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Disney News (10/11), Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, and the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Backstory

Episode 4

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the latest Disney news, the interactive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game, and the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Backstory.

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Show Notes:
Restaurant Re-openings: 

Frozen Ever After will get some refurbishment from Nov 2 – 6.: 

‘Space Mountain’ Live-Action Movie in the works at Disney: 

Pixar’s latest release “Soul” is going to skip U.S. theaters and go directly to Disney+ on Christmas Day: 

Coronado Springs resort opens on Oct. 14: 

Luna Park Pool at Boardwalk getting a facelift: 

Chef Mickey’s Characters will return on Dec. 16: 

Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf opens Nov. 6: 

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel 

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Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:49 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:50 
Welcome to this week’s show. Kelli you are going with the Nightmare Before Christmas ears. I love them.

Kelli  0:56 
Nightmare Before Christmas ears. Absolutely.

Chris  0:58 
Oogie Boogie is an underrated creepy bad guy. Scary person.

Kelli  1:02 

Chris  1:03 
You don’t know who that is, do you?

Kelli  1:03 
I do not.

Chris  1:07 
That is you up one side and down the other. Well, you look great in the ears. Thank you. Okay, so real quick. We have a poll out there on Instagram, and Twitter and Twitter. Yes, please. Yeah, please take that poll. I have to log in at 6am on Wednesday, to try to get reservations and we would love your input into where we should get reservations, right?

Kelli  1:31 
Yes, yes, yes.

Chris  1:35 
So check that out and help me out. In fact, vote in all things this month you get to vote in.

Kelli  1:40 
Vote in everything you can possibly vote in in the next 30 days.

Chris  1:42 
Yes, use this as practice. So again, we are so happy you’re here. We know you’ve got a lot of choices. You got Disney choices galore when it comes to podcasts and YouTube videos. And if you are one of the people from Charlotte, North Carolina, right around the corner from us. We see you We love you. We’re so happy you’re here. Norton shores, Michigan. You are a regular. Yeah. And we are so happy to see you every week. Brooklyn, New York, one of our all time favorite places. Love Brooklyn. Thank you for joining on the podcast. Roissy-en-brie in France. We are so happy to have all of you here. You’ve got lots of choices. Yeah. And tell your friends to join us.

Kelli  2:30 
Tell your friends to join us. But absolutely reach out to us on some kind of a social media platform and let us know that you heard your city called out and we will get you a sticker. I’ve got a stack of stickers in my office ready to go.

Chris  2:41 
Burning a hole in our pockets. Okay, so some news this week. I always go into the week thinking there’s not going to be a lot of news and then there’s always some stuff. So in the parks, we’ve got some restaurants reopening. The lunching pad in tomorrowland. Okay, that’s right below the rockets. They’re opening back up and they have brought back the jalapeno cheese Mickey pretzel, which is very exciting. Okay, Les chef’s de France in Epcot is open.

Kelli  3:10 
I heard that.

Chris  3:11 
Yeah. So and that’s a place that’s sort of on my bucket list to try. We’ve never eaten there. They’re marking like tables that are unavailable with champagne bottles, which is so super French. I love that. That’s fantastic. Yeah. The ABC commissary is opening up at Hollywood Studios. No red meat on the menu at this point, which is an interesting choice.

Kelli  3:36 
But really so they opened up and they said no red meat on the menu?

Chris  3:40 
No, but they don’t have any red meat on the menu.

Kelli  3:44 
Do they have their veggie burger though?

Chris  3:47 
They have an impossible burger there and I didn’t see it on the menu but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. I was really more enthralled in some of their new items. Especially the buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich that they’re serving now.

Kelli  3:59 
Oh yeah. That’s interesting. Crazy.

Chris  4:02 
Crazy. That’s fascinating. Yeah, same social distancing and masking and all that stuff that they have in all the other places. Mobile ordering pickup still happening. Frozen Ever After is getting a very short quick refurb November 2 through 6th.

Kelli  4:25 
The ride?

Chris  4:26 
Yes the ride. So it’s gonna be going down for four or five days to do some quick refurb Yep. They had some issues I think with either it was either Olaf or it was with Elsa. A little while back. Okay. I think they went rogue and they need to get them in.

