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Tower of Terror Ride

Disney News (10/4), Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast Preview at Tokyo Disneyland, and Tower of Terror!

Episode 3

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This week we cover the latest Disney News, including the massive layoffs, the upcoming series The Right Stuff launching on Disney+ on Oct. 9, Disney casting Iman Vellani in the role of the Ms. Marvel project coming to Disney+, and updates on the construction at the Polynesian Village. In Tomorrowland, Chris covers the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast ride that recently opened at Tokyo Disneyland, and in World Showcase, Kelli discusses the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios.

Cast Member Food Bank:

Disney lays off 28,000 cast members

California to issue re-opening guidance to theme parks 

Dapper Days

The Right Stuff launches on Oct. 9 on Disney+ Source: Disney+ on Twitter

Disney casts Iman Vellani in the title role of the Ms. Marvel project coming to Disney+

Polynesian Village construction has started 

Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast

Tower of Terror Info:

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Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, this is Chris.

Kelli  0:46 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:47 
Welcome to this show this week. Got a great show. I think despite the fact that you are wearing some scary ears.

Kelli  0:56 
These are my Maleficent ears.

Chris  0:58 
They look great.

Kelli  0:59 
Maleficent is a very complicated character, and often misunderstood.

Chris  1:05 
Well, the ears look great on you. I think it’s appropriate that we’ve entered Halloween.

Kelli  1:08 
Thank you. I also enjoy your classic Mickey tee. I almost wore the exact same shirt.

Chris  1:13 
I don’t know what to think about the fact that we have the exact same shirt. And I saw some merch online?

Kelli  1:22 
Yeah, you did! So our store launched this week. And you can get to that on our website. Right across the top menu. There’s a link “Merch” and it takes you straight to our store. We got several different designs out there. Different shirts and hoodies. Oh yeah, the hoodies. I’m into the football tees. We’ve got some distressed logos, color logos, you know, this stuff a little bit for everybody.

Chris  1:47 
So get out there.

Kelli  1:49 
Get out there and get you some.

Chris  1:52 
Um, w’ve still got to draw for where is it Wednesday?

Kelli  1:55 
We do. We’re gonna do that tomorrow morning. Absolutely. All right.

Chris  2:03 
Yes. And then Wednesday we start the October contest.

Kelli  2:05 
We start the October contest.

Chris  2:07 
Right. Awesome.

So we’re, we’re podcast listeners. We love podcasts. We each have a whole slew of podcasts we listen to, including some Disney podcasts that we love. Yeah. So we recognize there’s a lot of options. And if you’re choosing us to listen to we are super grateful. This week, we saw you in Columbus, Ohio. We saw you in Jacksonville, Florida. Rochester, Minnesota. Nice. Jakarta, Philippines. That’s awesome. So we really appreciate you. Thank you for listening to us. And as always, if you if we call out your town, tag us in a tweet or an Instagram post and let us know where we can send you a sticker.

Kelli  2:58 
I will mail a sticker to the Philippines.

Chris  3:00 
And if you have a friend, tell us about them. We’ll send them one too. Absolutely. So get in on that. We would love to send you a sticker.

Kelli  3:11 
Yes. Ready.

Chris  3:12 
Ready. Okay, so the big news this week. The sad news this week was the Disney has decided they’ve got to lay off 28,000 cast members. It is a heartbreaker. It is what we’ve all been worried about the whole time. You know, the parks can’t be making any money, especially the ones that are still closed out in California. So they finally had to make that hard call. Let’s see. Josh D’Amaro, I believe is his name. He’s the president of Disney parks. Yeah, Josh D’Amaro. His statement was, “As heartbreaking as it is to take this action. This is the only feasible option we have in the light of prolonged impact of COVID-19 on our business, including limited capacity due to physical distancing in the requirements and the continued uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic.” Yeah, he said that in an email to cast members. 67% of layoffs are part time hourly. But they’re also laying off executives. I’ve seen Disney Parks blog cast members that have been layed off, we know about the the Grand Floridian grand society orchestra. Right? They played their last show yesterday. So it’s just a rough time. According to one cast member on Twitter, though, Mr. D’Amaro was in Downtown Disney in Anaheim last week, speaking one on one with cast members. And just letting them vent to him directly. So so he he seems like a really genuine, genuine person.

