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Latest Disney News (9/27), Brunch at Art Smith’s Homecomin’, and the joy of Mariachi Cobre

Episode 2

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Show Notes

In our first episode of Season 2, we discuss the latest Disney news, including the reopening of the Grand Floridian, a new baby giraffe born in Animal Kingdom, the reopening of Aulani, updates on the Black Widow movie 2020, and Disney adding a fifth key to the “Disney Four Keys” (inclusion). In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we also talk about Mariachi Cobre, the mariachi group currently playing at the America Gardens Theatre EPCOT, (they usually play at the Mexico Pavillion), and the amazing brunch menu at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs.

Show notes:
5th Key: Inclusion
Previous 4 Keys: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. 

Samuel L Jackson to reprise role of Nick Fury for a new Marvel series in development at Disney+
Downtown Disney (Disneyland) unveiled a mural of Black Panther created by Nikkolas Smith
Black Widow pushed back…. AGAIN

Grand Floridian is officially open to all guests again

Aulani will welcome guests back starting Nov. 1

New Baby Giraffe at Animal Kingdom, born Sept. 22

Tomorrowland: Art Smith’s Homecomin
Art Smith’s Brunch Menu:

World Showcase: Mariachi Cobre

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Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hey, everybody, welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:52 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:54 
So I have thoroughly enjoyed the intros with Mulan clips. I’m assuming that was in honor of Mulan, hitting Disney plus earlier this month, and

Kelli  1:05 
We have had Mulan for intros every week this month.

Chris  1:07 
So I can assume then that you’ll have something special for October.

Kelli  1:11 
You can assume that.

Chris  1:12 
Okay, great. Excited. I fear Hocus Pocus.

Kelli  1:17 
Why would you fear that?

Chris  1:18 
You know, I’m digging the slinky dog ears.

Kelli  1:22 
Thank you. I really do like these. You know, these are some of my favorites that I got in the park.

Chris  1:27 
You like dogs.

Kelli  1:28 
I love a dog. I love a little stuffed animal. And you know what, don’t sleep on the Slinky Dog ride because it really is worth its own pair of ears. But I got the most comments on these ears as we’re walking around the parks.

Chris  1:40 
Yeah, I saw another girl wearing them when we were in the parks. And I think her comments were my ears are just freaking me out.

Kelli  1:49 
Oh, they don’t freak me out. I love these so much. So I thought they were well worth an intro into season two.

Chris  1:56 
Cute. So as you said, season two starts tonight. If you haven’t listened to the trailer yet, go listen to that. You’ll hear all the fun stuff that you’re about to hear in this episode. So where is it Wednesday?

Kelli  2:13 
Yeah, so this is our last one for September. And then this this week, and then we will draw and then we will start over with a new contest in October. So be sure to get in there this Wednesday.

Chris  2:26 
Yep, this Wednesday. Look for that. Hopefully it won’t be too hard for you. So there’s lots of podcasts. There’s lots of Disney podcasts. Our show grows every week. And we are so grateful. We’re just super thankful that more and more people are finding us and listening to us. If you are in Hilton Head, South Carolina and you downloaded our podcast, we see you. That’s one of our favorite places in the world. Yes, San Diego, California. We saw you this week. We are so grateful for you. And if you’re in Barcelona, Spain and you downloaded our podcast, we are so grateful. So thank you.

Kelli  3:01 
Yes. And be sure to tag us on Twitter or Instagram. And I’ll get you a sticker. Our new stickers came in this week. And I am in love with them, they’re awesome. They’re so great. They’re really, really cool.

Chris  3:01 
So the news is, alright, so this week, Disney announced their fifth key. So you know, Disney keys are?

Kelli  3:24 
Yes, I’ve seen those. I don’t, I don’t really get it. It’s a collectible, right?

Chris  3:29 
No. Oh. So this is a managerial core value type thing.

Kelli  3:36 
Oh, no, not what I was thinking. I was think about the new keys that they’re launching for collectibles. You’ve seen those right?

Chris  3:42 
No, I haven’t.

