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Disney News (11/1), Snow White’s Scary Adventure, and Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs

Episode 7

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the latest Disney News including additional layoffs, the first episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian, updates to the boarding queue for Rise of the Resistance, thanksgiving feasts happening at Disney Springs, and holiday decor hitting the parks! In Tomorrowland, Chris discusses Snow White’s Scary Adventures ride, and in World Showcase, Kelli discusses the amazing food at Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs.

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(c) Earl of Sandwich: The Caprese Sandwich (Kelli’s Fave, get it with the broccoli cheese soup)!
(c)Earl of Sandwich, “The Original 1762” is roast beef, cheddar and horseradish sauce. (Photo courtesy of the Earl of Sandwich)
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Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Update: 

Thanksgiving feasts at Disney Springs: 

Oscar Isaac to star in the Marvel Series “Moon Knight”: 

Snow White’s Scary Adventures:

Earl of Sandwich:


Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey there, everybody. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:45 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:45 
And I am jealous that you got a shout out in the intro.

Kelli  0:53 
The reality is, I did not plan that.

Chris  0:57 
You look amazing. Yes.

Kelli  0:58 
I did not plan it. I planned the Edna mode costume. Yes. But I did not plan to be in the intro. I actually made that intro months ago. You are totes adorbs. Oh my goodness. You could not look more wholesome right now.

Chris  1:16 
I gotta say you did a great job on my sash.

Kelli  1:18 
Oh, you’re so dang cute.

Chris  1:20 
It was did a really good job on my sign here. My banner. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Happy Halloween everybody. Happy Halloween booty, man. Happy Halloween. Okay, so you look great. Gosh, I can’t get over you. Those glasses.

Kelli  1:38 
I’m sure I don’t know, darling.

Chris  1:42 
So, happy Halloween to everybody. And that was last night. But we’re enjoying it right now. We had a really awesome Halloween social distance in our backyard by the fire pit. We watched some Hocus Pocus. And that was that was a good time. Right? Hey, so this week? Tuesday, two days from now. Vote vote vote. Like, like it’s nobody’s business. Yes. It’s a huge deal. It’s super important. And early turnout has been just off the charts amazing everywhere. Tuesday’s probably gonna be chock full of nuts. So just that.

Kelli  2:25 
Yes. Go vote for sure.

Chris  2:28 
Hey, we are super thankful of the people who decide every week to listen to our podcast or watch us on YouTube. We do not take any of it for granted. Whoever it is that downloaded from Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. Long Island. Yeah, we we saw you. We appreciate you. Fort Smith, Arkansas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Moscow, Russia. Wow. Yeah.

Kelli  2:55 
Yeah. Like I don’t know if we can ship a sticker to Russia. We’ll try though. But I would try. Well, if you guys those of you if you heard your city shout out. Then tag us on some type of a social media platform and I will get you a sticker for sure.

Chris  3:09 
Yep. Yep. So thank you all for that. Hey, so it was really kind of a nightmare this week before Halloween and Disney. They laid off Disney World laid off the vast vast majority of their acting talent their singing talent 720 of the 780 performers. Yeah, yeah, I know. So like festival Lion King, Beauty and the beast stage show. Citizens of Hollywood, citizens on Main Street, Monsters Inc laugh floor, and a number of others. Hoop dee doo  musical review. 40 plus years that thing’s been going on. Just brought to its knees by COVID.

Kelli  3:50 
I mean, that’s crazy. Because I would think they could have socially distanced at Hoop Dee Doo.

Chris  3:56 
It’s just got to be just money. It’s just got to be money. So it’s a real shame. I hate it so much. But look, there is, if you go to it’s really it’s basically a Facebook page where there are opportunities to donate actual food items or cash. We here at SCFADP we donated cash to that cause because nothing has brought us more joy in life than the joy that those people have brought to us.

Kelli  4:31 
Yeah, the cast members make Disney for sure.