Kelli  4:47 
You know what is 2020? Man I feel that.

Chris  4:54 
Super exciting entertainment news. Space Mountain is getting a live action movie. So I’m a little bit worried that they could have a black hole vibe, if you know. You have no idea what Disney is the black hole is if anybody goes, wants to do some digging into the retro movies on Disney plus, watch the black hole, but don’t blame me that you decided to watch it is a creepy space movie. And I just hope they do better with Space Mountain.

Kelli  5:34 
You’re worried that the Space Mountain movie is going to have a black hole vibe?

Chris  5:37 
Yeah, there was a it was just really just really something that ought to be done in 2008. It was very much in the Star Wars timeframe and people were really digging on Star Wars and they just did not compete. Okay? But it’s gonna be Joby Harold who writes and produces along with a spouse, Tori tunnel. They did. They’re doing the Star Wars series that focuses on Obi Wan Kenobi for Disney plus, and they also did john wick chapter three Parabellum. So they’ve got some,

Kelli  6:09 
I’ve no idea what that is, I guess. John wick chapter three Parabellum. Is that a thing?

Chris  6:14 
That’s a movie. It’s the third in the line of Keanu Reeves movies that is all the rage?

Kelli  6:19 
Yeah. Really?

Chris  6:20 
Yes. Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom was the first version of Space Mountain. Then it was such a huge success. They put one in Disneyland and then later three other Disney theme parks. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Kelli  6:33 
That’s a fun fact.

Chris  6:35 
Pixar is latest release, Soul, is going to go straight to Disney plus on Christmas Day.

Kelli  6:41 
Oh, now that’s a good thing. That’s a good idea.

Chris  6:45 
I know. I love that. I like that idea. This is free free release. Yeah. That’s just us international releases still playing for theaters with a date to be determined. It’s originally supposed to come out in June here. Directed by Pete Docter who did Monsters Inc and Up. This is about a middle school music teacher voiced by Jamie Foxx. We know he can do jazz. He has dreams of being a jazz performer. Before his big break, he gets into an accident and it separates his soul from his body. And he is transported to the US seminar where he teamed up with 22. That’s a character’s name, voiced by Tina Fey. Oh, I know already. We’re about to get into this. And 22 tries to help him return his soul to his body on earth before it’s too late. This is not a musical but obviously music plays a big role right?

One of the directors said the world can be an exhausting and frustrating place. Don’t we know? But it’s also full of unexpected joys even even in seemingly mundane things. Soul investigates what’s really important in our lives. A question we’re all asking these days.

Kelli  8:05 

Chris  8:06 
Amen. to that. He says I hope it will bring some humor and fun to people at a time when everyone can surely use that. Amen to that again. Amen. And also stars questlove. From the roots. Daviid Diggs.

Kelli  8:20 
I love Daviid!

Chris  8:21 
I know you do. Felicia Rashad.

Kelli  8:23 
Felicia Rashad!??

Chris  8:25 
Yep, she’s bringing it back. And Angela Bassett. And for all those who are worried John Ratzenberger will be in this movie, because I think he is contractually bound to be in every Pixar movie under the sun. I know you don’t know who John Ratzenberger is. He’s most famous probably for playing Cliff Claven and the mailman on Cheers. But he’s been in literally.. I believe I looked to see if I could prove it out. Every Pixar movie that has been released.

Kelli  8:55 
Well give me a character that he’s been.

Chris  8:57 
He played Hamm in all the Toy Story movies.

Kelli  8:59 
Okay, okay. Okay. I know Hamm!

Chris  9:03 
Yep. So he’s been so many of the Pixar movies. Just a little cameo sometimes.

Kelli  9:08 
Well good for him.

Chris  9:10 
So I mentioned last week that the right stuff was launching on October the ninth on Disney Plus, I watched the first episode. It’s good. It’s solid. It didn’t quite give you the feels that the movie did. But it’s clearly gonna go much deeper into each person’s character. Okay, well, that’s nice. Yeah, it was good. I recommend it.

Kelli  9:32 
So you Disney plus cheated on me.

Chris  9:34 
Well, I wasn’t sure right stuff was gonna be in your wheelhouse. Listen, we’ll get it. Look. I’ll watch it again.

Kelli  9:39 
You Disney plus cheated on me.

