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Disney News (1/31), The Amazing Snacks at Tokyo Disneysea, and Revisiting a Disney Classic, Peter Pan’s Flight

Episode 6

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In this week’s episode, we travel around the world to Tokyo DisneySea where we virtually eat all of the best snacks including little green men mochi, strawberry popcorn, Donald Duck Ukiwa Bun, the Spaghetti Ice Cream Sundae at Teddy Roosevelt Lounge, and the uber-famous Gyoza Dog on Mysterious Island. If you’re obsessed with Disney snacks like we are, you don’t want to miss these unique treats. After a drool-worthy visit to Tokyo DisneySea, Chris will take you for a ride on a Disney Classic, Peter Pan’s Flight. If you’ve never ridden this because the wait time is insane, you’ll appreciate these insider details. All this and more, on this week’s episode!

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Show notes

• Florida wants to host the 2021 Olympics and have touted the success at WDW as proof of safety. 
○ Source:
• Disneyland recalls 232 Cast Members following relaxed COVID restrictions in CA
○ Source:
• Disneyland announces “Legacy Passholder” program
○ Source:
• Jungle Cruise Revamp! Due to Inclusion – not related to the upcoming film.
○ Source:
• Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is officially closed.
○ Source:
• Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover vehicles were slamming into each other during recent testing. Refurbishment downtime extended to March.
○ Source:
• The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure opens tomorrow, Feb 1, at EPCOT.
○ Source:
• Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Rumored for a mid-February soft opening.
○ Source:
○ They also began casting for a mid-February commercial to advertise the new ride
• Dates, Kitchens, and Topiaries announced for the 2021 EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival
○ Source:
• EPCOT DVC Lounge in Journey into Imagination to remain open through 2021
○ Source:
• NBA G-League Begins 135 game Schedule at the WDW Bubble on Feb 10
○ Source:

• New Trailer for “Raya and the Last Dragon”
○ Source:
○• Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union to star in Cheaper By The Dozen remake at Disney+ next year
○ Source:
• “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” premiers March 26
○ Source:

Peter Pan’s Flight Sources

Tokyo DisneySea Sources


Chris  0:03 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello out there. podcast family. This is Chris.

Kelli  0:43 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:44 
Welcome to this week’s show. I say it every week. But these are okay. These are not my it’s not my favorite Mickey ears. But it’s probably the most fun Mickey ears.

Kelli  0:56 
It’s definitely the most fun to wear around the park because he makes noises. But I lucked out. I saw these in the Emporium on Main Street USA and I grabbed them because I thought I had to have them. They did not sell these in Hollywood Studios. They were nowhere in galaxy’s edge. And I’m telling you people at galaxy’s edge, I thought we’re gonna steal them.

Chris  1:14 
I know. I know.

Kelli  1:15 
And I mean, he is right there, sitting on my head, which I guess makes my head, his body, a body. And as I walk, he makes BB-8 noises and lights up and everything. I ended up going back to also get an R2-D2 two version. Oh, yeah. And I love them so much. And they are remarkably comfortable.

Chris  1:34 
Like, he’s super quiet right now. But while you’re walking around getting ready, he’s like, he was interactive. Yeah. And I mean, a lot of fun. And I feel like he interacts with stuff in galaxies.

Kelli  1:46 
I don’t think he’s that, he didn’t cost enough to do that.

Chris  1:49 
I want to believe that.

Kelli  1:50 
Yeah. Okay, you believe.

Chris  1:52 
Don’t take it away from me, believe it. Okay. So every week, one of my favorite things, as I always say is finding out where the downloads are coming from. I feel like super blessed that we’re in week whatever now. And we haven’t I haven’t had to duplicate a city yet and I’m just blown away by that. Centennial Colorado. suburb like inside the beltway around Denver. I mean, very close to Denver. Okay. Which is cool. Farmington Hills, Michigan, right outside of Detroit. Okay. We love Detroit. And Grand Island, New York. I didn’t know this even existed. This is an island that splits the Niagara River. It is just downstream from Niagara Falls right outside of Buffalo. right on the border with Canada. Very cool little town. It used to be an amusement park that’s permanently closed on the island. Oh, that’s just a real cool looking place. And Zurich, Switzerland. Oh, yeah. beautiful town. Beautiful place.

