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Disney News (2/7), Unbuilt Resorts at Walt Disney World, and the Ka Wa’a Luau at Aulani

Episode 7

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Making wrist Lei’s at the Aulani Luau
Ka Wa’a Luau at Aulani

We’re talking Disney resorts this week – the ones never built and the ones that are amazing. Chris takes us on a tour of the original plans of resorts from the 1970s around the Magic Kingdom, and then Kelli travels to Disney’s Aulani on Oahu, Hawaii, to share the magic of the Ka Wa’a Aulani Luau. If you’re a WDW history fan or a Hawaii daydreamer, this episode is for you.

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Chris  0:05 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello out there to our podcast family. We are so happy that you are joining us for this week’s show. My name is Chris.

Kelli  0:56 
And I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:57 
And you have got some amazing French Macaron Ears.

Kelli  1:03 
These things are 5 pounds. I don’t know how to say it man. They are they’re heavy.

Chris  1:09 
Are they heavier than the Canadian hockey puck ones?

Kelli  1:12 
So here’s what I’m gonna say for anyone purchasing ears. If you go to purchase the ears and inside the headband, there’s like a comb so that the headband can grip your hair with more force. You’re buying a pair of ears it’s gonna hurt.

Chris  1:28 
That means they need a little bit more reinforcement.

Kelli  1:31 
They need to hold on to your hair. They’re literally gripping your hair to stay on your head but and so these look like hollow Macarons, and I think they are but they are heavy. These are not like it’s not like a soft plastic. And this metal Eiffel Tower in the middle. I don’t know if it weighs I don’t know what part of this weighs so much.

It’s the macarons, it is definitely because it’s heavy and bulky. But yeah, no, I’m still avoiding the Canadian ears because those hockey pucks are just atrocious. I know why they always have hockey puck ears for sale in Canada. Nobody’s buying it.

Chris  2:12 
Well, they look they look amazing and beautiful. And as I’m so hey, my favorite thing. Where did we get some downloads from this week that we hadn’t before? Grants Pass Oregon.

Kelli  2:25 
Oh, that sounds fun.

Chris  2:26 
It is it’s it’s on I five in Oregon. Okay, right right north of California’s border. It’s It’s great. Okay. lodhi California, which is near Sacramento on the

Kelli  2:36 
West Coast this week.

Chris  2:37 
Oh yeah. Very much so and Gilbert, Arizona, which is right inside the beltway around Phoenix near Chandler.

Kelli  2:44 
Okay, fine. Yeah.

Chris  2:46 
Yeah. I love that part of the Arizona is beautiful. That pops. And rugby England. Oh, yeah. No, I look to see it. That’s where like the game came from, but I couldn’t see anything that was obvious.

Kelli  2:58 
Do you think they really like it? Like more than other? Oh, I’m

Chris  3:01 
sure they love it more than a bit of a claim ownership of the sport. I would if you’re a big fan. So hey, thank you, if you’re in rugby, England or anywhere else, and you downloaded our show. And if you’re if you’re hearing this right now add us. Let us know you want a sticker and we’ll send you

Kelli  3:19 
absolutely I’d love to.

Chris  3:21 
Okay, so you ready for Main Street? I’m ready. All right. So Disney celebrates Black History Month. We all are this month and but they’re doing it a couple of ways. We talked about the solo jazz. That’s going to outpace February it’ll it will they launched it intentionally for Black History Month. Okay, but it will it will go on beyond Black History Month.

Kelli  3:50 
Oh, good. I mean, I thought it was a permanent fixture. I didn’t realize it was no I think

Chris  3:53 
it’s I think it’s a temporary exhibit. I just don’t know how temporary okay, right. So okay. And Disney Springs is doing a bunch of things. They’ve got some art from from for emerging black artists that they’re displaying around Disney Springs, and there’s at least one store who I think is the store where they’re incorporating some of that art into some clothing. Oh, I

Kelli  4:17 
saw that. Yes, I saw it. Those are great shirts. I’d loved them.

Chris  4:22 
Well, great artists out there listening yes,

Kelli  4:25 
no, I thought they were really awesome shirts.

Chris  4:26 
Yeah. And they’re special music like they’re gonna have Motown Mondays and some jazz Thursdays I think and smooth Sundays. Oh, smooth Sundays I’ll have actually live performers that come in. Which sounds like a lot of fun and there’s some food options Amorettes has has designed some some French bakery items specifically for soul and for princess in the frog.