Chris  9:43 
Resort news – cornado Springs Resort will open on October the 14th. Not all of their restaurants will will open up but the resort opens up on October the 14th. So I think that’s Tuesday. The Luna Park pool – I wrote it this way on purpose – Luna Park pool at boardwalk is getting a facelift.

Kelli  10:03 
They’re going to kill the clown!

Chris  10:06 
No, I don’t know that they’re gonna kill the clown face. They are they are definitely redoing the roller coaster slide to refurbish it. They have definitely at least torn down part of the clown face because I saw some of the wreckage.

Kelli  10:22 
Thank God.

Chris  10:23 
I don’t know that the clown is going away. Maybe he’s gonna look a little bit less creepy.

Kelli  10:29 
I don’t know. Can a clown look less creepy?

Chris  10:32 
Chef Mickey characters are returning to chef Mickey’s on December the 16th. So you can start getting reservations for that on October the 17th I believe. The restaurant has been open, but characters are just now coming back. And Disney’s Winter Summerland miniature golf opens up on November the sixth. Fantasia gardens has been open since July. It’s gonna actually close down I think again the day after this one opens up so okay. So that’s the news for this week.

Kelli  11:01 
Okay, well, I’ve got a quick trivia question for you.

Chris  11:04 
Okay, I have not been doing well on these.

Kelli  11:07 
You have not. I think you’re negative 200. Yeah. Okay. Christian Bale is the voice behind which character in Pocahontas?

Chris  11:17 
I will say john smith.

Kelli  11:19 

Chris  11:23 
Gotta be the bad guy.

Kelli  11:24 
These are some great trivia questions I found. Thomas.

Chris  11:28 

Kelli  11:30 
I don’t actually know who that is.

Chris  11:31 
I know who that is. But I would never have guessed it. Well, good trivia question. I missed another one.

Kelli  11:39 
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you’re not doing well.

Chris  11:42 
Maybe if he had talked like this, like he did in Batman.

Kelli  11:44 
He was not good at Batman. He just had a great chin.

Chris  11:49 
He did.

Kelli  11:51 
Okay, all right.

Chris  11:52 
All right. So on to you.

Kelli  11:54 
Tomorrowland. You won’t see this one coming from million miles away. We are talking about… I told you. I’m trying to keep it creepy.

Chris  12:02 
This is true.

Kelli  12:03 
That’s right. Okay. We’re talking about sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. You have any idea what that is?

Chris  12:09 
No idea.

Kelli  12:12 
Okay, so this is an interactive game that you can play throughout Magic Kingdom. So Disney’s really releasing a lot of these. There’s tons of them. Okay, there’s the wilderness explorers and animal kingdom. Okay. Yeah. Last time we were there. We saw a grown adult man. Doing that Wilderness Explorer thing. He had his shorts and his shirt and his hat like he was on fire. He was really feeling it. So there’s another one a pirates adventure treasure of the seven seas and adventure land that looks really cool.

Chris  12:43 
When you finish that one, you get fast passes for Pirates of the Caribbean? Oh, yes. worthy. Yes. It’s where the objects move. You’re actually hunting for treasure in adventure land. That one’s really cool.

Kelli  12:55 
That’s cool.

There is the mirror de los Muertos in the Mexican pavilion at Epcot. I know I want to do that one. Kidcot fun stops in Epcot, which is not really an interactive game. But yeah, that one’s a little bit not great.

Chris  13:11 
But it caters to kids who are bored at Epcot.

Kelli  13:14 
Yeah, I needed to include it in this list. Star Wars galaxies edge is an interactive game where you hack the lock panels throughout Batuu.

Chris  13:21 
Oh, and I wonder if CB-75 would like help me find them?

Kelli  13:25 
I bet he would. Yes. So the Star Wars galaxies edge, you actually use your smartphone. But the rest of these are interactive in a way where you use your magic band. Okay. Okay. But anyway, so we’re talking about sources of the Magic Kingdom, which actually has a quest in every land except tomorrowland.

Chris  13:43 
Sorcerers don’t really fit in tomorrow.

Kelli  13:45 
You see, I don’t think that makes any sense at all. You’re saying there’s not going to be any sorcerers in the future?

Chris  13:55 
I’ll just leave it alone and talk about how they’re not any sorcerers now.