Kelli  4:47 
Yeah. And I saw some things online where you can donate to a cast member Food Bank, and things like that. We’ll post that in the show notes. For anybody that wants to donate.

Chris  4:55 
Yeah, it’s just, uh, just unfortunate. It’s hard. You know, you see people going both ways online around they’re being heartless or whatever. But it’s a business. It’s a business. We love it. But it is a business and it’s just it’s just a hard thing for everybody. California has finally issued or has promised to issue reopening guidance to the theme parks. This is what the theme parks out there had been begging for. Just tell us something they just wouldn’t, so tight lipped. And the press secretary for Gavin Newsom said that they would be coming out with with guidance in a week or so. Now, the cynical person might suggest that Disney went ahead and did this to get California to, you know, get off their butts and…

Kelli  5:47 
No, I don’t think so.

Chris  5:48 
But it’s not just California parks right? Disney World Park, it’s the cruise lines. Yeah, it’s the resorts. It’s it’s, it’s even Disney stores. Yeah. Where they’re they’re seeing it. So yeah. In any case, they should get guidance here very soon about what they can do to open, which is good. So a little bit of happier news here. Dapper days, has been announced for next year. Wow. If you don’t know what dapper day is, this is a day where it’s not an official Disney day. But it’s a day or two each year where folks dress in their 1920s finest and they look very dapper. So they go to the parks dressed all up and sometimes they just sweat themselves to death. But they always look great. So in November, they’re actually doing one in Hollywood studios, Magic Kingdom. Okay. And then they’ve announced in April next year, they’re going to be doing both Disneyland and Disney World.

Kelli  6:52 
Well, at least it’s not like June or July, right? I mean, you’re gonna sweat in November and April, but it’s not gonna be like in the summertime.

Chris  6:57 
That’s right. That’s right. Entertainment News. Disney plus, October 9 is launching the right stuff. I got this from the Disney plus Twitter feed. The Right Stuff is an adaptation of Tom Wolf’s novel The Right Stuff and it’s all about the first 15 years of the United States Space efforts to launch the first pilots into space, the first astronauts. That’s fun. Yeah, this was a movie that came out in the early 80s called the right stuff all star cast. Great. It’s one of my all time favorite movies. I love it. Okay, it really pumps you up for America, man it’s great. So I’m really looking forward to that. I hope they do a really good job on it. Because that one, it’s close to my heart. And I don’t want it to get messed up. The movie was just so good. Um, Disney casts. I hope I say this girl’s name right, Iman Vellani, to the title role of Miss Marvel, which is coming to Disney plus some point in the future. So Miss Marvel is another Marvel superhero. Okay. She is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero. Okay, and she is the first one to come to the screen from Marvel. She the comic book character is a Pakistani American name. Kamala Khan. She’s 16 year old Muslim teenager from New Jersey from Jersey City, New Jersey who looks up to characters like Captain Marvel. Okay, it’s up to those heroes in her world. Right. She has an inhuman ability to alter shape and size and employs, I love that, employs an idealistic attitude as much as any superpower. Oh, to make the world a better place. Heck Yeah, so she was introduced to the comics in 2012. And then she actually got her own comic book title in 2014. So she’s new. That’s fun. And Marvel Studios movie chief, Kevin Feige has also said that that character will be seen in future Marvel movies.

That’s great. I hope it’s written by a Muslim woman.

You know, I don’t know who who wrote the original comic. I should look into that though.

Kelli  9:18 
I would think you would need to be a Muslim woman to get that nuance. Yeah.

Chris  9:21 
So she’s popular. Hopefully it’s realistic.

Kelli  9:25 
Is she hijabi?

Chris  9:26 
I don’t know if she is or not. I don’t think so.

Kelli  9:30 
You don’t think she wears a hijab?