Kelli  4:54 
Amorette’s does a good job, man. That stuff is pretty like that little TV they did for Wanda Vision.

Chris  4:59 
That’s true.

Kelli  4:59 
They make a cute little cake.

Chris  5:01 
They love to do something themed, and this stuff is really pretty. I’m so sad news Christopher Plummer passed. Right. If you’re listening to this from the podcast download, you heard a bunch of Christopher Plummer and the opening over 200 film and TV credits and he played Charles months in. That’s the bad guy up if you don’t know. He also played john adams gates and a bit role in national treasure, which was also a Disney movie. I, I found on he did not seeing all of his own stuff in Sound of Music. But I found a version of him when he was trying to sing Edelweiss on YouTube. You can find it Christopher Plummer sings Edelweiss. And he did fine. He did give me he’s a classically trained actor. He did fine, right, but they just felt like somebody else could just do it a little bit better. And he said, he tells the story in his book, which was called in spite of myself. He tells this story of when he was in the sound booth recording it with Julie Andrews. Oh, gosh. And he’s like, I had practiced for weeks and weeks, I’d worked with a voice coach for weeks and weeks. And you know, I just couldn’t get that horrible out of my voice for to hold those notes as long as I needed to hold on. He said, This is his quote, no matter how diligently I slugged away at my lessons. I was I was still untrained as a singer. To stay on a long sustained note was for me akin to a drunk trying to walk in a straight white line. Whereas you can bet the very first cry that Julie lent forth as she emerged from her mother’s womb was imperfect. Yeah. Awesome. So yeah, so we’re super sad about that, but a rest in peace. Mr. Plummer? Absolutely. Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cinderella starring Brandi and Whitney Houston is coming to Disney plus.

Kelli  7:04 
Thank goodness!

Chris  7:06 
February the 12th.

Kelli  7:07 
That’s for you, Caroline. They heard you. They launched it for you.

Chris  7:15 
Seriously, that’s awesome. Love that. Disney plus is in development of a series based around Wakanda the fictional city and Black Panther. Yeah, part of a deal with Ryan coogler and his proximity media group to develop programming over multiple years at Disney plus, Kugler directed and co wrote Black Panther and he’s currently working on the sequel. So he will involved in the new Wakanda series.

Kelli  7:44 
so we don’t know if it’s like a prequel or idea. I don’t know anything about it. I guess it can’t be a prequel right? Because obviously the series does not involve.

Chris  7:51 
Well, technically, his father was also the black panther.

Kelli  7:54 
I guess it could be a prequel. Okay. Okay.

Chris  7:58 
Some quick, quick hitters on park news. More harmonious barges have landed on world showcase lagoon. God bless the world showcase. I know it’s gonna be quite the show. The Liberty Bell river boat has returned to the Magic Kingdom. You know, they were doing that refurb they filled it back up with water. And they literally floated that thing across Seven Seas Lagoon like in front of floated past willdan in Fort wilderness and Wilderness Lodge and temporary over the waterbridge everything. Wow, I literally took that thing all the way across the Walt Disney World. Okay. Remy’s Ratatouille adventure merchandise has landed in the French pavilion at Epcot. We were just before we started recording, we were talking about the new Remy ears that refurbishments are underway. Mad Tea Party is closing on February the 12th for some refurbished, okay. Tomorrow, and I didn’t know that they’re actually removing some, like theming elements that you wouldn’t notice probably. But they’re they’re taking some of it down just to make it look less old. Some of the stuff that’s in the past dated, so they’re taking some of that stuff and then replacing it. They don’t know it didn’t say they just they didn’t really announce anything. This stuff just started sort of disappearing. Hmm. That’s interesting. Disney now fully owns the Moroccan Pavilion. And so there, there’s a like one little spot where some new little signage went up. That’s very Moroccan esque. I guess it looks a lot like some of the signage that’s in the African area of animal kingdom. There’s some very little elements but maybe that portends of things to come. And Sleeping Beauty castle in Paris is now totally surrounded by scaffolding. And so I don’t know how long that’s gonna take, man.

Kelli  9:54 
It’s just like the world does not want us to go to Paris.

