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Blizzard Beach

Disney News (1/30) – The Blizzard Beach Story, and La Creperie de Paris

Episode 11

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Blizzard Beach

In this week’s show, Chris takes us behind the scenes to Blizzard Beach where we learn the history, the rides, and the story behind this snowy water park! Kelli takes us back to La Creperie de Paris to talk about the amazing food and how the sit-down restaurant is different than the walk-up menu (and worth every bite)!

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Show Notes:

Chris and Kelli discuss various Disney-related topics, including their podcast, updates from Disney parks, and dining experiences. They express frustration with the anticipation of riding refurbished rides and share their thoughts on the Mickey pantsuit controversy. They also discuss their experiences at Disney World dining establishments, highlighting the unique and delicious crepes they enjoyed. Overall, the conversation covers a range of topics related to Disney and its parks, with a focus on preparation and planning for a day at the park.


Disney podcast, news, and updates.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney-related topics and share personal experiences.
  • They worry about a toddler’s lack of underwear at Disneyland and the potential for mooning others.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Jesse’s Trading Post coming to Hollywood Studios, and Imagineer Zack Ridley sharing the installation of the star blaster spaceship in front of Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic rewind.
  • Disney College Program is recruiting through early 2023, and Imagineering is designing a club 33 style space for magic keyholders at Disneyland.

Disney updates, including refurbishments and new signage.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss the Galactic Starcruiser, a new immersive Star Wars experience at Walt Disney World, including its unique features and perks.
  • The Galactic Starcruiser will offer complimentary lightning lane access to Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance for guests staying on the ship.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Tom Sawyer Island updates and Matterhorn Bobsleds refurbishment.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Splash Mountain’s refurbishment and reopening on March 8th, with Kelli expressing concern about the ride’s previous issues.
  • The purple and red signage on Walt Disney World property is being updated to blue and yellow, causing excitement and nostalgia among fans.

Mickey Mouse’s pantsuit, snowstorm at Blizzard Beach.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss Mickey Mouse’s pantsuit controversy, with Kelli in favor of it.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss a severe snowstorm and Blizzard Beach, with Kelli mentioning house pants and taking off the “proverbial bra.”

Blizzard Beach water park at Disney World, including attractions and tips.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss Blizzard Beach water park at Walt Disney World.
  • Ski resort becomes waterpark with downhill waterslides and lazy river.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Blizzard Beach, a water park at Disney World, with Chris sharing insights from Corey Martin, a lifeguard who worked there.
  • Corey provides details on the park’s attractions, including Summit Plummet, a 120-foot tall freefall slide that reaches speeds of 60 miles per hour.

Water parks at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss water slides, tubing, and toboggan rides at a theme park.
  • Chris highlights Blizzard Beach’s unique features, including a chairlift and lazy river.

French cuisine at a restaurant in Epcot.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss L’Artisan des Galets, a table-service restaurant in the France pavilion at Epcot, featuring savory and sweet crepes inspired by the Brittany region of France.
  • The menu includes appetizers such as soup du jour and mixed green salad, as well as a prefix menu with a choice of soup, salad, galet, and dessert crepe for $14 at breakfast, $33 at lunch and dinner.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss savory crepes at a restaurant, highlighting their favorite options (buckwheat with cheese, goat cheese and spinach, ratatouille, and raclette cheese with onions).
  • Kelli enjoys the crepes with a mimosa, while Chris suggests making a buckwheat crepe for breakfast every morning.

Crepes at a French bakery in Disney World.

  • Chris and Kelli order desserts at a crepe restaurant, including ice cream and whipped cream add-ons.
  • They discuss the menu options, including hard ciders, wines, and soft drinks.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss the menu at a crepe stand, highlighting the imported crepes from Paris and the affordable prices.
  • They advise against ordering soft serve ice cream at the walk-up window, suggesting it’s better to go to the glass AES place for that.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss Disney’s Genie Plus service and its benefits.

La Creperie de Paris:

Episode Transcript:

Chris 0:27
Welcome aboard Disney fam. Hello out there Disney family. My name is Chris.

Kelli 0:36
And I’m Kelly.

Chris 0:36
Welcome to this week’s episode of our podcast.

Kelli 0:42
You seem to be in a weird place where there’s

Chris 0:44
a lot of weird place. A lot of issues going on here. In our family everybody hears punchy so just you know buckle in. Gosh, you are not.

Kelli 0:55
You’re punchy. You’ve been punchy all day.

Chris 0:59
We’re going with our Grow goo hanging on for dear life.