Kelli  3:43 
Oh, they they’re actual keys. They’re like large keys. And they’re different themes. So like, there’s a Dumbo key. It’s a collectible like a pin but significantly larger.

Chris  3:56 
 Like a big brooch.

Kelli  3:58 
Well, I don’t think you wear it. I think it’s meant to be a display item. A dustable is what I would call it.

Chris  4:04 
That’s weird.

Kelli  4:05 
But they’re cool. I mean, they look really cool. I can see why somebody would want to collect them but it really is a dustable. You’re gonna need some shelf space.

Chris  4:12 
Okay, well that’s not the kind of key that this.

Kelli  4:15 
Okay, completely different key. Well, lead us down the path you were headed for.

Chris  4:18 
So Disney has for years and years had four, four keys core values to their business. You learn about them on the very first day you go become a cast member at Disney. Okay, right. They’ve always been safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency. I highly recommend reading the book Be Our Guest from the Disney Institute. All about this. Okay. But with the social unrest in the nation. I think Disney did a lot of introspection. Yeah. Back in May. They released the statement and included the recent killing of George Floyd as well as other instance of lethal attacks and harassment of unarmed black citizens in our nation continue to drive outrage and calls for action by people of all cultural backgrounds, including many of our employees feel of grief and anger causes to confront in the inscrutable idea that the lives of some are deemed less valuable and less worthy of dignity care protection than other lives are. And so I think with that they did a lot of work internally, and they released a fifth key that they are now including in the older managerial training for new employees. And that key is inclusion. So, sure, the details around that, what that means how they reinforce that? I don’t know, but I think it’s cool that it’s clear that in the last six months, I’ve been doing some work.

In entertainment news, Samuel L. Jackson, one of my favorites, is set to reprise his role of Nick Fury in a new Marvel series that it’s yet no details have been released, except the fact that Samuel Jackson is going to be in it and he will be playing Nick Fury. It’ll be coming to Disney plus, Downtown Disney and Disneyland unveiled a wonderful mural of Black Panther created by Nicholas Smith. It’s a painting of Chadwick boseman, as Black Panther, giving a Wakanda sign to a little boy wearing a black panther mask. It’s really cool. looks really, really cool. Black Widow, the Marvel movie that was slated to be released back in May, as part of summer Marvel push, wow, got pushed back to November 6, and now has been pushed again, all the way back to May of 2021.

Kelli  6:32 
Yeah, I just don’t see theaters opening.

Chris  6:35 
You know, I think that it was the poor performance of tenant. Christopher Nolan released tenant. And he was like, I’m gonna put it in the theaters no matter what. And it just didn’t get didn’t do well financially, because people aren’t going to movie theaters.

Theatres are open in some places to less than full capacities. And so Wonder Woman also pushed their Wonder Woman 1984 push their back. So, you know, I think there’s probably…

Kelli  7:02 
you don’t want to release that to half capacity theater, because that’s literally gonna cut revenue in half. You’re not charging double ticket prices, right.

Chris  7:09 
So, you know, it’s a bummer for Scar Jo and all those folks, but it’s probably the right decision. Yeah. Okay, resort news. The Grand Floridian is officially back open to all guests again.

Kelli  7:22 
Okay. That’s good to know. Yep.

Chris  7:24 
So the NBA folks are out. The NBA barbershop is gone.

Kelli  7:29 
NBA barbershop?

Chris  7:30 
They literally built a makeshift NBA barber shop.

Kelli  7:34 
Oh, that’s fantastic.

Chris  7:35 
On the grounds.

Kelli  7:36 
Oh, I love that.

Chris  7:37 
The big blue wall is gone. All that’s gone. Narcoosees is opening up so that’s the that’s one of the high end restaurants there. Which is cool. So good for Grand Floridian. Aulani is going to start welcoming guests back on November the first.

Kelli  7:54 
I saw that! Really excited.

Chris  7:58 
I believe that people in Hawaii are probably a little bit like, are we moving too fast still? They will have a pre travel or pre arrival testing program for anybody that comes from out of state.