Chris  9:31 
I don’t think so. Resort news – Polynesian village construction has started so we know that they’re going to go all Moana all the time. Oh, yeah. And the the construction has begun in earnest. So like anybody checking in there, there’s at the grand ceremonial house of the great ceremonial house is still open, you can still get in there to some of the shops and, and restaurants all the hours may be changed. But the way you normally go in is blocked off. You’ve got to go a different way. Okay, and the monorail was gonna be closing right now. It’s actually not gonna be closing until November. Oh gosh. Okay, so they’ll still be open in October. Okay.

Kelli  10:12 
So I’m interested to see what that’s gonna look like we get there. They get two months to work on it.

Chris  10:16 
 So yeah, no, I think it’ll still be under major construction. Sure. Yeah, but we’ll see. That’s cool.

Kelli  10:23 
That’s very cool. Yeah, interesting.

Chris  10:25 
Okay, so with that,

Kelli  10:27 
Let’s just hang on for a second. I do have a trivia question for you.

Yeah. So I don’t want you to jump too fast. You ready for this one?

Chris  10:37 

Kelli  10:37 
Okay. What is the name of Pixar lamp mascot?

Chris  10:45 
Oh, I have no idea. That’s a great question, man.

Kelli  10:49 
You’ve got until the end of this little ditty here.

Chris  10:54 
I don’t know. I have no idea.

Kelli  10:58 
It’s Luxo Jr.

Chris  11:00 
Well, who is Luxo?

Kelli  11:02 
I don’t I don’t know who Luxo senior was. But the name of Pixar his lamp mascot is Luxo Jr.

Chris  11:09 
That’s interesting.

Kelli  11:11 
I thought you would enjoy knowing that.

Chris  11:12 
Yeah, no, no, that is right in my wheelhouse of things.

Kelli  11:15 
You love useless knowledge.

Chris  11:19 
Yeah, that’s true.

Kelli  11:20 
Okay, take us to Tomorrowland. Honey, I’m ready for it. Okay. I’m excited. Okay, so we actually touched on this in the news last week or the week before that. Tokyo, disneyland expanded fantasyland. Yes. And they now have their own beast castle and yes, so and so forth. Right. So and I mentioned like, some of the awesome effects the animatronics in the ride. I’ve seen some like clips and whatnot. So I decided we would just do that. We’re going to talk about the new enchanted tale of Beauty and the Beast ride at Tokyo.

Oh, I do enjoy it when you do ride. You’re so good at telling ride stories.

Chris  12:04 
So we’re doing a ride. It’s brand new. This thing just opened last Monday officially. Okay. Had a soft opening like an out of town preview. Okay, two weeks ago. So on the 24th this thing is brand new on the Tokyo Disneyland website, the official Disneyland Tokyo website. It still says opening September 28. So it is brand new. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out there and watch a ride through on YouTube.

Kelli  12:29 
Oh, absolutely. Those things pop up pretty quickly.

Chris  12:33 
Real quick. And you know, I’m, I’m sort of in that camp of don’t watch it because you you’ll mess it up for yourself. Yeah, but but we’re not going to Tokyo anytime soon. And if you’re not, then you might enjoy this too. Right? And I’ll be honest, even after watching it, it only made me want to go even more.

Kelli  12:50 
Yeah, we’ll get there one day. I actually hear that Tokyo is a great park to be at in Halloween time, that they do a fantastic job.

Chris  12:59 
And Tokyo Disneysea Rocks. Yeah, incredible. Yeah. So yeah, that’s definitely on the bucket list. Just a word of caution. If you don’t want to know, if you don’t want the spoilers, skip to the next section. Go ahead and skip to the next section by 10 minutes from now. So but like I said, I watched the ride through I’ll recommend it. It didn’t make me not want to go at all. Okay, it looks awesome. So you remember how excited you were when they opened up the new Disneyland expansion at Magic Kingdom and we had the two new castles had these castles Fantasyland, fantasy and Magic Kingdom they expanded that and we’re like okay, wait to see it. Yeah, and you were thrilled right? I was jealous. When I saw the beast castle at this place. This is not like it our magic kingdom where it’s like a mountain side photo op and there’s a castle up on the hill like often the distance. No this is a legit castle.

