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Disney News (10/25), Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland, and The Awesomeness of the Voices of Liberty

Episode 6

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In this week’s episode we cover the latest Disney news, the Halloween snacks at Tokyo Disneyland and the Awesomeness at the Voices of Liberty!

Show Notes:


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:59 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  1:00 
Wonderful job with the intro. Like that’s my favorite one. Yeah, that was awesome. That was awesome. And your ears are marvelous.

Kelli  1:13 
I am crazy excited about these years. These are my candy corn ears.

Chris  1:18 
The only thing is the only kind of candy corn I can tolerate.

Kelli  1:22 

Chris  1:23 
That is your ears. Absolutely.

Kelli  1:25 
And I’ve missed the last few weeks saying that I enjoy your classic Mickey t but every single week, how do you bring the classic Mickey t solid in a new way, and I like them.

Chris  1:35 
It does not like a traffic cone at all.

Kelli  1:39 
Well, good. That’s good. I’m so glad that my ears my candy corn ears do not like a traffic cone, or a traffic come with a purple bow stripes.

Chris  1:49 
It’s beautiful. It’s great. So it’s we are nine days till election day. And I just thought, you know what? We’ve got a few people that listen to us every week. vote, vote, vote.

Kelli  2:04 
Yes, make your voice heard. Make your voice heard. It’s important that we vote. Whatever your voice may be saying this year. That’s right.

Chris  2:11 
Make it heard. We’ve seen a lot of early voting, record early voting, which is amazing, especially. Especially in time of pandemic. And we’ve got nine days left. And after that you can’t get a choice again. So let’s uh, let’s go make the voices heard. That’s awesome. Yeah. And we have a few listeners. And we love each and every one of you who take time every week to listen to what we’ve got to say. And if you’re in Dallas, Texas, and you’re listening to us, we saw you this week. We thank you so much for tuning in. If you’re in Los Angeles, California, thank you very much. Portland, Oregon, which is one of our favorite cities. Yes. Thank you for listening to us. And Paris, France, which is absolutely I’m looking on our wall at a Paris pictures. We love that town. So thank you all so much. Just keep listening to us. Keep telling your friends about us. We are so appreciative. We do not take it for granted. So okay. The news. Let’s hit the next. Okay, so statement from Disneyland. They’re tired of fighting.

Kelli  3:26 
That was the official word in their statement?

Chris  3:28 
Yeah, we’re tired of fighting. Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resort, said the following, we have proven that we can responsibly reopen with ScienceBase health and safety protocols strictly enforced at our theme parks and properties around the world. Nevertheless, the state of California continues to ignore this fact, instead mandating arbitrary guidelines that it knows are unworkable. And that would hold us to a standard vastly different from other reopened businesses in the state operating facilities. Together with our labor unions, we want to get people back to work. The state guidelines will keep us shuttered for the foreseeable future, forcing thousands of people out of work. So it’s it’s sort of a final straw. They’re just basically saying we’re not going to deal with timelines anymore and when we’re going to open when when the state says we can open will open.

Kelli  4:15 
Did you say his last name is Potrock? I was definitely listening to everything else you said.

Chris  4:28 
He’s the president of Disneyland Resort. Potrock. It’s got to be Potrock, right. We are taking this into a totally different direction. Yeah, we can’t be serious. We can’t be trusted.

Kelli  4:43 
Do you know how often he’s been called Potrock?

Chris  4:51 
I can’t believe I said that.

Kelli  4:58 
Sorry Ken.

Chris  5:00 
Man that was a such a serious topic but that’s how we do it here. Okay, so hey California Adventure there. They’re like, you know, we’ll do we’ll just make our one of this history section of our parts all that and we’ll just open it up and say it’s part of Downtown Disney now.

So there’s a there’s a few shops and restaurants they’re going to open up anyway. Yeah. Which is cool. May you show me this this week about Make a wish so there’s a special donation opportunity with Make a wish they’d been partners with Disney for 40 years making Make a wish kids wishes come true because it’s the most common wish, I guess. The world or Disneyland? Yeah. So they’ve launched a wishes come true blue initiative. Where they’re selling shirts and hats and masks and ears and lounge five.