Kelli 1:03

Chris 1:04
these are the air quote ears. Yeah,

Kelli 1:06
this these are the ears that I was wearing in the picture that I posted on Instagram this week where it looks like grow goo is totally creeping on

Chris 1:11
us as it looks like any shocked by what he says. Yeah,

Kelli 1:14
I mean, very interesting set of ears in quotes. But what a headband it’s a headband with a gray goo on top of it and like a little blue frog next to it.

Chris 1:23
Yeah, I’m worried that the Blue Frog is what he eats. I

Kelli 1:26
don’t know really what that’s supposed to be but my bigger my bigger concern is that he’s like bent over.

Chris 1:31
You’re very worried. He has no underwear on there is there has never been a person ever. It’s not wearing underwear. It worries more about like stuffed animal type things and whether or not they’re wearing proper underwear. Don’t you worry more about if

Kelli 1:51
it’s real life, then they need to be wearing underwear and if he’s been over like that and his little dress, it really needs something on underneath

Chris 1:57
the entire time. He wore it around the parks and he were so

Kelli 2:01
trying to tuck his little dress down. Moon and everybody IRS caused me a lot of grief. I was so worried about him mooning everybody whose little dress

Chris 2:17
you know what? I’m not worried about people who listen to the podcast. I worry about losing them all sometimes. But that’s not happening. In fact, what’s happening is more and more new cities. We’ve seen Huntsville Alabama, recently, home of the US Space and Rocket Center. Did you know that? I don’t think so. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Kelli 2:39
That’s cool. Yeah,

Chris 2:40
I thought you’d be much more interested in that. But we still love you. I love you. Huntsville, Alabama. Sydney, Ohio, just north of Dayton, Ohio. Okay, and Western Western Ohio area there. Nashville, Michigan. Ah township of 700 folks that are west of Lansing 717 100 Folks, okay, west of Lansing, Michigan for them. And I am so sorry for the people that live in this town in Switzerland. Because you’re about to slaughter. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be a rough. It’s gonna be a roller coaster ride, I think. Okay, let’s hear it. I’m tearing stringent. Yeah, thank you slaughters that unteren shinjin. I don’t think that Switzerland anywhere close this. Just basically just think of this as a neighborhood in Zurich, because that’s basically what this little town was. And they downloaded our podcast. Plastic.

Kelli 3:31
Welcome, Switzerland. I mean, we’re basically the Switzerland of podcasts. Right. We

Chris 3:35
are huge insert. So there you go. Check out Main Street. Yes. All right. So we talked I think last week that Jesse’s trading post is coming to Hollywood Studios. Toy Story land, you know, that little store right? When you come out of Toy Story mania, there’s a little story store they’re like before you actually get out in the opening, right? They we’ve gone in there to look at lounge flyers and things like that. Okay, that’s going to be Jesse’s trading post. Oh, okay. They’re totally redoing that it’s currently called a lightly you know, lightly Toy Story themed

Kelli 4:12
store. Got to be seriously Toy Story Jesse’s about to get her do

Chris 4:18
in store for him. I

Kelli 4:19
can happen man.

Chris 4:22
Everybody’s favorite Imagineer Zack Ridley shared the installation of the star blaster spaceship in front of Guardians of the Galaxy cosmic rewind. All that Yep. It is not officially done but to the you know, to the passing i It’s basically done. The whole starship is out there. Star blaster right. It’s very cool. Yeah, very excited about that. Right. It’s gonna be quite the thing. I think. The Disney College Program is now recruiting through early 2023. So hey, still hope for me.

Kelli 4:51
Maybe you’re not in college.

Chris 4:58
Imagineering is assigning a club 33 You know, club 33 is it’s like, Oh, you silly little DVC people. Yeah, yeah, they’re designing a club 33 style space for magic keyholders at Disneyland so this is cool. Right? So basically, those are the Annual Pass holders for Disneyland right? Yeah. So they’ll have a special little lounge that I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome. Some of the Disney Meet and Greet locations that have been added to Genie plus lightning Lane we talked about you said that was coming that was coming. All credit to Scott Gustin for actually saying that that was probably around the horizon if you don’t follow him, but you’d love Disney. On Twitter. Follow him. He’s great. But lightning lane, Genie plus lightning Lane has been added for Cindy at Princess fairytale Hall. Tiana Mickey at Town Square theater in Magic Kingdom and old office celebrity spotlight at Hollywood Studios.

Kelli 5:57
I mean, these are still socially distance, right? I mean, so.