Kelli  8:12 
Yeah, they’re gonna have to do that. I think Hawaii has done fairly well. They’ve done well. Yeah. And so naturally, they don’t want a bunch of mainlanders coming in to the island and infecting them

Chris  8:22 
with all of our junk.

Kelli  8:23 
Yes. Well, because people come to Hawaii from all countries, not just the states.

Chris  8:27 
So yeah,

Kelli  8:28 
right. Yeah. So we found Aulani to be extremely international when we were there. So they have to have those kind of protocols in place for sure.

Chris  8:35 
It’s a phased reopening. So they can they can sort of take baby steps to toe in the water, see how things are going and pull back if they need to. Right. They did alter their cancellation policy so that you can like cancel your trip within 24 hours. Until like all the way through next May 20.

Here’s a little bit of sad news. The Grand Floridian society orchestra is going away. So this is the little orchestra that plays up there with them. Yeah, so they got furloughed when everything shut down. When they brought them out of furlough with the opening you know they haven’t been doing the Beauty and the beast show at the the was a theater…

Kelli  9:16 
in Hollywood Studios.

Chris  9:17 
Yeah, the star theatre, I believe something like that. They brought them out of furlough. And these guys the Grand Floridian society orchestra were renamed the Disney society orchestra and they were playing at that theater. Okay. And they got noticed they got notified two weeks ago that October the third will be their last day. Wow. 32 years they’ve been playing at Disney World at a Grand Floridian That’s insane.

Kelli  9:46 
So that implies that when things are back at full capacity, they will not be at the Grand Flo.

Chris  9:52 
Yeah. So I got this bit of news from their social feed and they said you know, you never know what’s gonna happen from day to day but for now, we are as of October the third are unemployed.

That’s a bummer. But moving on to parks. We had a new baby giraffe born on September the 22nd at Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  10:16 
What’s its name? Did they say its name yet? No Name?

Chris  10:19 
Yeah, yeah, no no name yet that think they’re waiting to see what personality does but he said that he is it is fighting you know if it’s a boy or girl, but it’s feisty. Nice. Okay. We love a fiesty giraffe.

Kelli  10:34 
Who doesn’t love a fiesty giraffe?

Chris  10:41 
Florida is entering phase three. Which means I know, I know restaurants can operate at a minimum 50% capacity.

Kelli  10:53 
Yeah, I just don’t know…

Chris  10:55 
…which effectively allows it to run at full capacity. All Bars and Nightclubs that earn 50% of their sales from alcohol can now operate at full capacity with limited social distancing doesn’t mean that they have to operate at full capacity. They can Yeah. Theme parks can technically now go back to business as usual. With limited social distancing efforts, but you know, Disney had such an issue with their employees pushing back. Yeah, that i don’t i don’t think Disney released a statement saying that they were you know, they were evaluating the decision that the governor made and that as of right now they they are anticipating no changes.

Kelli  11:36 
I’ve seen some people posting screenshots of the my Disney experience app with wait times this past week. Implying that there are more people in the park right now because the wait times are up to 60, 75 minutes on some of the rides.

Chris  11:49 
Yeah, it makes me wonder. Yes, that’s right. I’ve seen the same thing, especially on weekends. Yeah, Park capacity has gone up. We talked about them expanding the park hours.

Kelli  11:59 
But they’re still not offering fast passes.

Chris  12:02 
Right. So and they haven’t changed how many people can be like on a ride. So right on a coaster, which…

Kelli  12:09 
is why the wait times could be longer, longer. Yes. Even with it. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with that.

Chris  12:15 
Yeah. So it’s, uh, you know, so sure, that’s the best idea but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

Kelli  12:22 
They’re not are they asking you? They should.

Chris  12:28 
I’ve got opinions on it. I’ve got opinions. They should. Um, so not really news. But did you see that we talked last week about new Fantasyland opening up to Tokyo Disneyland, the Fantasyland expansion Enchanted Tales with Beauty and the Beast. Have you seen any of the stuff on the socials of the people riding that for the first time? No. OMG. We, we’ve got to put that on the bucket list. There’s a scene apparently in the ride where you go through the ballroom where the where they’re dancing, you know? And you see them dance. They’re animatronics, and they’re dancing in the middle of the room. But it’s it is mind blowingly good animatronics. Oh, to watch them dancing in the middle. Yeah, it’s really really, really cool. That’s fantastic. So that’s, uh, that’s the news this week. That’s all I’ve got.