Chris  4:31 
For sure. And they have such incredible talent there. And just it was that that news this week really sort of sort of hit me in the feels man. You know, we’ve had a lot of rough news for people that work for Disney but that one really brought it home to me. So anyway, go to and see what you can do there. It’s really easy to donate via Venmo. So that’s a great cause they also have an Wish List that you can also get. Okay, that’s great. From that same location. So, um, Disney Paris also shut down on November the 29th, I’m sorry, October the 29th. Sorry. Okay, is we’re in November now, October 29, just this past week, they shut down because of rising covid cases. And they are planning to celebrate the Christmas season from December 19 through January 3. But then they’re going to close again, right after January 3 until at least February 12. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Just because of COVID cases spiking there. It’s a bummer, man. It’s a real bummer. It’s your sucks. It’s terrible.

Rise of the resistance, virtual queue change. So the virtual queue boarding pass deal. Now you can you can enter a boarding you can try to get on into a boarding queue at 7am. Even if you’re not in the park.

Kelli  6:05 
Oh, that’s a big deal.

Chris  6:07 
It is a big deal. So if you’re planning to go to Hollywood studios that day to be in the vicinity. No, you just got to be you had to have a reservation for the park for that day. Okay, right. Okay, you got it. You got to have a reservation for the park. And you and then you can try to get a boarding pass at 7am. If you don’t get one if they say up, they’re all booked up. Because they book up in like, six minutes. Yeah, they will give you another chance at two o’clock as long as they have space in the day. Yeah, so Okay. So that’s cool.

There are some Thanksgiving feasts happening at Disney Springs. Yeah. Okay. So Mario and Enzos, are a couple of these are fixed price menus. Okay. On Thanksgiving Day, Maria and Enzos hideaway, offering roasted turkey breast and panchetta polenta stuffing with mascarpone cream. Cranberry squash, caponata and green beans $37 for an adult $19 for kids nine and under. That’s not bad. Nope. The Edison’s doing sort of traditional oven roasted turkey mashed potatoes, gravy, housemade stuffing, brown sugar honey glaze, baby carrots, cranberry chutney $35. for adult $19 child. And then Morimoto Asia will be open and there’s really just Order. Order off the menu. Sushi. Thanksgiving, why not?

Um, holiday decor is up today. And they don’t waste time.

Kelli  7:35 
I know it is sort of magical at Disney. Right? As soon as Halloween is over. It’s like you go and like I sort of want to be at the parks. Like the end of October, early November, so we can get pictures on October. And then overnight the next day. Suddenly it’s Christmas.

Chris  7:52 
It’s Christmas. Yeah, there were people taking pictures in front of the Christmas trees and stuff. That’s fantastic.

Kelli  7:56 
I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait.

Chris  7:59 
Real quick. So entertainment news. Mandalorian what did you think?

Kelli  8:02 
I’ve liked it. I find myself extremely stressed out about the situations that the child gets put into. I mean, he goes everywhere with the Mandalorian and I feel like on some level I appreciate that. But on other levels I wish our dogs could go everywhere with me too. But there’s some places that are too dangerous for them.

Chris  8:24 
Like the…well we won’t tell you…

Kelli  8:27 
You know, kill a massive dragon.

Chris  8:29 
Right? Yeah, so that’s probably not a great environment for the child.

Kelli  8:32 
I don’t feel like it is but at the same time, don’t you also feel like the child could have just  taken care of everything for everybody.

Chris  8:39 
It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way.

Kelli  8:42 
It, what? The force force doesn’t work that way?

Chris  8:47 

Kelli  8:48 
You’re not a Jedi. You’re not.

Chris  8:50 
I’ve watched all the Star Wars movies.

Kelli  8:54 
You are not actually a Jedi.

Chris  8:57 
Oscar Isaac is gonna start there and making yet another Marvel series for Disney Plus, I mean Wanda vision Gosh, all the Winter Soldier Falcon in the winter soldier Hawkeye, Miss Marvel, she Hulk all these things are being made for Disney plus, and now Moon Knight, which is a Marvel character. You’re gonna love the description of this guy. Anyway, Oscar Isaac is going to play the lead character Oscar Isaac played Poe Dameron in the Star Wars. Like Poe Yeah, that’s so he’s gonna play the lead character in this in this.

