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Disney News (2/21), A Preview of Raya and the Last Dragon, and a review of the Jungle Cruise Adventure Board Game

Episode 9

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This week, we preview what to expect from Raya and the Last Dragon which launches in 2 weeks (March 5th) on Disney + and in theatres. It’s going to be awesome! And then we review The Jungle Book Adventure board game by Ravensburger.  Spoiler alert – we love it! If you like the ride, you’ll love the game, and if you’re a big fan of Disney board games this is a must-have.

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Show notes:

Disney stock reached all-time highs thanks in part to first quarter earning calls that included the fact that D+ now has over 94M subscribers.

Disneyland Hong Kong Reopened on Friday (2/19)
Cast Member training has begun for the re-opening of the Peoplemover
Work starts on the River of Light Theater at AK
New nighttime lighting package confirmed for Spaceship Earth

The EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival launches March 3 and goes through July 5

Raya and the Last Dragon


Chris  0:04 
You’re listening to supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Each week, we’re going to talk about three things. In Main Street USA, we’ll talk about the latest Disney news. In Tomorrowland, we talk about things we’re looking forward to. And World Showcase is dedicated to our favorite Disney adventures. So let’s get this show on the road. Por Favor Mantengase Alejado De Las Puertas.  Hello out there podcast family. Welcome to this week’s show. My name is Chris and I’m Kelly. I can’t place where these ears came from. Really? Yeah, I don’t remember they’ve got feathers tiki tiki tiki room.

Kelli  0:57 
These are my Tiki Room ears.

Chris  0:58 
Oh nice.

Kelli  0:59 
I can’t remember if I’ve worn them or not.

Chris  1:02 
I can’t either.

Kelli  1:03 
I’ll say they’re they’re itchy. I think the the burlap.

Chris  1:08 
burlap? Oh, yes. I remember these. These have like a like a hemp

Kelli  1:12 
hemp ban. It’s a bit itchy. But I’m wearing them intentionally this week. So we’re gonna go with it.

Chris  1:20 

Kelli  1:20 
intentionally. I’m not talking about the Tiki Room. You have no idea what I’m talking about.

Chris  1:23 
But it is a foreshadowing of sorts of foreshadowing of sorts. Okay, wonderful. Hey, again, my favorite thing? Where do we get downloads from last week, but we had our biggest single download date ever. Thank y’all so much. super exciting. I logged in that day. And I was like, Whoa, what happened? Yeah, so it was great. So yeah, we saw downloads from either Hugh or Huff, Ohio (Hough, OH). I know how people are about the pronunciation of their hometowns being the one that gets mispronounced all the time. So I apologize. But whichever one that is we thank you for downloading. Madison, Florida, Allegan (Again, apologize to you folks) in Michigan. that live in that town. We appreciate it. And Blackheath England. That’s

Kelli  2:11 
Awesome. I like that. It sounds very piratey.

Chris  2:13 
It does sound very piratey Are y’all piratey that is fantastic. So thank you all for downloading. We are super grateful. We never take it for granted, which is one of the reasons I look at it every every week. I love it. It’s fun. Okay, so ready for the nice news. on Main Street this week. In entertainment is Disney stock reached an all time high thanks in part to first quarter earnings. That included the fact that Disney plus now has over 94 million subscribers plus Yeah, I know. Total direct subscribers to Disney owned properties, though, is over 146 million that includes Hulu and ESPN streaming service and Disney plus and all the other things that they own.

Kelli  3:05 
So, they’re printing money.

Chris  3:07 
 They really are printing money at the end of the day. The Muppet Show, the original Muppet Show started streaming on Friday. It is exactly what six year old Chris that still lives inside of me needed. And we watched two episodes last night and it’s just so much fun.

Kelli  3:28 
It was. It’s held up well really has held up pretty well.

Chris  3:31 
Yeah, they have put the label on it. Right. There are some some depictions here that might not be socially appropriate today. Right. But that’s, you know, you’re gonna run into that when you’re repairing something from the late 70s. Right. So but it was it was great. And I can’t wait to work my way through that series. Yeah, it was fun. And it’s also interesting to see like to know what like, characters like Peggy and Gonzo and then look like in our consciousness today versus.

