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Disney News (10/18), Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hocus Pocus!

Episode 5

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the latest Disney news, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and 10 things you didn’t know about Hocus Pocus! If you’re a Hocus Pocus fan like Kelli, these lists are ALL OVER the internet, so consider this list 10 thinks that Kelli didn’t know about Hocus Pocus that she thought others would enjoy! And apparently, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is a Must do – who knew??

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Transcript of Season 2, Episode 4

Chris  0:02 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everyone, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:54 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:55 
Welcome to this week’s show. We are obviously on location. We decided to shoot while we were taking a little trip down to Garden City Beach, South Carolina. It’s beautiful here. But we thought since we’re going to be shooting on location when we go to Disney in December. Give it a go. We thought we’d give it a try and see how it works.

Kelli  1:15 
I’m enjoying the view.

Chris  1:17 
It’s a wonderful view. It’s beautiful. You know what else is beautiful? What your…I guess Mickey ears.

Kelli  1:25 
Mickey ears. I got these at the Germany pavilion in Epcot. And it’s one of the… I think you were in that little bakery.

Chris  1:32 
Yeah, I was getting the caramel.

Kelli  1:34 
The caramels. And I walked into that store. Oh, I gotta buy this. And so I bought it. I put it on. And I like waved at you from outside the windows. This is one of my favorite moments. So perfect. That one moment was worth the purchase.

Chris  1:50 
Well, then I’m glad you got them. I’m glad you’re wearing them here. It’s October. You’re feeling Oktoberfest.

Kelli  1:55 

Chris  1:56 
All right. So where is it Wednesday. We got no winner last week.

Kelli  2:01 
No winner. It was clearly a fantastic.

Chris  2:04 
It was good. It was good. I I didn’t know where it was.

Kelli  2:08 
Yeah. So for those of you interested, it was a photo that hangs on the wall above you as you are walking down the final ramp to get on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. So… winning.

Chris  2:21 
You won. So be on the lookout for Where is it Wednesday this week. And hopefully we’ll get a winner. Mistymoonsilver if you’re listening! Hey, so as always, we are so happy that you’re listening that you’re taking the time to choose our podcast. That’s a big deal to us. We love you for it. If you’re in Tallahassee, Florida. We saw you downloading our stuff. And we are so thankful. Pontiac, Michigan. Thank you so much. If you listen to us, we appreciate you. Arlington, Massachusetts. Thank you, and Padova or Padoua, Italy, which is right, it is probably one of the last train stops before Venice.

Kelli  3:07 
Oh, nice.

Chris  3:09 
Cool. So thank you for listening.

Kelli  3:11 
And we would come and do something live and on location there.

Chris  3:13 
We would we do something live in Italy if you’d ask us. So thank you for that. If we called out your city, if we’ve ever called out your city and you hear us, let us know tag us in some kind of social media post Instagram, Twitter, whatever. And we’ll send you a sticker. We’d love to do that. Yes, absolutely. So are you ready? I’m ready. Okay, so some park news this week. Disneyland is really having it out with with California, with the state of California. They are back and forth like crazy. Bob Iger resigned from the Coronavirus economic taskforce in California. There’s strikes going on out there. They sent people into the parks, California sent representatives into the parks sort of state of California did just to kind of see, you know what the setup is like? Gavin Newsom, Governor California, sent some or he says he’s going to send people to the Florida parks to see how it’s going there. But obviously, everybody’s kind of desperate to get things going again out there. I gotta say though, Downtown Disney has been open since July, which is sort of Anaheim’s version of Disney Springs. Yeah. And I can only assume that Downtown Disney is on Friday night, the way Disney Springs is in Orlando. Right? And if they’re keeping that open, I really don’t know why they wouldn’t open up Disneyland. It’s a different kind of thing. But based on our experience, Disney Springs felt much iffy-er than the parks.

Kelli  3:19 
It did, I mean, I have seen some tweets and stuff this week that say people are getting a little pandemic fatigue in the parks. I mean, I know the parks have put up a signs that say, if you don’t have on a mask will kick you out, which I think is, you know, needed. But I just saw a tweet yesterday that said, like one lap around world showcase the person counted 150 people not wearing masks.