Kelli  2:50 
That’s fun. Yeah, very much.

Chris  2:52 
So that’s a lot of fun. Okay, I have about the wet myself, over our prize pack.

Kelli  3:01 
Yeah, I still think the woody loungefly bag is what’s getting the most play online and I’m just so excited for whoever is gonna get. They want it so bad. I can’t wait to ship it.

Chris  3:12 
I am super grateful for everybody that’s been so interactive online, sharing things and liking things and commenting. It’s been awesome to interact with you. We have grown our YouTube subscribers. We have grown our Instagram followers. It has been great. So here’s how it’s gonna work real quick. We’ve got a computer program that has all the entries in it will add all the entries between now and midnight. Tonight, make it happen people. And tomorrow, the computer program will randomly pick one of the entries. Yes, we will contact that winner to let them know that they won. And then once we know they know, yep. Then we will announce it on social media. Yep, we will and the world will rejoice. And if you did not win, never fear. There’s another one coming in March.

Kelli  4:04 
We’re gonna launch another one in March. And then we’ve got another one planned for May. Yep. So it’s gonna be a fun spring. And we’re excited about it.

Chris  4:13 
Absolutely. So hang in there. 2300 entries. We are so grateful. Yep. Yep. All right. So here we go on to Main Street Main Street. So Florida being where Florida is. This really isn’t a Disney World thing. This is more Florida man thing. But they’ve gotten wind through media leaks that Japan has decided privately that they’re not going to be able to host the Olympics because of the pandemic. And so Florida’s like, we’ll do it, hold our beer. And they use Walt Disney World as an example of how successful things can be. I don’t really get that unless they’re gonna have Walt Disney run the Olympics, right? So it’s Florida. Not so good at running things Walt Disney. Great at running. You know, how does leave? Disneyland has recalled 232 cast members following some relax COVID restrictions in California good for those 232 cast members. I’m sure this isn’t the one of this does vary the shopping district there. Disneyland also announces a legacy passholder program. I’ll be honest, I read the update. I don’t really know what you get other than you continue to get like 30% off for a few more months on merchandise and things like that. And I think is just a believe us. We’re going to come up with something else here. Here’s the legacy passholder program keep getting discounts and stuff. Okay, but we’ll see. Jungle Cruise revamp is coming excited about that this is the thing has never been changed to my knowledge since it opened in Disney Land. With the park opening. Yeah. So in its, you know, there are some in 2021 sensibilities. There’s some there’s some cringe worthy moments. So we’d love it. We love the Jungle Cruise.

Kelli  6:08 
It needs a redo.

Chris  6:10 
And you know what people were like, Nah, they’re just doing it because of the movies coming out. No. They’re doing it because it needs to be done.

Kelli  6:17 
They’re doing it because it needs to be done.

Chris  6:19 
Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is officially closed. I didn’t really have to put that in here.

Kelli  6:23 

Chris  6:23 
But I just I just wanted to poke the bear. I do it for somebody who has never played it.

Kelli  6:28 
I know, I’m sad and I never played it. But I’m also sad for all those people that collect all those cards.

Chris  6:35 
Well, now there’s just such a thing. I know what those cards are not gonna increase in value. Good for him. right inside. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority people mover refurbishment has been pushed back through March. That’ll make it I think, a full year that it’s been down. There were some some photos taken of the cars running into each other during testing. That’s not ideal.

Kelli  7:03 
That’s not how you want to experience the peoplemover.  It should be a lot smoother than that. That’s not ideal.

Chris  7:11 
Yes, that is not good. The soul of jazz and American adventure opens tomorrow, Monday, February the first, they really slung that together. Yes. As you know, I feel like it’s they they said in the announcement that they were working with museums and like New Orleans in Chicago. So, So I have a feeling it’s sort of a walk through exhibit that Joe Gardner leads Joe Gardner the main character and so right. So, but that’s awesome. I love that they are dedicating space and time to that. Remy’s Ratatouille adventure. Rumor rumored for a mid February soft opening, soft opening, like an Alec out of town. For those who don’t know, we I feel like we’re contractually bound to say that every time we say soft opening, if you know you know if you know, you know. They also began casting for a mid February commercial for reading Rumi’s Ratatouille adventure. Okay, so, okay, like it’s like a TV commercial. Because like a TV commercial. Yeah.