Chris  10:02 
I know. And so you know, they’ll put some wrap around it that makes it look like the castle. I’m gonna need to say I’m gonna need to see the castle. Yeah, so hopefully

Kelli  10:12 
not only do into it,

Chris  10:14 
refurbishing it I don’t know like painting, probably painting it repairing some things from when

Kelli  10:21 
We want to come man. I need to be there. You are just keeping me away.

Chris  10:28 
Sorry. It’s all about you.

Kelli  10:32 
It is all about me.

Chris  10:33 
Um, so the NaVi river ride, you know, the, you get to the end of it. And you see the shaman of songs that she’s singing and doing her thing. Well, she just had had enough and she hung over. Literally, literally was hanging over her. She was plopped over face first towards the water fill

Kelli  10:53 
That’s so hard, right?

Chris  10:54 
I can’t blame her. You know, we’ve all been there this past year. It weighs on us sometimes, man. She’s got to entertain all those people. And every one of those..

Kelli  11:04 
It would be hard to be a shaman in middle of a pandemic.

Chris  11:11 
That’s really not looking good. I feel you know, bender. And last thing is there will be no Super Bowl parade this year for the to celebrate the winners of the Super Bowl, you know,

Kelli  11:25 
so it’s not a whole I won the Super Bowl now I’m gonna go to Disney. Well,

Chris  11:29 
they’re still doing that they see and they end last night was the big game and they did the whole thing where hey, you’ve just won the Super Bowl. What are you gonna do next? Go to Disney World. It was Tom Brady and gronk. But the that’s the fourth time they’ve paid Tom Brady to do. Jerk. Kidding. Sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud. Okay, so that’s the news. You want to do a Minnie Take?

Kelli  11:59 
All right, let’s see what Mickey’s got.

Chris  12:01 
Best bathroom at Epcot. Oh, Norway. Yes. Easy.

Kelli  12:06 
Easy peasy. Look, I’ve got to tell you. I mean confession here. I have a very big issue with public restrooms.

Chris  12:14 
It ain’t no lie.

Kelli  12:14 
It’s a thing. I’ve got a problem with public restrooms. I don’t like using them. There are certain places I will not use them. I have been known to hold it all day to get to a clean restroom. I mean, it’s a thing. I’ve got a very it’s a mental health issue. I’m on medication. That’s all I can say. So. But in any case, I have to tell you that when we’re at Disney, I know where the clean bathrooms are.

Chris  12:42 
If you’re ever wondering, and Disney has the world famous, clean public bathrooms as public bathrooms, guess public

Kelli  12:49 
bathrooms go but don’t use plugins and Fantasyland. Well, okay, you’re just asking for trouble well,

Chris  12:52 
and don’t use the don’t use the one that Soarin’ that’s very busy. Very busy, very

Kelli  12:58 
You’re just asking for trouble because people just left with the, you know, the little cafeteria area with the land, and they just not used to want it soaring. So you don’t want to use one any near large food areas.

Chris  13:10 
Norway, Norway’s the winner there.

Kelli  13:12 
Norway is clean. Crystal clean.

Chris  13:14 
You’ve used the one in England quite a bit to

Kelli  13:17 
England’s good now England’s good but I will walk through like four countries to get Norway. Well, you will be in Paris. And I’ll be like, I gotta use the bathroom. And you’re like, well, we can go right here and like I’ll wait to Norway. Although Hey, the new restrooms near Remy’s may also be nice.

Chris  13:36 
I think those are the ones I was gonna say just but I thought it was cheating. You know, it’s Norway thought it was cheating. No, Norway say just the newest bathrooms are gonna be the best.

Kelli  13:44 
Norway has amazing bathroom. Yeah, don’t sleep on that. Yeah. Well, if you gotta go, man, it’s worth to go to Norway.

Chris  13:53 
Okay, well, they’ve learned so much about you.

Kelli  13:56 
They always learn so much about me. Yeah, know what that’s about.

Chris  14:01 
Alright, so this is a fun tomorrowland, and I can’t wait. So you remember how you asked me if we were going to do a minnie take on the main idea that we got from a listener? Yes. Yeah. Well, we’ll get a chance to do that one too. But what I’m doing for my tomorrow. Jessica? Yeah. So Jessica submitted a mini take question. Yeah, suggestion. And I just decided to take it and turn it into a tomorrowland.

Kelli  14:27 
I’m excited about this. Because it was a great question.

