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Disney News (2/14), a preview of Drawn to Life, and we remember the ground-breaking movie Captain EO

Episode 8

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Michael Jackson as Captain EO
Disney’s Drawn to Life a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil

This week is all about shows (past and future)! First, we discuss Drawn to Life, the new collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Disney set to open in 2021 at Disney Springs. Then, we go back in time and relive the magic of Captain EO at EPCOT.  Nobody does shows like Disney, and if you love them as much as we do, please share and tell others!

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Show notes:

Biden administration is reportedly considering a Florida travel ban
○ Source:
Disney confirms “reimagining” of the rooms at the Contemporary Resort
○ Source:
Disney productions among the safest studios in the film industry
○ Source:
Leave a Legacy monument unveiled in a new location outside main entrance at EPCOT
○ Source:
• The first topiaries are starting to go up at EPCOT in preparation for the Flower and Garden festival although Arts festival is still ongoing for a couple more weeks.
○ Source:
• Cars Road Trip Attraction in the former Catastrophe Canyon attraction in the former Backlot Tour at Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris
○ Source:
○ Guests will get a glimpse of the sometimes quirkiness of America’s famed Route 66. 
○ Dinoco paint themes on Semi-truck and Water tower
• Disneyland considering an Annual Pass program that is only good for certain times of the day
○ Sources:
Pure Rumor: But there is speculation by bloggers that maybe a nighttime show for Spaceship Earth is in development
○ Source:

Captain EO Segment Source:

Drawn to Life Sources:


Chris  0:00 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.

Hello out there podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. I am not going to be able to take Kelli seriously for even 30 seconds in this episode. Because these..

Kelli  0:15 
You’re Chris, and I’m Kelli.

Chris  0:16 

Kelli  0:16 
Clearly my ears have thrown you completely off balance.

Chris  0:17 
I am totally shook right now. Because I forgot about this. These are not ears. These is this is Hades hair light up Hades hair.

Kelli  0:19 
It’s light up Hades hair. Yes. Which I think says a lot about where I am right now.

Chris  0:21 
It’s kind of like light up 80s hair.

Kelli  0:21 
It is it’s like a blue. It’s like puffy blue hair on the top of my head meant to be flames meant to be flames and it lies there’s lights on the inside. And I mean, has there ever been a headband more perfect for a global pandemic? I’m a walking dumpster fire. I mean, and honestly, that’s what I feel like right?

Chris  0:29 
So apropos.

Kelli  0:30 
And I was like those years are perfect for today. Yeah, dumpster fire ears here.

Chris  0:31 
My hair’s on fire.

Kelli  1:54 
My hair’s on fire. That is literally what it feels like.

Chris  1:58 
So there you go. Awesome. Well, you look amazing. Yeah, I mean, and you’re lighting up, lighting up the room.

Kelli  2:03 
I’m just ray of sunshine.

Chris  2:05 
Oh, man.

Kelli  2:06 
Or, Hell. A ray of hell fire. No better description for me.

Chris  2:15 
So hey, my favorite thing. Where are you downloading this week? Bellaire, Texas. Yeah, which is a

Kelli  2:22 
This is a story all about how, my life got flipped turn upside down. And I’d like to take a minute just right there. I tell you how I became a prince of a town called Bellaire.

Chris  2:28 
Yep. Yeah. No, it’s Okay, it’s the same one. It’s not it’s not the same one. I mean, this one’s outside of Houston, Texas. That is not. That is not where the Fresh Prince went. Hmm. But looks like a lovely place. Sure. South Pointe, Ohio. We also had a download from Columbus, Ohio, but I am contractually bound did not say go Buckeyes. Beaverton, Oregon, which is outside of Portland. And Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. Right in the middle of Canada. I’ve actually been working with some people in Edmonton right now and they got about 1000 feet of snow. Wow. Amazing. So hey, thank you all for downloading. I can’t believe we get downloads every week at all. I know. I know. So hey, thank you all so much. If you if you want a sticker, add us on social media. And we will send you a sticker and you’ll love it. It’s a beautiful sticker. It is You ready? Ready street Main Street. Interesting. The Biden administration is considering a travel ban to Florida.