Chris  5:15 
I saw the same thing and only one cast member said something to them.

Kelli  5:17 
Right. I mean, I think everybody’s got pandemic fatigue. But look, y’all I mean, this isn’t the time, right? The numbers are going back up. Where the mask if you’re going to be out in public, where the mask?

Chris  5:30 
Yes, wear it. I mean, we’re, we’re lucky that the part of the parks are open as it is.

Kelli  5:34 
28,000 people have already lost their jobs. You know, if you want to go out into the parks and support this company that we all love, where the mask take responsibility for you and those around you.

Chris  5:44 
Yeah, totally agree. Disney Springs actually was at capacity on Friday night, they literally stopped people from coming in. So like if you had a dinner reservation, for say, 8:30. And they were at capacity by eight, you couldn’t make that reservation, which is brutal.

Kelli  6:00 
I did not know that was how that works.

Chris  6:03 
Yes. You don’t even, you can’t get into any of the parking facilities at all. So, so yeah, so we’ve got a situation here where like, a lot of our favorite things are colliding with each other. I don’t dislike Gavin Newsom. I love Disney. So I just hope that they all come together and work it out. Same thing with Elizabeth Warren. She has basically put Disney executives on blast in the last couple of weeks. Because they freed up the executive pay and bonus pay and dividend pay and all that kind of stuff. Just a few weeks before they laid off 28,000 people so she didn’t let that slide. So she wrote them a sternly worded letter.

Kelli  6:45 
Liz is for the working man. I hear you, Liz, you know, I know you do. I love for Liz. I’ve got her action figure.

Chris  6:52 
She said it appears that prior to and during the pandemic, Disney took care of its top executives and shareholders and is now hanging its frontline workers out to dry. So, you know, I’m not really gonna argue either way, except to say that’s the thing that’s going on in the Disney Universe. And so, you know, again, it’s a tough time for everybody. I two weeks ago or maybe last week, Disneyland did reach a return to work agreement with 11 unions that they represent. So you know, that was taking a minute anyway. Yes. Yeah. Hey, a little bit happier news. And and in sort of in line with your hat, a new Pop Up passholders shop has appeared in Germany?

Kelli  7:39 
Yes, I saw that. And I’m telling you, I want to drive to Disney.

Chris  7:43 
My only note here is that it closes on November 17. And we must figure out a way to get there.

Kelli  7:50 
I mean, it had some good stuff. Yeah, this is stuff that’s like 50% off and then you get annual passholder of another 30%. Right. So it’s a good deal.

Chris  7:57 
Germany Pavilion. Yeah, yeah, they had some like Germany stuff and they had a lot of annual passholder merch, they have a lot of flower garden merch. I’m hoping that this is a sign of things to come where they may put up these pop up passholder shops in  various pavilions in world showcase. I’d love to see that.

Kelli  8:19 
I’m thinking about driving seven hours.

Chris  8:21 
And I support you doing that. So in entertainment news, Black Beauty, a remake of Black Beauty is coming to Disney plus on November the 27th. So you know anything about black beauty?

Kelli  8:36 
It’s a horse.

Chris  8:37 
It’s a horse, right? Not to be confused with the Black Stallion. But yeah, so by beauty has had like seven. This is like the seventh version of a black beauty movie that has been made based off of the 1877 novel by Anna Sewell, which was called Black Beauty, his greens and companions The Autobiography of a horse. Think about that. The Autobiography of a horse.

Kelli  9:06 
Written by horse.

Chris  9:07 
Right the whole thing is, is told from the horse’s perspective.

Kelli  9:10 
How many more times can we tell the story?

Chris  9:12 
Well, so this time they’re they’re changing the gender of Black Beauty, it will be female in this one and voiced by Kate Winslet.

Kelli  9:21 
Okay, so it’s English.

Chris  9:23 
I don’t know if it’s English, it’s actually based in the American West. Black Beauty was born free in the American West is captured and taken away from her family. Her story intertwines with that of 17 year old Joe, who is similarly grieving the loss of her parents and ultimately the to form a strong bond. Okay.