Kelli  13:24 
Okay, well, I’ve got a quick trivia question for you before we do Tomorrowland.

Chris  13:28 
All right.

Kelli  13:28 
You ready? Okay. What classic movie is Wall-E a fan of?

Chris  13:35 
 Meet me in St. Louis.

Kelli  13:37 
No. No. Is that your final answer?

Chris  13:43 
Something like that. I’m close. I’m really close.

Kelli  13:45 
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Honey, I’m so sorry. The answer is Hello, Dolly.

Chris  13:50 
Hello, Dolly. They sing Meet me in St. Louis.

Kelli  13:54 
No points for you. I’m gonna restart your points now that we’re in season two. And when you answer incorrectly you lose 100.

Chris  14:01 
Oh, it’s like jeopardy.

Kelli  14:02 
Yeah, it’s like Jeopardy. So you’re negative 10.0 Okay, okay, hit tomorrowland, because I’m ready for it. All right, here we go. So today I don’t think you will be surprised by this.

Chris  14:13 
Is it food?

Kelli  14:14 
It’s food. All right, I’m on brand. We’re talking about brunch at art Smith’s okay. So you and I’ve talked about this. I’m desperate to get reservation. We’re working hard for brunch at art Smith’s, you’ve got it on your calendar. We’ve got an alarm set. We’re gonna call. We’ve already called. We’ve spoken to people and we know exactly the first moment that we can call and it’s on the calendar. So I thought it would be best if we prepared a bit for it. Okay, so brunch at art Smith’s for those of you that aren’t familiar with our love for art Smith’s, check out one of our bonus episodes from season one where we did a full review of art Smith’s. We are not shy about our love for art Smith’s homecoming, or food in general. But we are looking for any reason to go to art Smith’s more than once. Yes. So this, their brunch is from 9:30am to 1pm. Entrees range from about $17 to $28, which is no different really than their lunch or their dinner. And we really want to do this for our December trip. Yes. You cannot book reservations outside of the Disney app. So I was thinking that maybe the Florida folks are calling in earlier than the Disney reservation, folks. Right. But no, it is a no go. Reservations have to go through Disney.

Chris  15:29 
I called last week.

Kelli  15:30 
Yes. And so these things just seem to go like hotcakes. Like how do you get these reservations? So you are on point to make reservations happen early? The morning of October the 15th. Right, right. Okay. So why are we excited? Well, brunch basically takes it to a different level. Right? This food is amazing. Southern home cooked comfort food speaking to your heart. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Chris  15:57 
I’m calling first thing in the morning.

Kelli  16:00 
What a better start to the day?

Chris  16:04 
followed by maybe a nap,

Kelli  16:06 
A nap and then go back for dinner. Right. Okay, so let’s take a look at the menu. Okay, I just want to dive right in. Okay, we’re gonna start with the starters. Okay, so first of all, this gets right like what good Southern brunch menu doesn’t start in this case. Okay, well these are cheddar cheese drop biscuits served with your choice of blackberry fig jam or Sawmill gravy. Hashtag you could do both.

Chris  16:33 
You could do both. But I can only, I’m getting a little bit verklempt just thinking about what Art Smith sawmill gravy tastes like.

Kelli  16:43 
oh gosh, I know. Okay, fried green tomatoes. Again they have those at every meal. Church lady deviled eggs, they had those that every mail. House made donuts.

Chris  16:53 
Are an appetizer at breakfast? I’ve had to do that.

Kelli  16:55 
But they’re not appetizer for lunch or dinner. Right? These are mini iced doughnuts piled with pecans. Bacon. Oh, no drizzled with house made Carmel or dusted or dusted with sugar and served with spiced cane syrup and seasonal fruit.

Chris  17:15 
I just got diabeetus.

Kelli  17:21 
We haven’t even gotten to the entree.

