
No, no, not the same. They’re not putting that on their little pin book to trade on trade. I would trade you this Happy Anniversary button for your Big Thunder Mountain Railroad pins. It doesn’t work that way they could have done better than a button.

Chris  19:35 

Kelli  19:37 
If you wear the button around Disney Springs do you get the discount everywhere you go?

Chris  19:42 
You get the discount just for having the map.

Kelli  19:45 
Even if the map is not complete?

Chris  19:46 
That’s right.

Kelli  19:46 
No, the button sucks.

Chris  19:48 
Oh my gosh. Goodness gracious. So the map does unlock 10 to 20% discount At the following locations okay blaze pizza and just before we get into it homecoming is not on this list so you know we’ll get just kind of homecoming for being DVC members that’s true blaze pizza chicken guy which is guy if he had his place city works you actually don’t get a discount at City works you spend 20 bucks at City works and you get a free like bar bike or something with your meal or a little sandwich House of Blues, Joffrey’s. Okay. paddlefish Terra Lena parody, so Planet Hollywood the polite pig and splitsville.

Kelli  20:34 
I will say 10 to 20% off at Joffrey’s is not a lot.

Chris  20:40 
I guess it depends on what you get there.

Kelli  20:41 
It’s like $1.

Chris  20:43 
You also get 10 to 30% off shopping at Alex and Annie, rebbes Brothers, Reba basin House of Blues, Johnny was, Kipling, luxury of time origins Pandora, Ron john, swabby company, the spice and tea exchange.

I do enjoy tea and spicy tea. I enjoy spices as well.

Kelli  21:10 
So no discounts at Jock Lindsey’s.

Chris  21:14 

Kelli  21:15 
I don’t get like a free bar bite at Jock Lindsey’s.

Chris  21:17 
It doesn’t appear so.

Kelli  21:17 
I get nothing at art Smith’s. So what they’re doing is they’re giving discounts to the places that need traffic.

Chris  21:25 
I don’t I don’t know that. That’s weird. I don’t get the impression that polite pig needs traffic. Maybe they just want to be part of the game.

Kelli  21:33 
Can I also say that Gideons was supposed to open in 2020 and we’re getting really close to that. Is Gideons on the list?

Chris  21:42 

Kelli  21:42 
Okay, so then there’s no implication there that Gideons would be open for the Christmas season. Still says on their website 2020.

Chris  21:49 
That’s a leap though.

Kelli  21:50 
If Gideon’s was on there with a discount then we would know they’re gonna be open.

Chris  21:55 
No, there’s no indication in this Christmas tree stroll game.

Kelli  21:59 
We’re not gonna call it a game. I think that is a broad brush. But we’re gonna say you know, it’s not bad. It gives you a little something to do that the reward is not great.

Chris  22:09 
I’ll say that. If you’re going to Disney Springs with little ones. This can help bargain with them a little bit.

Kelli  22:18 
It could also just be a night. I mean, little kids might like to just find the trees.

Chris  22:21 
Yeah, absolutely. What kids don’t love a Christmas tree? All right.

Kelli  22:29 
So are we both going to do like a Christmas thing for the whole month?

Chris  22:32 
I don’t know. I’m trying to.

Kelli  22:34 
Look at you because you didn’t do spooky at all for Halloween. You didn’t do spooky in October and I was spooky on a limb all by myself.

Chris  22:41 
How do you remember that?

Kelli  22:43 
It was just a month ago. How could I forget it?

Chris  22:50 
Well, I am, unless you destroy it tonight because I don’t know what you’re doing.

Kelli  22:54 
You’re gonna love what I’m doing.

Chris  22:56 
I’ve got my world showcase for next week already planned.

Kelli  22:58 
I’m so excited about tonight. Well, let’s hit it. Okay, so we are talking about breaking the glass ceiling and the North Pole.

Chris  23:06 

Kelli  23:06 
But we’re kicking it back to when Disney plus launched last year at this time in 2019. With the movie Noelle.

Chris  23:19 
Okay, well you know I loved that movie.

Kelli  23:21 
I loved it too. It had you know, differing reviews, like some people didn’t like it. It got kind of like middle of the road reviews. I thought it was adorable. I’m also a huge fan of Anna Kendrick, right. So okay, so it was starring Anna Kendrick as Noelle Kringle and her brother Bill Hader as Nick kringle and they made a great brother sister pair I thought. So it was released in the US on November 12 of 2019. It released in the UK just this past weekend, November 27 of 2020. So I know we have some UK listeners so what I want to say is spoilers. I’m going to talk about the plot of the movie. If you have not watched it yet come back pause and come back.