Kelli  4:00 
I know, Gonzo’s nose was really creepy. It was super pointy.

Chris  4:05 
Which is weird considering that that’s his most defining feature even now.

Kelli  4:09 
I know it was just super pointy and creepy.

Chris  4:14 
Um, so the new trailer for Cruella was really

Kelli  4:19 
Oh my goodness. I know Emma Stone.

Chris  4:22 
I know. Emma Thompson is gonna.

Kelli  4:26 
My two favorite Emma’s.

Chris  4:29 
I can’t believe you put Emma Watson on the curb.

Kelli  4:30 
No, I do like Emma Watson. But yeah, no Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are my two favorite Emma’s. Emma Watson would be like number three, which is great. still great. Nothing wrong with bronze medal. So you know, I’ll just say I didn’t know exactly how I was going to feel about that. Until I saw the trailer. Yeah. And then I was like, okay and bought in.

Chris  4:50 
Oh man. Yeah, it’s a very cool vibe. It’s fantastic. I love her tagline is brilliant, bad and a little bit mad. No. Love it, which is Fantastic. You’re not wait to see them. Yes. Okay, some parks news. So Walt Disney World has sort of released what we can all expect as they celebrate 50 years. So it starts on October the first the last 18 months, and they’re going to kick off what they’re calling the world’s most magical celebration. This will include new 50th anniversary costumes for Mickey and Minnie and probably some other characters too. And I wrote this in my notes, the four just because I know how you’ll feel about the four iconic weenies at the parks is what Walt would call them. The castle, the tree, Spaceship Earth, and in this case, it’ll be the Hollywood Tower of Terror. They’re all getting extra pixie dust for the 50th celebration. So they’re actually putting some daytime overlays over the castle, some golden ribbon, lots of gold and purple and blue for the celebration for those 18 months, so some new ribbons and color and I don’t know some decor for the castle.

Kelli  6:06 
Like actual decor? Or projected decor?

Chris  6:09 
Both. Okay, yeah, but the castle of particular decor in the daytime that you can see. Okay, but then all of them are getting new projection projections lighting, the tree will have new fireflies that go throughout the tree at night. disconfirms the lighting displays on the spaceship or later, yes. And new projections on the Tower of Terror and new lighting and projections for the castle. So should be really, really cool. I’m sure we’ll get there at some point during the celebration. Oh, yes. Disneyland Hong Kong opened on Friday. Ice. So that’s good for those folks. And they’ve been shut down for COVID Hello, Paris.

I know man. It’s just any day now. The castle is still surrounded by scaffolding.

Kelli  7:03 
Come on Paris.

Chris  7:06 
A cast member, This is very exciting. Are you sitting down?

Kelli  7:09 
I am in fact.

Chris  7:10 
Cast member training has begun for the reopening of the people mover.

Kelli  7:19 
How much training do we need to do for that.

Chris  7:21 
Look man, if Disney doesn’t mess around with stuff like that they’re doing it right.

Kelli  7:26 
I mean,

Chris  7:27 
and is there anybody still alive that was around the last time that the people mover ran?

Kelli  7:31 
I think I could run it. I mean, you got somebody standing like at the bottom where you woke up the moving sidewalk and then you got somebody at the top that sort of just waving their hand to the door they open. It is much more common and then another person at the end saying Watch your step please watch your step before it’s moving. What’s your step please watch your step the floors moving please watch your step as you get out the floors moving please watch your step Watch your step. Watch your step ma’am. Please watch the step before is moving. I just don’t know how long does this is this trading going to last?

Chris  8:05 
It’s really more of a symbol that we’re about to be able to enjoy the people mover again.

Kelli  8:09 
Symbolic training.

Chris  8:10 
No. The act of training is symbolic to what’s coming next after training okay. They all work is honorable work.

Kelli  8:22 
Just saying, I don’t think this requires training.