Kelli  8:12 
Not like something that like Stacy would have done?

Chris  8:14 
no, this is uh, well, I don’t know. I guess I’m assuming a TV commercial. Okay. They the casting call went out. Okay, for this commercial. I feel like maybe I’m hoping I’m not stepping on your Orlando Tomorrowland here but dates kitchens and topiaries have been announced for the 2021 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival not anywhere near, I just I love the Epcot has bought into festivals.

Kelli  8:44 
Yes. And we’ll do a virtual walkthrough. Yeah. I love doing those virtual walkthroughs.

Chris  8:50 
My folks are gonna be there I think during the festival.

Kelli  8:52 
That’s exciting. They have to eat for us.

Chris  8:54 
They will have to eat. They’ll also have to get me some more hot sauce from Homecomin’.

Kelli  8:58 
Oh, coming Homecomin’. Yeah.

Chris  9:04 
I didn’t hear that there was any question about this, but apparently a decision has been made the Epcot DVC lounge and over journey into imagination will stay open through 2021. I didn’t know there was a debate.

Kelli  9:16 
I didn’t either. But I love that lounge.

Chris  9:20 
I do too. Who do we meet there? Ginger.

Kelli  9:22 
We did it. Yeah. She was phenomenal. So good. Phenomenal cast member in there. Yes. I mean, literally, my side was hurting. I was laughing so hard at ginger. She was hilarious. I had blisters, like literally about to burst on my feet. I know. I was Yes, I was in literal, physical pain. And I was laughing so hard at ginger. She was phenomenal here.

Chris  9:43 
It was a good time. It’s always a good time. It is the NBA G League, which is NBA minor league. programs. Okay. We’ll begin 135 games scheduled at the Walt Disney World bubble on February the 10th. That’ll get to the middle of March and they’ll do a single and playoff, so that’s cool.

Kelli  10:02 
I had no idea that was even a thing.

Chris  10:04 
I know. There’s a minor league NBA minor league.

Kelli  10:06 
I did not know that existed. Look at what you learn on this podcast.

Chris  10:17 
Zach Braff, scrubs and Gabrielle Union to start in a remake of cheaper by the dozen to be released on Disney plus, that was a Steve Martin movie. Oh, yeah.

Kelli  10:33 
I wouldn’t want to compete with Steve Martin.

Chris  10:38 
Big shoes to fill, man. Good luck, but it’ll be fun. You’ll I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy this. The Mighty Ducks Game Changers is a series that premieres it’s a 10 episode series season that premieres on March 26.

Kelli  10:53 
Oh, that’s awesome. I do love the ducks.

Chris  10:54 
Yeah, I know you do love to Emilio Estevez stars and really,

Kelli  10:58 

Chris  11:00 
yeah, it looks good. Now I actually saved this one for last on purpose because I don’t know if you saw but have you seen the new trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon?

Kelli  11:08 
I have. It’s awesome.

Chris  11:09 
Oh my god. I cannot wait. Yes for this movie. I don’t remember the last time I was this excited.

Kelli  11:19 
I’m pretty excited about it too. Yeah, it’s from the makers of Moana. Yeah. Yeah, and that’s our next prize pack is strong, strong woman themed in honor of Raya so yeah, yeah, no, I saw that. It was like two and a half minutes long.

Chris  11:32 
I know. It was awesome if you have not seen that the latest trailer for Raya and the last dragon go out there and watch it.

Kelli  11:38 
The dragon’s fantastic.

Chris  11:39 
The Dragon is so good. And it will make you want to run through a brick wall. At least it did for me. I was so pumped up after watching this thing.

Kelli  11:47 
You are constantly running through brick walls on this show. Walk out of American adventure run through a brick wall. Watch he preview for Raya and the last dragon, run through a brick wall. It is awesome.

Chris  12:02 
I get hyped up man. It’s a really good trailer it is. Yeah. Yeah, it’s so good. Okay. All right. Minnie take?

Kelli  12:09 
Let’s do it.

Chris  12:09 
Mickey has been kind enough to pre select one here.

Kelli  12:12 
What’s Mickey asking us about?

Chris  12:16 
Okay, we must do attraction Animal Kingdom.