Chris  17:23 
I didn’t have iced doughnuts with bacon. I didn’t have not have iced doughnuts with bacon and pecans.

Kelli  17:29 
No. Okay. Okay, so let’s move to the entrees. You need to think about which of those starters you want.

Chris  17:35 
The doughnuts.

Kelli  17:37 
But you want the ones with bacon and pecans? Yeah, of course. I’m not going to eat the bacon. Okay. I want the ones that are dusted with sugar and spice cane syrup and seasonal fruit. Well, I’ll say the biscuits. Okay, let’s go to the entrees or as Art Smith calls them shining features. Okay, the first one is called the Hamilton

Chris  17:58 
Shining as a moonshine.

Kelli  18:00 
Shi-ney! Hamilton pimento cheesy grits topped with braised kale and collards two over easy eggs griddled honey ham, two strips of pecan smoked bacon, spicy Hollandaise and crispy fried shallots. You’re welcome. 

Chris  18:21 
I mean, the man knows what he’s doing.

Kelli  18:26 
I mean, next is the hush puppy Benedict.

Yes, that’s chef arts spin on the classic with a housemaid hush puppy cakes topped with fried chicken tenders, poached eggs, griddle country ham and pimento Hollandaise with a choice of a side item. Pimento Hollandaise man.

Chris  18:53 
That’s illegal.

Kelli  18:55 
Put seatbelt on. Short rib hash. You love a hash. Two sunny side up eggs over our short rib hash with grilled corn succotash potatoes, onions, red bell and Fresno peppers for a bit of a kick. Served with a cheddar cheese drop biscuit and your choice of a side. I realize that you would pick about half the veg off of that. But still, it’s a short rib hash.

Chris  19:22 
It sounds ridiculous.

Kelli  19:24 
This one’s mine. Fried egg and avocado toast. Grilled Cuban bread topped with fresh avocado, fried egg, arugala, radish and pickled red onion drizzled with olive oil and lemon, served with my choice of a side item.

Chris  19:40 
So classy.

Kelli  19:42 
I am nothing but classy. Do you not know that? Wait until we get to the rise and shine cocktails. This one honey is I think you okay. This is the granddaddy plate. This is three eggs any style pecan smoked bacon, griddled country ham cheddar cheese drop is And your choice of two sides.

Chris  20:02 
Okay, that sounds good.

Kelli  20:04 
I think that’s you. That’s good. I’m pretty sure that you. French toast. Thick slices of grilled bread dusted with powdered sugar and serve with spiced cane syrup and seasonal fruit with your choice of one side item. I really, like you know, it depends on the morning. Like sometimes I want a savory breakfast. And sometimes I want a sweet breakfast. I’d say 75% twice I’m looking for a sweet breakfast because you know you grow up eating Count chocula and so you start craving the sweet breakfast in the morning. So depending on the day I might go for that french toast Yeah, yeah. Um, it’s got eggs right?

Chris  20:41 
Yeah, sure.

Kelli  20:44 
This is the one that I see a lot of pictures of on the socials –  the Hallelujah biscuit. This is your open face biscuit topped with Chef arts famous fried chicken, over easy eggs, pimento cheese, pecan smoked bacon and smothered with Sawmill gravy. This is your Hallelujah biscuit, and you still get your choice of a side item.

Chris  21:06 
Yeah, doughnuts.

Kelli  21:09 
Doughnuts are not a side item. But I think I do know what your side item will be, and we’ll get there. Okay, your next option is going to be fried chicken and donuts which is essentially what you got for lunch.

Chris  21:19 
I got that for lunch so I feel like I can’t really go there again. No, I need to get that thing you just said.

Kelli  21:23 
Yes. Chef arts famous fried chicken served with housemade sugar donuts and a choice of a side item. Yeah, no, you need to get the Hallelujah biscuit. Here are your sides. Grits which I think that’s what you ought to get. You know art knows how to do grits.

Chris  21:37 
He’s not making instant.

Kelli  21:38 
He’s not making instant grits. It takes the entire green population 25 minutes to make grits. How did you make them five? Potato Gratin Mash.