Chris 6:02
Yes. Oh, yeah. I mean, with the character. Yeah, you’re

Kelli 6:04
still socially distance. Okay, because I’m surprised they can get into their hotel Hall. That’s not a huge Well,

Chris 6:09
there’s no, there’s normally four princesses in there. But I think right now there’s only two. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Cindy, and Tiana, I think are the only ones in there right now. Yeah, that’s where Elena was. Yep. And Rapunzel. Yeah. Yeah. A lot

Kelli 6:23
of hair a lot of hair hair on her.

Chris 6:27
She’s known for that. Yeah. Some galactic star cruiser news. So people have started noticing Well, a they started doing test flights. Because the star cruiser write test strips on the Gold Star Wars galactic star cruise. Fairly immersive experience. But people have seen these buses that have been running routes between galactic star archers cruiser and Disney Springs. Because so it begs the question. Well, once you’re inside the galactic starcruiser you’re supposed to be like inside this Star Wars bubble. Right? Right. totally immersive to go down. The only only place you lead to is this special entrance into batsu. Right, right. Well, people didn’t do like, are we gonna be able to like leave the galactic starcruiser you’re supposed to be in space and all this? No, if you get there early, you’re only supposed to be able to embark between one and four. It’s like a cruise ship. Right? And so if you get there early, these buses will take you to Disney Springs so that you can kill a few hours at Disney Springs during the day and then come back between one and four. Oh, that’s interesting. Yeah. Okay. But I mean, they’ve got they’ve got their own parking so in their own drop off and pickup spot at Disney Springs, just like the other resorts do. Okay, interesting. Yep. Josh DeMarco, the president of Parks was one of the testers Of course he got to be first. And this is I think this is the least they could do honestly, but I didn’t really think about it till I read it. They get anybody that is in the galactic starcruiser and they’re in bed to for that that day. They get complimentary lightning lane to Smugglers Run and rise of

Kelli 8:13
the resistance. Well, goodness for the amount that you’re paying out your pay. Honestly, if you didn’t get if you pay him that much and you didn’t get on those two rides. I mean, gotta be kidding me. Right. Exactly.

Chris 8:26
I think this little change is long paths to the cave signage and raft names had been removed for engine Joe on the Tom Sawyer Island attraction at the parks.

Kelli 8:41
forget that it’s there. No, I don’t really even consider it a thing. There’s a cave and an engine well,

Chris 8:48
so even when you’re on the riverboat, you know, the large river boat you’re going around, you know, part of you see parts of Tom saw your island there.

Kelli 8:57
That’s like a tree house type thing. Like kids play on it. Walk across halfway.

Chris 9:02
Like some barrel bridges and things cheap see into and such maybe, you know, but obviously we don’t go over time. So you’re, hey, this is an opportunity for the listeners to tell us all about Tom Sawyer Island. Maybe not tomorrow and one day that’s interesting, but the I think in Jinjo is a good a good decision to take away. You have to

Kelli 9:24
take a little raft of Tom Sawyer island right. Now we’ve never done that. I was thinking about the Swiss Family Robinson was family Robins. That’s what I was thinking about. And I’ve never counted Tom Sawyer saw your island. Yeah. Okay, that’s interesting. Yeah, that’s

Chris 9:39
an engine Joe. Let’s take that name, boy, whatever.

Kelli 9:41
I didn’t even know this place existed. So but definitely good updates.

Chris 9:49
So a few weeks back, we talked about how they added they created to early closing days for Magic Kingdom this year, because they will wanted to do their cast number celebration for both 2020 and 2021 this year where they they cast members into the park and they do awards and all that well the one on 20 January 25 got canceled due to bad weather oh so poor for them I mean they’re gonna do another one on February the eighth and I think it’s all the same cast members. Okay. I don’t think they were splitting the cast members half and half or anything so I think they still get their day in the park but kind of a bummer. Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Kelli 10:34
Oh gosh, they’re burning it

Chris 10:37
is getting a short refurb on February the 28th. Now, there have been times in Disney history times times. There have been times in Disney history where they said something was going on refurb and then that Joker just never opened up again. Let’s have I think we can all hope and pray that that’s what happens to this ride.

Kelli 10:59
That that torture chamber that goes down the mountain Yes. Is they can’t fix it.

Chris 11:06
They see the most horrific refurb this thing enough.

Kelli 11:09
I will never I will never come anywhere near it again. And there was over an hour wait. Oh, to be tortured for I’ll never be the same again. Yeah, I know. You had to go get your hip fix.

Chris 11:22
It’s still it’s still not quite right. I’m getting sweaty. You’re talking about it right now. Cannot believe that I waited 46 years to just the anticipation of riding this thing and then it just about killed me. Yeah, it wasn’t good. Um, so Splash Mountain on non Princess Tiana Splash Mountain opens after its refurb on March the eighth. So you know, I guess that’s and still no word on what they did in that reefer. No, just I mean that they all I read was that this was like pressure washing and some mechanical updates and things like that.