Kelli  3:19 

Chris  3:21 
Yeah, so I don’t know how serious it is. And obviously Florida man governor down there is not for it.

Kelli  3:54 
What has Florida done?

Chris  3:56 
So the new cases any new cases in Florida 15% of all new cases in Florida South say are of the new UK variant. They don’t want to disband they and they’re like okay, well Florida is eat up with that one. Let’s see if we can keep it in Florida but no final decisions on that yet

Kelli  4:17 
They can’t do that.

Chris  4:19 
And the airlines are obviously dead set against it because that’s one of the few places people are actually flying.

Kelli  4:25 
Right But you can’t put a fence around Florida that’s just not gonna work.

Chris  4:28 
See? See how it goes.

Disney confirms the reimagining of the rooms of the contemporary okay did not confirm that they’re going to be Incredibles themed. Okay, but that seems to be the prevailing theory because they they actually they definitely tested incredible theming on a couple of rooms and there’s there’s no evidence of that but but they did confirm that starting some point in April. They won’t Be booking rooms at the contemporary for like six months. Oh, wow. Yeah, no rooms at all. I don’t know if it’ll be a rotating thing but definitely a reduction in those rooms. Okay, wow, the amenities at the contemporary should not be affected. So cool.

Kelli  5:16 
It’s supposed to be like a mid century modern vibe. Isn’t that what you said?

Chris  5:18 
Yeah, that’s sort of its bag anyway. Right. But incredible theming, right?

Kelli  5:19 
Well, The Incredibles had sort of a mid century modern house.

Chris  5:21 
Yeah, though. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. Right. So that’s, that’s what’s going on at contemporary and, you know, good for it. It probably needs a little updating

Kelli  5:35 
needs to be more contemporary.

Chris  5:39 
You are on fire.

Kelli  5:40 
I’m on fire tonight people.

Chris  5:42 
Would you use that joke a number of times, I’m sure. Um, Disney production. So this is interesting Disney Productions. Now, it was their own executive that was making this claim but the data sort of supports it is supposedly one of the safest film studios in Hollywood.

Kelli  6:00 
Like during COVID,

Chris  6:02 
during COVID, specifically related to COVID. The lady Her name is Walden I can’t remember her first name. She did a QA as part of an annual intercollegiate business convention for Harvard Harvard undergraduates. And she said that after adapting to COVID protocols last summer and fall, most of Disney’s TV productions have maintained virus transmission rates under 1%. Making this on the safest slices is Dana Walden said that in LA. Walden noted, this is great that the ABC soap General Hospital was the first studio show to go back in front of cameras last year. Yeah, I mean, and I mean, to look up how long that thing’s been around. But Gosh,

Kelli  6:46 
I was a raging general hospital fan in high school.

Chris  6:47 
I think I remember that. Yeah. She said the fast paced production on a daytime soap opera provided proved to be a good place for the studio to learn how to apply COVID safe COVID standard safely. She said they just get so much done because of the production cycle of that show. It’s just a machine. So we got to learn so much about best practices. I believe it. Yeah, it’s a daily thing is Yeah, man. And I mean, how long has it been around the 60s?

Kelli  7:16 
Luke and Laura have been on again and off again for it gotta be a century. Luke and Laura must be 120.

Chris  7:24 
They got grandkids.

Kelli  7:26 
They do actually. Laura’s got a big gotta be 120.

Chris  7:31 

Kelli  7:32 

Chris  7:32 
So do you remember the leaving a legacy monuments at Epcot?

Kelli  7:36 

Chris  7:36 
Yeah, so they moved those out. And they’ve been sort of doing something new with them. They’re now outside the main entrance at Epcot. But they’ve they just unveiled where they are and how they’re going to be displayed now. So now it’s more like a sort of a meandering wall they’ve added some color to it. Yeah, I saw the pictures

Kelli  7:56 
I didn’t realize was outside of the park.