Kelli  5:51 
Crocs and all sorts of fun stuff. Yeah. navy blue, royal blue. So yeah, combo with some really cool sparkly stuff.

Chris  6:01 
Looks really nice. Yeah, I like it. And you can get it almost everywhere that is Disney related, especially in Paris and Walt Disney World and Disneyland aulani has got like some special like she’ll say a lot of years that I saw into it’s on Yeah, yeah. And now through World wish day, which is April 29. Next year, in US, Canada and Europe, Disney will donate 25% of the purchase price to make a wish up to $500,000.

Kelli  6:32 
I’ve got to believe they’re gonna blow that out. So I logged in. I got that email. I logged in to order some stuff because I really liked it. And it was the the shop Disney site was in a waiting room situation. Oh, wow. Yeah. So they’re gonna nail that.

Chris  6:48 
Baby Boy white rhino was born today. In the animal kingdom is a good looking boy. Yeah, he’s a good looking boy. 140 pounds.

Kelli  7:00 
Did you read the story about his mom? They set her up with Dugan. They set her up.

Chris  7:06 
Yeah, it’s part of the part of the survival species plan, overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Kelli  7:12 
Kendi and Dugan!

Chris  7:15 
I know. I know. They look like they’re doing great. And two more rhinos in the park are expecting so something’s in the water there.

Kelli  7:27 
Especially for the Rhinos.

Chris  7:29 
Quite literally, the rhino area is having a party. So they’re actually going to be highlighting the story of Kendi and Dugan on the magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom the series. It’s on Disney Plus.

Kelli  7:51 
Yes. I’m excited about that. I can’t wait to see what they name the little boy.

Chris  7:58 
And they don’t give them names right away, which I sort of wish they would, but they probably want to know what their characters like right? Sure. 2020 I’ve got a taste of Epcot International Festival of holidays, is going to launch on November 27 through December the 30th. It’ll include a cookie stroll 16 food booths, cavalcades and as some other entertainment so linzer cookies in Germany chocolate crinkle cookies in America. Peppermint pinwheel cookies and Canada gingerbread cookies and the world showcase and my favorite at the L’chaim booth. Well, hi, I’m the black and white cookie.

Kelli  8:40 
Cookies are very underrated dessert. I don’t give them enough credit and I usually skip over them in a booth situation.

Chris  8:48 
Now cookies are underrated but not as underrated as brownies. Brownies are the most underrated.

Kelli  8:53  
They’re awesome and nice.

Chris  8:55 
So yes, 16 food, holiday inspired food booths. I love this thing where Epcot is just like let’s do booths all year long. So I love that. So they the frozen cavalcade promenade, the princess promenade that we saw earlier in the year is still gonna be there. But then they’re going to be adding in a Santa Claus.

Kelli  9:17 
Oh, that’s cool.

Chris  9:20 
The mariachi cobre and geometers are still performing in the American gardens theater, but voices of liberty we’ll be doing something in the American gardens theater, which will be awesome. And a vocal ensemble that performs gospel and r&b her r&b holiday songs for Christmas and Kwanzaa called joyful will also be the America gardens. I really, really excited about that. Um, entertainment news. So there was a story that came out this week it was featured in The Hollywood Reporter about why Shonda Rhimes left ABC. Okay, and so why is this a Disney story because it’s Shonda Yeah, Grey’s Anatomy scandal, how to get away with murder. So she had been struggling with ABC and you know, just there’s she just sort of felt like they were just pump out stories about stories, fighting over budgets, fighting over storylines, etc. Just fighting with them all the time. And the the way the story goes, the straw that broke the camel’s back there was that she was trying to get an extra all inclusive pass part of her deal with ABC was that she get all inclusive pass to Disneyland. And she had two of them. And so she was trying to get an extra one. And they wouldn’t give her an extra on no matter what.

No matter what she did, they would not get her an extra pass on them. And so she was like she she, she got off the phone with this executive. She’s like, you know, I’ve had it with ABC. She called her agent and said, Give me a deal with Netflix. I’m done.