Chris  21:47 
Sounds good.

Kelli  21:48 
Seasonal fruit. Okay, pecan smoked bacon in griddled country ham. I think you’re gonna go with the grits.

Chris  21:55 
Yeah, for sure. What was the one before the ham?

Kelli  21:57 
Pecan smoke bacon. But your dish might have the bacon already? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, so now let’s talk about the rise and shine cocktails.

Chris  22:08 

Kelli  22:08 
Because they’re lovely.

Chris  22:10 
And it’s always five o’clock somewhere.

Kelli  22:12 
It’s five o’clock somewhere, man. I mean, but it’s, you’re supposed to have a cocktail at brunch.

Chris  22:15 
That’s true.

Kelli  22:16 
It’s a brunch thing. Don’t be stuffy. Okay, so the first one is a Florida crush. By the way. All of these use Tito’s except for one particular one. And so I just think that says a lot.

Chris  22:30 
It’s your brand.

Kelli  22:31 
It’s my brand. I think it says a lot about Art that he really knows the proper brand of vodka to use. So Tito’s vodka muddled with orange and strawberries and a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice and a dash of simple syrup.

Chris  22:44 
We don’t muddle nearly enough.

Kelli  22:45 
We don’t muddle nearly enough. You are right about that. In general, I don’t think people muddle enough. But you know, we should all have more fruit in our diet.

Chris  22:55 
Yep. And more muddling.

Kelli  22:57 
What do we need to muddle, like a mortar and pestle?

Chris  23:01 

Kelli  23:07 
Look into that. I think you need to get a muddler. You got seven days to learn how to muddle. Okay. Next Sunday comes around really quickly. The second one is a blueberry Mimosa. A classic brunch staple was blueberry puree and fresh blueberries. Again, I think the puree plus the fresh is needed. Proud Mary. This is going to be your classic Bloody Mary with Tito’s handmade vodka, season salt rim with celery and olives.

Chris  23:38 

Kelli  23:38 
White peach sangria. Moscato with a muddled orange and mango, fresh peach puree, peach moonshine and a moonshine soaked peach wedge. Sweet Tea shine. I don’t need to say more about that. The local. Rum haven coconut water rum, lime, simple syrup and fresh pineapple. They have a southern Mary with Dixie black pepper vodka.

Chris  24:09 

Kelli  24:10 
I know. And a moonshine mash with a watermelon infused moonshine and then a princsse Mimosa. I’ve decided to go with the biscuit starter. The fried egg and avocado toast with seasonal fruit and the Florida crush slash blueberry Mimosa slash sweet tea shine slash moonshine.

Chris  24:30 
I’ll have to literally drag you out of there.

Kelli  24:37 
We should not put anything else on the agenda for that day.

Chris  24:39 
No, no, that Saturday. Okay, okay. All right. That was amazing. I’m even more motivated now to get up and be online at 6am on the 15th for reservations.

Kelli  24:51 
Honey make it happen. Lead us into world showcase. Here we go.

Chris  24:55 
Okay, so September the 15th thru October the 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month. And to sort of celebrate that, I’ve decided to talk about one of my favorite acts Disney World, one of my favorite set of performers. Mariachi Cobre.

Kelli  25:15 
Oh nice. Well done honey.

Chris  25:19 
So if you don’t know who Mariachi Cobre is, this is the mariachi band that you can usually see at the Mexican pavilion at Epcot. Although right now they’re performing at the America gardens theater in Epcot. Also. Nice. Yeah, it’s a it’s a nice venue for them. Yeah. They can spread all of them can be out there at once because there’s there’s more of them in the group than you normally would see. Just huddled around outside of the Mexican temple there.

Kelli  25:51 
But there aren’t any women in this mariachi band, right?

Chris  25:53 
I don’t know.

Kelli  25:56 
Which is a shame. Honestly.

Chris  25:57 
Sure. One track mind, moonshine and women’s rights. So they’re they’ve actually they basically opened Epcot, they have been performing at Epcot for 38 years. Wow. Yes. Yes.

Kelli  26:18 
I mean, so they are as iconic as the voices of liberty.