Chris  24:05 
Okay go watch it though. Yes, you won’t hate the fact that you stopped and watched it.

Kelli  24:09 
I think it was great. So ET online called her the first female Santa Claus. So there are a lot of misses clauses. Yeah, but no other official female Santa Clauses

Chris  24:24 
Women who play the role?

Kelli  24:26 
The role of Santa Claus, right? So she did break the glass ceiling at the North Pole. So here’s a quick plot for those of you that haven’t seen it, there is spoilers so heads up spoilers spoilers. But I’m not going into a whole bunch of details, but we’ll get to the end. So Santa dies five months before Christmas. Sorry kids. He dies rather quickly. Honestly, it’s not a Disney movie if they don’t kill a parent. Well, that’s, that’s about it. So let’s just start straight out with knock it off.

Chris  24:59 
Get that out of the way.

Kelli  25:00 
Hey, at least it wasn’t the mom. Sure. He The problem is is Nick Kringle just doesn’t seem to pick up anything he doesn’t seem to have like the magic he doesn’t have that like natural warmth, he’s frustrated frankly he sucks as Santa and he knows it. He knows it. He’s also not interested in the job. His sister who is seemingly perfect in every way suggests that he goes away for the weekend. Right she’s like you’re in your own head. Just get out of the North Pole for the weekend. He ends up going to Phoenix, Arizona, and he doesn’t return. So after he’s gone for like seven days, the North Pole newspapers are just all aflutter with the fact that Santa Claus is not there and we’re getting closer to Christmas. So Noelle and her elf nanny Polly, which is played by Shirley MacLaine, who was fan freaking tastic so good. They go after him. So they find Nick in Phoenix, Arizona, teaching yoga classes and loving the sunshine. But here’s what I love. Like when he teaches yoga classes instead of doing like downward dog. He does like reindeer pose. And Christmas tree pose. So great I loved Nick as a yoga teacher is awesome. So but however I think the real star of the movie is snowcone, which is Noelle’s baby reindeer who flies, and he’s solid white.

Chris  26:27 
He’s like a puppy reindeer. And he is totes adorbs insanely like underrated. Animal sidekick adorable.

Kelli  26:37 
That’s where I’m at. Like, I need a snowcone. Like I need for them to be selling his plushie at the parks, because that is so freakin cute, so stinking cute. I love that little reindeer. So he’s totes adorbs. Well, he ends up flying from the north pole to Phoenix, Arizona with like a special letter for Noelle and Polly. So he’s also in Phoenix, Arizona, which is just adorable. A lot of stuff happens. But essentially, they realize that Noelle would be a better Santa. The only thing that’s keeping her from the job is that she’s not a man. All right. So the movie culminates in Nick returning to the North Pole to nominate Noelle as Santa. And when he does that, everybody’s like, Oh, no. And they check the rules and realize there’s actually no rule against Santa being a woman.

So here’s some of the things I like about this movie. So again, I got you to the punch line, but I left out tons of the plot. Sure. It is a funny movie.

Chris  27:37 
Yeah, it is. It is cute. It is adorable.

Kelli  27:40 
There’s a scene where like Anna Kendrick is in the freezer of a convenience store just because she’s so hot in Phoenix, Arizona. And she enjoys the cold, right where Nick is walking around and like tie dye. She’s in the freezer. And so somebody opens up the freezer to look at her because she’s in the freezer at a convenience store.

Chris  28:01 

Kelli  28:02 
And Noelle says, I love your pants. They’re so jolly, and the lady’s wearing like yoga pants. And the lady says oh, well, thank you. They’re my yoga pants. like yours, because Anna Kendrick is also wearing like tights. Yeah, like leggings. And so Anna Kendrick says, Thank you. I do love my yogurt pants. The lady’s like, no yoga pants. And she says, Yes, my yogurt pants. Like she has no idea her brother’s off teaching a yoga class. That’s funny. So I did a horrible job explaining that. But anyway, there’s a lot of light hearted levity throughout the movie and few people in TV or movies today do heart warming and funny like Anna Kendrick and Bill.

Chris  28:51 
Oh, yes. They’re fantastic.

Kelli  28:53 
So here’s what I like about the film. Okay, number one. Noelle is smart, funny and a natural leader. Yeah. Okay. Anna Kendrick is just awesome. Entertainment online quoted her quoted as saying everybody at the beginning of the shoot. Oh, this was a quote of Noel when they interviewed Anna Kendrick. She said everybody at the beginning of the shoot was like, you’re gonna be so sick of Christmas clothes and Christmas music and I was like, Oh, yeah, watch me.