Kelli  13:58 
So this is for those of you not familiar with what this is. They’re interactive games throughout the park. Right. And honestly, I didn’t know that this entire list was there. I knew nothing about sorcerers of Magic Kingdom. But these are included in your theme park admission, there’s no additional charge. It can be a great thing to do while you’re waiting for the next Fast Pass or in a day when the park is really crowded. also good for like smaller kids that don’t really care for the rides or the long lines. It’s a good way to keep everybody busy without constantly eating. You know, I haven’t reached that point yet.

So here’s the premise. The premise is that Merlin is recruiting park guests to be apprentice sorcerer’s and sending them out into the park to fight Disney villains. So the recruits join the fight at the Firehouse on Main Street USA. You sign up you receive your sorcerer key card, and Merlin’s mystical map and five spell cards. Okay, and this is all like synced together, the missions last 20 to 30 minutes, the harder ones can be a little bit longer. And here’s the cool thing. First of all, this is a big deal. Okay, this is a huge deal, you and I have never really participated in it. This is a thing. It’s a thing. At special events, like Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, and the very merry party, you get special cards. So cards that are only available at those events. Nice. Okay, so if you’re a fan of this game, make sure to check in there if you’re there for an event. Because I mean, that’s got to be cool. Yeah.

So anyway, so here’s how it works. The game was launched February 22, of 2012. And it allows folks to battle Disney villains in all of the lands except Tomorrowland and there’s no real explanation why. I’m not following your explanation. You’re looking for icons throughout the park. Now, these are things that we’ve probably walked over or stood on, right, like and never even noticed them. Because you know how Disney does like everything looks like it fits in with the decor. Right?

Chris  16:09 
Right. So you just never noticed this.

Kelli  16:12 
It’s just part of the decor, you go about your day, Merlin sends you on these missions. And so he’ll say like on your first mission, go look for this symbol, and it’s like a dragon fly or something. And you have to go find the dragon fly and near the dragon fly symbol, there’s a what looks like a little lock with a large keyhole. Okay, you scan your magic band on the lock. And suddenly a screen appears where you didn’t know a screen existed. So like, say for example, you’re in frontier land, and there’s a wall with a bunch of wanted posters on it. Yeah. And you scan your band, one of those warning posters is actually a digital screen and then it starts playing stuff.

Chris  16:51 
I’ve actually seen kids standing in front of like Windows, yes. Where there’s something going on.

Kelli  16:57 
Yes, I was goign to say a lot of these are in shop windows. So you walk by, you never notice but people are standing there looking at the shop window, like totally into whatever Merlin is saying to them. So this is the cool part though, is that this game knows where everybody is. And everybody that’s playing. So right cuz, cuz the Magic band, right? I’ve told you, man, Mickey is tracking everything we do with that band. Right? So, so Merlin knows, I’ve already sent somebody to say the dragon fly icon. So I’m gonna send you to the wave icon. So they manage the crowds that way so there aren’t long lines at each stop.

Chris  17:41 
Genius, right?

Kelli  17:42 
Genius, genius, real genius, real smart people. So Merlin sends you on missions based on what you need to accomplish to win. But he can take you around the crowds, right, he can help you avoid the crowds. You walk up to the marked area scan your band a video screen appears seemingly out of nowhere. You watch the video, they tell you what’s going on. And then they ask you to use a spell on the villain. So you have five spell cards. And so you pick one of these spells, and you hold it up. Okay, the lock, and then whatever spell you just cast attacks the villain. So like say for example, you use the Lightning McQueen spell Okay, on a villain and lightning strikes will strike the villain. Right? It’s not a random spell. It really is looking at the cards that you show it. Okay, so it tells you what’s going on. You try to kill the villain. After you defeat the villain they tell you to go to the next stop to do for you to continue with the quest. Okay, so for example, on Main Street USA, the main villain is Cruella de Vil. Okay, but Cruella has hinchmen. Right? So you might have to defeat a hinchman and then a hinchman. And then a hinchman. Before you can fight Cruella.

Chris  19:00 
Oh, yeah, she’s the big boss on that level. Right?

