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15 best non-alcoholic beverages at disney

Disney News (3/20) – What Chris is looking forward to next week at Disney, and the 15 best non-alcoholic beverages at WDW

Episode 17

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15 best non-alcoholic beverages at disney
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On this week’s show, Chris tells us the 6 things he’s most excited to do on his Disney trip next week (that he’s never done before), and Kelli gets us in the spring/summer mood with the 15 best non-alcoholic drinks at Walt Disney World.

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Show Notes:

Chris and Kelli discuss updates and events in Disney parks, including news on downloads, LGBTQIA plus community’s walkouts, CEO Bob Chapek’s term, and more. They also share their plans for their upcoming Disney World adventure, including running routes, watching the flag or tree ceremony, and trying new foods at the Rose and Crown pub. Additionally, they discuss their preferences for various Disney World drinks, including milkshakes, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages.


Disney news, including LGBTQ+ walkouts and fireworks accident.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disney news and downloads from various locations, including Smithtown, NY, Berkeley, CA, and Moultonborough, NH, while also recognizing St. Patrick’s Day downloads from Limerick, Ireland.
  • Disney employees plan walkouts in response to Florida’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss updates at Disney parks, including a menu revamp at Backlot Express and the return of the Tumble Monkeys to the Festival of the Lion King.
  • The number of shows for the Lion King show is being reduced from 7 to 7 per day, then going back to 1 per day after May 21.

Disney-related news, including new Star Wars celebration, refurbishments, and LGBTQ+ representation in animation.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss upcoming races at Disney World, including a 10 miler through Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land.
  • DVC villas are coming to the Polynesian Resort, expected to open in late 2024, with concept art released.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss Disneyland’s Star Wars Celebration, Blue Bayou restaurant refurbishment, and vaccine passport requirement drop in Disneyland Paris.
  • Disney animators respond to “don’t say gay bill” in Florida by reinstating a same-sex couple kissing scene in the new Lightyear movie.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss things they’ve never done before on their next trip, including going for a jog around Coronado Springs Resort’s lake.
  • Chris finds out that many Disney resorts have paved jogging trails connecting multiple routes, including Animal Kingdom resorts to All Star Music resorts.

Running routes and hot air balloon ride at Disney Springs.

  • Kelli and Chris discuss various running routes around Disney resorts.
  • Chris and Kelli discuss doing new things at Disney Springs and Magic Kingdom, including a hot air balloon ride and a flag-raising ceremony.

Disney food and drinks, including recommendations.

  • Chris and Kelli discuss their grandmother’s love for British food at Epcot’s UK Pavilion.
  • Chris is planning his trip to Disney World, including dining at various restaurants.
  • Kelli is excited for Chris’s trip and shares her own spring-related thoughts.
  • Kelli discusses fun spring and summer drinks at Disney, starting with Love Foods Brew at Gaston’s Tavern.

Various Disney World drinks, including sweetness levels and ingredients.

  • Kelli tries frozen drinks at Skipper Canteen, finds some too sweet.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss various Disney drinks, including a peanut butter and jelly milkshake and blue milk from Galaxy’s Edge.

15 spring and summer drinks at Disney World.

  • Kelli discovers drinks with boba balls at Disney World.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss non-alcoholic drinks at Disneyland, including flavors and prices.
  • Kelli and Chris discuss 15 Spring and Summer beverages at Disneyland, including Pog juice.

Episode Transcript:

Chris 0:28
welcome aboard Disney fam. Welcome aboard in the Disney family. My name is Chris.

Kelli 0:37
And I’m Kelly.

Chris 0:37
Welcome to this week’s show. We’re excited for what we got today. And you’re wearing your classic many years.