Chris  7:58 
It’s Yeah, it’s right outside the mainland. Okay. Yeah. And like they’ve got barcodes so you can scan it’ll tell you where to find your Oh no, that’s fine. Find your picture and my folks have theirs on there.

Kelli  8:08 
Now that’s fine. Yeah,

Chris  8:09 
yeah, so if you were if you put your face on the leaving a legacy there’s a cool way to go see it again.

Kelli  8:15 
That’s cool. That’s very cool. It looks good any take a selfie with it when

Chris  8:18 
they go on that shoot. We need to tell him about that because it looks good. Yeah, it’s really good. The first topiaries are starting arrived for starting to arrive for the garden Flower Festival. Okay, it’s still a couple of weeks off they’re still doing the arts festival right now but they started putting out saw a beautiful like butterfly topiary and they started building the butterfly tent you know, they always have their Flower Festival okay. So it at the Walt Disney Studios park at Disneyland Paris. This is a second the second the other park at Disneyland Paris. Okay. They have they’re about to open up an attraction called cars road trip, it was going to be called route 66 Road Trip. And guess basically get a glimpse of the sometimes quirkiness of the famous American route 66 on this attraction, okay. But what’s interesting is it uses some sets and attraction elements of the old backlot studios tour from that I went all the way back. Yeah, and I think that the Paris attraction had the same catastrophe Canyon remember catastrophe? Yeah, yeah, where the truck blew up, and the water comes out of the water tower. Well, all that is still there, and they’ve just retained that truck as dine dynaco or whatever the gas company was in the cars movies and the water tower is, you know, repainted that way to I don’t know if it actually does this, you know, if it acts like an extra v Canyon, but in any case, this attraction is now there that I’m just fascinated. The fascination other nations must have with us.

Kelli  10:04 
Right? Why would Paris want route 66?

Chris  10:06 
It’s such an interesting thing. To me anyway.

Kelli  10:09 
I guess Disney is a very American thing.

Chris  10:12 
Yeah, I guess so it gives them a glimpse into Yeah, if

Kelli  10:15 
you go to Disney, even in an international location. It should still be American,

Chris  10:21 
I guess. But I mean, I don’t know that they’re always right. That whole meat on a stick thing in Japan, Japan,

Kelli  10:26 
You would buy it and love it.

Chris  10:27 
No, I would. I would. I would go straight to town.

Kelli  10:32 
I’ve got so many pictures of you eating just meat that looks exactly like that at Disney. I mean, the ronto wrap. That’s true. I’ve got so many pictures. You mean the ranto wrap a 12 inch hot dog?

Chris  10:44 
You ain’t wrong.

Kelli  10:44 
You love a long piece of meat.

Chris  10:46 
You are on Fire. Yeah, yeah. Moving on. Moving on from there. Oh, disneyland is considering annual pass programs that may only be good for certain times of day or certain parts of the week. They’re just they’re right at the beginning stages of figuring out new annual pass options. So they’re thinking about maybe we put together annual pass options that are only good for the weekends, or only good for midweek or only good after four o’clock in the afternoon, that kind of thing. There’s apparently an annual pass for Epcot specifically that allows you to go in after four o’clock any day of the week. Like today it’s a judging that’s available. Which would be great. You know if you don’t want the full annual pass, but you live in Florida and you you’d like to go over to Epcot to eat dinner.

Kelli  11:42 
All right, so it might give people a little bit more affordable options.

Chris  11:45 
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So they don’t know what they’ll come up with. Yeah, but that those are the kinds of things that they’re looking at he said oh can pop rock sorry sorry. I didn’t know that’s not his name I could possibly be I hope it is. But he says man’s idea Yes, nothing’s off the table he says this last one is just pure rumor but I hope it’s true. Speculation by some bloggers online that maybe there’s a nighttime show coming for Spaceship Earth. There’s some new lighting and sound elements being

Kelli  12:24 
That would make sense honestly. Like you know Hollywood Studios essentially has two nighttime shows right? They have the Star Wars one and they have fantasmic and so it helps spread the crowd out.