Kelli  19:03 
Right. So like, there’s other big bosses like Jafar and people like that. Okay. So after you’ve gone to a few stops, they tell you defeated the villains and you’ve won. So you can continue to another quest or you can stop. It’s not an all day thing. So there’s one of these like in every land again, except Tomorrowland. And so say you’re doing the ones in frontier land while you’re waiting for, you know, Haunted Mansion, or something? Or are you doing the ones in Liberty Square while you’re waiting for Haunted Mansion, right, whatever. You can spend 20 or 30 minutes doing this while you’re waiting on your next Fast Pass or whatever, just to sort of stay engaged. And you could do it and then stop and then do it another land and then stop and do it another land nice. You only get one map in one set of five spell cards per visit. Okay, so if you play repeatedly which people do, you bring your cards back.

Chris  20:03 
Oh, okay, so that you got more spells the next time.

Kelli  20:06 
Of course, if you defeat the entire game in one day, then you can return back to the firehouse and get a new set of spell cards. So missions are more complex. And they might require specific spell cards or multiple spell cards. So there’s like different types of spell cards. And this matters because you can play the game with the easy, the medium or the hard level.

Chris  20:32 
Oh, I want to go play just playing to the hard level, right.

Kelli  20:35 
So the easy level, you’re thinking like kids at the hard level, there is strategy involved, and you’ve got to understand the icons on the card and the strength of your spells as well as the weaknesses of the villain and use the proper combination. Like don’t use a spell that’s too strong and a really weak villain, because you’re going to need that strong spell later.

Chris  20:55 
Yes. Oh, I want to play!

Kelli  20:57 
I know. So also, each card is numbered. You can buy bonus packs at various locations throughout the park. And these do include like tokens and things like that. The easy level allows you to defeat villains with one spell card and there’s no strategy involved, right? That’s perfect for kids. The medium level requires skill and strategy matching spell strengths to villain weaknesses. At the hard level, the weakness of each villain changes with each game. So you have to know and memorize the animation. Oh, this is such a thing. They’re Wiki pages. They’re avid fans, people exchanging hints and cards in the parks and online. Wow. It’s a thing.

Chris  21:41 
That is really something.

Kelli  21:42 
We’ve never done any of these interactive games.

Chris  21:44 
No, but that one sounds like a lot of fun. It does.

Kelli  21:46 
I want to start with pirates though. Because I want the fast passes.

Chris  21:52 
You love a free something. That was awesome.

Kelli  21:56 
Yeah, I’m keeping it spooky.

Chris  21:58 
Well, it is October. That was spooky.

Kelli  22:00 
Okay, you’re scared. I can tell.

Chris  22:04 
Okay, well, I’m going in a very different direction than spooky. This is probably the biggest thrill ride at Disney. Okay, in Orlando. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

Kelli  22:20 
Oh, yeah. That is a thrill ride for sure.

Chris  22:24 
So, carousels have always kind of fascinated me. The reason I decided to do this one was because, I was scrolling through some pictures recently and I saw one of our favorite, one of my favorite pictures of us on the carousel. Prince Charming now, although back then it may have been Cinderella’s golden carousel. I don’t remember how long ago that’s been. But they’re just synonymous, carousels are synonymous with theme parks, amusement parks, fairs, carnivals, there’s always people in line. It’s not a thrill ride, right? But people are always in line. There’s something about the glow inside the carousel. And even there was a creepy carousel I think in that story. Something wicked this way comes where it would make people age depending on which direction it would go. Right. So just something that was a little creepy.

There’s just something about the classic carousel and of course, the Prince Charming regal carousel is just one of the one of the most glorious around.

Kelli  23:46 
Right, right. Nothing says class like Prince Charming.

Chris  23:50 
You don’t mean that.

Kelli  23:51 
I do mean it. He’s charming.

Chris  23:54 
This is some feminism thing.

Kelli  23:54 
Charming is pure class.