Chris  8:25 
It does.

Kelli  8:26 
There are peoplemover employees that were there prior.

Chris  8:29 
We don’t know that. We don’t know that. We may have all new people. Those people hadn’t worked since March. Okay. All right. work starts on the river of light theatre at the animal kingdom. I don’t know what they’re turning it into.

Kelli  8:42 
The River of light theatre. Oh, okay. Right where they got rid of that show.

Chris  8:47 
You had already scrubbed that from your brain.

Kelli  8:48 
I didn’t realize we called it a theater?

Oh, yes. The river of light theater. I thought it was like a just a you know, maybe a stadium seating. Rivers of light area.

Chris  8:59 
It’s called the river of light theater. And they’re redoing it. We don’t really know what they’re turning it into. I’m sure there’s word out there somewhere. Okay. Yeah, so they confirmed like the new lighting package for Spaceship Earth. They’re launching it as part of the 50th celebration, but it’s permanent. It’s gonna be the same.

Kelli  9:14 
I told you I knew they were gonna do that.

Chris  9:16 
You did. you told me told me Sure enough. The so Zack Ridley all everybody’s favorite Imagineer? Yes said that Spaceship Earth is a unique structure recognized around the world. To honor this idea. Our Imagineers have created custom lighting features that literally emerged from her unique architecture. These features will shine across Spaceship Earth silver panels and in air quotes connect with one another resembling shimmering stars in the nighttime sky. Spaceship Earth has maintained her classic multicolor lighting design for nearly 40 years a legacy the team working on this project are keen to preserve her classic look will be maintained and accentuated through new colors and intensity in programmed expressions. That extended into the new main entrance fountain and the entire world celebration area that continues to take shape for us. So that middle neighborhood we call world celebration, right? So that’s all very exciting.

Kelli  10:13 
Can I just say I love that they call it her?

Chris  10:15 
Yeah, I picked up on that. I love that is Spaceship Earth.

Kelli  10:19 
Well done, Zack.

Chris  10:20 
It’s a ship they always call ships hers. The Epcot international Flower and Garden Festival launches on March the third and goes through July the fifth so I anticipate a bonus episode. A bonus episode.

Kelli  10:36 
That’ll be exciting.

Chris  10:38 
So yeah, so that’s it for Main Street. You want to do a Minnie Take?

Kelli  10:41 
Let’s do it. What is in Mickey psyche today for us?

Chris  10:45 
It’s probably a bathroom. Okay, the one thing this is gonna be hard. Okay, so one thing you must eat or drink in the animal kingdom

Kelli  10:57 
at Animal Kingdom The one thing I must

Chris  10:59 
eat or drink must eat or drink is hard. This has got to be the hardest. Can

Kelli  11:03 
I say Nomad lounge?

Chris  11:07 
No, cuz that’s drinking eating. That’s five different than we just proved that in the last bonus.

Kelli  11:13 
or drink the restaurant. Can I say that? Yeah,

Chris  11:16 
you narrow it down. Please. narrow it down. That’s what makes it hard. That was a cop out.

Kelli  11:22 
Yeah, do eat and drink. Sure Go for it. Okay, then I’m gonna say the churros at Nomad lounge.

Chris  11:28 
Oh, good choice oh good choice which was so much easier.

Kelli  11:35 
With the, what was that last drink I got Jin’s tattoo.

Chris  11:42 
Okay with the high discuss the candy so

Kelli  11:44 
the candy type discuss. So I’m going to go with the arrows at Nomad lounge and Jen’s tattoo as a drink.

Chris  11:49 
Very strong choice. I really thought I was rock solid on my choice for eating until you said the dog on churros.

Kelli  11:56 
Well, you can’t say that cuz I said I know. Okay,

Chris  11:59 
I know. All right, but honestly, I know

Kelli  12:01 
what your choice is gonna be. Yeah, but probably. It’s gonna be the fries with the barbecue and the mac and cheese on top of it. Know what you love those fries? Oh, I

Chris  12:10 
don’t. Yes, you do that? I do. But that’s not my choice.