Chris  14:29 
It was a good question. So. So the question was, which of the unbuilt Disney resorts for the to go that were originally planned for the Magic Kingdom? Did we want them to build to

Kelli  14:43 
actually build Yes, right? Yes.

Chris  14:46 
So here we go. didn’t even know this is a thing. Yeah. Yeah. So um, so in when so did Walt Disney World open with the Magic Kingdom in 1971. And there was actually a five year plan And to be done in multiple phases that would open Magic Kingdom, the contemporary, the Polynesian, and three additional resorts. Okay. Okay, they were the first of all, the Polynesian would have been so much different than it was that like the, the Polynesian main building was going to be 10 storeys tall which you know have built of rooms, guest rooms, and then some smaller things also with the marinas like similar to what they have today, but then there was going to be a, the Asian resort, the Venetian resort, and the Persian resort, as in 1971. Okay. And so they had gotten quite far down the road on planning all of these they had actually cleared the land for the Persian resort and the Asian resort. Which the agent is required that they build back land into sort of jutting out into Seven Seas Lagoon, okay, right at a perfect square. So if you go find early pictures of aerials, you can see this perfect square, where the Asian resort was going to be placed. Okay, so, so the Asian resort was all based on Thailand. So it was going to be literally the resort was going to be a perfect square of small guest rooms, buildings that made a connected perfect square, in this big courtyard in the middle at all that would surround one large main building that looked like a Thai temple. It was it was beaut it was gonna be beautiful. All these just were going to be beautiful.

Kelli  16:49 
Maybe Maybe it’s the time for that now with Raya.

Chris  16:52 
Maybe, maybe, right? Yeah, I mean, so. So that was one of them. And this was obviously all Thai Asian themed, it was very look like a big temple. The Venetian resort was going to look like Venice. I mean, this was years before Epcot. And so it was going to be built between so the Asian resort was going to be built where Grand Floridian is today. Oh, wow, would have been in that. Okay, the Venetian resort was going to be built between the transportation and ticket center, like whether you get the catch the ferry boats, except Bali, and contemporary. So there’s a plot of land there, they’re still there, just waiting for a resort. Okay, that’s where the Venetian is going to be the Venetian resort. And it was going to be very open front. So the Thai resort or the Asian was what was going to be sort of like blocked off from the water. Okay, imagine these things like you’re looking from the water, it’s going to look blocked out by guest buildings, okay? The Venetian resort was going to look very open, just like when you’re coming in on a big boat into Venice, right there at St. Mark’s Square, right? It was going to look like you were coming into St. Mark’s Square. Right, okay. And there was gonna be multiple buildings separated by canals. One big building in the middle that would look like the church at St. Mark’s Square. And all these smaller buildings sort of surrounding it will be the guest rooms. All of these places were going to have restaurants and shopping and etc. Right. But you could potentially depending on the rooms, you got it the Venetian you could potentially be taken to your room by traditional gondola. Ah, wow, that would be cool. So then the Persian resort.

Kelli  18:33 
You know my feelings towards Venice.

Chris  18:34 
I know.

Kelli  18:35 
And the Venetian Vegas I know I love the Venetian Las Vegas in Venice. I mean, we spent our honeymoon there, but

Chris  18:42 
I love Venice, it would have been beautiful. And so the they had these. So from the water. You could look right up onto the courtyard there. That would be the mock St. Mark’s Square with two campany old towers similar to what they had in the plans for the tower. One of those towers is in use today at the Italian pavilion in Epcot, which is also modeled after Venice. Okay, right. Then the Persian resort was actually going to be on the bay Lakeside of contemporary so these the first two I talked about were on the Seven Seas Lagoon side, but the Persian resort was going to be on the backside behind Tomorrowland. And it would it would open up to the water just like Venice, you would have a marina but it would look like an Islamic mosque. Right white tall white pillars. The main building was gonna have a big blue dome on top. Right. It would have been beautiful. And there was word that they were going to reroute the monorail to goes through Tomorrowland. And all of these were going to sit on the monorail route. Oh, wow.

Kelli  19:50 
All right, you know, Oh, that’s great.

Chris  19:52 
It would have been great. It would have been so you could there were some special rooms at the Persian result resort where if you rented like sailboat or whatever, you could sell your boat ride up to some of the rooms there isn’t really

Kelli  20:04 
so why did they not do it?