Chris  12:35 
Yeah, I hope that yeah happens man. There’s apparently some new like subwoofer and speaker elements going in and some new lighting stuff.

Kelli  12:42 
I could see that I could totally see that please let that be a thing that happens.

You’re not gonna miss Harmonious.

Chris  12:51 
No no, no, no, but you want other people to be able to on our way back out of the park we get to see this other show.

Kelli  13:05 
I’m on fire today. Give me a Minnie Take.

Chris  13:09 
The one thing you must eat or drink at the Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  13:15 
Oh the one thing you must eat one thing I must eat or drink at Magic Kingdom

Chris  13:21 
There’s no special drink thing in the Magic Kingdom.

Kelli  13:26 
Okay, what do you have? What are you gonna say?

Chris  13:30 
must eat must eat at the Magic Kingdom. I’m gonna go with this is so hard I’m gonna go with the cat tail.

Kelli  13:43 
That’s a good one. I mean we did really fight for it the last time.

Chris  13:47 
we tried last time we really tried hard last time.

Kelli  13:51 
Oh gosh must eat at the Magic Kingdom cat tails good for sure. I’m sort of like walking through the park right now here. I and ever in I mean, I do like the not the dole whip but like the ones that have pistachio and cherry you always go for whatever special though whip is kind of a seasonal dole whip. I don’t care for the pineapple one. Sorry, though. Dole whip people don’t at me. I just prefer the pistachio and cherry. Oh my gosh, this is so hard.

Chris  14:26 
You can say seasonal dole whip.

Kelli  14:35 
This is hard.

Chris  14:36 
You use the phrase long piece of meat. But yeah, you’re you’re stumped this stumps you this makes you speechless.

Kelli  14:42 
It does, this makes me speechless? Yeah, I mean, I’m gonna go I’m gonna go seasonal Dole whip with which I think that’s such a lame answer.

Chris  14:52 
The thing is the last three times we’ve gone that’s what you’ve gotten.

Kelli  14:56 
It is what I’ve gotten. And and I mean, we were asking cast members for that cat tail last time. So the cat tail is a strong,

Chris  15:03 
We were begging for it.

Kelli  15:04 
I’m just trying to come up with something different than you. If Casey’s corner was open, I would say cheese fries and a mint julep. Okay,

Chris  15:12 
Well that’s fair, it’s not gonna be closed forever, right? All right, yeah. Okay, well finally Good answer.

Kelli  15:19 
I’ve always wanted to try Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll. I’ve never tried that. Those antlered dipped in cheese. Stupid Lunching pad never has the jalapeno cheddar pretzel. They’re hardly ever open.

Chris  15:32 
You are, You are in a place.

Kelli  15:34 
I’m in a place tonight.

Chris  15:36 
Well, it’s your turn for tomorrowland. And are you ready?

Kelli  15:38 
Bring it, I’m ready.. So we’re gonna go over to Disney Springs tonight and we’re going to talk about Cirque du Soleil drawn to life.

Chris  15:48 
Oh, boy. I’m just gonna sit back and listen.

Kelli  15:51 
Yeah, you better because I’ve got so much information. So I am a massive Cirque du Soleil fan. Massive. We we saw the first Cirque du Soleil show that came through Charlotte, I want to say in the early 2000s. Yes. And after I saw that first show, I said it is my life’s mission to see all of the Cirque shows. And I’ve seen a lot of them, but not all of them. And so we had reservations for drawn to life it when it was supposed to open in April 2020. And then of course they closed it all the Cirque shows are still closed. So we’re just going to talk about sort of, I’m going to give you the history of Cirque du Soleil and sort of talk about how it came to be. We’ll talk about a few of the shows I’ve seen. And then I’ll tell you what drawn to life is going to be because they have now confirmed it will open in 2021. Beautiful, okay, so Cirque du Soleil is originally from Quebec. So that’s why a lot of their shows are in French. Right, which I love. I love that I don’t speak French, but I love that. They call it redefining the circus. If you’ve never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, I’m gonna say that definition grossly under sells it on a circus. I mean, it’s not even I don’t call it a circus. But I get I get what they’re going with. They’re the first one I saw our we saw was cute. Um, and it was a traveling show under a tent. Yeah, so a lot of their traveling shows are under tents, which I just really love.