Kelli  12:21 
Oh, must do attraction Animal Kingdom must do attraction Animal Kingdom. I’m going to say Everest.

I mean, again, like I did at Hollywood Studios. I’m going with the one we always do. Yeah, right. We have been there and not done flight of passage. Like if the weights are too long. It’s a phenomenal ride. We’ve also been there and done quite a passage twice. Yep. So I love flight a passage. If we can get on it. I’m on it. Yep. But always do everything we’ve done every like five times in a row before we did six and we had to start. I don’t remember the sixth one. I think I blacked out after the I did.

Chris  12:59 
I finally got a little woozy to say literally like children.

Kelli  13:04 
We were running back to get back on, all those cast members just were dying. laughing and it was great. But after Yeah, after the fifth one. I definitely think I blacked out a little bit. But we were like, planning how we were going

Chris  13:16 
what we were going to do with the camera spot. Yes. Right. We did something different every time. I know the last I am notorious for laughing uncontrollably on thrill rides. And I remember lol the sixth time going backwards spiral.

Kelli  13:34 
I was like no.

Chris  13:36 
This one’s not fun this time. This time.

Kelli  13:39 
It took me a couple days actually to recover.

Chris  13:41 
Yeah, it was a little dizzy. It was it was a you know what must do? We have gone and not done flight a passage and not felt like we we didn’t have a great day. So that I feel like that can’t be a monster, right? And Everest is right up there. But just just for the sake of doing something different. I’m gonna say the doing Kilimanjaro safaris.

Kelli  14:04 
We always do that.

Chris  14:06 
Always do it. And the pictures are different every time because the animals are doing something different. They’re in a different place or something there closer to the vehicle, whatever. We do it every single time. Yeah, that’s a good one.

Kelli  14:18 
That’s a good one to do like Safari and I’ve loved that.

Chris  14:21 
I love the giraffes.

Kelli  14:22 
They seem to always come to my vehicle. And you’re wearing your Wilderness Explorer hat.

Chris  14:28 
I am. How about that.

Kelli  14:30 
Pumped about it today, aren’t you?

Chris  14:32 
I am so into it today. Okay, are you ready?

Kelli  14:36 
I’m so ready for tomorrowland. Okay, you’re not gonna see this one coming a mile away. All right. So tonight we’re gonna head to Tokyo Disney Sea. All right. I have to say I’m fascinated by this park. I know you always have been. This park is called online, the best theme park in the world. And Disney fans say it is easily the best Disney park. Wow. They say it’s the details in the Construction that make it so amazing that if you can imagine the details that went into galaxy’s edge and Pandora, a whole park like that, wow, like that level of detail. The rides, the restaurants and details, just set it apart from any other park at all the way like a Fastpass line is constructed. The queues, the extra long queues that you go through, just over the top again, like Pandora, or galaxies edge just over the top type stuff. Two of the most popular rides are inspired by Jules Verne. Apparently, the Imagineers went through a phase of where they were really into jewels burn, okay, and like every Park has something inspired by Jules Verne almost. But here you’ve got 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth, right, which are the two most popular rides there, okay. And they’re just out of this world. Sure. So which is that’s all fantastic. But I wanted to talk about snacks. Okay.

So in no particular order, what I did was I looked at a bunch of sites that ranked the best snacks at Tokyo Disney Sea, okay. And I went with what most people people mentioned the most often, but also it’s my segment and I went with what I thought looked good.

Chris  16:18 
Okay. Well, that’s, that’s your prerogative.

Kelli  16:20 
But so the first one was literally on every site and it was number one on almost every site. This is the Donald Duck uchiwa bun, of course, okay, so they say it’s a must do. This is a steamed bun that looks like a life preserver. It is stuffed with shrimp. The description from Disney tourist blog says they are thick loaded with shrimp and tastes delicious. Think of this as the Japanese equivalent of a lobster roll. But they say it’s not the equivalent in terms of taste, but like the concept Sure. This is a very unassuming snack. Yeah, this looks like a life preserver in like this plastic Donald Duck envelope.

Chris  16:59 
very unassuming. Well, we have pictures of this. Um, you’re not touching that thing? With a 10 foot pole.

Kelli  17:05 
No honey, I put that one on there for you.