It is the story of Mark specter. A soldier and mercenary and elite soldier that decides to fight crime after he becomes the human avatar of khonshu. The Egyptian god of the moon.

Kelli  9:52 
None of that is a thing.

Chris  9:56 
I mean, I love it. So that’s all I got. That’s all I got for news. I was speechless on that. Would you like a trivia question? Sure. I’m minus 300 now.

Kelli  10:11 
But you got it right last week. Good for you. How old is crush in Finding Nemo?

Chris  10:17 
I don’t know. He’s really old.

Kelli  10:19 
Oh, come on.

Chris  10:20 
He’s really old.

Kelli  10:23 
Come on, take a stab. Play along.

Chris  10:29 

Kelli  10:29 
It’s close, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. I’m so sorry, honey. The answer is 150. And still young.

Chris  10:40 
Right. So do I get any kind of…

Kelli  10:42 
You get nothing. I’m sorry. All right. I’m so sorry. You get you get nothing for that. Surprised. All right. Well.

Chris  10:51 
Guess we’re off to tomorrowland. All right. So I’m doing a little something weird for this little halloweeny but it’s kind of funny for tomorrowland, because I’ve actually done this ride before.

Kelli  11:11 
We spent an entire month with me being spooky and now you’re going to do Halloween?

Chris  11:16 
You’re gonna say oh, that’s not really Halloween. So it’s not really that Halloween, but the only reason I brought I’m talking about it now is because this is something that she made an impression on me when I was little because it scared the crap out of me.

Kelli  11:27 
Okay, all right, let’s hear it out.

Chris  11:29 
And I’ve ridden this ride. Although the reason it’s in Tomorrowland is because the only way I get to ride it again is if I go to Disneyland and ride it, because it’s not it’s no longer at Magic Kingdom. So I’m looking forward to one day getting to ride this ride again. Okay at Disneyland there’s another ride there too. There may be a future tomorrowland and also that used to be a Magic Kingdom that’s still open.

Kelli  11:52 
Okay, the suspense is killing me.

Chris  11:55 
Snow White’s scary adventures.

Scares the crap out of you. Oh my gosh, man. I can still I know the very moment that I that I peed a little.

Kelli  12:14 
Oh yeah. How old were you?

Chris  12:16 
I was a little I mean, I was…

Kelli  12:18 

Chris  12:22 
I was 15. Ha ha. I was I was probably five or six.

Kelli  12:28 
Okay, all right. Well tell us about it.

Chris  12:32 
This thing has been at Disneyland since the day Disneyland opened this this thing is used to be a Magic Kingdom and they just closed they closed it down and so why did they closes this is where previous fairytale Hall is now or they closed it because nobody was riding it and they had something better. I don’t think so.

Kelli  12:50 
I think they close rides that people aren’t riding. Well I will go ahead and make some enemies here too but it’s why they oughta close the Country Bear Jamboree.

Chris  12:58 
Yeah, you made one. Certainly made one enemy for sure.

Kelli  13:03 
The country bear Jamboree is in need of a massive overhaul. And every time we’ve gone in there it’s me and you and maybe one other person.

Chris  13:12 
That is not true.

Kelli  13:13 
It’s totally true. It is true but nobody’s going to the country bear Jamboree.

Chris  13:21 
Lock it up. Talk about the country bears? This conversation is not over, I’ll tell you that much. So so the Snow White I thought you’d love because she never gets any credit or any appearances as well.

Kelli  13:39 
Exactly. And that’s why they closed her ride down. Snow is the most underseen princess I believe out there.

Chris  13:45 
Maybe so. This is a slow ride dark ride. It’s on a you know, old fashioned tracks. It’s not like the new slick. You know, trackless rides, okay, inside this is definitely on a track. It uses some old you know, technology, doors, doors, obviously opening in front of everything. It was originally called Snow White and her adventures. But they’ve changed the names of these things over and over again. There’s a version of Disneyland there Tokyo Disneyland and in Paris of these Yep, yep. And so for years guests would wonder what so they would wonder why they they never saw Snow in the ride. And you would of course there’s because they hate Snow White but the idea for this ride was originally that your Snow White and everything that you’re experiencing is happening to you as Snow White in the ride.