Chris  26:21 
Yeah, at least. I do think that they’ve grown in popularity, I think mariachi music has grown in popularity since Coco was released. Right? But, but just they’ve been doing their thing at Epcot since the day it opened.

Kelli  26:37 
Who likes my Ernesto de la Cruz shirt? How about that?

Chris  26:40 
You didn’t even know Hispanic Heritage Month?

Kelli  26:42 
I didn’t know.

Chris  26:44 
Once again. That is wild. So um, so just if there’s someone who doesn’t know what mariachi music is, so genre of regional Mexican music that dates back to the 18th century, it evolved over time in various regions of Western Mexico. Usually a mariachi group consists of violins trumpets and guitars, specifically Spanish guitars, but Esteban Koreo who goes by Steve, he’s he’s one of the members of Mariachi Cobre. He’s actually one of the founding members of Mariachi Cobre, he says that the high pitch the Vihuela guitar, okay, and the bass guitar the guitaron, are indigenous to Mexico and are the instruments that define a mariachi the sound.

Kelli  27:40 
Yeah, yeah. Gosh, Steve. Now if he’s a founding member of 38 years, I mean, he’s got to be 70.

Chris  27:49 
You’re just a little bit ahead of me. Okay. He’s not 70 Okay. Yeah. Um, all the members of a mariachi band are typically, you know, able to sing lead on a song or backup vocals, right? You’ll see them, very talented.

Kelli  28:07 
Yeah, talented.

Chris  28:08 
So how did how did Mariachi Cobre come to be? The group that eventually populated Mariachi Cobre that became b originated in Arizona. The copperstate, Cobre is Spanish for copper.

Kelli  28:26 
Oh, isn’t that nice?

Chris  28:30 
I gotcha. Cobre is where they get their name. Okay. It was a youth mariachi group that the founding members belongs to. And these these kids were like nine to 16 years old. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. And they were they were part of a youth mariachi group in Arizona called Los Changuitos Feos. All right.

Kelli  28:50 
But seriously, the talent.

Chris  28:52 
I know. I know. And they claimed to be the first real mariachi group in the United States. Los Changuitos Feos. Okay. So every year about starting in about 1968 Walt Disney had heard about these guys and he would bring them in on cinco de mayo in Disneyland. Oh, nine, right? Yes, he would think about this. He got nine to 16 year old kids. Okay. Walt is sending the Walt Disney plane for you to Tucson, Arizona. That’s where they were from Tucson. Arizona, picks them up flies them to Anaheim. They perform during Cinco de Mayo all day, and then he flies them back home. That’s not bad. Yeah. And they did this every year from like 68 to 75.

Kelli  29:39 
Right. So by the end, they’re no longer teenagers.

Chris  29:42 
But they they rotate. Right.

Kelli  29:45 
Okay. It’s not the same kids.

Chris  29:46 
Right. Some of those members left the group and formed Mariachi Cobre. They’re still sort of their cousins. Right? Mariachi Cobre is the older cousin of the youth group, right? So while while the kids are doing their thing from 68 to 75 the Mariachi Cobre guys got asked in like 73, 74, 75 to come play at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Kelli  30:30 
So they would be in their early 20s, then sure,

Chris  30:32 
Yeah. And they were asked to play at Pecos Bill cafe, frontier land, the Grand Canyon concourse at contemporary resort. All right, so they would just play just to offer the atmosphere that those areas Yeah, we’re trying to generate. Right. Yeah. So then 1982 rolls around. And Epcot opens launches. And and what’s what’s kind of wild is that world showcase wasn’t quite done yet. Right? It was done for a number of years later. Yeah, but Mexico was definitely one of the first ones. Mariachi Cobre was there right at the start. They’re celebrating their 38th year this year. They’ve been there ever since Steve Korea, Esteban? Mm says, It is our responsibility to share our music, our culture, our Hispanic heritage, especially with people who are seeing mariachi for the first time. Right? That’s been says these guys are really into there there are and you can really kind of see it when you watch them.