Kelli  12:16 
Do you love them?

Chris  12:17 
I do. I do love this. Okay, well, what is it? It’s the mac and cheese with the barbecue on top.

Kelli  12:23 
Oh, come on. It’s the same thing.

Chris  12:25 
No, it’s not. Oh,

Kelli  12:28 
wait, are there two different ones. There’s one with fries that has mac and cheese and BBQ and then there’s one mac and cheese barbecue. Yeah.

Chris  12:35 
Yeah, but the mac and cheese with the barbecue from the little eight spoons. food stand is over the top. Maybe the best mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten. It’s baked mac and cheese and they put this great barbecue on top of it. Okay, I almost cried when I was eating it.

Kelli  12:55 
That’s fine. I mean, I won. But that’s fine.

Chris  12:57 
I mean, the churros are really dynamic

Kelli  13:00 
Churros plus Jenn’s tattoo. Hashtag winning.

Chris  13:04 
All right. You are winning always. Okay, on to Tomorrowland. So, in not this Friday, but the Friday after that. We are all going to get treated to what I hope lives up to the expectations. Raya and the last dragon. So excited.

Kelli  13:22 
I didn’t realize it was that close?

Chris  13:24 
Yes, it is.

Kelli  13:25 
It means our next contest is really close. Really close.

Chris  13:31 
is really really close. Awesome. strong women. Yes. contest coming up strong women unite. Yeah. So I thought about leaving this one till next week, but I wasn’t doing tomorrow and next week. So right there. Yeah, here we are with riot in the last dragon opens up on March the fifth 2021. So however many days seven plus 5, 12 days from now. Okay. Um, and it’ll be Disney premiere access Disney plus premiere access, similar to I guess what they did with Mulan, Mulan. And also they live in theaters. Okay. Where theaters are open where theaters are open. Yeah. And in fact, when I was looking that up, I noticed our local theaters like have already had movie times listed for it. Really? Yeah. Which is interesting. It’s it actually made me really happy to see that movie times.

Kelli  14:20 
Yeah, I didn’t realize they had they had reopened.

Chris  14:22 
Yeah. Okay. I think so. At least our local Carolina AMC, okay. Directed by Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada. Don Hall did the story and co director for molana he did the story and directed Winnie the Pooh. He did the screenplay for me the Robinsons additional story elements for Brother Bear additional story elements for an The Emperor’s New Groove which I know is all fan favorite out there. The story for Tarzan Wow. Yeah. And he directed Big Hero six. So this guy a little bit of experience. Been around the Disney block a little bit. Carlos Lopez Estrada didn’t have a lot of like Disney stuff to his credit. But he’s done a lot of like musical shorts, videos, and he did the movie blind spotting, which started Debbie Diggs, a couple years back, okay, which is interesting, as is definitely a shift for him. This was written by Keenan Wynn, who has written a number of TV series, most recently, and probably most famously dispatches from elsewhere, which is a quirky little TV series that he wrote. But I think probably the heavy lifting was Adele Lim, who did the screenplay for crazy rich Asians, which I know

Kelli  15:41 
so one, one woman on the upper level staff. Okay, so it was written, it was written and directed by men, but the screenplay was written by a woman.

Chris  15:55 
It was written by a man and a woman. Okay, but Asian. I mean, yeah, okay. And it was directed by two men. Yes.

Kelli  16:06 
So for men and one woman, writing a story featuring a woman, I hope she had women really, I hope she had, you know, four votes. So there everyone

Chris  16:19 
is moving on, saying, starring Kelly Marie Tran as Raya she most recently played rose in the last two Star Wars movies. And for some reason, got totally trashed by the Star Wars fanboys out there online.

Kelli  16:33 
I liked her.

Chris  16:34 
I loved her. absolutely loved her. I don’t know, I’m sure that it was, you know, I decided not to get down into the muck and figure out what it was their problem were just because it was probably stupid and racist, frankly. I mean, at the end of the day,

Kelli  16:51 
okay, so they’re just wrong. She’s great.