Chris  17:07 

Kelli  17:07 
Okay. Now, some of these are for both of us. Okay, I thought about what like what would you and I get if we go, WHEN we go to Disney Sea? Okay, this next one’s for me. Okay, these are little green men mochi. Okay, you know what mochi is right?

Chris  17:23 
I don’t have and idea what mochi is.

Kelli  17:25 
Okay, so it’s like a little a little ball. You can get them like,

Chris  17:28  
Oh, maybe No, I don’t. Yeah, yeah. They’re like bon bons.

Kelli  17:32 
Yes. No. Okay, I’m sorry to all the Japanese. Mochi, okay. These are totes adorbs. So it’s three little green men heads. They’re good. They’re bright green, and they’re painted to look like the little green men. And so they’re stuffed with either strawberry chocolate or custard. And you can get it in a little souvenir Little Green Man container. And so it’s like a tiny one of our popcorn bucket. I sit fits like a clear solo cup with little emojis at it is so stinking cute. It’s so stinking cute. Everybody talks about the little green men mochi. All right. Okay, next one. popcorn. Now you might be thinking me mixed reviews on this. Okay, so people say the popcorn is a must do all right. Some people say don’t waste valuable stomach space.

Chris  18:25 
I totally understand that statement. By the way.

Kelli  18:29 
Everybody agrees take an extra suitcase just to bring back the popcorn bucket. Oh really? Because the popcorn buckets are over the top, over the top. But now here it is. Disney Sea is known for a multitude of popcorn flavors. Okay, so now I realized that Walt Disney World says they pop their popcorn fresh every day and blah, blah, blah, blah blah. I’ve eaten some of that popcorn and telling you it tastes like it come out. It comes out of a big plastic bag of popcorn. Okay, so whatever. I’m just saying here we’re doing special flavors. And these are massive popcorn stands all the way throughout the parse. I’m just going to name a few flavors. Okay. Curry, garlic shrimp. Oh, caramel strawberry, which supposedly tastes like fruit loops. Hello. Milk tea. Soy sauce and butter. Soy sauce. Awesome. Butter. popcorn. Yes. Say yes. Coconut, cappuccino. jalapeno and cheese. BBQ honey, Herb tomato, white chocolate, cream soda, chocolate and blueberry. That’s right and so that’s what they’re known for. is great. flavors are insane. Yeah, those are and so they say you’ve got to try I’m just because the flavors are insane. Because it’s crazy. It’s insane. But apparently the popcorn buckets are a do not miss. Yeah. Okay. So so far we’ve got the Donald Duck uchiwa the little green man mochi and the popcorn. Yep. Okay, now we are at the Chandu type. tail now Chandu

Chris  20:01 
This is like the cat tail.

Kelli  20:05 
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no. So Chandu is the star of Sinbad storybook voyage, which is apparently only, like really showcased at Tokyo Disney Sea. Okay, I’ve never heard of this.

Chris  20:19 
Yeah, I’ve heard.

Kelli  20:20 
But apparently it is an amazing little story. Okay. Okay, there’s a there’s a ride. That is a cult classic. Okay, yeah. Okay, so this is a tale. It’s a it’s a tiger shaped. Steamed but a tiger tail shaped. Steamed bun. Oh, with chicken cream.

Chris  20:40 

Kelli  20:42 
So we’re the that’s a little bit morbid. It’s like we chopped off Chandus tail and we’re selling it and so then word on the street was that that was more of it. And so they changed it to Chandou head.

Chris  20:54 
That’s bad.

Kelli  20:55 
I don’t think it is less morbid, but I think it makes it more the shape of your typical steamed bun. So they’ve got a lot of steamed buns like they have special event steamed buns, steamed buns and this I mean this is steamed bun situations. Yes

Chris  21:10 

Kelli  21:10 
Okay, let’s do anyway this is supposedly amazing as a tiger tail it’s bright orange with with stripes and filled with chicken cream.

Chris  21:20 
That’s weird chicken cream. It’s just a weird I

Kelli  21:22 
would eat it and love I would love so this this next one is for me. Maple cream balls. Sorry, fifth grade. Essentially, maple cream puffs with a maple drizzle on top. So they give these to you have like a clear so all I see is that they give these little cream puffs to you in a clear cut with a Mickey like stick that you can like stick them in and that’s not making it better. I’m gonna move on.