Chris  29:22 
That is totally, she is a delight.

Kelli  29:24 
I love her. Um, the sleigh is also really fun. Yeah. So Anna was talking about the sleigh. And she This is how she describes it in this interview with et she says it’s on this big gimbal and there’s a guy across the room holding the remote and he just throws you around. And we had to do a lot of takes on those because I couldn’t stop smiling. feels like you’re on a personalized roller coaster. So I ruined a lot of takes because I could not contain how happy it may be. And I was supposed to be like really, really? Right. I mean, she’s having a blast. I love it when people like celebrities are interviewed. And they they’re like, you know what, man, this is a cool job.

Chris  30:08 
They love what they do. And that seems like her. I literally just started following her this week because yes, she seems to legitimately love what she’s doing.

Kelli  30:17 
Yes. So she’s awesome. Like as a person as an actress in the role love her. And supposedly, she’s also awesome. In the Trolls Movie, she voices one of the trolls. That’s fantastic. So earmuffs, if you’ve got kids in the car, she can be a woman in charge and also not be a bitch. That’s right. She completely normalizes female empowerment. And she shows how ridiculous and sometimes unfounded gender roles and leadership can be. Right. So she also the whole movie in intentionally points out, look, it’s time to take a look at our societal norms, and question them on a routine basis.

Chris  30:56 
Yes. So there’s a better way to do that than Santa being a woman.

Kelli  30:59 
Right? So there’s a line in the movie that sort of like thrown away where they’re talking about, well, Santa can’t be a woman. And the line says, well, it’s just this thing we’ve been doing for 1000 years. You know, I don’t know these things happened. We all just assumed women couldn’t do it. Right. Right. Right. So again, it normalizes women in charge, and it makes you question the societal roles of why can’t a woman do this? Right?

Chris  31:27 
It’s a light hearted movie, but it actually has quite a serious question.

Kelli  31:31 
Yes. And it was produced in 2017. And didn’t come out into 2019 saying to what Shirley MacLaine said, I bet we’ve got like a transgender president by then.

Chris  31:44 
Sorry, Shirley, not quite.

Kelli  31:47 
Noelle also has a semi love interest in Arizona, when she befriends a young black detective, who is divorced and trying to be an amazing dad. Right. So this totally normalizes interracial relationships. That’s not even a topic. It’s completely normalized. And it humanizes a woman in charge. She can be both a woman and a leader, and do a good job at both. Yep. And by the way, the dad can be both black smart, employed, not and divorced and still a good father. That’s right. He’s not a loser. He’s just divorced. So it normalizes those types of things. Same thing with Nick is not less of a man because he’s teaching yoga, but he wants to teach yoga. And he’s chasing his dream too. We knew and I watched it. I remember us talking about the elves. Yeah, so this movie is very inclusive, but especially the elves. Yes, that’s right. So you’ve got Aleza Vinllani, who’s going to be Miss Marvel? She’s going to be the first Muslim superhero. Yeah, she’s a tech elf. Kidding. Kingsley Ben-Adir is the son of Trinidad immigrants. He’s Noelle’s love interest. Diana Maria Riva is of Dominican heritage, and she plays Helen Rojas. That’s awesome. Right? So it is a very inclusive movie. It’s funny, it’s light hearted, and it tackles big things while completely normalizing them.

Chris  33:18 
Also allowing you just to have a good time watching the film.

Kelli  33:20 
Yes, yes. So if you have not watched Noelle, go watch it. Yeah. Bust that glass ceiling of North Pole wide open this holiday season. That’s right.

Chris  33:29 
It’s totally worth it. Totally agree.

Kelli  33:31 

Chris  33:31 
Preach. You know, good job Hun.

Kelli  33:37 
I love it. I was ready for that one.

Chris  33:44 
Oh, boy. So that’s our show for this week. We hope you loved it. And if you did you know what to do. Go out to iTunes, leave us a review. And just sit back and watch all the new listeners come in.

Kelli  34:01 
And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. I promise. We are going to post that lava cake video this week. And the recovery we’re gonna get to it.

Chris  34:21 
I tried to work on it but my computer just will not get there. Hey, join us in all the conversation that takes place every day on the socials, Instagram and Twitter. You will find us at SCFADP in both locations. Yes, we would love to hear from you, the more the merrier.

Chris & Kelli  34:45 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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