Chris  23:56 
His name is charming. He is charming. Including this one, there are actually six carousels across Disney parks. But since I’ve ridden this one, this is the one we’re gonna be talking about. Also, the one that has, I think, the coolest backstory. So this is obviously the centerpiece of the courtyard behind Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom. And it really is sort of a centerpiece for all a fantasyland. Right? It’s it’s right there in the middle. It’s almost visible from any part of Fantasyland. 60 feet in diameter, which made it one of the biggest carousels around that had been built at the time it was built, which was in I think, 1917. Yeah, I’ll add more to that a little later. Originally, it had 72 horses on it. But now it’s got 90 wood carved ornate horses, and one intricately carved chariot. Yeah, they’re all wearing golden helmets. decorative shield’s and flowing flower garlands every horse is unique there. And then in the ceiling and around the outside they’re hand painted scenes from Disney Cinderella decorating the top of the carousel. 2300 shimmering lights.

Kelli  25:15 

Chris  25:16 
It’s a two minute ride and you hear classic Disney music played on a Calliope Organ. Right. It was built by the Philadelphia toboggan company, which was one of the world’s most prestigious carousel companies back in 1917. And so it was one of the one of the largest carousels in the world and it was originally called the Liberty carousel, and it made its home at Belle Isle park in Detroit.

Kelli  25:43 
Yeah, I was gonna say Disney wasn’t opened in 1917.

Chris  25:46 
No, this was built for Bell park in Detroit.

Kelli  25:49 
So why did they steal it from Detroit?

Chris  25:51 
They didn’t. They took it from Maplewood, New Jersey.

Kelli  25:55 
Wow, this thing’s really been around.

Chris  25:57 
It was rediscovered by The Walt Disney Company in 1967. In Maplewood, New Jersey, Disney Imagineers acquired it. I thought it was funny the way the source which was wiki fandom, Disney said that they acquired it, thet probably just bought it. But they performed extensive renovation before introducing it to the Magic Kingdom in 1971. It is technically the oldest ride in the park.

Kelli  26:22 
So interesting, because, you know, how easy would it be for them to have just commissioned their own?

Chris  26:27 
I, you know, part of me wants to believe that they just liked this was a classic old carousel. But no, you’re not digging on that.

Kelli  26:36 
I mean, I think that’s fine. But still, I mean, they could have commissioned their own.

Chris  26:40 
They have some others. They’ve just built new carousels. Yeah, yeah, but not this one. Okay, it’s got this one’s got character is sure. So there’s a little bit of a, like, controversy over whether or not one of the horses on the ride is Cinderella’s horse.

Kelli  26:59 

Chris  27:00 
Yeah. In the second rank or row of horses from the outside, right. There’s one particular horse that has a golden ribbon or bow on its tail. Okay. The only one that has such a ribbon, none of the other ones have on the tail on their tail. Right. Okay.

And so it’s sort of conflicting stories about whether or not that’s actually Cinderella’s horse. You actually can find if you if you google Cinderella’s horse, you’ll find people that are talking about it all. There’s pictures of it all over the interwebs and like people who have taken their picture with it, near the tail where you can see the golden ribbon said that you know, that’s the right horse. There are people all over the internet that give you advice on how to get to Cinderella’s horse quickest.

Kelli  27:51 
Oh my goodness.

Chris  27:52 
So you don’t have to run around looking for it.

Kelli  27:55 
Does she have a horse in the movie?

Chris  27:56 
No, she doesn’t ride a horse in the movie. As a matter of fact, I’m glad you asked. She does not. So cast members kind of refer to that horse as being Cinderella’s horse. Okay. There are some other cast members though over the years that have been responsible for refurbishing and restoring the horses which get restored every two years. So they do like 50 or 60 horses a year. So they get through all the horses every two years. They these folks say that there is no Cinderella’s horse really, that mainly they believe her horse would have a much more prominent place of honor then just randomly on the second row of the carousel. And it would probably be even more ornately decorated than just a ribbon. Right?

Kelli  28:44 
That’s so fascinating.

Chris  28:45 
So Disney Imagineers rewrote the backstory for the carousel in 2010. And that’s when it changed its name from Cinderella’s golden carousel to Prince Charming regal carousel.

Kelli  29:03 
So they took it away from Cindy and gave it to Charming?