Kelli 0:46
Our the flower I felt like they said spring like no other ear that I own. Wow. That’s yeah. And so sporting those today because I’ve got a springy summery topic. Well,

Chris 1:00
it’s awesome. Well, they look great. And guess what we had downloads this week where we had downloads from Smithtown, New York. This is right in the middle of Long Island on the north shore side. Okay, awesome. We love the good folks in Smithtown, New York. Sure. Berkeley, California. Oh, liberal hotbed that it is right there on the Bay Area in San Francisco. moultonborough New Hampshire. moultonborough moultonborough New Hampshire. 5000 wonderful folks right in the middle of New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Kelli 1:37

Chris 1:41
And this past week was St. Patrick’s Day. Yes. So I thought it was only right that Ireland we we recognized downloads from Limerick, Ireland. That’s fantastic. Standing along the river Shannon. And home to 13th century King John’s castle. Oh, that’s fantastic. So welcome. Oh, you find folks from Limerick, Ireland?

Kelli 2:05
Yes, that’s fantastic. Okay, well,

Chris 2:09
you want to go trot down Main Street. Let’s

Kelli 2:12
see what’s happening is hon. Yeah.

Chris 2:15
So general, Dizzy news. We’ve still got fallout from all of the don’t say gay. You know, we’re management. So there’s a new website, where he’s Claims do putting together claims to have been put together by Walt Disney company’s LGBTQIA plus community and their allies, the website is organizing a series of small walkouts leading to a larger walkout, I think on the 22nd Tuesday, it’s coming

Kelli 2:54
to us. Okay, so all the cast members that are part of the LGBTQ eye,

Chris 2:58
or allies, whatever, wow,

Kelli 3:01
they started just so he can really feel that, I

Chris 3:04
guess. Yeah, I saw a couple. I have not read the articles yet. But the, you know, awesome person to follow online is Scott Gustin. And he’s he has tweeted out a couple of articles that talk in great detail about capex, you know, term so far as CEO, and some of the things that might have been going on behind the scenes related to these bills in Florida. I saw an interesting article to this week where Gavin Newsom, governor of California, like, you know, they moved Imagineering out of California to Florida because of all the stuff around the pandemic. They didn’t like the way California was handling it. Yeah. Well, since this thing has come out, governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has also had some harsh words for Disney. So Gavin Newsom was like, our doors are open if you’d like to come back. So, Magic Kingdom news. The fireworks at the end of the night caused a small fire inside fantasyland. Right where the little rock work and faux foliage above under the sea journey of Little Mermaid okay. But no, no worries, not a lot of major damage done and they had the fire out pretty quickly. While Disney World railroad testing has begun after a long series of train refurbs and adjustments to the track in preparation for Tron. But they’ve started testing the railroad Disney World, which is great. Speaking of testing Tron ride vehicles were spotted having their push pull testing done fun is very exciting. Some Epcot news Imagineers have confirmed that guardians of Galaxy cosmic rewind will contain a number of universe of energy easter eggs. Okay, so that’s fun for people like me. Connections Cafe This is the II. This is the soon to be cafe across the breezeway from the new connections sharp. Their signage has started going up so you can actually see connections Cafe signage in the park. Zack really posted some concept art this week showing what we can expect when it opens. So just sort of a artistic view of what that cafe is going to look like. And, of course, it looks really cool. This looks very well lit, maybe even open air, which is cool. Excuse me. backlot Express at Hollywood Studios is getting a menu revamp. Starting on March the 29th. They’re going to get a new Cuban sandwich like a pressed Cuban which is really good. Ice. This is mine that they smoke. smoked barbecue pulled pork burger. This is an actual burger with pulled pork on top of it. Yum. A teriyaki tofu bowl and a Southwest chicken salad. They actually cut it a chicken southwest salad. I don’t think that sounds right.

Kelli 6:01
Yeah, it doesn’t. Have we were if we eat it. We

Chris 6:05
have We went there and got all their Christmas desserts. One time they had the red velvet cake would be nice. Okay. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. I remember Christmas tree cupcake. Yes,

Kelli 6:15
I remember. Yeah. Yes.