Chris  17:17 
A real old fashioned feel.

Kelli  17:18 
I love I love it. So here’s what I love about Cirque shows. First of all, all seats are good seats, especially ones under the tent. Right? It’s a small venue. It’s done like in the round. So you’re sort of around almost the whole stage, almost like 75% of the stage is that has seating around it. They actually come out into the audience for a pre show. The audience interaction is amazing. But there are no bad seats at a Cirque show. Right? You don’t have to understand the language to love the story. It is beautiful, is mesmerizing. And you will find yourself gasping Yeah. I mean, I’ll be honest, sometimes I can be a little bit obtuse on these things. And I come out of there having no idea what happened in the story. I don’t think that’s rare for Cirque show.

Chris  18:03 

Kelli  18:04 
and I still love it.

Chris  18:06 
I think a lot of people are come out saying what?

Kelli  18:09 
Yeah, it was awesome. Whatever it was, it was awesome. Yes. The acrobatics are world class. And I think it puts me in like a mentally meditative state. I mean, you know that sometimes at concerts, I can fall asleep. You do.

Chris  18:25 
You don’t use that you can you do blazing hot, loud music and you just are conked out.

Kelli  18:33 
There’s something about it. Like I fell asleep at a Bon Jovi concert. And I love Bon Jovi. That’s my favorite band. But there’s something about just being fully immersed and surrounded by that. It makes me so relaxed, that I often want to just fall it’s just a little power nap. I don’t fall asleep while they’re singing their important songs. But anyway, so I think Cirque does the same thing. To me. It puts me in like a mentally meditative state. And it is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen anything in the world, there is nothing that you can compare to a Cirque show.

Chris  19:07 
And you can’t compare each of them to each other either.

Kelli  19:09 
You can’t. They’re all completely different. So let’s go through a little bit of the history. First of all, it was started in the early 1980s. I mean, this is only been around for about 40 years. Yeah,

Chris  19:20 
yeah, I remember they showed one of the earliest ones on HBO way back in the day. Okay,

Kelli  19:25 
that’s cool. Yeah, you can find some of the Cirque shows like on TV. So it started as a group of street performers near Quebec City. They would do juggling dancing, fire breathing music, and they walked on stilts, people call them the still men. In 1984, Canada was celebrating the 400 and 50th anniversary of their discover discovery and a member of the group thought it’d be fun to take the show on a province wide tour, giving people a glimpse of the future of the circus while reflecting on the history of their storied nation. And so they renamed the troops Cirque du Soleil for this tour because they said the sun symbolizes youth energy and strength. So I guess that translates as circus of the sun. Okay. By 1987 they were touring in the US. They started at the Los Angeles festival and then sold out shows in San Diego and Santa Monica like seven years, seven years in. In 1990. They started their first overseas tour in Europe. Wow. 10 years in, and they are officially worldwide. In 1993, Mystere became the first permanent Show in Las Vegas. I’ve seen Mystere It’s so good. And oh is also at Las Vegas. I’ve seen that twice.

Chris  20:41 
So good. You like that one.