Kelli  14:36 
Oh my goodness. That’s complete symbolic annihilation of Snow White. Oh my gosh. I mean, she gets no credit in the parks. She’s hardly ever in a princess pack of little people or whatever Snow is hardly ever in there. We’re seeing their loss to find snow paraphernalia. And so, they give her her own ride and they say you know what, let’s don’t actually include Snow.

Chris  15:04 
But wait in 1983, Disneyland, overhauled all of fantasyland, and with that they overhauled a lot of the rides so that the rides would then include the characters that those rides were about so now you can see her once in the ride.

Kelli  15:21 
So the implication there is that there were other rides that didn’t include characters that the ride was about. Do you have an example?

Chris  15:29 
I don’t exactly.

Kelli  15:31 
I’m willing to bet Snow is the only one.

Chris  15:35 
Well now you can see her once.

Kelli  15:37 
Oh for the love.

Chris  15:39 
The outer facade it currently looks like Evil Queen’s castle and so like there’s no reason to really see Snow in the like in the outer facade at all. Do they say that? There’s a window upstairs where everyone if you sit and watch you’ll see the Evil Queen the curtains back and look at it. Yep. It was set to close on January 6 of this year not for pandemic but to have another major overhaul. Yeah, probably and, and so but they put two snows in there.

The Magic Kingdom version was very similar supposed to make guests feel like they were Snow White. They overhauled it in 1994 get this to make it less scary.

Kelli  16:23 
Disney will make a scary ride. I’m gonna tell you the other one. The Lilo and Stitch ride in Tomorrowland scared the crap out of me.

Chris  16:33 
There are some scary things. It’s Well, I mean, it was even scarier before that snow. So the whole idea this is a minecart ride. So in all of the versions of this, right, but it’s on a slow track, you’re in a mine car. All the versions of this have the same sort of scenes there. And things okay, there are, there’s usually a scene in the dwarfs cottage, there’s usually a scene in the dark forest. There’s usually a scene or two in the Evil Queen’s castle or dungeon, usually something in them in the mineshaft. Like we’re all the diamond mine, right? And there’s usually all those things. Okay. Depending on which one you’re going through, they may switch up the order that they’re in. And some of the technology is a little bit different. The the the witch like the when she turns into a hag. She’s much scarier. She was designed much scarier in the one in Magic Kingdom because it was built so much lighter than the one in Disneyland.

Kelli  17:35 
Is that what scared you?

Chris  17:37 
There’s a scene in all of them where you’re you’re right up to a cauldron. And she’s standing in front of the cauldron to see her reflection in the mirror on the other side of the call bag. She’s the evil queen. Okay, and then right as you get up to her, she flips around and she’s turned into the hag like right in front of your eyes. And that’s when I peed a little bit. And so the other the other thing here is that you then so then you see that the old hag a lot throughout the ride the rest of the ride, whether you’re going through the forest or a dungeon or even the doors cottage or whatever. The idea is she’s constantly trying to hand you the poison apple. Okay, and eventually, she gives up on that and just tries to straight up murder you. Yeah, by the one in Disneyland, she tries to drop a boulder on your head.

Kelli  18:33 

Chris  18:34 
The one in the Magic Kingdom. According to the Imagineers she does kill you. You’re in a diamond mine in the last scene, and she’s trying to drop a big huge like, jewel on your head. And the very next scene is you go into a pitch dark room where it’s all these flashing strobes and you hear her evil laughter like yes, I just killed them.

So the point is to show that the witch tried to kill snow outside of just the apple situation. Yeah, like eventually snow had been escaping this witch for a long time. I guess or at least in this in this ride. I mean eventually snow did eat the apple and fell into a deep sleep and had to be you know shouldn’t die. No she got I woke up by she loves kiss right?