Kelli 12:05
Take it down man. It needs to be Tiana.

Chris 12:07
Let’s go ahead and do the work do the work do the work. Um so you might have seen that the you know, when you get when you’re driving around inside Walt Disney World property the 46 square miles all the street signs are purple and red. They you know, it’s clear sign you’re inside Disney property deal. They have updated the sign or they are updating the signage. Now it’s going to be like blue and yellow. People are getting and people are losing their minds. It’s like the noodles and Ohan it is like the noodles that Ohana there are T shirts. There I sell T shirts that are being made now with the purple signage. I mean, well, they needed to update the signage anyway because they got galactic starcruiser now is being added to the signs where it’s needed. Right. But I mean, I mean, I like the purple and the red too. But you know, this will grow on me, I’m

Kelli 12:58
sure. Yeah, I don’t it’s still not green. Right. You still know you’re inside Disney prop. Right? Right. I don’t get the obsession with the purple in the red. Um,

Chris 13:06
Hong Kong Disneyland extends its COVID closer to mid February. The phantasmic pool is been really free field. Okay, so that’s we’re hopeful. That’s

Kelli 13:19

Chris 13:21
okay. I mean, yeah, I guess. Okay. Festival fantasy parade coming back on March the ninth. That’s the one with the big dragon, right. Yes. Sometimes catches on fire. When he’s not just shooting fire. Yep. And we’d love to get your quick thoughts on The Mickey pantsuit controversy.

Kelli 13:38
Well, you know, I’m for it. I mean, I am pantsuit nation. 100%. So, I am for it. pantsuit nation, I see me make the mini pantsuit comp controversy.

Chris 13:51
I actually what I meant was controversy and air quotes as to what I had it but

Kelli 13:55
many not Mickey Did you say Mickey? Minnie

Chris 13:57
Minnie? Minnie it is also Oh, I haven’t written Mickey here. Yeah, now it’s many, many is in the pants. It’s also a mini controversy right now. It’s

Kelli 14:06
not a big controversy. I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want many to have a pantsuit. I mean, I hope she’s also got like a bathing suit, and some shorts and some flip flops. Like she doesn’t always walk around in a short dress with heels. That’s not normal. She’s not Barbie. Who does that? Barbie don’t even do that though. That’s why I’m saying Barbie has a whole wardrobe. I mean, we all need to accept the fact man he’s probably got some jeans Lapeyre khaki shorts that she goes camping in. She’s not wearing a skirt everywhere. That is just not logistically sound. I mean, I’m just saying anybody that thinks meanie should wear a skirt everywhere she goes. I’m just saying that’s very sexist view. To me, not just anybody to force many into a skirt everywhere she goes it has been

Chris 14:57
hoisted upon her for 80 years now.

Kelli 14:59
Well it’s not comfortable. Let the woman wear some shorts and pants jeans. Swimsuits and flip flops bedroom shoes.

Chris 15:08
Caught in a second he just left this one out. But I thought you know what, let’s let’s just

Kelli 15:14
I mean I hope she’s got some house pants just love this one out there. She’s got some house payments when she goes home she takes it she just lounge it for herself a glass

Chris 15:25
of red and many don’t have boobs though. Does she? You know, honest to God, I

Kelli 15:31
think she does. I don’t think videos booze but whatever. The proverbial bra. Hope she takes off the proverbial bra. Just and she’s not constricted. And she puts on some house pants and just lays down.

Chris 15:46
Just I’m letting you go. Just letting you go.

Kelli 15:50
That’s my wish for many.

Chris 15:51
Okay. You ready for Tomorrowland? Absolutely. A weird turn. But I knew that I knew that whenever I put that out there I knew what was gonna happen right it’s you’ve met all of my expectations. So as you’ve probably heard the bomb cyclone or or nor Easter of epic proportions you said it’s even got a name? Was it New England? Yeah, no, it had a name with an H or some VISTA with a K I don’t remember. It dropped 20 plus inches of snow on New York and Boston I don’t think it’s Kevin

Kelli 16:36
is definitely a K

Chris 16:42
dropped a lot of snow on

Kelli 16:44
like two years. Yes, they got pounded.