Chris  20:06 
So they phase one was contemporary and poly. And they did those. And then the oil embargo, the energy crisis of the early 70s. In 1973. There were there were gas shortages all over the country, which just just wreaked havoc on tourism. And so that sort of killed plans for the Thai resort and the Asian resort. I’m sorry, the Venetian resort. The the Persian resort was still potentially going to be funded by Iran at the time, which had a completely different leadership structure. Okay. Well, in 1978, the Islamic Revolution in Iran that put the current leaders there not to get too political. They, that deal was squashed. And so but so after that, it was either Disney does it which they had already canceled, the other two resorts, oh, bomber, the land is still cleared over there where the Persian resort was going to be. And they use it because it’s so close to now backstage stuff that it’s used for parking lot right now. So, and in the mid 80s, they were coming back around to doing some of these things. And Michael Eisner was now the CEO and he gets a lot of credit for helping to revive Disney. He also gets a lot of trash for some other things that he did. One of the things was, he just didn’t like the idea for the Asian resort. So he wanted something that looked like what the Grand Floridian is today. And so they scrapped the other resort and build this build the Grand Floridian, which I don’t hate. There’s also plans to potentially there are some plans out there to potentially grow Seven Seas Lagoon, so they could still they could make 70s again, bigger and do some of these. In the 90s there was an idea to let’s try that Venetian again. Except this time make it bigger This is right after Grand Floridian make it bigger, make it more grease themed. And, and put it in the same place we’re gonna do the Venetian in. And because the Grand Floridian only got four stars, their idea was the next one will get five stars, hell or high water. So it’s gonna be a Greece mediterraneo is gonna be a Mediterranean resort.

Kelli  22:28 
Oh, that’s hilarious. You said Greece and I thought like the play Greece. And I was like, why would they do that? That is not Disney at all?

Chris  22:40 
And you were right.

Kelli  22:41 
That’s what I’m sitting here thinking that’s why I was like, ooh, honey,

Chris  22:48 
Greece, the country that you really want to go to, I know

Kelli  22:51 
the country of Greece. For that, that sounds beautiful.

Chris  22:56 
It’s a Mediterranean theme. But the ground there won’t support the they would have to go so deep with some of the pillars like way deeper than even Spaceship Earth because the ground there is so marshy and soggy. And then one last one between fort wilderness in the 90s they had this idea between fort wilderness and Wilderness Lodge to build a a base it was going to be called one name for it was buffalo junction or wilderness junction. And it was going to be like an old Western town with dusty streets and horses came through town and there will be shopping in and there’ll be some rooms, but it would be sort of like lift boardwalk without water and drop it and make it a Western town. So that’s sort of a multi use. Okay, yeah. Where there’s restaurants and shopping and nightlife, maybe saloons. So that was another idea they had. So which one which one would be for you?

Kelli  23:54 
Venetian, the Venetian, you know that. Okay, so which one for you?

Chris  24:00 
Probably the Venetian. Although some of the stuff I read about the Persian resort sounded really cool.

Kelli  24:04 
It sounds beautiful. Yeah, it’s, you know, my heart. Yeah, Venetian

Chris  24:08 
Okay, well, you ready?

Kelli  24:09 
I’m ready. So we’re gonna go back to all Aulani today for World showcase, y’all. This is just where my head’s at right now. So I’m sorry that I keep talking about Hawaii. My head’s just there. Yes. So for this one in particular, we’re going to go to the luau. Now. Again, you actually cannot reserve spaces at the luau right now. So we’re just talking dreams and fantasies. But you and I got to go here and it was something so I’m going to go through it a little bit. So first is the Ka Wa’a luau at aulani. They are not currently accepting reservations, right aulani still in a phase reopening. But when they do reopen if you have the chance, I highly recommend it. This is an experience And then a show. Yes, right. So you are at this. At this luau. You can learn to play the Uke. You can get tattoos, one of our daughters got an entire sleeve. You can make a lay for your wrist or your neck. There is Taro pounding. I had to Google that because I didn’t do it while we were there. Like there was so much going on. I didn’t even see that. Yeah, there was multiple little craft stations with leis and flowers and drinks and drinks. We kept hitting the the tattoo area like it was real, and free and free. And it was free, but not real. And I went over to the uke area twice, I thought that was fine. But it is arts, crafts, entertainment, and food. Now we’ve been to other luaus in Hawaii, specifically on Maui. That were a great show and excellent food. But this was significantly larger and significantly more interactive. Yeah. Now to just to get really specific, we’ve been to the old Lahaina luau on Maui three times. Yep. Love it. I absolutely believe it’s the best luau on Maui.