Chris 6:17
So if they’re near Indiana Jones Show Okay. at Animal Kingdom, the tumble monkeys are coming back to the festival. The Lion King show this summer saw that

Kelli 6:27
little video them dipping their hands in the shock. Yeah, exactly.

Chris 6:33
So that show, I feel like they’re getting ready to turn it back into its original. Sounds like to take the celebration off, right. But they are actually reducing slightly reducing the number of shows between now and the end of May. From like seven from a today to seven a day. Yeah. And then they’re gonna go back to a day after May 21. For Memorial Day weekend. May 21. I mean, so I don’t know. I’m just ready for it to go back to its full glory.

Kelli 7:04
I didn’t realize they were doing eight a day. God bless those cast members. I

Chris 7:08
know those monkeys man’s a lot of time. fossa.

Kelli 7:13
I mean, just to be on like that for eight shows a day wears you out? Just thinking about that honestly, makes me want to take just one second that that sounds exhausting.

Chris 7:28
Yeah, well. They’re performers man. Yeah. And recently they were also looking for more aerial performers like the folks that fly around on the ropes. But not some run Disney news, the which means a lot to us now because we’re officially runners. That’s right. We are all tongue in cheek in that race, by the way. But the course mats were released for the springtime surprise races, which include a 5k 10k and 10 miler at least maybe more, I don’t know. But the 10 miler will run through galaxies edge and Toy Story land, which I guess is a first which is really cool. I looked at the Course Maps for the races. I just was further inspired to keep up this effort because they really spend a lot of time inside the

Kelli 8:17
parks. They do. And that’s the cool part of it. Right? You get to run through the park. I

Chris 8:20
think the cool part. I mean, if you’re a runner, and we’ve got we’ve got definitely runners that listen to the show, let us know is that the cool cool part right? So but but I was really like pleased the course maps that I saw it looked really cool. I’m jealous that I’m going to be coming and going a week before the actual races. So DVC Disney Vacation Club announced that they will be building DVC villas at the Polynesian expected to open in late 2024. And they released some concept art for that. Super excited for that. That’s our our home resort. But Polly needed something other than just the deluxe studios or the on the water bungalows.

Kelli 9:08
They did because we love that as our home resort, but the villas we love saying a boardwalk because of the villas. Yes. So one bedroom villa just makes everything so much better. It really

Chris 9:20
does. And so if anyone’s listening to us right now, make the one bedroom villas at Paoli. Exactly like the ones that boardwalk because those are the best. We love that. They’re the best. The beds are nice. They’ve got ceiling fans. It’s really nice. Victoria and Albert’s is set to reopen later this year. Oh, Vicki now, Vicki now bringing it back. Okay. Still no word on the hoop dee doo musical review though. Yeah. Okay. We really want that to come back. Yeah. So that’s

Kelli 9:50
one of those whole, like, you know, family style at the table people sharing bowls and what have you. Yes,

Chris 9:57
that’s true. All right. I guess that’s a good point. Yeah. Disneyland new Star Wars Celebration returns to Anaheim this year, it’ll be May 26 through 29th. Tickets go on sale to the general public. They actually started this past on the 15th. This past week, selling tickets to general public. It’s been three years since this happened. And then I mean, I can just imagine what the Anaheim Convention Center looks like. Oh, sure. Star Wars. Memorial

Kelli 10:23
Day weekend. 2016 20. Now it might be it’s close. It’s

Chris 10:27
very close. Yeah, close. The Blue Bayou restaurant at Disneyland is set for a refurb starting April 21. No, not sure. You know, this is right in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean refurb. I don’t know if it’s just related to that or if it’s getting its own thing. But nevertheless, you will be the reservations for a minute. Yep. Disneyland Paris is dropping their vaccine passport requirement. Okay, this is interesting. Paris must be doing great sounds like they are and the h2o Glow knights are returning this year to Typhoon Lagoon. This is a three hour after park close event. I read some review this is they try to it’s a Pixar themed Toy Story themed. And they try to you know, a lot of neon lights, a lot of neon dress up and everything. But the reviews I saw, I think the last time they did it was 2018 or 19. reviews I saw was the as as an as a glow night. Not well executed, but very glowy enough, not not what they described it to be. But the reviews said that they would absolutely do it again, because it’s really cool to be in Typhoon Lagoon at night when nobody else is there because it’s very, like not a lot of people in the shirt in that park.