Chris 16:48
And naturally the very first thing that came to my mind was Blizzard beach right? Naturally if How did that not come to the average? It’s a perfect segue so it is so I and then it struck me did Blizzard Beach is almost 30 years old now. Wow. I know it’s like 26 years old she and I have never been to Blizzard beach I had been to Typhoon Lagoon dozen times. It’s Blizzard beach open. It’s not open right now but I think it’s supposed to reopen again and it’s been down for like year No, no, it was open until January they shut it down the same day they opened up tight Typhoon Lagoon was getting refurb and then they shut Blizzard reach down to do reefer which one has like the big boat that says Typhoon Lagoon. Okay, this one? Yes. When you? Yeah, we went to that one together at Blizzard beach. I’ve never done you’ve never

Kelli 17:40
done that. No, no. I feel like it’s always closed. It’s not always closed. Okay, maybe it’s closed when we go because we don’t normally go in peak season. Yes,

Chris 17:48
that’s fair. Yeah. Um, so this so that’s what I decided to do. So to talk about since I’m Tomorrowland, I’ve never done Blizzard be Yeah. And I would love to hear from anybody out there who has done Blizzard beach. But here’s a little bit about blue beach. Okay, cool. Cuz, you know, everything’s got a story. Absolutely. It’s got a theme, right? Yeah, so Disney’s This was the third theme park at Walt Disney World that was open on April 1 seems like an odd day to open up anything. 1995 See, I know. It was the third park behind River Country. You remember River Country? Yeah, but you’ve talked about it before. I can’t believe River Country didn’t officially close until 22,005. If you had told me it closed in 1983. I believed every minute of it. And then Typhoon Lagoon and that’s the only one I’ve actually been to. In 2008 Blizzard Beach was the second most visited waterpark in the world at 1.9 million visitors placing it just behind Typhoon Lagoon. Disney was bringing some waterpark people

Kelli 18:50
are just hot. Florida is hot. But

Chris 18:53
they’ve also got a plethora of waterparks. Yeah. So here’s the legend of Blizzard beach. It was a meteorological phenomenon of the strangest order one balmy day a freak winter storm developed over the western end of the Walt Disney World Resort and covered the area in a thick blanket of powdery white snow. Before you could say quote, hot cocoa. plans were underway for Florida’s first ski resort. ski lifts were put up toboggan runs were laid down, and an entire resort area blossomed around a mountain of snow. But before the first gear could strap on a pair of boots and stick poles into the snow the temperatures returned to their normal Florida levels, and the powdery snow quickly turned to Slippery slush. The ski resort operators saw their dream melting down the hillside. But that’s not all they saw. As the slush began cascading down, and pools of water began to form an echoing Yahoo was heard from the summit of the mountain. Everyone looked up to see a playful alligator careening down the melting hillside. He slid to the base of the mountain and landed in a pool of water with a thunderous splash they knew at once they were back in business slalom courses Bob slid And toboggan runs became downhill waterslides the slides that creek have melted snow that formed at the base of the mountain became a relaxing to bride. The chairlift carried swimmers instead of skiers the ski jump became the tallest, fastest waterslide in the world. The ski resort became known as Disney’s Blizzard beach, the most slushy, slippery, exhilarating waterpark anywhere and the ice skater is their mascot.

Kelli 20:26
That sounds fun. So then it’s mostly a lot of like, like downhill

Chris 20:31
downhill waterslides and things. Yep. Okay. Yep.

Kelli 20:35
They have like a lazy river because that’s always my favorite. They do. They

Chris 20:39
do. I’m gonna talk about I’m gonna try to hit all the attractions. But despite all of that cold and slushy description, they keep the water at 80 degrees Fahrenheit so I got a lot of this information. I use multiple sources, but I got a lot of information from a guy named Corey Martin who works for WWE who worked at Blizzard beach as a lifeguard. Oh, wow. So lots of really good little tidbits from Corey that will scattered throughout everything I talked about here. He does have comment on Blizzard beach versus Typhoon Lagoon. The Disney World pools stay busy all summer long and you think about I mean they’ve got pools that every resort and everything Yeah. And the waterpark stay even busier of the two waterparks Blizzard Beach is usually the most crowded because it’s the newest and has better slides. Typhoon Lagoon has awesome theming Yes, a great wave pool and a shark reef. But Blizzard Beach has real thrill rides making it one of the top water parks. When you’re on the speed slides he says the wait times for summit plummet and Slusher gusher really depend on how prepared people are in front of you. Here’s a real scenario that happened. picture someone hesitating at the top of Summit plummet because they’re scared of heights and just realize that they are I level with Tower of Terror. The wind is blowing and the slide is too steep, so steep, they can’t even see in front of them. They decided to go down two minutes later after heavy convincing from a riot operator and impatient guests waiting behind them. When they get to the bottom of the slide. They spent another two minutes trying to find their sunglasses chapstick for $1 bills, five quarters and a wet Blizzard beach map and the shoes they were holding. Gosh, this goes on all day long. So be prepared and don’t carry everything to the top if that’s where you want to go.