Chris  22:02 
Maple balls, Maple balls. Okay.

Kelli  22:07 
That didn’t make it better. Okay, the next one is the spaghetti ice cream sundae at Teddy Roosevelt lounge. Now apparently the teddy roosevelt Lounge is out of this world. The food is amazing. The atmosphere is amazing. And you feel like presidential just being in there. Wow. Yeah, no, it’s their drink menu is 10 pages long. And it is wall to wall text. Wow. It says they literally list every drink that the bartender came. But this Sunday is so interesting. So it served in a tall glass cup. And it’s got brownie bits whipped cream. What’s it looks like some kind of a sugar cookie stick and some fruit. They say it’s amazing. But the ice cream is spaghetti shaped. There’s no real explanation there’s not but nobody questions it because it is so freakin great.

Chris  22:59 
Wow, they are doing some stuff.

Kelli  23:02 
They’re doing some stuff. The next one is a I’m gonna mispronounce this Japan I’m sorry. Gyoza dog. And this is on Mysterious Island and apparently Mysterious Island is the bomb right? This is basically a soft spongy roll filled with sausage and veggies they say it’s like a massive pork dumpling. They apparently they had to move the location of this snack because the line was so long it was causing traffic issues. Wow. I’m talking about a dumpling like as big as a hotdog. And it’s you know, tucked up like a dumpling. It’s a dumpling. It’s a massive it’s a massive dumpling. Okay, couple more. tiramisu Ice Cream Sandwich. This is called genius. This is for you honey, meat on a stick at barnacle bill Stan and the American waterfront which apparently their American waterfront is better than any American tribute at any of the US parks. Wow, like better than the American Pavilion. Better than Liberty Square. It makes all those look like a pitiful little afterthought. It is at mild sausage is incredibly juicy and flavorful. And all I gotta say is it looks like a piece of sausage.

Chris  24:16 
What do they think of us man?

Kelli  24:18 
I got a sweet fried burrito at Tropic Als. This is a fried burrito with caramel and banana whoo Yeah, yes right. Yes. They also have like a like a little Debbie style honey cake with chocolate cream.

Chris  24:37 
I want to go to this place.

Kelli  24:38 
I need to go there. I saw it and I was like that Little Debbie style. My papa would love that. Straight up Debbie style.

Chris  24:47 
I want to go to Disney Sea, man, it just sounds great.

Kelli  24:51 
It’s so awesome. Okay, so one thing that we wanted to do this week y’all especially this season is sort of to highlight some other Disney podcasters that we think are doing an amazing job. And so here in between Tomorrowland and a world showcase we wanted to play a little commercial from poor unfortunate podcast, which is Connor and Caroline. They do an awesome job. This is an adult Disney podcast. But they just finished with their poor unfortunate awards Episode The PUA awards,

Chris  25:23 
which were so good

Kelli  25:25 
I love Carolina and Connor their take on everything comes from that of somebody who has actually been around the theater

Chris  25:33 
Yeah, performed and performed so

Kelli  25:35 
they have got a great perspective they have a great perspective on the movies and the music and their love for Brandy Cinderella just knows no bounds and I love it and I respect so we’re gonna play a quick spot for them. poor unfortunate podcast if you guys want to go check them out. I highly recommend it totally.

Chris  27:00 
Okay, you ready for all showcase?

Kelli  27:01 
Let’s hit world showcase.

Chris  27:02 
Awesome. All right, I needed a little chicken soup for my soul. So this week, so I just decided to dive into something that just screams Chris’s childhood and all those trips with my grand mom who who just viewed a love of Disney into me. We’re doing Peter Pan’s Flight this week.

Kelli  27:24 
Oh, God bless it.

Chris  27:25 
I love it so much. And we never ride the thing because the wait

Kelli  27:31 
is so long!

Chris  27:32 
It’s like It’s like nobody ever goes there anymore. Because it’s always so packed. It’s like a two hour wait, almost always at 90 plus minutes. At least

Kelli  27:42 
If I see Peter Pan’s Flight in less than 30 minutes. I feel like there’s something wrong.