Kelli  9:42 
I mean, I’ll watch it. Sure. It’s a movie about a horse. The horse dies I will hate Disney forever. I don’t watch movies where animals die.

Chris  9:54 
I know you don’t. You have a strong, strong opinion. Somebody that watches Black Beauty I’m not gonna be watching them the day that comes out I need to know the spoiler doesn’t worry, somebody could at SCFADP and tell us if Black Beauty dies. I mean, the story has been around for a minute, so somebody could probably tell us that now we’d appreciate that if they update the story.

I mean, Disney killed off Old Yeller.

Kelli  10:19 
Disney loves to kill a woman.

That’s all I got.

Clearly feeling my oats here at the beach a little bit. I’ve got a trivia question for you.

Chris  10:32 
All right. All right. Good deal.

Kelli  10:32 
Okay. So your negative 300 right now if I’m counting correctly, okay. So the sorcerers name in Fantasia spells what backwards?

I really thought you would know that.

Chris  10:50 
No, no, I don’t even know the Sorcerer’s name.

Kelli  10:54 
Okay, well, apparently the Sorcerer’s naming Fantasia is Yensid.

Chris  10:59 
Oh, that’s Disney.

Kelli  11:00 
Yes. You know, I’m not giving you credit for that.

Chris  11:08 
Okay. Not even half credit? I feel like they could have done better than that. But okay.

Kelli  11:17 
I feel like you could’ve done better. Negative 400 now.

Are you ready for tomorrowland?

Take us to tomorrowland.

Chris  11:29 
All right. So I was struggling with what I was gonna do with tomorrowland on location here. But it hit me that I was sort of inspired by our walk on the beach a couple months ago. And so I decided to do tomorrowland on someplace we talked about going but haven’t been there yet. Vero Beach Resort. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Kelli  11:51 
Well done, honey. Okay, tell me about that. Because we actually had reservation.

Chris  11:55 
We did. We had reservations there back in the summer, and we decided we just needed a little more Disney punch in our lives. So we changed it to actually go to Disney and experience Disney with record low crowds. Yeah. So we moved away from that. But it’s still definitely on the bucket list.

Kelli  12:17 
So yeah, tell me about it.

Chris  12:20 
Yeah. So I got the information for this from Disney’s website on Vero Beach as well as a wonderful review of from So thank you guys for a wonderful review there. So, so here, here you go. Vero Beach opened in 1995. It’s got 211 rooms. Okay, so think about like, say pop century resort, which has like, over 2000 rooms.

Kelli  12:45 
I was going to say, that’s not very big.

Chris  12:47 
Exactly. And I think that’s exactly what Vero Beach is going for. It’s quiet, it’s secluded. It’s never going to be like, totally chock a block full of people. Okay, okay. So, um, for that, yeah, it was only the second DVC resort built, although I don’t think you need to be DVC to rent a room there. And I think Florida residents get a big discount. I think I get like 20 or 30% off to rent a room there. But it was the second DVC resort built and I believe the very first one built off of a Walt Disney World property.

Kelli  13:18 
Ah, okay. It was built before Hilton Head?

Chris  13:23 
That’s a good question. I don’t know. Um, um, before, I’m assuming it’s the first one built off of Disney property. Yeah, yeah. Right. So before Hilton Head. Um, so if you’re familiar with the beach club resort at Disney, sort of imagine that you’re stepping into that resort. And instead of like a sand bottom pool and Crescent Lake out back, you actually have a strip of, you know, white sand and the Atlantic Ocean, actually on what they call Florida’s Treasure Coast. I’ll talk about that a little bit. Right. So while it is removed from Disney proper, it is it’s gonna feel very much Disney. Right? You’re gonna, you’re gonna have that comforting Disney music near when you step into the lobby, there’s going to be hidden Mickey’s all over the place, right? Without a doubt, in the lobby there’s gonna be a TV show and Disney cartoons for kids to sit at while mom and dad are checking in. Right? So the way this place is sort of laid out… by the way, I almost gave up my topic. I was talking about, when I was talking about A1A today. Oh, famous Florida’s AIA.

Kelli  14:33 
Beach Front Avenue!