Kelli 22:25
Oh wow.

Chris 22:26
So let’s see how many of these attractions we can hit because there are a ton of them. Okay, first off, you got Mount Rushmore now that’s not really a ride that’s just a 90 foot high centerpiece, the weenie at the park which supports the launching pad for the most popular at least the most discussed attraction summit plummet. Summit plummet. Looks like a ski jump. Okay, off the very top of the mountain, okay. It’s one of the world’s tallest and fastest freefalling slides 120 feet tall, 13 storeys high, you will reach speeds of 60 miles per hour.

Kelli 22:58
Oh me,

Chris 22:59
Cory says For the ladies to please wear a one piece because you are likely to get to the bottom before your top does.

Kelli 23:04
Oh, excuse me. There are Slusher gusher I would think Corey wouldn’t want them to where

Chris 23:11
he’s being gentlemanly. Okay, it’s been shoveling Slusher Gusher. These are twin slides that can get you up to 50 miles per hour. They have two humps are quote muggles, and typically you’re gonna catch air on the second one. Wow, it’s cool. The downhill double dipper affectionately, affectionately known as Triple D 250. Foot downhill slides. 25 mph is reached on an inner tube. You literally race the person beside you. Oh, there was a time when they tried allowed for doubled innertubes to go down. But when people started soaring across the water at the bottom at 20 miles per hour and slamming into the catching net. Yeah, they made a change.

Team boat springs, this is a 1200 foot water rapid style ride, the whole family can get into a huge raft. Yeah, you’ve got runoff rapids. This is a tube ride consisting of three different twisting and turning 600 foot slides to choose from, to open tubes that allow for double inner tubes to go down. But then there’s one enclosed slide that’s like the waterslide version of Space Mountain and is absolutely a must do. These are the only slides yet you’d have to carry your own tube up. You’ve got snow Stormers, you lay on a toboggan mat and face first while you go down one of three 350 foot long twisting turning flume rides. Wow. Yeah. And it looks like it looks like you’re coming down the side of a hill Yes. snowy mountain side. Toboggan racers, this is an eight eight lanes you go down headfirst to under 50 feet with fun dips and humps along along the way. Hit first head first. So you’re on your stomach head for on a toboggan and you just going down like you know hills. There’s a ski patrol training camp. This is a pre seating area that’s got all sorts of other little small slides and a little pool with like little floating icebergs that the kids can find. Pictures. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool little area, all self contained so the parents can kind of see the what the kids are doing all in one spot. You got tykes peak, which is reserved truly for just a little tiny kids. You’ve got cross country Creek. That’s the lazy river 3000 feet and circling the whole park. Nice. That’s my spot. Yeah, that’s us for a year ago. That’s where I’d be the whole time. meltaway day a one acre pool nestled against the base of the Mount Rushmore. Gentle wave, actually, but nothing like an actual wave. That’s what I like. Yeah. And then what I think is really cool is the chairlift this thing actually comes with a chairlift like you might see at a ski resort, they can carry you to the top of the mountain, you can also stand in line and wait. Long lines for the chairlift. The waterparks are about are $73.49 after tax.

Kelli 25:57
It’s about half the price of the same part. Yeah, I think that’s probably about right. Okay. Yeah. And they’re not included, usually in like copper passes.

Chris 26:05
You can you can buy a part copper that includes the right waterparks but otherwise now, right? Yeah. So hey, listen, if you have been to Blizzard Beach, let us know what your favorite thing was. If you’ve done both it and Typhoon Lagoon. Yeah. What were what is your favorite and favorites, right? Yeah. Love to hear from you. That’s cool. You know what else I’d like to hear me? Yes.

Kelli 26:27
So I’m gonna take us to luck CREP array day. So this is fun. So they launched their menu back in August of last year. And it’s been on my potential World Showcase list since then. Okay, we honestly just stumbled in there on our last trip, like almost literally, and I fell in love. So I’m gonna go through the menu, and we’ll talk about sort of what we liked. And then I’m also going to tell you the difference between it and the window outside. Okay, so here’s what we noticed is the window that you can walk up to the side of Lecrae was wrapped around the building, it was insanely

Chris 27:06
countersue service and a sit down service. And so we just

Kelli 27:09
walked in and said, Hey, do you have any tables? And she’s like, Yeah, how about right here? It was wild. It was wide open. So but in any case, the menus are different. So we’re going to talk a little bit about it. Okay, so first of all, look right at Paris is back in the new area, the French pavilion, you walk like you’re gonna go back to ratatouille. And then you go in there and eat. Okay. Look, Reparatur Paris features the cuisine of celebrity chef Jerome Bucha coos, the mastermind behind two beloved restaurants in the France pavilion, chefs de France and Montreal, Paul. Oh, the same sense