Kelli  13:55 
Like a legit second castle.

Chris  13:58 
Yeah, that houses the ride Enchanted tale with Beauty and the Beast. That’s cool. I like that better. I mean, yeah, I love Be Our Guest restaurant but but this thing is really cool looking. I got a moat that you walk over the bridge to get into the castle.

Kelli  14:15 
We have that to get into be our guest.

Chris  14:17 
Right? But you’re if you look, you’re only you’re going into like a mountainside, right? It’s it’s not this, you know, I’m being really nitpicky.

Kelli  14:24 
You’re being a little bit critical on it.

Chris  14:28 
Yeah, so alright, so here’s the scene, right? They actually built an entire village around so like that village that Belle lives in at the beginning of the movie. You know? They built that village. It’s got Maurices cottage in there, it’s got Gastons tavern, which we have. It’s got a library, the bakery, all the things that she kind of sings about, you know at the beginning of the movie, and then she enters you into a forest. And you can see the castle kind of looming over the forest. Okay, and you, you, you walk in there, and you enter the queue. So this this queue takes you through several rooms where you’ll see a lot of the main characters from the movie to sitting there, inanimate, like you see Lumiere, he’s the candlestick, okay, and Codsworth. Mrs. Potts and Chip, they’re sitting on kind of a tea table in the den, and you’re just walking through these rooms.

You’re not supposed to know that these things come alive, right. You walk through a hall of armor. And then you get to a foyer, where there’s a stained glass window of the prince. By the way, his name is Prince Adam, according to a CD ROM game.

Kelli  15:42 
This glass window comes alive and tells you, it narrates how he became enchanted or cursed. Well, that’s right. So then immediately following that, there’s, oh, you know, off to the side. There’s a balcony. And you see Beast, he emerges on this balcony and he’s looking, you know, at he’s looking over the enchanted rose. Belle comes out. And she’s she’s holding a lantern. He scares her and she runs off and then he’s they’re stuck forlornly looking at the rose. You walk through a hallway where suddenly you see little shadows of the characters who have come to life now. Because they witnessed her getting scared. You enter the kitchen, which is where you get an your ride car.

Chris  15:51 
Oh, so you’re not even in a…

No this is all the queue and pre show.

Kelli  16:39 
Oh, wow. That’s a significant pre show!

Chris  16:45 
Exactly. So so then you get in your car. This is a dark ride on a trackless system. Yeah, right. Okay. There’s your car, is a dish like you’re part of the flatware? Yeah, but not only does your car ride around, like we’ve seen, but it also dances. Okay. Oh, that’s fantastic. So you get in the dish. And you’re in the kitchen at this point. So now what the ride is going to do is it’s going to take you through scenes that have been exclusively inside the castle. Okay, so, and there and it’s all the scenes around the major songs that they sing. So be our guests. Yes. That song, what was it the second one? Something there. Okay. And then of course, iconic beauty in the beast, right.

So you leave the kitchen and you go straight into the dining room. It’s kind of dark, but you can see Lumiere on a kind of an alcove. And you see Belle, sitting at the head of a dining table long the long dining table from the, from the movie, okay. And he starts to slowly sing, and you see scenes just like in the movie, and he picks up steam and things start lighting up and things start happening. And like magically, more things just sort of appear on the dining table, all the foods and the champagne and the and the feather dusters that are dancing and the side of the room comes alive, there’s lights, there’s bubbles, there’s the dishes are dancing in the cabinets all around place, Belle is in the middle of the room and you’re in your car just dancing all around her. Right?