Chris  27:46 
I know. I know. So, but I decided to dive in and go for it this week. So the character of Peter Pan first appeared in in 1902 in chapters 13 through 18 of novelist and playwright JM Barrie’s book, the little white bird. Those chapters were called Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. He was portrayed at that time as a seven day old baby, who was who was who was whisked away to Kensington Gardens and taught how to fly by fairies and birds. Okay, that’s interesting. That’s totally normal. Yep. In 1904, Barry made Peter Pan that character the center of a stage play at Duke of York’s Theatre in London. It was called Peter Pan or the boy who wouldn’t grow up. That’s sort of how we know him today. In 1906, after a successful two year run on the stage, berries publishers extracted those chapters into a book called Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens with illustrations by Arthur Rackham. It’s probably the first time we actually see what are the stage play, we would have seen what Peter looked like. And he’s still an infant at this point. Oh, they all for the stage play. They made him it was the stage it was sort of a different story. It was a campaign board and as we know him, yeah, okay. Ultimately, in 1911, Barry adapted the Peter Pan stage play into a novel called Peter and Wendy. And that’s really what we know. Barry, in fact, may have based the character, Peter Pan on his older brother David, who died in an ice skating accident the day before his 14th birthday, his mom and he and his mom thought of him forever as a boy. Oh, wow. So that now becomes Peter Pan becomes a really great tribute. Oh my goodness, the story of Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up aligns also really well with Walt’s philosophy of holding on to that childlike exuberance. Walt once stated too many people grow up. That’s the real trouble with the world too many people grow up they forget they don’t remember what it’s like to be 12 years old. And honestly, that is, that could be the philosophy of why I love Disney so much. Absolutely. Just like To me feel like I’m a kid again. So Peter Pan’s Flight is in Fantasyland, area of Magic Kingdom is actually in Fantasyland of every Disney park except for Hong Kong. I don’t know why it’s not in Hong Kong. But this was an this is an odd attraction. It was there. The very first day Disneyland opened up in 1955, which was two years after Peter Pan, the movie came out. Wow. Right. So this is a this thing has been around and like, you know, they just built Shanghai finished building in a few years ago, and but they had to have a Peter Pan ride in there. Shanghai is the one Peter Pan version that carries for people, the one in Paris might think about it, but they specifically made the decision to make the road cars a little bit bigger.

Kelli  30:45 
Well, seriously, because it’s so popular.

Chris  30:49 
Right? Make that line move a little faster man at a double production, right. So this is a so if if you have never eaten and I take for granted, we say we hardly ever ride because the line song I take for granted that we are super lucky to be able to go to Disney as often as we do. There are people that have one chance right to do Disney in their whole lives. And so for those who still longing to ride anything in Disney, this is this is a dark ride. It’s not super technologically advanced, although, so you’re in a car that rides on a rail. But unlike most of the cars that ride on a rail, this rail is above you. So you’re actually suspended and the ride car is a pirate ship. And so you and your partner are in this pirate ship, the bar comes down you got a big sail in front of you. And you literally feel like you take off in this pirate ship. Right? So it gives you this sense of sensation of flying. You start out in the childhood bedroom of the darling children and I always find it interesting the last name is darling because I feel silly calling them the darling children but but that’s their name. You fly out through the window over the yard where we see Nana below that’s the beloved pet their dog. Right and then fly over a beautiful scene of London downtown over the Tim the Thames River and, and Big Ben and I’m sure Parliament Yeah, right.

Kelli  32:14 
Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.

Chris  32:18 
And they use force perspective in the sand so that everything looks taller. You feel like you’re much higher up.

Kelli  32:23 
It’s cool. Yeah. By nightlight. Yeah,

Chris  32:25 
this is black lighting. So it’s all glowing and it’s it’s beautiful. The highest you ever get though, is 17 feet in the air. You never really just yeah, you never really get very high. We see Peter Pan and the rest of the kids their shadows fly across in front of the man. Depending on where you are at in the ride. When when you cross that moon, you might actually see hidden Mickey in the craters on the moon. So keep an eye out for that. Yeah. Then on our way to second star to the right, we fly around the corner and now we’re in Neverland. We see we fly around the Neverland mountains or we see mermaids indigenous tribes. Tiger Lily, Peter, swashbuckling with Captain Hook on the ship and tick tock the alligator loitering nearby. Yeah, right. Ultimately, we see Peter and the kids having taken over the ship, and then they fly off into the sky in the ship as Captain Hook is balancing on tic tocs jaws. While Smee is in a little raft nearby trying to save I mean windy on the plank is I think the scariest part. I mean, that is one of the things I’ve gotten a second here and what some of my favorite things that’s one of my favorite things is flying through that pirate ship. Yeah, you get so close on the pirate ship. It’s cool. Peter and Captain Hook are like off to your right up higher than you are. But the way they did Wendy on that plank, like she looks so scared. Like and I can’t even remember if she’s active. Her character on the right is actually like trembling. It looks like I feel like she’s trembling.