Chris 27:42
of Cheshire Paul is is still open, but apparently

Kelli 27:45
it is. Sit down to a relaxing meal in this table service restaurant serving up savory buckwheat galet I don’t know if that’s how you say it, but that’s what I’m going with, featuring ingredients like chicken, salmon, ham or vegetables along with various cheeses, or satisfy your sweet tooth with a crate featuring delectable options like fruit whipped cream, hazelnut chocolate spread or caramel burger. So leg. Treat your senses to savory gulets and sweet crepes at a restaurant inspired by the Britney region of France. Bon appetit. Yep. So you know, you can also hashtag to both you absolutely you don’t have to pick savory or sweet.

Chris 28:24
In fact, I know two people who did hashtag both.

Kelli 28:27
I don’t know why you would limit yourself like that which

Chris 28:29
you don’t get Okay.

Kelli 28:33
So let’s go through the video a little bit. First. They have two appetizers, the soup du jour. Why we only live to sell the soup du jour is 675. And then they have a mixed green salad, which is also 675. Now outside of that, they have a prefix menu.

Chris 28:53
Did we ask about what the soup was?

Kelli 28:55
I remember her telling me and I think it had meat or something in okay. They have a prefix menu. It’s $14 at breakfast $33 at lunch and dinner. And that gives you your choice of soup of the day or salad choice of one galet with a glass of hard cider soda or juice and a choice of one dessert crepe.

Chris 29:16
That’s a pretty good deal then.

Kelli 29:17
Oh yeah, no, that’s a good deal. So let’s go through some of these. The buckwheat crepes. All of these crepes are the savory ones, and they’re 1595 So first is the classic ham egg in Swiss cheese. Is that the one you got as well? What do you think about it?

Chris 29:35
I thought it was amazing. Your egg was like overeasy it was like an overeasy egg. But it was you know I don’t like people running I don’t yet the yolk was running by the White was not that’s the way I like it. So more sunny setup. Okay, right. And then it had Swiss cheese and it had like a very lean ham in there. And it was and it’s a big difference when The buckwheat craved the galette versus the sweet grape. Right? And it was so good.

Kelli 30:06
So the first thing that I will say about the crepes on the inside are that they the edges are folded over. This is a huge crate, it’s a huge crate picks up the plate, the edges are folded over to sort of turn it into a square, and you can see all the ingredients in the middle. So the biggest difference between that and the walk up window is one those crepes are smaller, but they’re also folded into a triangle so that you can walk with them. Okay. Okay. So, yeah, so inside there, these are big crepes and you can see the inside which is how you can see your sunny side up egg. Okay, the next one is Chevra, which is goat cheese, spinach and walnuts. That’s the one I got. It was magic. I loved it so much that with a mimosa is just heaven. If you would make that for me every morning for breakfast. I would be very happy honey.

Chris 30:58
Okay, that’s all it takes. Me hop up and make a buckwheat with some cheeses

Kelli 31:07
and a mimosa. Right. Don’t forget them. Okay, the third one is ratatouille. This is going to be tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant. They also have a Palais, which is chicken beychevelle cheese sauce and mushroom.

Chris 31:21
I almost went with that one because of the beychevelle Yes,

Kelli 31:24
I love bescherming man. You know what I’m saying? The

Chris 31:27
French really know their sauces

Kelli 31:29
do the lat The next one is Salomon. That is smoked salmon cream fresh chives and lemon.

Chris 31:39
Sounds good sounds DOJ does

Kelli 31:41
and then the several yard. I’m really trying y’all. This is raclette cheese caramelized onions bacon and imported by Yan ham.

Chris 31:51
Yeah. So I’m not big into onions. But this one was also I realize you only talked about like four or five and I’m this is the third one I

Kelli 32:00
series. There’s there’s six total on the savory, this raclette

Chris 32:03
cheese. You know that is? It’s a huge block of cheese. They just heat the open end of this huge cheese block. And then just slice that right off onto the Come on. Oh, gosh.

Kelli 32:19
Okay, so we each ordered one of these. All of those are 1595. So all the savory ones are 1595. You got the classic. I got the chevron we were just happy as as Lark. And then we split a dessert crate.

Chris 32:32
So all of the desserts are ageless steak.