Kelli  19:25 
Right. I would just say I’m glad at Magic Kingdom in that they went with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train instead of some kind of a scary situation. But don’t you think now that it’s interesting. They didn’t call it Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Chris  19:39 
Sure. But it was never her mine or her mine train.

Kelli  19:45 
But it’s always there. Snow at least is in there right? She’s dancing. She is in there. But I’m just saying again symbolic annihilation. Snow is not even her name.

Chris  19:56 
What’s her name?

Kelli  19:58 
She’s not, her name is not in the ride.

Chris  20:01 
No, it’s not.

Kelli  20:02 
Right. So you took away the ride that had her name and now you’ve replaced it with a ride that’s all about the dwarves. There is an actual Snow in that ride. But the ride is completely about the dwarves. Let’s make the ride about seven little men and take out the entire star. I’m feeling it tonight. See, Edna mode is feeling it.

Chris  20:21 
They had to change the one and they had to stop letting the witch give out an apple on the ride and Disneyland because on grad night when all the kids would come to the park, they literally take that Apple out of her hand and they’d have to keep replacing the apple. So the way to turn around she’d be like this kid was snatched Yeah.

Kelli  20:40 
I mean, it seems like a problem that superglue could solve.

Chris  20:44 
Well, they they solved it with, with like, mirrors to create an image of an apple. And so when people try to grab it…

Kelli  20:55 
I do think you should have done this during October. I would have been literally in costume. I was spooky for four weeks.

Chris  21:05 
No, you really did great. Good job. What do you want?

Kelli  21:11 
Okay, well, I’m fully on brand here so. So today we’re gonna talk about the thing that you and I love to do most. On the first day we get to onto Disney property. Can you think of what that is?

Chris  21:24 
Earl of Sandwich.

Kelli  21:25 
Earl of Sandwich. Oh, we’re talking about Earl of Sandwich.

Chris  21:27 
Good. Okay, they got a Thanksgiving sandwich.

Kelli  21:30 
So yes, so Earl of sandwich for those of you that don’t know, I’m so sorry. It’s in Disney Springs. Okay, and here’s the fun part. I’m gonna give you I’m gonna do a Chris here. I’m gonna give you a little bit of background info. First of all, the Earl of Sandwich is an actual royal title. This is fantastic.

Chris  21:47 
I actually know this.

Kelli  21:48 
Gosh, of course you do. It’s a noble title held by the House of Montague. Typically associated with Sandwich, Kent. Yes, you didn’t know it. I’m seeing your face. You did not know that. It was created in 1664. The prominent naval commander Admiral Sir Edward Montague. He was born. He was made barren Montague and Viscount Hinchingbrooke, and peerage of England. I’m sure I got none of that. Right.

Chris  22:19 
I do know that it’s Viscount.

Kelli  22:21 
It’s not Viscount?

Chris  22:22 

Kelli  22:23 
There’s an S.

Chris  22:23 
I know. But that’s silent.

Kelli  22:26 
Well, I’m sure I slaughtered way more than that. Okay. And member of the prominent Montague family Lord sandwich was the son of Sir Sidney Montague, the youngest brother of hint Henry Montague, the first Earl of Manchester. As of 2017. The title is now held by the 11th. Earl, john Edward Hollister Montague who was born in 1943. And he succeeded as Earl in 1995.

Chris  22:52 
No kidding?

Kelli  22:54 
Okay. So Lord sandwich is one of the 90 elected hereditary peers that remain in the House of Lords after passing of the House of Lords act in 1999. I gotta tell you, I’ve read a lot of like, murder mysteries and stuff, and the Lord’s and the earls and the viscounts, and all that are constantly involved in that kind of seedy underbelly. And so I have been, you know, honestly, I thought the House of Lords was total fiction. So I just want to take a moment to apologize, the House of Lords and all of the earls. And if I count into this, because I thought you were just kind of a plot in my novels. Okay, so I’m gonna read this is from the Earl of sandwich website. So this is how this all came to be, how the sandwich came to be.

Chris  23:51 
Okay, the history of the actual sandwich.