Kelli 11:43
Yeah, I guess that. I could see how that’d be cool night swimming. It’s cool. Just nice.

Chris 11:46
I mean, it’s cool. Yes, we all love it. Yeah. The eight year old kidness love it. Yeah. So as you know, speaking about this, don’t say gay bill. Some folks that work in Disney Animation and Pixar have said that, in the past, Disney has pressured the animators to to edit out actual scenes of same sex couples kissing or anything like that. As a result, there was a scene in the new lightyear movie that’s coming out about Buzz Lightyear that had same sex couple kissing that had been removed, and has been re added as a response to the don’t say gay bill in Florida, which is really cool. Awesome. It’s a character called Hawthorne. She’s obviously very cool. Okay, so well. And so now I think it’s time for me to Marlene. Marlene,

Kelli 12:38
let’s have it. Go. Take it over. I’m not I didn’t say anything.

Chris 12:46
I don’t know how many of these I’ve got. But it’s titled previewing the five things on my next trip that I’ve never done I think actually do have six number don’t know. Well, so last week, I listed things that I have done before that I have not done enough in my life and want to take part in this trip. So by the way, everybody I got a job. Yay for me. I got a job. Very, very excited about it. And I will start the day after I get back from this trip which is just me basically celebrating the fact that I got a job at this point. So here we got this are things I’ve never done that you’re excited to do. I’m excited the six things, the six things. Okay, let’s have it. Number one.

Kelli 13:35
Is this like the best? No, no, there’s

Chris 13:38
no particular order. Okay, for sure. But this definitely would be the bottom ranked one. Okay, go for a jog. So, we have dip we are we’re dipping our toes into the runDisney community. We’re weird. I’m enjoying it at the very least.

Kelli 14:01
I’m also there. I’m

Chris 14:02
enjoying it. So I decided it’s a week before the actual springtime surprise runs. I’m gonna make the Friday of the trip. I’m not going to any parks that day. I’m gonna get up I’m gonna go for a run. So I’m staying at Coronado Springs Resort this time. They’ve got a little less than a mile long loop that goes around their lake, which is cool. Lago Dorado is the lake there. But in looking up this information about like, is there a trail that I can jog there at Coronado Springs? I found out that like every single resort practically has either close to a mile or well more than a mile loops and trails so isn’t that interesting? You can run Disney’s Animal Kingdom resorts to all star movies, resorts, Disney Coronado Springs. All Star music resorts have a have a one mile long paved jogging trail that connects all three routes. yours.

Kelli 15:00
Isn’t that interesting? Yeah,

Chris 15:02
I think it is. I

Kelli 15:03
mean, that’s clearly a, it’s an

Chris 15:05
intentional thing that they’ve done and runDisney is so big these days that I sort of get it right. Yeah. In the Epcot resort area, the Yacht Club Beach Club boardwalk in and the Swan and dolphin. They have like, Crescent Lake. Right there is about eight tenths of a mile around. But starting from the swan and dolphin there are two three and four mile routes that you can also Wow. Yeah.

Kelli 15:33
I remember when we were there during marathon weekend. There were people running at the poly.

Chris 15:38
So yes, yes, very much. So. Every time we’ve been to boardwalk, you see people running around Crescent Lake, right.