Kelli  20:43 
O, is I think, one of my favorites by far. O sells like a metal key chain. And I had that key chain for years. It broke. I went back to O, bought another key chain and it broke too. But I love Love, love that key chain. O is in water. Yeah. And so people go up really high. And you you’re looking at the stage and it looks solid and they jump off and you gasp because you don’t realize that the stage has dropped. And it’s now a water tank is incredible. It’s mean you spend literally the whole show. The shows in Vegas, obviously are not in an intimate setting, right. They’re much larger, but the seats are also good. I know I was in nosebleed for at least twice. four decades later. Their shows travel the world and they have permanent shows in Vegas, Disney Springs, and then a couple internationally. They have over 1300 artists from 55 different countries. So when you see the show, you can tell this is a big deal like this production is special. Oh yeah. And so they have videos on their website where you can see their headquarters in Canada. And it’s amazing. I mean, it’s exactly what you think it would be right? I mean, amazing MUSIC Studios where they can record the scores, right? Amazing areas where they can make the costumes, huge practice areas is exactly what you think it needs to be. Each show has between 50 and 100 artists. All of the costumes are made in house and hand dyed. Some of them are hand painted. Like they buy the special textiles, you know that are flexible and very durable. And then they essentially hand paint the things for the shows. I mean, the talent, the talent. They have multiple composers on staff who write custom scores for every show. And the sets are computer design and then built in house. So I’ve seen keadaan verica, Mystere and oh twice, okay. Le nouba was at Disney Springs for years and never saw it. I was really incredible and drawn to life was recently created. This is why it’s so special because the Nuba was there but it was still a Cirque show. drawn to life was created as a collaboration between Disney Imagineers and Cirque, which I mean come on. So it is a Disney is a true Disney show. So here’s the description for drawn to life. Okay, drawn to life invites you into an astounding world where the art of Disney animation is experience like never before. Gather your whole family for an unforgettable leap into this amazing new show. A live acrobatic journey where our stage is transformed into a giant animation table.

Chris  23:36 
Oh my gosh,

Kelli  23:37 
this love letter to the art of Disney Animation celebrates life in all of its motions and emotions. The show tells the story of a determined girl Julie, who discovers one last gift left by her animator father a sequence of unfinished drawings. Guided by a magical pencil and a quirky troupe of imaginative muses she embarks on an inspiring quest filled with her childhood Disney memories will follow her as she leaps into a whimsical world of animation and discovers new possibilities that animate the story of her future. Does that not sound amazing? Right?

Chris  24:18 
I bet those muses are gonna be some ridiculous acrobats.

Kelli  24:23 
So I saw the design for the set. Oh, really, in it is amazing. So the whole sort of outside the top part of the set, you know, sort of if this if the stage is a rectangle, the sides and the top sort of make up the outer outer side of the stage. And it’s all like animation paper, like big huge pieces of animation paper. It looked amazing. Like if you’ve seen wicked on Broadway. Oh, yeah, that exterior set on the outside of the stage. It reminds me a lot of that like something that big and impressive. It was supposed to premiere on April 17. And obviously it didn’t. We had tickets for May. And but Disney has confirmed that it will open in 2021. All Cirque shows are still currently grounded. So I’m telling you, that’s that’s a trip for me.

Chris  25:17 
Yeah, just to go down there just to go.

Kelli  25:19 
I need to go and see that. Yeah, I mean, my love for Cirque and my love for Disney. Coming together. My mind will be blown. I may sleep through the whole thing.

Chris  25:34 
My dad went to see Ka in Las Vegas. Oh, twice and fell asleep halfway through. Just because for the same thing, same reason. Also he may have stayed up too late.

Kelli  25:44 

Chris  25:45 
that’s gonna be awesome. I can’t wait to go see Drawn to Life.

Kelli  25:47 
Yes, absolutely. All right. Okay, World Showcase.

Chris  25:51 
We’re gonna talk about a show here to show that you cannot see anymore. But was one of my absolute favorites when I was growing up. I’m worried about this. Captain EO.

Kelli  26:03 
Oh, gosh.

Chris  26:05 
Did you ever see captain EO?

Kelli  26:07 
I never saw Captain EO. But you’ve, you’ve told me about it before I get the premise of it.

Chris  26:12 
Oh my gosh. Okay, so this was a 3d it was actually a four D movie starring Michael Jackson. That ran at Epcot. In the end. I think it also ran out in Disneyland somewhere, too. But at Epcot, it was in the theater there that’s attached to journey into imagination. Okay. And it ran from 86 to 96. It was reintroduced in 2010. As a tribute after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009,

Kelli  26:41 
that’s what I remember. Yeah, that’s what I remember.