Chris  26:03 
I love it. No doubt about it.

Kelli  26:04 
And so, you know, this one from Disney really had a bar for us. We’ve been to what we consider to be a real traditional luau. And there was a bar here. I didn’t want a Disneyfide luau. I wanted the real experience. And I felt like Disney did a phenomenal job.

Chris  26:21 
Yeah, I totally agree with that.

Kelli  26:22 
They did an excellent job. So pricing includes gratuities VIP pricing is 184 for adults and 114. For Kids. VIP guests get early check in Priority upfront seating, complimentary beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic and an enhanced welcome lay. General Admission is $40 cheaper than that? 144 for adults and 94. For kids. We did general admission. Yep. And we got there early. We still got necklaces. The kids got necklaces. We got like Kukui Yes, right necklaces. The kids got Maleficent necklaces. And we were like the first in line. And so we had no problems getting good seats. Yep.

Chris  27:04 
And and the people come and they take your picture and they interact with you.

Kelli  27:08 
Yes, no, you get your picture taken first things right away. It was lovely. Yes, there’s nothing boring about it. So let’s talk about the food. Y’all know where my head is. I usually have a hard time at luaus as a vegetarian. With the first time we went to Hawaii, I saw you know, the restaurants are going to be filled with fresh vegetables and pineapples and fruits and all of that. The reality is no. Hawaiians love pork. And they love meat. And most of the food there is not healthy. You do sort of have to search for for the healthy alternatives there. And so I actually normally have a hard time in Hawaii specifically at luaus because they’re very, very pork heavy, like the pig with like, a whole pig in the ground. With like, leaves and stuff. So anyway, so that so at this luau. In particular, I’ll just say I didn’t have any issues. So they have a menu that is separated for kids and adults. And I’m going to sort of go through the whole thing. But all the food is out there. It’s not like a kid’s line and an adult. Right. You can get off of anything. It was the most variety. We’ve seen it any luau.

Chris  28:18 
Yeah, for sure.

Kelli  28:19 
And Luaus are known for these big massive buffets. But But again, you don’t always have a lot of variety. You have like this kind of pork and this kind of pork at this. And a salad in a row. But so with this, there was tons of variety, because Disney caters to all the different food, food needs needs, right? So even in the Disney parks, they have plant based food, they have gluten free food, you don’t have any problems getting your needs met when it comes to Disney menus. And so same thing here at aulani. They make sure that if you’re paying $144 you’ve got food that you can eat. Exactly, right. Yeah. So let’s go through the menu here. Do you remember what you ate there?

Chris  29:00 
I don’t, but I attribute that to the show.

Kelli  29:03 
Yeah, no, the show was good. I would probably attribute it to that little blue drink that you kept bringing me maybe what that was, so they had three different three different salads. One was the white poly lettuce, Vine ripe Kula tomatoes and shaved Maui onions. I remember that when this is just your basic lettuce, tomato and onion salad. It that comes with papaya seeds Maui onion dressings Taro and grow guava. crotons. I remember that when I definitely had that one. They also have the Lomi Lomi salmon salad, which is a Lani style ahi poke a Tara macaroni salad and boy, did you get that one? No, but I remember that one. Yeah, that sounds amazing. And if I remember correctly, so again, we’ve mentioned before on the show I have a real issue with buffets. Yeah, if if a restaurant needs a guard to keep someone from sneezing on my food, I would just rather not eat there. Not at that drama yet. And so this, this particular buffet was,

Chris  30:08 
I feel like I’m just sharing a lot of

Kelli  30:09 
you are,

Chris  30:11 
what it’s like to live with Kelli.

Kelli  30:13 
So our dog is barking over in the side or growling heavily out the windows in case you hear something. So anyway, so this particular buffet was very pretty, right? It wasn’t your typical buffet with like these big huge silver things ellijay like set down in metal containers, right? It was these really pretty large dishes. And people kept coming out to replace the dishes, like on a regular basis. So it looked like just a massive, like family style plate that everybody was was getting some from so as far as buffet goes, I would say it wasn’t as germy as you normally experienced it so let’s get to the entrees. So you have the braised pork emu style with Maui onion, the Hawaiian waters local kitch with crushed macadamia nut sauce, teriyaki chicken This is oven roasted marinated chicken stir fry, seasonally sourced vegetables steamed short grain rice, sweet potato duet with puree Okinawan and I’m sorry if I’m mispronouncing a lot of these while I’m trying and a lot potato. I definitely had the vegetables, rice and sweet potato duet.