Kelli 15:43
And I was looking to see what they were running from, because I couldn’t imagine just getting up and just didn’t do one

Chris 15:51
Caribbean beach or there’s a 1.25 course around their. Their Lake. Riviera resort takes part in that same. That same loop. Although adds more to it’s almost a mile and a half. At that point. Magic Kingdom resorts, the cabins at Fort wilderness campsites as a 3.1 mile long pathway that winds its way through the campgrounds there at Fort wilderness. There’s a mile long path between Grand Floridian and Polly. And then there’s boatloads around Disney Springs. There’s a almost two mile at Port Orleans. There’s a one and a half mile Saratoga Springs and old Key West Pop Century and animation and Art of Animation have a one point about a one and a half mile long around their lake and say that it’s it’s a it’s really cool, really intentional, and I’m going to take part. Okay, good for you. And you know, I’ve never done that.

Kelli 16:48
Okay, good for you.

Chris 16:51
I’m going to do the arrow file at Disney Springs. That’s the big hot air balloon. Oh, yeah.

Kelli 17:00
You’re not really a hot fan. Definitely

Chris 17:03
not a heights person. You’re really I’m very non heights. Why

Kelli 17:09
are you doing this? I’ve

Chris 17:11
never done that before this. The whole point of this segment is because I’ve never done it before. Okay, this is the world’s largest handpainted helium balloon you go 400 feet into the air above Disney Springs. And on clear days they say you can see for 10 Miles

Kelli 17:25
wonder if the helium balloons are normally hand painted. I don’t know this

Chris 17:29
is a company that builds these and this one was built custom built for Disney. By Paris based company arrow file sa p arrow 30 It’s filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium. It’s got a 19 foot diameter basket and holds 29 people. Okay, cool. Yep. $25 per person. 24 kids per ride. Okay, okay. I’m gonna watch the flag or tree ceremony at Magic Kingdom. I’ve never done that. And all the years I’ve been I’ve never watched the flag or tree ceremony they’re in town square. The entrance to the park. When do they do that? Do it about five o’clock each day. It’s done by The Walt Disney World Security team and usually they incorporate veteran military veteran or family members of a service member to do that, which is really cool. So never done it. I’m gonna make a point to see that this time awesome. Onto the food. Okay, I’ve never eaten at the Rose and crown pub. Right. This is in the UK Pavilion at Epcot. This is definitely not one of the places that people ever say oh my god, you just gotta go the resin crown right? But for whatever reason, my grandmother who just instilled Disney into me from a young age was a UK nut she loved everything about I do

Kelli 18:54
love that about gene and real gene really loved them on our we never

Chris 18:58
she did man and we never ate at the Rose and crown but I don’t ever remember going through UK when she didn’t try to get reservations. Oh, it was a little bit tougher, but so I’m I’ve got reservations and I’m going to eat at the UK and I’m going to be posting some What should I eat stuff on social media this week? Uh, definitely going with the Scotch egg as an appetizer. They’ve also got a coronation salad. I couldn’t get the coronation. I couldn’t get the coordinate. I’m going for the sausage egg.

Kelli 19:28
I think that’s what Jane would have gotten if you’re trying to Scotch Energien I think go down. I think whatever is fried on that menu still got famous

Chris 19:38
fish and chips, Bangers and Mash shepherd’s pie, which sounds pretty good ground beef season vegetables, English peas and mashed potatoes with McCalls Irish cheddar. But I think I’m probably going to go with the Welsh pub burger. This has got is the Angus beef patty with beer cheese sauce. I

Kelli 19:55
mean, I’m not sure that’s what Jean would have gotten. I’m not so sure you’re right about That’s I think she would have done fish and chips gene loves fish. She

Chris 20:02
did love a fried fish. There’s no doubt she loved the fried food out. They’ve got an impossible dish. Impossible hotpot, a chicken masala curry, some mushy peas as a side and something called a bubble and squeak you know what a bubble and squeak is. This is a British dish made from cooked potatoes and cabbage mixed together and fried. Okay. Wow, it’s bubble and squeak. I have no idea. I’m going to ask somebody though. They’ll be able to tell me you should google that. I did. And I found out that food writer Howard Hillman classes it as one of the great peasant dishes of the world, but they didn’t explain what’s called bubble and squeak. Well, I’m sure I can find that out if I look, but I’ll ask somebody. Okay. The bigger problem I’ve got is the dessert so I go with the sticky toffee pudding or do I go with the traditional english trifle?