Chris  26:44 
Yeah. It’s the last time it was shown was at Epcot on December 6 2015. So they they ran for a few years. That’s what I remember. Yeah. Yep. Jackson, Michael Jackson is obviously a very polarizing figure for some people. But it’s hard to ignore his talent. He’s a pop legend. Yeah. And I mean, his impact on music and, and in many cases film with what he did with with music videos, whether it’s thriller or Smooth Criminal or so many other ones. This one is right in there, man. Because what they did with sight and sound with this thing was absolutely a triumph. I mean, I remember, I was 11 when I first saw it. Wow. And I remember sitting there being just legit, like, gobsmacked at what I was seeing on this, what my senses were experiencing, watching this thing. Okay, so, here, here was the plot just really quick. This is a space adventure. Okay. Captain EO leaves a ragtag crew on his spaceship, on a mission to deliver a gift to the supreme leader who lives on this world of rot and twisted metal and steam vents and all kinds of ugliness. Okay. So after a sort of a dogfight in space with other ships, they crash land on her planet, and they’re quickly captured and brought to her in her, like courtyard or whatever. She reminds me of kind of like a star trek Borg sort of a character. She’s super creepy. She’s like, literally connected to the machinery around her with with piping and I don’t know, she like literally slides down from the ceiling. It’s really pretty creepy. She’s, you know, it’s 3d. Right? And so she’s got these long clicking fingernails right in your face. She’s Herky jerky and her speech patterns and movement and everything. She’s She’s really creepy, especially for 11 year old Chris Hmm. So she sentences the crew because she’s evil, right? She sentences the crew to become trash cans. And, and she’s going to torture cattaneo in her Darkest Dungeon for 100 years.

Kelli  29:04 
Okay, so

Chris  29:05 
not looking good for them. before they’re carried away, though. Captain EO tells her that he has a gift for her. He sees the beauty in her and that he brought her gift to unlock her beauty. She likes the idea of a gift. And the gift turns out to be his song. It’s a song called we’re here to change the world. his crew sprang into action because they’re not just a crew. They’re also his band course. And so two of the crew members are like robots. And so they sort of transform into a drum set and a guitar and so many other crew members use them as their instruments. cattaneo draws power from the music. And he sings and dances his way through fighting her guards and soldiers, converting them to his side along the way. So like, wow, they’re all they’re all in these dark robotic looking outfits, something between like Darth Vader and a regular Stormtrooper. kinda thing. And when he sort of imposes his power on them, they there may still be wearing similar outfits, but their masks come away and all their outfits turn white and they’re, they’re good now, right? Good guys wear white. Ultimately, after some really cool very Michael Jackson is choreography numbers with the music. He converts the Supreme Being herself into a beautiful caring leader and her rotting palace becomes this beautiful temple and a green paradise and all this kind of Wow, right? Music is powerful, man. Sure. Here’s the bottom line for this thing. This thing was pure Michael Jackson music and dance magic. I mean, the choreography is, you know, Thriller esque but with different music, different choreography, but lots of dancers in right syncopation right, it was, it was really great, energetic, inspiring. Music just made you feel happy. Okay, but the filmmaking was also groundbreaking. There’s documentaries on this. Like right after it came out a couple years later, HBO literally did a documentary on the making of its four D. So when the ship crashes in the into the planet, it’s not just images that fly at you. Right, right. literal smoke comes out of the screen and fills up the the theater. So this was the first time this was before Muppets, you know, really? Yeah, this was the first run at that kind of thing.

Kelli  31:35 
And now it’s totally

Chris  31:36 
common. It’s like, exactly, exactly. The during the laser fight in space, it’s not just 3d film, movie lasers that are coming at your face. There are literal lasers that shoot out of the movie screen laser lights. And I’m thinking that the time is so that when the film’s ship comes to that part, the physical screen, that kind of thing blows my mind. And, you know, just some run of the mill imaginaires put this thing together, right? Of course. No. This idea definitely sprung from Imagineers. Okay, it was their story idea. But this thing was executive produced by George Lucas.