Kelli 32:36
The certain grapes are $8.95 I think we split the gore mind which is hazelnut chocolate spread with whipped cream. You can get these ala mode your you can get ice cream sauce or whipped cream added on top of it for $2.95. Why wouldn’t you do that? And you do that? I mean, I asked the lady she said Do you want ice cream? And we were like Yes. Who says no. And she said Do you would be surprised

Chris 32:59
you all work great. We said yes. Do people say no? Who says no to that? It might be hard to again from the window you’re probably gonna tell us but it’s hard to walk around with a crepe and a ball of ice cream.

Kelli 33:11
But when you’re inside inside right now, this this this desert crepe was also a big huge square. Yes. Say yes. Okay, the next one is Melba. This is peach, a red berry sauce and almonds. Then you’ve got a poem A which is carmelized apples and caramel rescare. So Leigh, I’m trying I’m really trying

Chris 33:34
not so happy with this.

Kelli 33:36
Then you’ve got banana and the caramel brew year. And then you’ve got a puoi era which is pear chocolate ganache and whipped cream. All of these

Chris 33:50
things. Oh, that’s why I said we made a huge mistake to split one. It

Kelli 33:54
was good. It was fantastic. You can do an add on of whipped cream ice cream or sauce for 295 you can add a shot to a crate Graham on yay ROM or Calvados for $7. She

Chris 34:06
didn’t offer us that I saw that on the menu though.

Kelli 34:10
So for to drink. They’ve got hard ciders wines, Mimosa is Martini champagne, soft drinks and tea.

Chris 34:15
Right. So when they so people probably remember the Lecrae to Paris booth that was out in front of across from chefs to Paris. This is not that this

Kelli 34:26
is not that and those would still have been handheld.

Chris 34:31
stripped down experience it really is. Yes.

Kelli 34:33
So you can because you can see the inside of the crepes. If there’s something that adds to that experience was sitting down. It’s nice, but y’all these are crepes. So they also get to your table really quickly. Okay, so then let’s talk about what you get at the walk up window. So this walk up window is called crepes, import tear by law crip re de Paris. Okay. So these are all crepes imported. From the crib, right a Paris and it says these are snack size. These are all snack prices. Okay? You can get a savory cream of brie cheese. So one with like just Brie cheese. That’s that sounds good. That’s $9.95 So you can see there half the price of the ones on the inside. You can get beychevelle cheese and ham for 1095 That would be so so that’s essentially yours with beychevelle and no eggs take the egg out right because again it’s gotta be Yeah, you know, total ratatouille which is again tomato zucchini, eggplant 895. So again, half the price of the ratatouille on the inside. Well, that’s pretty good deal for a handheld thing. Yeah, a simple butter and sugar crepe for $5.95. I know I love butter sugar crepes. Then they have a red berries crate for $7.50 they have a housemade hazelnut and chocolate spread crate for 795. Again, these are all karibal Right so it looks like a little triangle. vanilla or chocolate ice cream crepe for 695. And then for some reason if you have completely lost your mind and forgotten where you are at, you can get soft serve ice cream and a waffle cone, chocolate vanilla or swirl for $6 Yeah, why would you order that? How would you do that here you need to go over to the glass AES place and get what they’ve got is ridiculous. This is do not order that here.

Chris 36:25
That is a massive mistake. Don’t come here and get anything of the one of these amazing trips yet and still at the

Kelli 36:30
window. You can get the hard ciders, the wines, they have several sparkling beverages under a section called sparklings and soft drinks. So we thought maybe it was the same.

Chris 36:42
Yeah, I thought that I didn’t understand why people wouldn’t be going inside. Right.

Kelli 36:47
So the crepes on the outside are half the cost. They are portable, portable, and they’re smaller.

Chris 36:54
Yep. So it makes makes good sense especially at the time we went it was like it was willing to have the authority for families also it was also harmonious harmonious let’s go get a crepe and find our spot to watch harmonious that’s what these people were doing. And they were they were right. Oh,

Kelli 37:10
they were late. They were like they were not gonna find a spot. That time. They weren’t late late comers, late comers.

Chris 37:19
They did not know what kind of spectacle they were part of. She’s right. Like crap repairs is awesome. It is. You know what else is awesome? This show? And if you think that too, you should go out to your friends and say hey, download this podcast Supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast and leave us a five star review wherever you

Kelli 37:45
listen. Absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit SCF That’s s for Super C for Cali F A French ballistic a for awesome D for Disney P for podcasts. I know that I promised the genie plus episode last week, but I’m actually going to do it this week. That’s cool. It’s for real.

Chris 38:03
And you should yeah. So Jeannie plus podcasts so that you know how to use that when you go there. It’s great. And follow us on all the socials at SEF ADP, we’re having a blast on Instagram. So we’d love to have you interact with us there. We love it. We love you. And with that we will see you real soon.

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