Kelli 20:54
This is a trifle have beef and peas in it.

Chris 20:59
It doesn’t say that on here. But that’s traditional tribe. That’s what that’s what I heard from friends. Anyway. This is layers of strawberries, vanilla custard, graham crackers and whipped cream. So they’re really good as

Kelli 21:11
you’re gonna get the chocolate one.

Chris 21:12
Well, it’s toffee pudding. It’s not chocolate.

Kelli 21:14
I still think more of a pudding guy. The other another

Chris 21:18
food place I’m going to hit is Rick’s Sports Bar and Grill. This is at Coronado Springs Resort. That they they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’re 31 TV showing sports at all times. So my plan is to get up on Friday morning of my trip. Go for my jog. Take a shower hit Rick Sports Bar and Grill where I’m gonna have a great breakfast watching some English Premier League Soccer on their TVs. And I’m gonna go hit the spa. Sounds

Kelli 21:50
good except for the run.

Chris 21:55
Think citrus and marscapone french toast. Okay, that sounds delicious. You’d eat the avocado toast. And the last thing that I’ve never done before, but I’m gonna do this time is the polite pig at Disney Springs

Kelli 22:10
that you have to do that. I got your name all over it. I

Chris 22:13
have to. I’m gonna do the Birkins barbecue meatballs. Oh my gosh, that comes with cheddar grits. I’m gonna do I think

Kelli 22:22
I have a good mac and cheese too. Yeah, but they’ve got back and they have good beverages. They got mac and cheese over there. And

Chris 22:30
homecoming or Hong Kong, they got mac and cheese over there that I really liked. The implication

Kelli 22:33
is that you can’t you can have too much mac and cheese.

Chris 22:38
It’s fair to appreciate the implication you’re making. Fair point. So yeah.

Kelli 22:44
I’m excited for you how to yeah, really, really

Chris 22:47
two days. I got I got three sleeps three sets as the kids said.

Kelli 22:52
Okay, well, I’ve been feeling very springy lately. For all of y’all wondering. We took down our Christmas decorations on Saturday because I thought it was time to welcome spring. I don’t I don’t follow the rules that Christmas decor needs to come down or go up at any specific time. I think I put it up around October 15 last year and it stayed up through March so honestly like a good solid six months prior to the effort that it goes to put that up. Feels feels right to you right there. I’m by mine. There’s two seasons each year Christmas, not Christmas.

Chris 23:29
I love it. And so not Christmas typically revolves around spring and summer, spring

Kelli 23:34
and summer. Right. Okay, so we’re welcoming in spring and summer in this house by taking down the Christmas decor. And I thought it would be fun to talk about some fun spring and summer drinks at Disney. But going a little bit off brand for me. These are all non alcoholic what I know because the idea here is that these are just fun drinks.