Chris  14:33 
Right? It literally goes right by the front door. This is in fact this place spans both sides of A1A there’s a tunnel that goes from the main part of the resort on beach side of A1A under A1A two like some tennis courts and basketball courts and things like that. They’re all part of the resort. So effectively, there’s one large building, that’s the Inn and that’s where you’re going to have most of the studio apartments and the the restaurants and there’s an upstairs bar the check in and there’s a general store there. That’s all all very centrally located around the Inn. The big pool is outside of the Inn. It’s a wonderful looking pool area with a with 163 foot two story spiral slide. Yeah, it’s really cool.

Kelli  15:25 
I mean, for 200 rooms that’s…

Chris  15:27 
Yeah, it is and they say it’s Mickey shaped. Although I argue with that I’m not so sure that it’s… it’s a Mickey on a bad day, maybe. But it’s right in the pool is beach side, it’s beautiful. And they also have these four or five Villa buildings that house their one and two bedroom villas, okay, which is where we were, we were planning to say was in one of the one bedroom villas. And then they have half a dozen, three bedroom, two story cottages that are right on the beach. They sleep like 12 people in those things that would be beautiful to stay in one of those cottages.

Kelli  16:09 
That will be like almost as nice as the bungalows at the Poly.

Chris  16:12 
Very, very much. Very much so. And so the deal is this is you know, all these rooms are sort of spread out. But you can walk from end of the resort to the other in five minutes. You’re always just a minute or two from the beach. You’re just a minute or two from the pool from a restaurant. It’s, it’s, um, it’s it seems really, really nice and secluded and quiet.

Kelli  16:35 
And then restaurants you said in the Inn, so they have restaurants on property.

Chris  16:39 
They have restaurants or they have a restaurant really on property that everything is now called, they’ve read, they’ve renamed all these things over the years, but right now it’s called wind and waves. So we’ve got a wind and waves restaurant or wind and waves grill that does breakfast and dinner table service. Okay, okay. And then they have the wind and waves market where you can get sandwiches and, and salads and burgers and things like that probably at lunchtime. Okay. Then they have the wind and waves bar, which is a poolside bar where you get creative cocktails and things out there. Probably some snacks too. Okay. And then you got the green cabin room, which is on the second floor of the Inn. And this is a place for specialty cocktails and decadent desserts. And it’s sort of I get the impression that it’s kind of open air and it overlooks the beach. Right. So, so yeah, so that’s nice. And like I said, this is all on a stretch of sand on the Treasure Coast. So here’s here is what the Florida calls describes the Treasure Coast. The story of the Treasure Coast began over 300 years ago when a fleet of 11 Spanish ships wrecked up offshore between the St. Lucie River and Cape Canaveral. These ships were set to collect new wealth from the American possessions of the Spanish Empire and bring it to Spain. On their way back this treasure carrying fleet was sunk by the winds of a hurricane scattering the gold and silver jewels all over the sea floor. To this day, these treasures can sometimes still be found washed up on the shores by lucky beachgoers giving the region is deserving name.

Kelli  16:39 
I mean, that sounds an awful lot like the intro to the movie Fools Gold.

Chris  18:23 
I thought I thought the same thing. So if you’ve ever seen it, that’s basically how what they’re searching for.

Kelli  18:42 
I love that.

Chris  18:43 
Yeah. So look, this is a place for relaxation, but there’s plenty of activities I told you there’s the supposedly Mickey shaped pool with the two story slide. there’s a waterplay area they call the Tiger Lily waterplay area. There’s a little mini golf like a nine hole mini golf facility right there on the property. There’s a whirlpool spa, they have catamarans and kayaks and jet skis to rent on the beach, and boogie boards. It sits really, really close to one of the Western hemispheres, most prolific turtle nesting spots. Oh, yeah. So there are three different species of turtles that nest there: loggerheads, green turtles and leatherback turtles. Oh, and that’s a really big deal. At Vero Beach. They do these, they do these outings to see the turtle nesting areas and, and every year they’ve sort of had this big event where all the turtles sort of make their way to the ocean. You know, we’ve all seen those videos of the baby turtles sort of making their way to the ocean.