Kelli  32:21 
Wow. Yeah,

Chris  32:22 
exactly. He knows a thing or two about how to produce a space opera. You reckon? Yeah. And he’s, he’s, you know, he’s doing his executive production things like, how to get ourselves a director here. So who should we get? Let’s see, uh, Francis Ford. Coppola is busy.

Kelli  32:36 
Oh, gee. So

Chris  32:37 
yeah, the guy that did the Godfather one and two, and Apocalypse Now directed this thing. And this show was only like, 1520 minutes long. But let’s get let’s get George Lucas to produce it. Let’s get Francis Ford Coppola to direct it. We’ll get Michael Jackson to do the song and dance this little thing. Yeah, it’ll be thing and the supreme leader that was Angelica Houston. morticia Addams herself. Right. She was also in the witches and, and about 200 other credits to her name. A little bitty thing little thing they did. Right for the prep. Yeah, you know. So yeah, this this thing was groundbreaking on a number of different levels. And Michael Jackson, he wrote the two major songs, and it one was called, we’re here to change the world. And then the closing credits the end there, walkout song, right? When everything is, you know, green and beautiful. There walkout song was another part of me, that’s something I think we’ve actually probably heard on the radio before. But both of those songs are just toe tappers make you feel good when you when you hear them. And I just I, I remember just being blown away, me and my grandma, all my stories are me and my grandma, right? But I remember her telling me, you know, there’s this new show. It’s, it’s 40 things actually come out of the movie screen. And, and then when, when you get there, if it lives up to the hype, and it’s something special, and this thing is crazy. So you can actually go on YouTube and type in cat denier and watch the whole thing.

Kelli  34:17 
Oh, wow. Okay, yeah,

Chris  34:18 
people have in there, they’re pretty good. There’s a lot of different versions of them and some of them are actually pretty good quality. So if you if you never saw it, and you want to you want one of those things that’s not terribly long, but it’ll bring an automatic smile to your face without you having to work on it. cattaneo will do that. So I would highly recommend going out and, and searching on that.

Kelli  34:43 
So why did they get rid of it?

Chris  34:45 
I think that eventually even that technology got old.

Kelli  34:49 
Okay, and

Chris  34:50 
I, they they have they always have something in that theater. They had something there the last time we were there, but I don’t remember what it was. Actually the last time we there it may have been something related to the The holiday festival that we’re doing in that theater. But it’s so what year did you say it launched 8686. And then it ended when 96 and then nearly 10 year run and then in 2010 they brought it back as a tribute and it ran for about five years there. I thought we would have had those senior together.

Kelli  35:22 
We would have had to see it together. But you know how I am.

Chris  35:24 
I do know how you are honey. I don’t think I saw it.

Kelli  35:29 
I’m pretty sure I didn’t see that.

Chris  35:30 
I’m almost positive we saw it together.

Kelli  35:32 
Yeah, I’m pretty sure we did because I remember you getting really excited about it. And maybe in like Captain EO that’s not Disney at all that didn’t like what Disney characters that

Chris  35:43 
It’s Captain EO.

Kelli  35:48 
I’m pretty sure we saw it together.

Chris  35:50 
That’s my girl.

Kelli  35:51 
But you know, I don’t remember stuff. I can’t remember everything.

Chris  35:56 
It’s just so cool. It’s just so cool.

Kelli  35:58 
I can’t possibly remember everything.

Chris  36:01 
All right, well, folks, that is our show for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did do us a favor, run out to iTunes type a little message about how great how happy this show may leave us a rating and we sit back and we watch all the other people come to our show because you have to such a great review.

Kelli  36:24 
It really does help y’all I can’t say that enough. AAnd if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast. We just put out a bonus episode last week on the Nomad lounge. And I’m telling you that’s one of my favorites. So if you haven’t seen that yet, be on the lookout for it.

Chris  36:48 
That’s right run out there. Check that out on YouTube, subscribe to our channel supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Check us out on all the socials instagram, twitter, facebook at SCF, ADP. And the more the merrier out there, man.

Kelli  37:03 
Absolutely. We would love to hear from you.

Chris  37:05 
And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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