Chris  16:53 
She’s wonderful. Yes. And Aquafina who you know who that is? Okay, so you’ll know when I when I call out some of her credits. She was also in crazy rich Asians. She was an Ocean’s eight. She’s the Asian Okay, and she will be scuttled in the live action Little Mermaid they release soon. And honestly, a million other things her credits call her an American actress, comedian, internet personality, rapper, author and TV host.

Kelli  17:25 
Wow. Okay.

Chris  17:26 
I think she came to fame. Like on YouTube. Okay,

Kelli  17:30 
so does she identify as Asian American or just American?

Chris  17:33 
I’m pretty sure yeah, okay. Although her I think her given name was Nora Lum. Okay, I think she was raised in the northeast maybe. Okay. Hope I’m right about that. Also stars Sandra Oh. Oh, love Sandra. Sandra. Obviously.

Kelli  17:51 
What is Sandra Oh,

Chris  17:52 
what which character she plays Veronica and I’m not sure exactly which character that is in the in the movie. Okay. Benedict Wong who is he’s been in a lot of different things but one of my favorite things he was in was Dr. Strange he played the guy there like he starts out like running the library and Dr. Strange. Oh, okay. And then he ends up fighting alongside with Dr. Strange at the end of the month

Kelli  18:17 
so it sounds like they’re doing a great job with cast. Oh, yeah.

Chris  18:19 
Yeah, it’s okay. If you look at the cast it’s it is they did not whitewash and they’re not no Daniel Dae Kim, stars. I think as Raya’s father maybe in this movie. He’s done a million things people will will recognize him from the television series last for sure. Yeah, he played a major role in that. So a little more detail on the plot for Raya and the last dragon long ago and the fantasy world of command Dre, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. But when sinister monster is known as the droon threaten the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now 500 years later, the same monsters have returned and it’s up to a lone warrior Riah to track down the last dragon in order to finally stop the drone for good. However, along her journey, she’ll learn that it’ll take more than dragon magic to save the world. It’s gonna take teamwork and trust as well and I think along the way, she collects a a ragtag band. We all love a ragtag story, don’t we? There’s a misfit. a misfit group that comes together and saves the world is always but now the land that the monsters are terrorizing is broken into many factions or tribes. Can we understand that? Is that relevant?

Kelli  19:41 
Sound relevant?

Chris  19:43 
Part of the plot centers around rise effort to unite those tribes together in a common okay. In one trailer clip Riah says that the world is broken. No one trusts anyone and see sue the dragon bye bye Aquafina responds by saving money. It’s broken because you don’t trust anyone. And I mean, I gotta tell you, it’s pretty timely.

Kelli  20:05 
It’s great.

Chris  20:05 
It’s a pretty timely message. A few little fun facts about Raya and the last dragon is the first Southeast Asian Disney Princess. These princess in quotes. I do think she had a princess I think getting a de Kim’s character is king as a as a leader. But this, this girl is definitely a buttkicker.

Kelli  20:28 
Well, like I remember in Moana everybody kept calling her a princess and she was like, I’m not a princess, right? My dad’s a chief. I’m not a princess.

Chris  20:35 
It was a whole thing and now he’s like, Yeah, okay. But, you know, Moana’s character sort of learns that she’s that she can be like, next level fighter or whatever, right strong. I don’t think Raya’s got that problem. Awesome. Raya walks into a room I think no, and she can own it.

Kelli  20:59 
Ready to take some names. All right. I like it. Well done Raya.

Chris  21:02 
I think so. Aquafina said that the animation I watched a little featurette on on the making of and Aquafina said that the animation for this family’s completely next level. Which is, quote, really incredible when you consider that it was animated all from home. Oh, wow. Crazy. Yeah. So shows you how we can do it working from home. We can do it. We can actually do it. 400 person crew working from home storyboarding, animation, plot, reconciliation, continuity issues, all from home. And like they showed clips of them all on their little WebEx or zoom meetings or whatever. That’s fantastic. Now, so if if you’ve been working from home for the last year, a congratulations on having a job that allows you to work from home right because the world is hurting in that regard. But go watch the making of frozen to Disney. Oh, all right.