Chris  29:05 
Well, let’s… everything has a backstory. So on June 1 2010, it was renamed with a new backstory. Here’s the story. Following their fairy tale romance and happily ever after wedding Cinderella and Prince Charming took up residence in Cinderella’s castle. With peace throughout the kingdom Prince Charming had time to practice for jousting tournaments. in the countryside near the castle, he built a training device of carved horses on which he could practice the art of rings spearing a tournament event, which Knights ride the horse at full speed, Lance in hand toward a small ring hanging from a tree limb with the addition of spearing the ring. This event was known by various names throughout the lands but generally came to be called carousel the carousel device drew the attention of the villagers who wanted to take turns on this amazing spinning contraption. So Prince Charming had a second carousel constructed closer to The castle where everyone could take a spin on this wondrous invention instead of a working Knights training device. However, this new carousel is more befitting of its regal location in the castle courtyard. It’s rustic training horses replaced with ornately decorated prancing steeds adorned with golden helmets and shields and flower garlands, feathers and other decorations. Prince Charming invites one in all to test their horsemanship skills and enjoy their own happy ending. You’re not into it.

Kelli  30:28 
So is there a ring? Now, I mean, a lot of carousels have you know, the golden ring that you reach out for?

Chris  30:35 
Yeah, they do.

Right. So is there a ring on Charming’s?

Not that I’m aware of.

Kelli  30:41 
Yeah, I don’t think I mean, it’s just that they took it away from Cindy.

It’s Cindy’s. They moved into Cindy’s house, and then they started building lances, and they started calling…

Chris  30:52 
They moved into Charming’s house.

Kelli  30:53 
That’s not what you just said. You clearly just said he moved into her house. Right. And so then he starts like doing this jousting stuff, because he didn’t have anything else to do. I guess Cindy’s running the country. And so he’s out there practicing the jousting and he’s like, you know, be fun is if I just made a little little carousel out of this. And then he’s probably just spending Cindy’s money and makeing a carousel.

Chris  31:20 
We got to get you back into school. Teach some kids some things.

Kelli  31:26 
I mean, you know, that’s probably how it went down. Charming’s bored. So he’s out playing with the wooden horses, right. Oh, Cindy’s house with Cindy’s money. And then he builds a carousel and named it after himself.

Chris  31:43 
Well look, some of these horses are worth $100,000.

Kelli  31:47 
Oh my goodness. And you got kids dirty diapers sitting on them.

Chris  31:50 
That’s right. Some of them have, depending on how old or where they come from. But also some of some of that gold on there is legit goldleaf on those horses.

Kelli  32:00 
I wish they wouldn’t do stuff like that.

Chris  32:01 
I know. This, there’s a story that says during the construction of Magic Kingdom, Roy Disney. Walt’s brother was walking through the breezeway of the castle where you can see the carousel and felt like it was not centered perfectly. The carousel wasn’t centered perfectly in the on the breezeway, he had it moved to eight inches.

Kelli  32:23 
And now it’s perfect. God bless him. I feel that.

Chris  32:26 
There are five other carousels: King Arthur carousel, Disneyland, Jesse’s critter carousel like California Adventure caravan carousel, or Tokyo Disney Sea and the Arabian coast neighborhood like carousel de Lancelot at Disneyland Paris. And Fantasia carousel at Shanghai Disneyland and some of the carousels are spelled with two R’s. And some are spelled with one depending on whether or not derives from a french story.

Kelli  32:52 
Hmm, I gotta say, I feel Roy, on the OCD, man I mean, you know, I will center a towel  hanging on the handle of the stove a thousand times a day.

Chris  33:02 
But it’s a little weird for you sometimes.

Kelli  33:04 
I don’t worry about a picture, but things on a mantel. Yeah. Just a little bit. I get it. I feel Roy. Man, eight inches can matter on a whole carousel. It matters. It does matter.

Chris  33:22 
Well, it mattered to him and they and you know what? They moved it.

Kelli  33:24 
Yeah. Well, cuz he’s Roy Disney.

Chris  33:26 
Alright folks, that’s our show for this week. We hope you enjoyed it. If you did enjoy it, and if you didn’t, but you keep coming back. Go out to iTunes. Leave us a rating leave us a review. Invite your friends to subscribe to us. It really helps. It does.

Kelli  33:43 
And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week. We really, really, really need for you to vote in that poll, or I’m going to tell Chris what restaurants to book.

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And none of us want that. Keep an eye out for the poll. Keep an eye out for where is it Wednesday. Join us for all the conversations on Instagram or Twitter. Our handles are and SCFADP, The more the merrier. Yes, we would love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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