Chris 23:58
I need a sound effect that makes that little record squirt. Yep. So

Kelli 24:02
yes, so these are just fun drinks that you might want say if you’re really hot because it’s Florida. Right? You got to be careful about your alcohol intake if it’s too hot outside. So this is just fun spring and summer drinks. Okay, that’s what we’re going with. I have 15 Oh boy. Yes. So the first one is love foods brew at gallstones Tavern and what I will say is these are not in any particular order and I don’t even have them grouped by Park or location. I’m just gonna tell you where they are. So the first brew is $6.29 you can get it in the souvenir Stein and you’ll know I love a good souvenir cup but I don’t recommend this one. It’s very cheap looking. This is a frozen apple juice blended with marshmallow and topped with a mango foam. And so you do get that little bit of a citrusy taste. But it is really really sweet because of the marshmallow. So I’ve had this one before it definitely solves like your sweet Fix is your sweet tooth, but it may be too sickly sweet for some people. Number two is the Schweitzer slush at Skipper canteen. This is $6.50 It’s like the food’s brew. But this is like another Frozen apple juice drink. It’s blended with passion fruit, and it’s topped with green apple bubble balls. Now, there’s a theme here, okay, if a drink has above a ball, then I want it. I don’t care if it’s got alcohol. If it’s got a Boba ball, then I mean that drink. So that one’s fun. That is the Schweitzer slush. Now pay attention to that because there’s also a Schweitzer Falls that we’re going to talk about in a little bit. Number three is the punch line punch. Also at Skipper canteen. This is $5.50 this is a tropical fruit punch blended with mango puree. You can add a spiced rim to your beverage to give it a little bit of an extra kick. Right so Skipper canteens got some really fun little little drinks going on here. This is one that’s very popular the American dream at the Fife and Drum Tavern in America. Okay, okay. $5.75 This patriotic drink is made with frozen strawberry, Fanta soda, vanilla ice cream and Fanta blue raspberry slushie. So it’s a red white and blue drink. You’ve seen this on the ends does. I’m not a huge fan of Fanta. But I love the idea of this. I think that sounds like like a fun time. You know with the vanilla ice cream in the middle. You It’s creamy. It’s not just a full on ice and it’s creamy like you have a float to get ice with ice cream in the middle, which I’ve never had but sounds lovely. Now. The next one is the peanut butter and jelly milkshake at the 50s primetime cafe. Now we don’t go there enough. We don’t we don’t because it’s not our favorite Hollywood Studios. This is $9

Chris 27:01
We’ve had it before the peanut butter.

Kelli 27:03
I haven’t had it. But you can make this one at home. So this tastes just like how you think it would. You can make this this takes two tablespoons of peanut butter two tablespoons of your favorite jelly. Two cups of vanilla ice cream and a quarter cup of milk.

Chris 27:16
Oh wow. Okay,

Kelli 27:17
right. They say it tastes exactly like you think it’s going to taste. This next one is a bit controversial, but I enjoy it. This is the blue milk in Galaxy’s edge. So the blue milk is the more tropical sure of the two and it’s it is widely regarded as the best of the milks, but some people just hate the blue or the green milk because they’re made with a thicker mill like coconut in rice milk. And so it can taste a little bit mealy in your mouth and if you’re expecting like a smooth you know 2% situation then it’s just you’re not gonna get

Chris 27:54
it was it felt like an Orange Julius to me a little bit? Yes.

Kelli 27:57
So it has a hint of watermelon, pineapple dragon fruit and lime. Which is exactly what it was delightful thing. Yeah, that is $8.49. Now this one is also over in Galaxy’s edge. This is an Ogas Cantina. It’s called Jamba Juice. Hmm. $6.50 it has orange with pineapple, cantaloupe and kiwi and it is topped with blueberry boba balls, which they call blueberry pearls.

Chris 28:30
Okay, again, blueberry boba balls. Great.

Kelli 28:33
I don’t I cannot get enough of boba balls. So like the moose desserts. I love the moose. I don’t think you can get enough of the moose. And then any type of a beverage that has a bubble. So dizzy micelle

Chris 28:47
bubble balls.

Kelli 28:48
I don’t know. I don’t know. But it’s I love them so much. So okay, so anyway, so that’s Ogas Cantina. Next up is the night blossom at Pangu Pangu. Now, pongo Pangu is where you get the lumpia Yes, which is the egg roll wrapper with pineapple cream cheese on the inside are very popular. They also sell three different beverages, two of which are alcoholic. The night blossom is not alcoholic. Okay. $5.99 This is a layered blend of desert pear Limeade an apple topped with you guessed it, passion fruit boba balls. I really should have just called this places where you can get drinks with Bubba, but

Chris 29:34
maybe that would have been a fine title too.