Kelli  21:57 
Oh, so great. Wonderful.

Chris  21:59 
Now imagine doing all that

Kelli  22:01 
at home. Your home.

Chris  22:02 
Now you’re right, included. It’s literally mind blowing. And it makes me so excited to see this movie, too. And then try to remember, as I watch it, enjoy what these folks must have.

Kelli  22:14 
That probably means the voice work was done at home too.

Chris  22:18 
So I guess so I tried to dig into this a little bit. But there’s a there’s a feature ad out there that shows Kelly Tran Kelly Marie Tran and Aquafina watching the trailer for the first time together. Oh, and like the big trailer that came out on the Super Bowl. And like they acted like they had never actually seen each other in person. Oh, wow. It’s very possible like they actually said Oh, it’s so good to finally see you like that’s what they said to each other in this little feature. Oh, wow. So pretty, pretty incredible. Lastly, the fight sequences employed consultation with experts in Southeast Asian martial arts. So for example, see, our nice stick fighting or a scream of sticks, also known as Cali are the national martial art of the Philippines. And muy Thai is used in the movie which traces its roots back to Siam and Burmese kingdoms. But especially in modern day Thailand. Well done. Yeah. So just really, hopefully really authentic deal there. Um, for that, so. Okay, so that’s tomorrow and moving on to world showcase. Yes. Okay,

Kelli  23:29 
I’m ready. So today I want to talk about the Jungle Cruise adventure board game.

Chris  23:35 
Really good. I’m looking at it. Yeah.

Kelli  23:38 
Yeah. So we have several Disney board games. I love buying Disney board games in the park. And this is our second one by Ravensburger so they don’t sell these Ravensburger games in the park. Right. So the ones sold in the park are not made by Ravensburger. I don’t know who they’re they’re made by but it’s not Ravensburger. So our other one is Hocus Pocus. Right? So I think I want to do a series of bonus episodes on Disney board game reviews. So I thought I’d do this one for World showcase just to sort of get a feel for it and see how the audience likes it. Okay. Yes, well let us know good feedback. So I picked this up spur of the moment at Barnes and Noble a because we had never seen into the park and be because I love the Jungle Cruise. I know they sell these on Amazon too. So but I bought at Barnes noble for I think about $35 and it is called a voyage of mystery and misfortune is for two to four players ages eight and up. And it takes about 45 to 60 minutes to play. So I’ll give you guys the concept. So the concept is you are racing down the river to deliver passengers and cargo to the company headquarters. You get paid for everything you deliver. Some things are worth more than others like specifically certain passengers. If they’re part of the mystery family then they’re worth more than others. The one with the most that gets the most money at the end wins. That’s not necessarily the one to finish first, right? Right. If your cargo is more valuable, or you have more members of the mystery family, then you’re gonna win even if you don’t finish first, right. So each player gets a boat, like a cardboard boat that carries 12 passengers, and then a little matching boat that goes on the board game, show the gameplay area to move around the board, you roll dice to move down the river, and then naturally you encounter issues in the jungle. And it’s really interesting. So you might think, well, I want to roll a three or four, so I can move down the river faster. But for every number you roll, that’s how many issues you encounter. So you really only want to roll one, you’re gonna hit the same number of issues as everybody else, everybody’s going to hit the same number of issues on the board. So there’s some strategy involved in how you manage your people in your cargo.

Chris  25:59 
That’s what it’s all about.

Kelli  26:00 
Yes. So some encounters, so you encounter issues in the jungle, right. And some of these encounters will make some of your passengers fall out of the boat, depending on which side of the boat has the encounter, right. And so some encounters allow you to actually pick up fallen passengers. And the goal is to get to the end or into the river with the most things. But there’s also like combinations of things like to have this type of cargo plus one of this type of cargo is worth X number of points. So there is an element of strategy to making sure that your most valuable cargo and your most valuable passengers are kept safe as you’re traveling down the river. So you might want to move them to the port side or to the back of the you know, back of the boat or the center of the boat or whatever it is you’re going down. And there’s also an element of mystery, where you have to figure out which family is the mystery family first, and try to collect more of them than other players.