Kelli  10:52 
But now she’s gonna lose. she’ll lose her other two passes too, right?

Chris  10:59 
I don’t know. I’m assuming that’s that’s not her biggest priority.

Kelli  11:02 
I mean, I feel her.

Chris  11:03 
Yeah, I feel her.

Kelli  11:06 
She probably could’ve just bought a third one.

Chris  11:11 
She was told by one of the ABC executives, don’t you have enough? Oh, yeah, sure. It was not. What a happy this wasn’t a happy split. It didn’t seem like Okay. Wow. And that was just the last the last straw last straw was this third ticket to Disneyland?

Yeah, so you know. Mandalorian starts this week. Mm hmm. On Friday,

Kelli  11:37 

Chris  11:38 
We just it is appointment TV to see what’s gonna happen with baby. Yeah, the child child. Let’s go. Yeah, right, right, right. What’s gonna happen with the child? The little green child looks just like a smaller version of Yoda. And a trailer got released this week for Raya and the last dragon. Oh, yes. Yes. Good. I’m excited about that. I was I was excited about it before I saw the trailer.

Kelli  12:05 
I wasn’t. I’ll be honest. When you described it during the news a few weeks ago I thought meh, but I saw that poster and I was like no, I’m for it.

Chris  12:23 
That trailer was awesome. It sort of had like a tomb raider warrior princess vibe. I mean, she is not messing around. I like her and took took I predict Tuk Tuk going to just be off the charts adorable when he comes out in stuffy form.

Kelli  12:38 
Yes. Yes. Which that’s what we all need is another stuffy.

Chris  12:41 
Yeah, I predict one of these two mongrels will be ripping took a little stuffy face off at some point. But he looks like he looks like a like a little Roly Poly that turns into a gigantic Roly Poly base.

Kelli  12:56 
Yeah, I need it.

Chris  12:57 
Well, I think that’s the news for this week. Okay. And so you’re really excited about tomorrowland.

Kelli  13:05 
I am excited about tomorrowland, bud do you want a quick trivia question?

Chris  13:09 
Oh, yeah, hit me up. Yeah.

Kelli  13:10 
What is the name of Wendy’s dog and Peter Pan?

Chris  13:15 
It’s Nana.

Kelli  13:19 
Yes. I knew that you knew this one. I knew you did.

Chris  13:24 
Yes. I got one. Awesome. Negative three. Negative 300. Okay, take us to tomorrowland.

Kelli  13:36 
Okay, so keeping it spooky. We’re talking about Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland.

Chris  13:43 
Oh, I bet that’s rockin.

Kelli  13:45 
It’s rockin. You’re right. It’s rockin. Okay. So first of all, regular Park admission at Tokyo Disneyland is only $60 a day. Who remembers when Disney went to Disney World parks for $60 a day. That includes the Halloween festivities. It’s not an extra cost. Wow. You can’t even get into Mickey’s Scary Merry for just $60.

Chris  14:07 
I’m gonna add that to the list of reasons that we keep in the other room of why we need to go to Tokyo Disneyland. Let’s add that.

Kelli  14:12 
So they have a Halloween harvest parade that is described as having infectious music. And it is it’s totally infectious. And it’s really, really awesome. So the parade is spookier than what you would see at the Boo to you parade and a boo to you parade. Yeah, I think that’s right. Yeah, it’s spookier than what you see at Magic Kingdom, but it’s not too scary. But there are a lot of skeletons. There’s like an eyeball float. And there’s like a zombie Mickey but not like a scary zombie Mickey, a cute zombie Mickey. But he has like worms coming out of his hat. You can see his rib cage. I know that sounds scarier than he is.

Chris  14:53 
That’s horrifying.

Kelli  14:55 
He does like the arm thing. That’s great. The floats are awesome. Okay, and the floats stop in the middle of the parade and do a full show. Like it’s a it’s a thing. It is a thing.

Chris  15:08 
I don’t know how I feel about seeing Mickey’s rib cage.