Kelli  23:54 
Okay. Legend has it that in 1762 john Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich, he was playing cards and did not want to leave the gaming table to eat. So he asked for a serving of roast beef to be placed between two slices of bread so he could eat with his hands. As the story goes, others in Montague circle began ordering the “same as sandwich” that’s giving rise to the name and the item that we all love today.

Chris  24:21 

Kelli  24:22 
Americans eat about 300 million sandwiches a day.

Chris  24:27 
I am responsible for a large number of those.

Kelli  24:34 
So that’s the background. Okay, so let’s move over to the restaurant part. Okay, so the restaurant is the brainchild of Orlando Montague, which I mean perfect name, right. That’s a great name, who is the younger son of the 11th Earl of Sandwich?

Chris  24:48 
He’s literally a member of the family?

Kelli  24:51 
Oh yes. No, this is a real thing. He’s a direct descendant. The first restaurant opened on March 19 2004, located in Disney Springs which was then Downtown Disney, or the Lake Buena Vista area. They now have 35 locations one in Canada one in France at Disneyland Paris. Ah, we will totally go there. Two in the Philippines.

Chris  25:14 
Wow, that’s fun!

Kelli  25:15 
And 31 in the US.

Chris  25:17 
I’ve been to the one in Las Vegas.

Kelli  25:20 
Yeah, I’ve been there too. I get so excited anytime I’m anywhere near one. Okay, so Earl of Sandwich has several staples on their menu right club, the original, the BLT, ham and Swiss, French dip, right all those staples, but they actually regularly add to the menu for seasonal offerings and fun side on so like you mentioned, they’ve got the Thanksgiving sandwich which is out now. So my favorite is the Caprese which is fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, basil and balsamic. It’s so simple, but it is so freakin delicious.

Chris  25:54 
Earl of sandwich will be so disappointed. There is not one ounce of protein on there.

Kelli  26:00 
Hello, mozzarella. Well, that’s what we’re talking about. Um, you get the original 1762 right?

Chris  26:08 
I do and it is glorious.

Kelli  26:10 
So that’s roast beef, cheddar and horseradish.

Chris  26:12 
Yeah, buddy.

Kelli  26:12 
You get it every time every day. I thought I remembered you dipping. Do you do dip with that as well? Oh, there’s no that’s French dip is separate. Yep.

I used to get something that came with like a cranberry relish on it and that stuffing. That’s their Thanksgiving sandwiches there I think all the time. Although I may only be there because I’m on there a lot around right giving but it feels like it’s there a lot right now they have a Chipotle, a Hawaiian chicken. That’s new on the menu. And so they’re really pimping that out. But anyway, so they do have the holiday turkey which is turkey cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and mayo. Yeah, gravy. Yeah. Yeah. Right.

Chris  26:57 
Who wouldn’t want some gravy?

Kelli  26:59 
So I kept looking up tried to find on their website like how do they describe their bread? How would you describe it?

Chris  27:05 
Man? It is. It’s interesting. Yes, I would describe it as your own little sandwich size loaf of bread.

Kelli  27:17 
It is very loafy. Right. So in my mind, it’s somehow tastes both toasted and steamed.

Chris  27:30 
Hmm, yeah.

Kelli  27:31 
Right. It’s got the crunch. But then it’s also got the steamy kind of, but it’s not hard.

Chris  27:38 
Yes. Yeah, I don’t know. I know.

Kelli  27:40 
It’s brilliant is what it is. It truly is unique. I mean, you think there’s, we pass 1000 different sub restaurants just driving down the road.

Chris  27:49 
But there’s nothing..

Kelli  27:50 
If there was an Earl of Sandwich within 30 minutes if you’re our drive to that would drive past every other restaurant and go to the Earl of Sandwich. Sure.

Chris  27:56 
There’s no question about that.

Kelli  27:57 
No, it’s amazing.

Chris  27:58 
And my sandwich intake would somehow increase.

Kelli  28:02 
They also have wraps although they don’t have a veggie wrap, which is interesting because they do have a veggie sandwich. They have salads, soups, desserts, cookies, and brownies, which I highly recommend they have a great brookie. Pizza bread, which kind of looks like French bread pizza like Stoufers, French bread pizza, mac and cheese, wings.