Chris  26:59 
That piece of the game feels a little like clue to me.

Kelli  27:01 
It feels very clue very clue esque, right? Where you know that some passengers are worth more than others, but you don’t know which. And some passengers are members of multiple families. And so they can be counted multiple times. So there’s a little bit of strategy and mystery involved there. But I think it’s fun. So here is why I think the game is great. So first of all, I would say I give it four stars out of five. What would you give it?

Chris  27:27 
Yeah, I’d say that’s that’s right. It’s not the hardest game in the world. Certainly not the hardest game to learn. The mystery is only a mystery for so long. Right? But, but yeah, give it a four out of five is it was absolutely fun family time for an hour or two on a Friday night.

Kelli  27:42 
Absolutely. So here’s why I think it’s great. Okay, so first of all the jokes. Yes, every encounter has jokes. So you have to read these jokes on every turn. Sometimes you’re reading two or three jokes at every turn. And for the same reason, we all love the ride. We love the game. Right? The dad jokes abound,

Chris  28:02 
For sure and that they are straight out of the ride, you will recognize so many of these.

Kelli  28:07 
Straight out of the ride. And so I love that. It is a very light game that moves quickly. Right so we’re talking about mystery and encounters in the jungle and people falling out of the boats. But it’s all funny and lighthearted. Just like the game. Kids are gonna ride. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the ride. Sorry. Kids are gonna love the corny jokes. Yeah, but I think we actually love them more.

Chris  28:27 
I loved it, it threw me back to being in the boat on Jungle Cruise.

Kelli  28:33 
And you’re not just moving your boat on the river. You’re also arranging and rearranging your passengers and cargo throughout the game. Right? So there’s multiple touch points, right? You’re not just touching the game board and rolling dice. There’s multiple touch points on it, which is I think it’s fun. The encounters are the same as the ride. Yes, so the backside of water. Yep. My personal fav pythons in a tree. Bathing elephants and airplanes crash landing. Right? If you’re a fan of the ride, you’re going to love the game. Yes, for sure.

Chris  29:06 
It feels like Trader Sam’s a lot of Trader Sam’s.

Kelli  29:09 
Trader Sam’s. It feels like you’re going down the river. Right? So for those of us that are pretty diehard Disney fans that have written Jungle Cruise a whole bunch of times and know all of the jokes, then that’s that’s.

Chris  29:27 
It’s a total throwback to being on the ride.

Kelli  29:30 
It really is. Yes. I think it absolutely captures the experience of the ride. Yep. So if you’re hankering for some Disney adventure, for sure. It totally feels like you’ve stepped into Magic Kingdom and you’ve written the ride.

Chris  29:44 
Yep. You you envision yourself and you’re reading those cards, like you’re the skipper.

Kelli  29:49 
You are the skipper. That’s the whole point. Like you’re the skipper of your boat. Yeah. And so that’s why we’re reading the joke card.

Chris  29:55 
Yes, exactly. And so if you never had that job, Crow and I know a guy who had that job Right. And he loved it. Yeah. Now you all get the opportunity to have that job as a Skipper on the Jungle Cruise. Right? And, and I’ll say when we played I won, which made it also very enjoyable for me. But I did no finish first.

Kelli  30:16 
Oh goodness me, you did not finish first and what is with the whole I won thing like why do you need to go there? Why can’t you say it was a fun little family adventure?

Chris  30:25 
It was a fun little family adventure. I’ll say that I won, despite not really getting the strategy until late in the game. So it that thing that just speaks to how light a game it is.

Kelli  30:37 
It’s a very light game. You don’t feel like you’re really competing a lot. Yeah, like it feels like we’re all on the river together. And it’s fun. Yeah, I would say it’s easy to pick up. Very. So even for younger players. It’s not so strategic that they’re left out of the fun. Right? That’s right.

Chris  30:56 
Oh, yeah.