So you are like part of the show that she’s being treated to is really is really neat is really neat. And just like start so low and dark. And then by the end of it, just like the scene in the movie. It’s just this like cacophony of sound and light and music and everything right. So you make your way out of there into a courtyard. And this is the something there sequence. You want me to sing it? Ha! Belle is out there in the snow and beast is on is on a balcony. And they’re singing the song the way they sing it in the movie. And again, the cars are kind of waltzing around the courtyard. They sort of as that song finishes, you sort of make your way back inside the castle, where you see Belle and beast standing on a balcony. She’s now in the iconic gold dress. And they’re just looking out away from you kind of shooting stars and stuff. The cars is that song ends, the cars flip around and now you’re seeing the castle get attacked.

I was wondering if e were gonna get attacked!

So, the silhouettes of the people kind of crashing into the castle and there’s fire and all this kind of stuff. You see that through a window when you hear them attacking. You kind of slide past a door where there’s like pitchforks and stuff coming through the door and all the furniture is like trying to keep the door shut. It’s really close. Then you slide into another room. And this is the most amazing thing I saw. You’re at the scene. It’s after the fight. Beast has been stabbed. He’s lying there under his purple cape, you know? And Belle is sort of over him weeping and crying, she said, And about that time, the rain starts to fall. And you know, remember, think about the movie when you hit the little shooting star type rain. And then he started to float up, he starts to float up on the ride. He starts to slowly turn he he starts to sparkle with these gold sparkly things. And then he just disappears. And in his place is a live animatronic. Prince Adam. I’ve watched that thing 10 times, I cannot figure out how they did that. Okay. So you, you leave there and you go into and so as that starts to happen, and you’re on your way down to the ballroom, the whole castle, you remember in the movie, the castle sort of like fizzles. And it goes from dirty and dingy and curved, right? Yeah, clean and beautiful and golden and everything that starts to happen around you, as you’re continuing your way into the ballroom. Where as you go into the ballroom that finishes into like this big, bright light. And Bell and Adam are dancing to Beauty and the Beast in the middle of the ballroom. And you’re just sort of waltzing around them as they’re dancing. And you see that all of the all of the characters now are in their true forms again, and you’ve got Miss Potts over there. She’s singing, so it’s like an immersive. Yeah, that’s cool. It is and they spend this, it is an eight minute ride. And they spent two minutes in that ballroom at the end because the ballroom in that scene is as much a part of that scene as the characters are you got the big huge golden chandelier and the mural on the ceiling and the glass windows. It looks incredible. That’s cool. I am desperate to get over there and ride this ride. That’s cool.

Kelli  22:09 
I’m just glad that we know his name’s Adam now.

Chris  22:16 
They apparently never said that in the movie but in a CD ROM game that came out after the movie came out but they they named him Adam.

Kelli  22:33 
Okay. Well start me off on world showcase cause I’m pumped for it. Here we go. So I’m also doing a ride. Right. Right. But as our you know, little homage that we had to Hocus Pocus. Okay, the intro. I’m trying to keep things bit spooky. Okay, this month, right? So we’re talking about Tower of Terror. Oh, yes. So this the official name is the Twilight Zone tower of terror. Okay, it debuted on July the 22nd of 1994. And it’s been popular ever since. Can you believe that? It’s 26 years old.

Chris  23:11 
I cannot believe that.

Kelli  23:15 
It’s about a 15 minute ride, because you got the long queue and everything. It cost $140 million to build. Yes, worth every penny. So it is inspired by the Tower of Terror film, or it inspired the Tower of Terror film that Disney released in 1997.

Chris  23:36 
I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Kelli  23:38 
I didn’t either. Steve Gutenberg and Kirsten Dunst. That is on our list for this month. I’m pretty sure I’m that for sure. Yes. Okay. Well, Gutenberg. So for those of y’all that don’t know, it’s on Sunset Boulevard at Disney Hollywood Studios. It was inspired by the Twilight Zone television show that originally aired from 1959 to 1964. And the premise of that show, for those of you that have never seen it, although there’s plenty of options out there to watch the streaming video, and we’ve seen some of them, they’re fantastic. The premise was that there’s weird stories, always with twist endings. And so that’s what you should expect going into the ride. The whole thing is a weird story with a twist ending, right, which is just it’s fantastic.