Kelli 29:37
I really love the boba ball show. Okay, so next up is one that I’m actually excited to try. I realized this is World Showcase. And I’m taking a little bit of liberties here because I haven’t tried all of these. This next one. I really hate that I haven’t tried. There’s a place in Epcot called The Joy of tea. I think it’s over in China. Yes, yes. So they have a honey hibiscus iced tea. This is a lightly sweetened iced tea with you guessed it a blueberry boba balls

Chris 30:11
it’s, it’s just a question of what flavor bubbles

Kelli 30:15
which flavor bubble balls they’re gonna put in my drink. I think it makes the drink more fun. Right to have those little explosions above the balls in your mouth. Sure. Okay, next one. This isn’t Nomad lounge, the Zingiber fizzy. The what Zingiber fizzy Zingiber thingy burger fizzy. This is a passionfruit puree with mint lime juice, simple syrup and ginger beer on top of it. So that’s non alcoholic so $7.25 But they say it’s very refreshing. Very refreshing very Mint Julep be. Ginger berry type refreshments Sure. At Tambu lounge at that poly the Disney Polonez vision Polynesian village

Chris 31:03
resort right right outside of ohana there.

Kelli 31:07
Yes is the sparkling no Hito oh interesting and this is lime juice pure cane sugar and mint topped with soda water. Okay, I want to I want to be light I want to make me that. Oh yeah, like tonight. He whipped that up.

Chris 31:24
What was it lime juice, pure

Kelli 31:26
cane sugar and mint top soda water. I think you can work on that. I really think that’s within your skill set. Okay, next up Schweitzer Falls. Remember I told you there’s two different Schweitzer’s this one is at Trader Sam’s grog grotto. This is tropical juices with and Sam’s gorilla grog topped with sprite and Michael does Disney says This tastes like grape juice with sprite and he is his favorite.

Chris 31:51
Okay, $5.50

grape juice. This price sounds great.

Kelli 31:55
Excuse me, so he loves the no Hito and the Schweitzer Falls. Those are his two favorite drinks that none non alcoholic drinks. Okay. Okay, last three. This one can now be found in most hotel lounges and poolside bars. This is the 50th anniversary iridescent SIP abrasion. So this is minute made premium lemonade and a fruity strawberry punch served in a souvenir 50th celebration cup with a surprise character. You take the surprise character and drop it into the drink. it fizzes changes the color of the drink and adds an edible glitter $10 And it’s busy. It’s busy. Nice but they say it’s a huge hip. Okay, last two frozen Mint Julep lemonade at Casey’s Corner very underrated. It’s only $5.49 This is going to be a classically blended Mint Julep featuring minute made premium lemonade top of fresh mint leaves cherry and lemon at Disneyland This is not frozen. Oh, interesting, right? Disneyland’s not Frozen Disney World is frozen. Both are delightful. And last but not least is the Pog juice. Oh yes, you can get Pog juice at the poly you can also get it at tusker house for breakfast. pug is pression fruit orange and guava and it’s and it usually is free with your meal just like a regular GPS

Chris 33:17
and it is great. Yeah,

Kelli 33:18
it is. So those are my 15 Spring and Summer beverages teen spring and summer beverages.

I thought it was very delightful.

Chris 33:25
It was delightful and it’s a great intro into spring. Alright folks, that is today’s show. We hope you loved it. We love bringing it to you and if you did you know what to do now. Go out. Leave us a five star review wherever you get your podcasts if you can leave us an actual word review. Please do that it helps bring a lot more people to the show.

Kelli 33:48
It really does. And if you’re looking for more things Disney please visit SCF That’s s for supersede for Cali F for Fred’s ballistic aid for awesome day for Disney P for podcast. Next week. Our episodes gonna be a little late. Yep. Right because you’re traveling. Yes, but we will have one out next week. It’ll just be slightly late. Yep. And

Chris 34:07
I’ll be social mediate my little butt off as I travel and bringing all that stuff from the parks and hopefully you’ll interact and we’ll have a good time out there find us at SCF ADP on Instagram and Twitter. And with that, folks, we hope to see you real soon

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