Kelli  15:11 
Here’s something I’m excited about. By the way, this is this is on brand for me too. We’re gonna get to that.

Chris  15:16 
Oh, I’m sure.

Kelli  15:17 
But I’m also excited about they transform their Haunted Mansion into the Haunted Mansion holiday nightmare. This is inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas in what happens when two holidays collide.

Chris  15:29 
Is this like what they do out in Disneyland?

Kelli  15:31 
No, it’s better. Okay. So this is what they say is first of all, you’ve never been to Disneyland and I have and I would totally I’m sorry for those of you that love Disneyland. It’s a Bobo Magic Kingdom. There’s no other way to say it. It is not as good as Magic Kingdom. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Oh, just know that they do that. They say is that the haunted mansion was that you see at Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland is what it would be like if they did it at Magic Kingdom.

Again, just doesn’t Disneyland under the bus which is I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So I got a lot of this information from Disney tourist blog. Thank you Disney tourist blog. It’s awesome stuff and they describe it as jack Skellington play Sandy Claws as he makes a good but wholly misguided attempt at presenting his version of a Christmas celebration. The result is like I nightmarish attraction by Currier and Ives. This is also better than what they do at Disneyland because they update the exterior, they update the queue, okay, totally different storyline and a totally different attraction, like Sally and jack are in the attraction to the point that they say unless you are a massive Haunted Mansion fan, you might not actually recognize the whole thing the thing.

Yeah, so the rumor is that this was actually designed for Magic Kingdom, but management declined the overlay. If this rumor is true management, shame on you. Shame on you. So they have fireworks at Tokyo Disneyland but this isn’t like a thing that you get a seat to watch it’s something that you see while you’re waiting in line. It’s not a big deal but there is a Halloween one and okay general consensus is it has more orange in it. Um, but apparently the decorations are something spectacular. Okay, Halloween stuff and I’m not just talking about pumpkins like cute little wreath pumpkins on the light post on Main Street USA. No, no, we’re talking about ghosts all throughout the parks like playful ghost and in this park has cool cool areas they have like a toon town and a critter. What’s it called critter place? Critter Country!

Chris  17:55 
Critter Country? Yeah, yeah,

Kelli  17:57 
Yeah. And so apparently these ghosts like if you saw these ghosts, like out in the streets, you would recognize them as being Disney ghosts. Oh, but they just fit into the decor so perfectly.

Chris  18:10 
So we’re talking about like skeletons, ghosts, things like that all around all over the whole park?

Kelli  18:17 
Yes. All over and, in quotes, all over the place.

Chris  18:22 
Like people in costume?

Kelli  18:25 
Adults cannot be in costume. Same rule as here.

Chris  18:27 
No, no. I mean, like, are there cast members that are in costume as ghosts?

Kelli  18:31 
No. These are like decoration.

Chris  18:33 
Wow. Okay.

Kelli  18:34 
They say they don’t look like you know, an add on. It looks like they’re there that they’re all the time. Yeah, like they’re that amazing. Wow. Okay. Like that level of quality. Sure. But let’s get to what I’m excited. Okay. All of that was great, right? Yeah, yeah. Food. Of course. Tokyo Disneyland has been called a snackers paradise.

Chris  18:55 
Oh, well, that’s saying something Tokyo Disneyland.

Kelli  18:58 
Okay, so I’m going to go through a few of the things that I’ve seen online. And mostly I picked the ones that have pictures because I want to be able to put pictures on our YouTube video. Okay, so the first one is a pumpkin donut. Apparently Japan is a huge fan of pumpkin eating. They’re way into pumpkins. And so it looks like a filled donut with like a pumpkin face. So I’m going to assume that this donut is either flavored or has a pumpkin filling with a pumpkin face.

Popcorn soda with a doughnut on top. But now the donut on top looks more like a bundt cake. The popcorn soda, tastes, they say spot on with popcorn including the butter at the bottom.

Chris  19:41 

Kelli  19:43 
Okay, this one’s gonna get you. Okay, I want you to imagine a black waffle cone. Okay, this is so like right when you come in. So, a black waffle cone. Just get that picture in your head…stuffed with beef ribs and mashed potatoes!