Kelli  34:09 
Like I’m scared for her if she’s too close to the exam like Peter you better go say when you see

Chris  34:15 
like the the colors. Yeah, when you go into Neverland really bright it all the colors just jump out off of the characters and off of the landscape, the Green Mountains and there’s these orange and yellow flowers that just pop. You slide past these mermaids. One of them looks just like Ariel. I choose to believe that they don’t share the same universe but whatever. The Tiger Lily and her family they’re they’re just, they’re their costumes are just just screaming out with color and they are I love and then you see all the kids and Wendy’s dress is just so blue and striking. I love this ride. Yeah, I love and my favorite thing is is that scene on the, on the boat and like you You go by the boat and everybody’s in trouble. You swing around you go by the boat again and they have taken over the boat. And I love it.

Kelli  35:22 
I will say I always feel lucky when we do get to ride it.

Chris  35:25 
See, there you go. That’s a perfect way to put it. Yeah, it’s it’s a nice, it’s only two minutes and 45 seconds. But it is a delightful two minutes and 45 says you’re in line for two hours, you’re in line for a long time. Now in 2015, they did redo at Magic Kingdom and Disney World anyway, they redid the queue. So now you walk through the darling home. But yeah, and they’ve got tons and tons of typical Disney details in this queue, whether it’s the pictures they use on the wall, in one part, though, you walk through the kids nursery, their bedroom, and Tinkerbell will fly around the room. And so she’ll make a sailboat fall over or she’ll make you know, a lamp sort of light up for a second, right? There’s also some shadow tricks, they will cast your shadow on the wall and then your shadow comes to life and will run away. That’s cute. I’ve seen that once I forgot about it until I read up on it. There’s also one I don’t know if it’s in the one in the we typically go to where there are some shadow bells. And you see your shadow walking under the bells. There aren’t really bells hanging over your head. But you can reach up and go like this and ring those bells. Oh, that’s a really cool idea. I love that idea. That’s cool. So yeah, the details in that new cue are just over the top. The accuracy of the characters to match the movie is just second to none. So yeah, I just love It’s a fun one. I love this ride. And like you said I do feel lucky when I get to

Kelli  37:04 
Yeah, I agree to ride it. Yeah. And we I would say we get to ride it maybe every third time.

Chris  37:09 
Yeah. Which tells you how lucky we are. Right? Yeah.

Kelli  37:13 
I mean, but it is. It’s cute. It’s a fun little ride. Yeah, I would not wait two hours for it. Just as a heads up. Don’t wait two hours for this ride.

Chris  37:22 
It is two and a half minutes long.

Kelli  37:24 
Don’t wait two hours for this ride. But it’s cute.

Chris  37:28 
It’s like it. I love it. Okay, so that’s it for this week’s show. I loved this one. I hope you loved it. If you did you know what to do. Run out to Apple, the apple podcast page. Leave us a rating leave us a review. We got three new reviews this week. We saw you guys. So don’t think we didn’t see it. That was awesome. Thank you. Thank you.

Kelli  37:54 
Yes, And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. And we’ve got some really cool bonus episodes that we recently put out and we’re working on a couple of new ones on resort review. Yeah, that’d be fun. And those will be coming out here in the next couple of weeks.

Chris  38:15 
Maybe the Nomad lounge.

Kelli  38:16 
Maybe the Nomad lounge next couple weeks.

Chris  38:18 
Yes. Yep, that’s right. Keep an eye out for those things. Also, you got just a few hours left to get those entries in for the Pixar prize pack. We’re drawing for that tomorrow. Yeah, so excited about that. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at SCFADP and all those places. Yes. And the more the merrier. We would love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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