Chris  31:38 
Yeah, do remember the sweet potatoes.

Kelli  31:40 
Do you remember any of the meats? or any of those specific specific entrees? There’s also a carver?

Chris  31:45 
Yeah, no, I had the definitely had the pork.

Kelli  31:47 
Okay, so at the Carver section, you’ve got the whole roasted Hawaiian raised, suckling pig. Slow roasted primary. And a lot a sea salt crusted steamed bio buns. You had the baboons. Tara rolls with lilikoi butter. Yeah, I definitely had the rolls with the lilikoi butter. Okay, yeah. So that was great. You had the bell buttons with me inside of it. Yep. Okay. So then there’s that. And then for desserts, you’ve got macadamia nut brownies, coconut pudding, guava cake, banana bread pudding and seasonal and tropical fruits and berries. Yep. Again, a lot of different dessert options. I’m sure I had several.

Chris  32:30 
The banana bread pudding was over the top.

Kelli  32:33 
Yeah. Okay, so on the kids menu, and again, this was all mixed in with the adults. carrots and celery sticks with ranch dip. Fruit cup with marshmallows, mac and cheese. Chicken tenderloin with pineapple barbecue sauce, pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs. I think I had some of that. But without the meatballs. The mohana surprise dessert. Yeah. The fresh blue brewed Kona blend regular in decaf coffee. I definitely had some coffee always. And the whole leaf organic and herbal teas. Yeah. Right. So you get coffee and tea and water complimentary. And like I said, there’s just so much of this food. Now. This is the menu that sort of a staple. I think they had way more than this.

Chris  33:20 
For sure. And I want to say that the drink bar was cash.

Kelli  33:25 
I don’t remember. We could charge it to our room. Maybe? Maybe?

Chris  33:29 
Yeah, something different about that. But yeah, but in any case, we had tables right up near the front. Yeah, they had stages that came all the way down the aisle. Yeah, you didn’t have to worry about if you could see things because they the seating was like on two sides. And the show was on the stage. Yes. But would also make its way down through the center of the seating so that you got up close and personal to everybody. Oh, yeah. It was

Kelli  33:59 
a massive show. They invited the kids up a couple times. Yeah. And like taught them how to dance.

Chris  34:03 
And the story they told was actually a really powerful Oh, it was emotional. Yeah, I remember that. It was really powerful story. And the positions were crazy. Amazing.

Kelli  34:16 
Like, I remember that story being more emotional and heartfelt even than the other little half

Chris  34:22 
that we’ve been to. Oh, absolutely. I was I was very surprised. Yeah, other than to have the element of Be honest as of right on a beach. This one is obviously close to the water. But the story they told is really great.

Kelli  34:38 
It really was. And so it highlights the Hawaiian culture, which a lot of the stories do a lot of them do. But it did but I

Chris  34:45 
said it in a way that was it was relatable because it was talking about the experiences of specific people as a culture.

Kelli  34:53 
Yes. Now I thought it was fantastic. So I was daydreaming a little bit today and I thought everybody would enjoy that. So if you get it chance to go to the luau at lolani. Please

Chris  35:03 
Yeah, if you’re at aulani Don’t miss out on the luau. Don’t Don’t assume that you can do any luau. Do the one there because it is right there at you. And you walk back to your room. One thing

Kelli  35:14 
and the other luaus on Oahu are going to be just as expensive.

Chris  35:17 
Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. So it was awesome. Yes. So okay, that’s our show for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. And if you did you know what to do, or jump out to iTunes give us a rating give us review. I can’t tell you what that does for people finding their way to our show.

Kelli  35:34 
Yeah, it really does help. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. This week, we’re going to have a bonus episode review from the Nomad lounge and animal kingdomd. So be on the lookout for that it was amazing.

Chris  35:58 
That’s right. Keep your eyes open for that. Can’t wait for it. Subscribe to our YouTube channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcasts on YouTube. Join us on all the other socials at SCFADP. We try to have a good time out there. And the more the merrier. Yes, we’d love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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