Beef rib and pumpkin mashed potato cone. The beef ribs are sort of at the bottom, the mashed potatoes together at the top and then there’s like this cracker on top that is shaped like a bat. The reviews online call this, and I quote, “glorious.”

Chris  20:25 
Glorious. Okay. All right.

Kelli  20:28 
Chicken and pumpkin pizza in fantasy land so there is a pizza window in fantasyland.

Chris  20:34 
Chicken and pumpkin pizza?

Kelli  20:35 
Yes, there’s a pizza window in fantasy land that apparently sells a seafood pizza year round. That is a must do, really a must do, like mind blowingly good must do. And so that pizza window during Halloween offers a chicken and pumpkin pizza. Most of these pizzas sold at this window are described as shockingly delicious. Wow. Toon town has a pumpkin shaped cream scallop sandwich. Fantasyland. I know. I know. You’re gonna need to watch the YouTube video. Fantasyland has a Tipo torta cart. And these Tipo tortas are described as like churros, except good.

Chris  21:26 
I’m so offended.

Kelli  21:27 
So the black Tipo torta is a cream cheese and blueberry Tipo torta a warm flaky pastry with a creamy center like a mix of cheesecake and pie.

Chris  21:37 
Oh, that sounds good.

Kelli  21:38 
Uh huh. The orange one is a sweet potato tipo torta. This one is amazing to me the sweetheart cafe which is going to be their main bakery in the park has a jack skeleton curry bread and pumpkin cinnamon roll. Now we say that the park admission is $60. This curry bread and cinnamon roll comes as a package for $5.

Chris  21:59 
Oh my word.

Kelli  22:00 
Okay. The cinnamon roll is normal with like pumpkin sauce is your basic cinnamon roll. The curry bread is an amazing bread it says like a really moist soft bread with minced meat inside.

Chris  22:14 
Yeah buddy. It’s getting better all the time.

Kelli  22:16 
This is described as a bonafide delicious snack.

Chris  22:22 
Yeah. I believe it

Kelli  22:24 
I want to finish this and then you can explain to me what minced meat is. But I want to get to the rocky raccoon saloon and critter County.

We’re gonna come back to the mincemeat. Okay. Okay. They have a critter Sundae, which is apparently the best dessert in the park year round. Hold this. Here we go. It comes with seeds. I don’t know what kind of see just some seeds. Soft serve ice cream, a churro, Chocolate Crunch and cornflakes. For Halloween, the soft serve is pumpkin and milk and they add a chocolate ghost.

Chris  23:08 
So weirdest thing ever.

Kelli  23:09 
That’s the little concoction that you get in a cup. I kept looking at that thing like?? And then I said okay, chocolate chunks. And a chocolate ghost you’re not gonna tell me what mincemeat is.

Chris  23:27 

Kelli  23:29 
I mean, I’m not gonna eat it.

Chris  23:30 
You’re not gonna eat it whether I tell you about it or not.

Kelli  23:37 
I’m excited about it.

Chris  23:39 
I’m excited too. That sounds great. We got to go there. Nothing but good times at Tokyo Disneyland. Okay, take us to Worlds Showcase, honey.

So, hard turn here. But it ususally is. So I was looking at the news items and one of the things in the news I saw just sort of said you know what, you love that, talk about that. And then I realized and then I realized this because I’m simple that we’ve got sort of a series going here of the of the acts at Epcot. You did off kilter. Uh huh. I did mariachi Cobre. Yeah. So what am I gonna do now?

Kelli  24:26 
Does two things make a series?

Chris  24:28 
Well 3 certainly does.

Kelli  24:34 
I mean, I definitely have a spooky series going.

Chris  24:36 
You definitely do.

Kelli  24:37 
Well, so what am I talking about today?

It’s gotta be voices liberty, voices of liberty.