Kelli  19:46 
That’s fantastic. Yeah, so you’re selling me now.

Chris  19:52 
I know. I know. We’re big on turtles love um, they also have a amazing spa there and we Know that Disney can do a spa

Kelli  20:01 
Right, with 200 rooms? Yeah.

Chris  20:04 
Yeah, I know. So you’re not gonna you know you’re not gonna be overly crowded. This has to be a relaxation place for sure. totally right.

They have Swedish hot stone, aroma therapies, lots of different spas, facials. They’ll do a head, neck and shoulders massage on the balcony of your room. I knew that would get you. But let me ask you though.

Kelli  20:27 
The head neck and shoulders massage on the balcony of my room and then I get to go down and see the little baby turtles?

Chris  20:33 
That’s exactly how it works. Have you ever heard of Vichy water treatment? So you’re lying on a massage table. All right, get there, feel it? Okay, get in the moment. You’re lying on a massage table and you’re treated to a warm downpour of water. massaging your body from seven showerheads. Oh wow, your skin is treated with cleansing and nourishing products. Here’s their signature Vichy shower treatment. Customized with your choice of sugar scrubs, or hydrating body masks.

Kelli  21:09 
So you say I’m on the massage table? So essentially, there’s a massage therapist in the shower with me?

Chris  21:14 
That’s what it seems like. I know I know it’s got a creepy factor but sort of exciting. Select from coconut pineapple mango or orange blossom for your exfoliation followed by a nourishing oil and warm honey wrap. Complete your experience with the application of body lotion of your choice.

Kelli  21:39 
I’m gonna do the head neck and shoulders thing with the turtles first.

Chris  21:42 
Yeah, so here’s here’s my the bottom line here is that this place is just built to relax. This is not your hustle and bustle. This is not your hustle and bustle vacation. This is truly meant to sit back and relax. You can alk. You’re within two minutes of everything you might want to enjoy whether it’s the beach or a drink at this, this resort.

Kelli  22:05 
And Vero Beach is open right?

Chris  22:07 
The beach is open, and they’re doing some refurbishing until mid November. They’re doing some refurbishing of the pool area. But it’s open. So I think a perfect day at this place would be to grab a nice breakfast on the balcony. I have them bring you some breakfast. So you get on the balcony, followed by mid morning pampering at the spa. Grab a sandwich on your way to an afternoon on the beach. That quiet dinner for two at the wind and wave restaurant. Finally, some smores by the campfire, which they do four times a week while they tell stories.

Kelli  22:45 
I’m for it.

Chris  22:46 
Yeah, I think I think we definitely need a long weekend at Vero Beach.

Kelli  22:49 
Yes. Yes, I agree with you. But that’s not a place you go to go out and see a bunch of Florida. You’re there.

Chris  22:57 
Yeah, you’re there just to relax in a wonderfully quiet, relaxing, non crowded setting. I like it.

Kelli  23:04 
I like where you went. But I’m going to keep it spooky.

Chris  23:10 
Okay. All right. Keep it spooky right here on the beach. Hit us up with world showcase.

Kelli  23:14 
Okay, world showcase. I’ve been promising y’all. We’re gonna talk about Hocus Pocus. So this is the week. All right. Now, you might say, Kelli, why did you have to intros in prior weeks in October with Hocus Pocus quotes. And then this week, you use quotes in the haunted mansion in your intro talking about Hocus Pocus, and I would say, well, that just shows my inability to plan.

Chris  23:40 
Okay. Fair enough. We’re big on honesty here.

Kelli  23:46 
There you go. I do not do those intros that far in advance. But so we’re gonna talk about 10 things that you didn’t know about Hocus Pocus?

Chris  23:56 
Well, that’s a lot more than 10.

Kelli  23:58 
No, no, these are very interesting things. So now, for those of you that are Hocus Pocus fans and you’ve googled this, first of all these lists are numerous. Some of them are 38 Things You Didn’t Know About Hocus Pocus, 11 things you know about this. So I want to just say I picked the 10 that I found the most interesting and that I wanted to sort of talk about here. Okay. All right. So first of all, let’s just sort of set the stage it was released in 1993. And that’s almost I can’t even say these words. 30 years ago.