So one of the things they say as you’re going through the queue, it says, step on inside the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel and find a dusty lobby frozen in time. Even the subdued hotel staff seems strangely out of another era. Suddenly, a television set springs to life and Rod Serling welcomes you on a journey into the Twilight Zone. That’s how Disney describes it. And so Rod tells you the story he sort of puts you in the picture and he says on a gloomy Halloween night in 1939. Some hotel patrons were riding the elevator when a violent storm struck the building, and they were never seen again. Now naturally, because of this accident, the hotel closed down and is stood empty ever since. except we’re riding it, right. This is an empty hotel that no longer has hotel guests. But the rest of the world is like let’s go play on the elevator! So as you’re walking through, there’s this unkempt lobby broken down building. One of my favorite parts is in the queue on the outside this this broken fountain. Oh, yes. Looks like it’s a totally broken fountain. It’s I mean, I can’t explain it other than that, but it’s like this big centerpiece and what would have been a beautiful garden? Yes. And it looks completely decrepit.

Chris  25:47 
Overgrown, yeah, I know. There’s like, there’s no, there’s like a little reflection pond too that. I keep the first time I walked through there. I’m like, this is Disney, they need to clean that up. So yes. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Kelli  26:01 
Nobody can create broke down like Disney.

Chris  26:03 
That’s absolutely right.

Kelli  26:05 
Right. To the point that you think, man, they need to clean that up. And they are and they are working their tails off to make sure it looks that way all the time.

Right. So naturally, we’re all there, not guests because the hotel is not working right. But we’re there to check it out. You think of it like it’s a hotel in a town and everybody goes there is like this is spooky hotel? Yes. Gotta go check this out for Halloween, right? Yep. So we get we walk through this awesome queue where you go through the lobby and you get in the elevator lift that takes you down to the basement. You’re in the bottom of this building like a boiler room, and you’re instructed to get on another lift. And this time you’re seated and buckled in. Now the cast members are fantastic. They are from another era whereas the Haunted Mansion cast members make like deadpan jokes. Right?

Chris  26:56 
Make room for all the bodies.

Kelli  27:00 
Right? No, the Tower of Terror people scare the crap out of you.

Chris  27:04 
They’re working at it.

Kelli  27:04 
I mean, they’re like, you might not come back and they say they’re like staring at you out the elevator door.

Chris  27:12 
I love the elevators. And they’re always like, right here,

Kelli  27:14 
right there.

Fantastic. So the lift takes you up. Okay, and, and when the doors open, everybody screams because they think that’s when they’re about to do the drop. But it’s not. That’s when you get told a story. Right? All the Disney rides have the story, right. And so it slides you gently out in into like an abandoned hotel floor, which is like starlit, you feel like you’re sort of in space. And you hear more of the story from Rod, right. And he ends the piece, like you sort of go around and through seeing seeing seeing stars lit up things of that nature. And he’s talking to you and he ends it by saying, “You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension, beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination in the Tower of Terror.” Suddenly, you feel like you freefall drop, but in reality, you are pulled down. That elevator works both ways. And you are pulled down and sucked up.

Chris  28:17 
I knew it worked both ways. I didn’t know they were like pulling us!

Kelli  28:20 
Yes. Which is why this, people say to take your loungefly bag and put it in front of you. Because when the elevator pulls you down, you can see your loungefly bag like hover float. I’m gonna do that, so so anyway, so you get slung up and down and up and down and up and down. And and the doors to the outside of Sunset Boulevard on the building are open and and that’s when you’re on Sunset Boulevard. And you hear all the people on the ride just screaming their heads up there and you see, I love it so much. I love that ride. Love it. Love it. Love it. And so you see some Sunset Boulevard, you’re getting jerked up and down. You always laugh on rollercoasters. That’s a scary ride. This one makes me laugh like I scream and I’m laughing I find it hilarious. The patterns on this up and down motion are randomized. So you never know what might happen. It’s just awesome.

Chris  29:19 
So I thought I had always heard that but I would never knew if it was true or it is true.