Kelli  31:37 
Oh, yeah. These guys are amazing. No, no, no, they’re amazing. I would not call them performers. I would call them artists.

Chris  31:45 
Yeah, absolutely. And they they don’t, you know, it would be so easy for them just to do the Coco hits, you know, but they don’t Yeah, and they don’t you know, they don’t go out of their way to sing all English language tunes. Yeah, no, they do. They do a really, really good job. Yeah. They have performed with Linda Ronstadt and Julio Iglesias. They performed with a number of other stars who were really famous in Mexico like Guadalupe Panetta, Anna Gabrielle and Lola Beltran. Okay, I don’t know these folks, but in Mexico, they were. They’re huge stars in Mexico. Okay. Um, so if you want to follow along with Hispanic Heritage Month, you can hashtag Hispanic Heritage Month pretty much anywhere on social medias and you’ll see a lot of a lot of cool stuff. But Disney also recommends hashtagging hashtag Disney familia. And you’ll see a lot of a lot of stuff about hispanic heritage.

Kelli  32:48 
Oh, that’s fun.

Chris  32:50 
So also go to the Disney Parks blog. That’s where a lot of the information that I got for this came from. There’s a great little write up but also a video there. Explaining how Mariachi Cobre came to be. It shows the kids standing on the on the stairwell going in and out of Disney’s plane. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, really, really cool. So also hashtag Disney magic moments, you will see, if you look through the list of all the Disney magic moments that Disney has put out, especially during pandemic, yeah, you’ll see a couple of videos of like zoom performances of Mariachi Cobre playing songs together during pandemic over zoom. So that’s a really, really cool thing that they are being highlighted this month and, and it’s absolutely deserving. They’re, they’re incredible. They’re fun. They’re energetic, whether they’re in a tight group performing in Mexico, or even on the big stage at American gardens theater. They just exude energy when they’re playing.

Kelli  33:58 
They really on that stage. I mean, their instruments are pretty massive. Yeah, right. That guitaron is huge. Huge. Yeah, but they really they do a great job.

Chris  34:09 
Yeah, I love them. Yeah, I love seeing them on that stage. When we were there. They’re there. They just you walk up on them. You hear them and they just you

Kelli  34:17 
Smile. Yeah. Can’t help it. Yeah, you smile. Absolutely. So are they normally inside Mexico?

Chris  34:23 
Most of the time when I’ve seen them it’s been outside Mexico. Usually. right past the restaurants there on the right,

Kelli  34:31 
I suppose. Yeah. I can’t imagine them being inside that little building.

Chris  34:35 
I don’t know if you remember the last time we were there. I like ran off from you because I thought I heard them performing. And I ran off like you. You started to get one of those. Those Margaritas.

Kelli  34:46 
No. shocker.

Chris  34:48 
I know. I said okay, you go get that. I hear. I hear Mariachi Cobre. I ran off to go see them. And it was so sad because I walked around the corner and it was just the music that was playing over the loudspeaker. They weren’t really playing and then I talked to the lady that was running the restaurant there.

Kelli  35:04 
Of course you talked to her. Very, very on brand for you.

Chris  35:09 
Yeah, so Mariachi Cobre, right if you get a chance to see them, don’t waste it. Don’t just walk past it. Stop and watch it. Great.

Kelli  35:16 
I absolutely agree with that. Well done. Yeah. Excellent world showcase.

Chris  35:23 
Okay, so that’s our show for this week. I hope you liked it. If you didn’t though, go on to Yeah. On to iTunes and leave us a rating and say, here’s what you need to change. Hopefully we did that for you in season two.

Kelli  35:36 
While you’re there, go ahead and subscribe. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’re gonna have a bonus video on the best vegan foods at Walt Disney World. And look, even if vegan is not your thing. Check it out, because I think you’ll be surprised.

Chris  35:58 
That’s right. I’m sure I would have to be surprised. Go to Check that out. Go to our YouTube channel, supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Join us for the conversation on Instagram and Twitter. Our handles are SCFADP. The more out there the merrier.

Kelli  36:16 
Yes, we’d love to hear from you.

Chris  36:18 
Yep. And so with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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