Chris  24:28 
I can’t even believe that.

Kelli  24:30 
Um, a book sequel was released in 2018. Can we just say 30 years ago, Hocus Pocus was released 30 years ago. So the movie actually did not do well. This is our first fact, when it was released. Probably because it was released in July instead of September and October. Now, if we’re gonna about not planning well, Disney, I just want to say you didn’t set her up to win.

Chris  24:55 
No, that was not that was not set up to win.

Kelli  24:58 
This is great, Entertainment Weekly was Particularly put off by the movie calling it a piece of corny slapstick trash. Acceptable scary silly kid fodder that adults will find only mildly insulting. Unless they’re Bette Midler fans in which case it’s depressing as hell.

Chris  25:28 
That is awesome. Okay, so I you know, I agree.

Kelli  25:33  
A few other things. First of all, Rosie O’Donnell was offered the role of Mary Sanderson. Now, this is the sister that Kathy najimy plays. Okay. And I want to say Kathy Najimy was totally the way to go. I’m a huge fan of Kathy Najimy. But Rosie O’Donnell was offered the part she didn’t take it because she felt uneasy about playing a character who kills children.

Chris  25:56 
I can see that.

Kelli  25:57 
Yeah, I mean, that was 1993 Rosie O’Donnell. I’m not suggesting the Rosie O’Donnell has since killed children.

Yeah, I’m number two. During filming, Midler actually had two people running around behind her with dictionaries of old curse words. Can I just say, I want that so bad in 2020.

Chris  26:25 
All right, I need to I need to my list of Christmas gifts for you needs to be a dictionary of old curse words.

Kelli  26:33 
No, no, I want to people running behind me, with a dictionary old curse words. So that when I run out of the proper vocabulary for whatever day, it might be in 2020. I need an old curse word. Right? Like, yes. Love that so much. But you can give me a dictionary as well. And then maybe occasionally you run behind me with the picture just shouting.

Chris  26:57 
I do that for a totally different reason. I do that already.

Kelli  27:03 
In many countries, Hocus Pocus, the movie is called Abracadabra. Am I the only person that when you hear the word abracadabra? You immediately go Abra Abra. cadabra. I’m gonna reach out and grab you.

I need it to be Hocus Pocus because otherwise I’d sing through the entire thing. So here’s the here’s the creepiest fact. Okay. Doug Jones played Billy Butcherson. Okay, those were real moths flying out of Billy butcherson’s mouth.

Chris  27:45 
Yikes. That is that is commitment. Man.

Kelli  27:51 
They used a dental dam like device to keep them from going down his throat. How? Chris and I love to play this game where we say how much would it take for you to do that? So how much how much would somebody have to pay you to put a dental dam device in your mouth and let live mouths fly out of it?

Chris  28:09 
It would only it would only today it would only take about $5,000 Oh, yeah. But before before 2019. It would have taken about $50,000.

Kelli  28:26 
Billy also, he got to write sort of like changes monologue a little bit and he was supposed to call Winifred Sanderson a bitch. But he changed it to say wench because he thought bitch was a little bit too harsh.

Chris  28:37 
So I like it when…

Kelli  28:39 
Billy Butcherson was a great zombie. And that just shows again like another level of his zombie greatness.

Chris  28:44 
Well, I think it’s nice whenever the when actors say You know what? We’re making this for kids. And I think that I can do better.

Kelli  28:51 
Let’s call her a wench with these real moths flying out of my mouth.

The cast took a trip to Salem before shooting and this fell on the 300th anniversary of the Salem Witch trial. Oh, that’s cool. Isn’t that so? Cool deal. That’s really cool. Now, this is what makes that trip even cooler. Sarah Jessica Parker is actually related to a woman famously accused of being a witch in Salem. When the actress went on the show, who do you think you are to trace her family history, Parker discovered that one of her ancestors was Esther Elwell, one of the women accused of being a witch during the Salem witch trials. Esther was accused after a young girl said she saw Esther’s Spectre strangling neighbor Mary Fitch. She was arrested but escaped going to trial.

Chris  29:41 
Wow. Good for her.