Kelli  29:23 
Now I found a couple of different websites. One of them said there are four patterns. And they’re randomized how often they play so you don’t know which one you’re going to get. And then another website said it’s completely randomized. Okay. But in any case, it is semi random random after you have survived and I always feel like I could have gotten dropped two or three more times. I don’t want it to end quite hands. Rod comes back on. And he says, “A warm welcome back to those of you who made it and a friendly word of warning. Something you won’t find in any guidebook. The next time you check into a deserted hotel on the dark side of Hollywood, make sure you know just what kind of vacancy you’re filling. Or you may find yourself a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone.”

Chris  30:12 
That is so good.

Kelli  30:14 
So good. So I posted a picture on Instagram this week of you and I on this ride. Here’s what I think is so awesome about the ride pics and they started doing videos now too, right? You can sort of see like your hair or your loungefly bag. Like I posted the picture. They are always so awesome. People are looking in every different direction. I know when they take the picture. And yet you and I never seem to be looking at a camera. Like the one that I post on Instagram. You’re like looking totally off. Where are you? But you see parents totally covering their children like you see women screaming their heads. Sometimes you see kids they’re like meh.

Chris  30:55 
My brother was never much of a thrill ride rider. And I can remember growing up there was a picture of him. He was literally basically buried inside my dad’s arm here.

Kelli  31:10 
I love it so much. So a couple of fun facts. Yeah, first of all, its manufactured by Otis Elevator.

Chris  31:18 
Oh, come on.

Kelli  31:19 
Right? It is the second tallest attraction at Walt Disney World. Do you know what the tallest is?

Chris  31:29 
The tallest attraction at Walt Disney World? At Walt Disney World? I would have to say, Everest.

Kelli  31:39 
Everest, by six inches.

Chris  31:41 
No kidding.

Kelli  31:45 
Half a foot. The building was actually designed to look good at Hollywood Studios and at Epcot. Because it can be seen from the Morocco Pavilion. In the world showcase.

Chris  31:59 
I heard something about like the back side of the building can be seen. And so they decorate that.

Kelli  32:05 
So the color scheme, think about it the color scheme it matches Morocco.

Chris  32:11 
Yes. So good. Yeah. When they think of stuff like that, it’s awesome.

Kelli  32:17 
And just you know, one other just pro tip here when you get off afterwards, there’s a Joffrey’s coffee booth right there at the end. For those of you that don’t know, Joffrey’s sells beverages other than coffee and tea.

Chris  32:32 
They do.

Kelli  32:33 
Adult beverages. And so I highly recommend Tower of Terror tower terror gift shop. Joffrey’s coffee cart. Yeah, buddy. I mean, make a loop. Dude.

Chris  32:45 
The Tower of Terror at Christmas time is incredible also, yeah, like they they do projections on it. That actually change the name of the hotel a Christmas and and they did these amazing projections. I love this route you went.

Kelli  33:00 
Yeah, I’m trying to be spooky.

Chris  33:03 
Well, you are in October. I was terrified during all that.

Kelli  33:08 
That’s a good one. It’s a good one. For the by the way. Those of y’all that are wondering, you’re gonna hear about Hocus Pocus this month.

Chris  33:13 
Yes, you will hear about Hocus Pocus. We’ve already gone through one viewing already. So folks, that’s our show for this week. We hope you enjoyed it. If you did or didn’t do us a favor, head out to iTunes. Subscribe would be great leave us a rating leave us review. It helps us out a lot.

Kelli  33:35 
It really does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit That’s s for Super C for Cali, F for fragilistic, a for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’re going to launch our first poll. We promised you guys in the trailer there’d be polls, and it’s going to be on where you want us to eat at Disney when we go in December because we need to start making reservations so be sure to help us out.

Chris  33:59 
That would be great. Go to our website, check out all the stuff that’s there. It’s Join us for the daily conversations on Instagram and Twitter at SCFADP, the more the merrier. We would love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to

Chris & Kelli  34:19 
See ya real soon!

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