Chris  24:42 
Yeah. The voices of liberty have been there so long. I do love voices liberty. They are amazing. So if you’ve been to Epcot somehow I don’t know what the voices of liberty are. I’m sorry. What rock were you under? So these these, this is the singing troupe that is located the American adventure Pavilion. They usually perform inside the building that houses the American adventure stage show that you’d like to sleep through. But it’s one of my favorite things.

Kelli  25:15 
I should say. Chris comes out singing the songs and I think that is the best 15 minute nap I’ve had all day.

Chris  25:22 
I love that last song. I even have a note in here about it. So it’s a it’s usually somewhere between eight and 10 acapella singers at a time and they come out there and they sing patriotic songs. If it’s a special season, you know if it’s Christmas time, they’ll sing Christmas songs mixed in. We saw a lady lady we saw that time she just about lost her mind when they said they’re gonna start singing Jingle Bells. Oh, yeah. And she was just like, eeeeee!

Kelli  25:53 
Oh, they have a fan following.

Chris  25:54 
They have a serious fan following. And so we lost the light over there.

Kelli  25:59 
I’m gonna see if I can get it back. You keep going.

Chris  26:01 
So yeah, the this lady lost her mind for Jingle Bells. And if you find Jingle Bells online, which you can definitely find there are lots of their performances online. You’ll see why she loves it so much. So the pro tip here and you cannot miss it. If they if you’re there to see them. You won’t be able to miss that you had to sit underneath the dome. The dome inside the building there is acoustically perfect. Yeah. And they’ll they will tell you scooch in there. Closer than you think is comfortable. Yes. And it really does make a difference in how you hear the music, although, although it’s hard to, to, to understate how wonderful these people are. Anyway, yeah. They, their performances lasts about 15 minutes at a time and they just go throughout the day. So So I saw something cool while I was trying to find research on them. especially hard to find research on how they got started or how long they’ve been in the parks or whatever. But I did find an audition call for from earlier this year before pandemic.

Kelli  27:12 
Like where people could come in audition to be in the Voices of Liberty?

Chris  27:14 
Yes, which I thought was really cool. So this was there were no appointments necessary. They did it over February like February 12 and 13th of 2020. They put out the the notice the all call like in early January, mid January, okay. And they were literally just people show up at the animal kingdom rehearsal facility on Disney property, of course, and they had people audition for two days and then they would do callbacks on the 14th so that would have been a really cool Valentine’s Day series so the the job description was this this is how the job description read. Disney Parks live entertainment is seeking ensemble vocalists of all ethnicities for the voices of liberty and acapella ensemble sings traditional American music in tight eight part harmonies at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. Extreme vocal range and control, sight singing and quick study memorization skills are essential. Please prepare 16 bars of an Americana folk pop musical theater selection and provide clearly marked musical sheet sheet music in the correct key for the accompanist. Opera and foreign language selections are strongly not recommended. The contract your contract is the Disney World minimum $17.61 cents an hour. So roughly $36,000 a year, including potential a pension. The famous the years the union equity 401k and Disney’s health plan.

Kelli  27:48 
That’s not a lot.

Chris  28:59 
Yes, not. But I saw the average musician that Disney makes about $55,000 total. And I would imagine the Voices of Liberty is actually on the high end but they were just noting what the minimum is the former.

Kelli  29:09 
Minimum okay.

Chris  29:10 
There was also an audition in late 2019 specifically for seasonal talent for the voices of liberty for the candlelight processional. So they they actually those people that are in the choir. They’re basically part time voices of liberty performers.

Kelli  29:27 
Oh, okay.

Chris  29:29 
Yeah. So and while the primary all call was for Kissimmee, Florida, the seasonal was  Boston and New York, which I found interesting.

Kelli  29:38 
Isn’t that interesting?

Chris  29:40 
Yeah. So yeah, I thought that was really just kind of a cool look behind the curtain and voices of liberty.

Kelli  29:48 
What era would you say they dress in?

Chris  29:51 

Kelli  29:53 
There’s a colonial woman on the wing!

Chris  30:00 
That’s right. Yeah. So I, I call it colonial I guess but then like during the holidays they look like they step right out of a Charles Dickens novel.