Kelli  29:42 
That’s a cool fact. Right?

Chris  29:44 
And you know, of course, she was right. For sure. Jessica Parker is totally the descendant of a Salem witch.

Kelli  29:53 
You saying that like in a mean way?

Chris  29:54 
No. I like Sarah. She’s She’s fine.

Kelli  29:57 
She’s married to Ferris Bueller.

Chris  30:05 
Also he likes to go about Matthew. Matthew Broderick is his real name.

Kelli  30:10 
Okay, whatever. I like to go by Kelli.

Um, there were about nine cats who play Thackery Binx. Oh, you know why? Because cats cannot be trained. That’s right. One of them had a different skill, right? So you couldn’t train one cat to do it all. You had a cat who knew how to swat a cat and then you had a sleep?

Chris  30:35 
Right? I would have totally believed it, though. If you said they had nine cats playing Thackery Binx, because each cat kept getting sick of this and walking off. Right?

Kelli  30:49 
Okay, the last two, the choreography for how each which rides her broom is important. It reflects their personality, but also their driving style. The choreographer that worked on the movie actually rode next to each woman to see how they drove. And she combined that along with their Witch’s personality. Right, so like Winifred is out in front, she’s in charge. Sure, sure. riding with confidence. Sure. Right. Sarah? Jessica Parker is always like, yeah, she’s like, just lifting her broom up into the air and like gliding off and you got poor old Kathy Jimmy, who’s just trying to hang out in a vacuum between her legs.

Chris  31:33 
I forgot she had a vaccuum. Ridiculous.

Kelli  31:44 
Okay, so the very last fact which you are going to be so excited about? Are you ready? Hmm. Disney plus is reportedly developing a sequel to the beloved 1993 Halloween film, after Bette Midler told fans in 2014 Reddit thread to go send in your cards to The Walt Disney Company.

Chris  32:06 
Oh my gosh. I don’t know about that.

Kelli  32:09 
I’m super excited about it. But I can’t. I can’t believe it’s taken this long.

This is a movie that has like a true cult following. That’s true. And it’s one of those things that I think the popularity has built up over time. Right. The Sanderson sisters are at the not so scary Halloween party. But it’s only been in the last couple of years that Disney has sold Hocus Pocus merch in the parks and online.

Chris  32:40 
So it’s a it was a late bloomer.

Kelli  32:44 
It was. Let’s call it a late bloomer. I think it’s like a good wine that it has gotten better with age. Right in 1993. What was it Entertainment Weekly called it maybe it was a piece of corny slapstick trash. But now in 2020 I gotta tell you, I’m looking for corny slapstick trash.

Chris  33:03 
That’s fair.

Kelli  33:04 
I’m in the market for it. Right? It’s like the Christmas movies. I watch elf 1000 times every year. That is corny slapstick trash. I love elf. Don’t at me. But it is corny and slapstick. Yeah, right? He’s wearing tights.

Chris  33:19 
Yeah. When he jumps into that tree, man. It just kills me.

Kelli  33:23 
So I mean, I just I think, I think maybe our culture has evolved to the point that we find corny, slapstick trash to be enjoyable.

Chris  33:35 
It’s you know, it’s cathartic.

Unknown Speaker  33:37 
Maybe in 93, we were expecting a lot out of the movie and in 2020 we’re just we’re…

Chris  33:42 
We’re just not expecting anything. We’re expecting to make it through the movie.

Kelli  33:49 
I like it. Bette Midler has also said before that it’s one of her favorite movies to make.

Chris  33:54 
I’m sure it was a good time.

Kelli  33:55 
Oh, it had to be a good time. I mean, that Bette Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy. That’s a good time waiting to happen.

Chris  34:05 
Awesome. Okay, well, cool. So that’s our show for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoyed it, please do us a favor. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Yes, go out to iTunes. Leave us a rating leave us a review. We would really appreciate that.

Kelli  34:24 
Yes, it totally helps. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.

Chris  34:40 
Yes, and join us for the daily conversations on Twitter and Instagram and SCFADP. Yes, we would love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to

Chris & Kelli  34:50 
see you real soon.

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