Chris  28:23 
I had no idea!

Kelli  28:25 
I know. And wedges which are basically like French fried type wedges. Okay, like big chunky wedges. Yeah, lots of beverage offerings. They have frozen lemonade, hot chocolate hot tea fountain drinks, and a new offering, froze a now I got this the last time we went there. Right I think for some reason. You had already eaten or you went somewhere else. I was eating alone.

Chris  28:50 
That’s right. Why was that?

Kelli  28:53 
I don’t remember either you had already eaten or you joined me late or something. But you got there. And you were saving the table?

Chris  29:01 
Yes, I was why was that? I don’t remember that at all. Maybe I might have been saving myself for Art Smith or something?

Kelli  29:09 
I don’t know whatever it was. I feel like maybe you made a bad decision that day.

Chris  29:12 
A decision to not eat at Earl of Sandwich is a bad decision.

Kelli  29:15 
Yes. But so the froze was great. They also offer beer and wine. They recently added breakfast sandwiches, burritos and muffin. Oh man, right and it’s hot breakfast sandwiches. So instead of the the long like subtype roll the breakfast sandwiches are a circular bun. But the bread looks exactly the same like it looks both toasted and steamed. I can’t explain it any other way.

Chris  29:39 
I love that bread so much. It’s really good and they and they wrap it up in that tight little bundle.

Kelli  29:44 
I tell you what if they gave me just just give me just a loaf that bread with a cup of that broccoli cheese soup. I would just dip all day and be so happy. I would be so happy. No, that would be it.

Chris  30:00 
Nice I wonder if they do that. Just give me some soup.

Kelli  30:03 
Give me some soup and some bread and just some of the bread. What an odd ask. People on TripAdvisor say that this is possibly the best sandwich ever. So I mean they’ve won several TripAdvisor awards and people in the Orlando area. Everybody loves it. Everybody loves Earl of sandwich. So a few pro tips. First, the place is popular. It is hugely popular Disney Springs. They are basically printing money. Yeah. You will wait in line. You will wait for your food. It will be amazing. Yep.

Chris  30:32 
All the above. Oh, their tomato soup is really amazing.

Kelli  30:35 
Tomato soup is fantastic. A lot of people say get the Caprese a with the tomato soup. It’s so good. Yeah, but but a lot of tomato, I go caprese, and broccoli cheddar. They also have their own brand of potato chips, which are fantastic. Go during non traditional hours. If you don’t want to wait or search for a table. Yeah. And try some sides other than chips. Like you’ve mentioned there soups are great desserts are fantastic. They usually have a pasta salad and some fruit options. Lots of sides to pick from. So branch out, or you know,

Chris  31:10 
Find what you love and have it over and over again. I always tell myself, I’m gonna get the Thanksgiving sandwich. I don’t.

Kelli  31:18 
You don’t. Because you’re gonna get the original. I’m gonna get the caprese and I’m gonna get chips even though I just told all of y’all to try their other sides. But they do have really great chips. The Brookie is good. Froze, Froze.

Chris  31:32 
It’s a it’s a wonderful place.

Kelli  31:35 
And I’m so glad I did Earl of sandwich.

Chris  31:37 
I’m glad you did. I want a sandwich right now.

Okay, so that’s the show for this week. We hope you enjoyed it. If you did, do us a favor, run out to iTunes, leave us a rating. leave us a review. It helps us so much. I can’t tell you what it does for our ability to find new listeners.

Kelli  31:57 
Absolutely. And same thing on YouTube. Right 66% of the folks that watch us on youtube are not subscribed, so subscribe there It also helps us find new listeners. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. Speaking of YouTube, we got a video out there of us making some cheddar cheese drop biscuits.

Chris  32:23 
Keep an eye out for everything else we’re gonna put out there. Join us at the other socials, Instagram and Twitter at SCFADP. The more the merrier. Help us make some new friends out there.

Kelli  32:38 
yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  32:41 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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