Kelli  30:08 
Yeah, that’s more like it.

Chris  30:10  
And then and then on July the fourth they usually do something special at the America gardens theater. And they or even for the candlelight processional, they were just, you know, nice modern clothing. Okay, suits and dresses and things like that. Right. Okay. Yeah. So like some of my favorite performances that they do are This land is your land or the beautiful those that’s obviously some of their best work you can find you can go down a major rabbit hole watching voices of liberty videos that people have taken online. I saw this when it’s this is made from the greatest showmen and I’m thinking Oh, gotta watch that. And it was great. But you wouldn’t have thought that could have fit in two lines from the Declaration of Independence into This is Me. But they did right in the middle – spoken word. Declaration of Independence, the first sentence from the second paragraph.

Kelli  31:04 
Did you like it?

Chris  31:05 
It was wonderful. It was good. It was great. Of course, it was great.

Kelli  31:10 
I like the song they do where they name the states

Chris  31:12 
Oh yes, the Nifty Fifty.

Kelli  31:15 
And they want you to cheer when they when they say your say yeah, yeah, that’s a good one.

Yeah, any other Fourth of July performances are great Battle Hymn of the Republic may do that. It’s just incredible. Any of their holiday performances where they you know, they dress in their Dickens novel best. In the rotunda in there is just is decorated. It’s such a good time. Their traditional Christmas carols are great. In particular, that we were there one year and they did. We heard them saying like one candle celebrating Hanukkah, which was yes wonder Oh, I had never heard that song.

Oh, I remember that.

Chris  31:56 
But that thing was it just like spoke to me. It was so beautifully done.

Kelli  32:01 
And it is a very multi ethnic group. Yeah, I always love seeing that. And everybody’s not equally able bodied. You know, there’s there’s a lot of diversity in that group. I really like it.

Chris  32:13 
Yeah. If there’s any like English Premier League soccer fans out there, they will sing you’ll you’ll never walk alone, which is one of Liverpool. That’s that’s like, Liverpool’s Big Start of game get the fan base up. Okay. The voices of liberty usually sing it in honoring our servicemembers or military members, okay, which is they call that’s an opportunity for them to call out servicemembers in the crowd and Okay, and then they’ll sing you’ll never walk alone. Which is wonderful. They honor black history in the United States by singing Old Man River quite often, which is wonderful. And, and they usually lead which is rare. They let the bass singer sing that song. Oh, as a solo. Yeah, and you can find that online too. There’s a guy named Carl there has been in the group. It was in the group for quite a while. That sings Old Man River and just kills it. It’s just incredible. But my favorite is when they actually seeing the finale song from the American stage show. Golden dream. They sing that and I’m just ready to literally run through a brick wall that has American flag on it. Wow, I’m just for George Washington. I’m just ready to go America when I sing that song.

They are a must do for us. They are and we cannot go and not see them.

Kelli  33:45 
They’re a must do at Christmas time. We like to see their traditional show and their Christmas show.

Chris  33:49 
Yeah, if you can see both. It’s great. Right? Yeah.

Kelli  33:56 
Well done. I liked the series that you’ve created.

Chris  33:58 
Well, you did off kilter.

Kelli  34:03 
I think it I think it took a third to make it a series.

Chris  34:07 
Yeah, definitely.

Kelli  34:09 
Well done.

Chris  34:10 
So that’s our show for this week. We hope you enjoyed it. And if you did, please jump on iTunes. Give us a rating give us a review. I can’t tell you how much that helps us out. And we would really appreciate it.

Kelli  34:23 
Yes, it really does help. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.  We are actually  making some recipes from the restaurants. We have reservations that in Disney and this week, we’ll be posting a video of us making Chef Art Smith’s cheddar cheese drop biscuits. So don’t miss that.

Chris  34:48 
They’re delicious. Keep an eye out for that. Check it out on YouTube. Our channel is supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcasts. Join us for all the conversations on the social media. Instagram Twitter at SCFADP. Invite your friends The more the merrier. Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Chris & Kelli  35:07 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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