Kelli  30:56 
I mean, our youngest daughter is not really what I would call a strategic thinker with board games. Yeah, for sure. And but she got it. Oh, yeah. Right. She got it. Oh, yeah. To move my people. I don’t want this person is more valuable than this person. I don’t want them on the port side or whatever. Exactly. And it still was enough to stir those competitive juices.

Chris  31:17 
Yes, right. So it was challenging enough. But definitely not overdoing it.

Kelli  31:23 
Right. It’s not a cooperative play game. Right. And Hocus Pocus is Yeah. And I think we actually struggled a little bit with Hocus Pocus because we felt like it needed to be competitive.

Chris  31:35 
I wanted to win. How do I win this thing?

Kelli  31:38 
So we liked that this one was not a cooperative play here. Sure. Yeah. I would also say it is well designed, like the board game, and the pieces are so cute. It’s fun. It reminds you of the Jungle Cruise. They didn’t skimp on the design. And it’s fun to interact with. Like it’s fun to move your little people around and

Chris  31:57 
look at their names. Oh, sure. And you know, we do have a number of disney games, we got Pirates of the Caribbean battleship

Kelli  32:04 

Chris  32:06 
Haunted Mansion Game of Life. But this is a truly original game. Yes. built around the Jungle Cruise as opposed to Haunted Mansion overlay on an existing game we all know.

Kelli  32:18 
Yes. Right. That’s a good point. So that’s what you see in the park. Are those overlay games. This is life. overlaid is haunted mansion. This is jinga overlaid with Tower of Terror, right those types of games, whereas these Ravensburger games are truly created in for the for the ride or the movie right Hocus Pocus for the movie. Exactly. Also a fun game, by the way, I’ll do I’ll do a whole other section on that good. But I really loved the Jungle Cruise game, I would highly recommend it. Especially if you have kids. It would also be fun to do like, you know, for adults or so like not having a very serious evening.

Chris  32:58 
Yep. You know, have a glass of wine.

Kelli  33:01 
One reason to just sit around a table and laugh together. It would be a fun one to do that with totally.

Chris  33:06 
Yeah, highly recommend it. It was a it’s a nice light night of gaming at home. It is it was good pandemic activity. Yes. If you can’t get out and go to the parks.

Kelli  33:16 
It was fun, right? And so I ordered a vinyl Album of the Jungle Cruise. Right? So it’s one of those Disney classic vinyl albums. And so I ordered that vinyl album, The Jungle Cruise, has the Tiki Room on the backside of it. I highly recommend like playing that album.

Chris  33:35 
Yeah, that’s while you’re doing the game together. Like that’s what I want to do now.

Kelli  33:44 
I want to go back and play it again. Play that album, out a glass of wine or two. You just have a lot of fun.

Chris  33:49 
It’s a good idea.

Kelli  33:50 
Yeah, now highly recommend. Y’all will love that one. Yeah, and if you liked this section, let me know. And I’ll think about doing some bonus episodes or the board games.

Chris  33:59 
Yeah, I love that. Yes. Well, folks, that is this week’s show. We hope you enjoyed it. If you did, you know did go out there to iTunes. Leave us a rating leave us a review. It really helps us bring new listeners in which is what it’s all about. Yeah, we want more and more people to enjoy this with us.

Kelli  34:19 
Absolutely. And if you’re looking for more things Disney visit That’s S for super, C for cali, F for fragilistic, A for awesome, D for Disney, P for podcast.  We’ve got some cool bonus episodes out there. And in this next week or so we’ll be deciding our next bonus episode. Maybe a hotel,

Chris  34:40 
or hotel tour. Yeah of our last day at poly or animal kingdom. Yeah, that’d be exciting. So yeah, keep an eye out for that. Keep an eye out for our presence on social media. You can find us at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at scfa dP. You can find us on youtube supercalifragilistic awesome Disney podcast. Keep an eye out For the next game that we’re gonna play for the next prize pack strong women’s. Yes, we’d love to hear from you. And with that, we hope to see you real soon.

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